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Best Light swtich timers to save you money

Light timer switches are very convenient energy savers if you have a habit of forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave your home or room. These light switches can easily replace any traditional light switches.

Just remove the standard switch and place the timer switch instead in the same box and you are good to go.

Timer switches can also enhance the safety of your home as they give an appearance that someone is at home turning the lights on and off automatically.

There are indoor timer switches as well as outdoor light timer switches that you can use for your outdoor lights as well.

There are different types of light timer switches. You can find electronic as well as mechanical automatic programable light switches. You can also find a huge variety of in wall light timer modules as well that just need to plug-in.

Other Types of Timers:


We have assembled a list of top quality light timer switches for you so that you can pick one that is most suitable to your requirements.



NameOn/Off EventsCertificationWarranyBatteryPrice
Intermatic Astronomic Digital In-Wall Timer20 EventsCSAN/ACR 2$
Leviton Indoor Timer with Astronomical Clock
15 EventsCSA, UL, FCC5 yearsBuilt-in$$
Honeywell Econoswitch Programmable Switch 7 Events for 7 daysCSA1 yearBuilt-in$$$
Defiant 20-amp In-wall Digital Timer
7 EventsCSA1 yearNone$$
Enerlites Digital Programmable Timer Switch50 EventsCSA, UL1 yearNi-MH$$


Intermatic Astronomic Digital In-Wall Timer

This digital in-wall timer switch from Intermatic can control all kinds of CFL and LED lights. It is a 24-7 digital timer that can gauge up to 20 on/off events. It is equipped with random as well as astronomic feature plus it also has the capability of auto adjustment daylight saving as well. You don’t require any neutral wiring hence, this device is perfect for remodeling and retrofit projects.

The ST01K in-wall timer is equipped with single and 3-way applications, and it only weighs approximately 5 ounces. Its dimensions are 5-inch x 6.5-inch x 2.8-inch. It runs on a CR2 battery that has a battery life of 8000 hours on the average. The product is CSA certified and has 15A resistance. It is equipped with the feature that turns the lights on and off with sunrise and sunset. Just install it and leave the rest to it, you don’t have to keep an eye on this device all the time.


  • It can control all LED and CFL lights with ease.
  • The timer can be used 24-7, and you can automate 20 on/off events with it.
  • It also comes with random and astronomic features
  • ST01K can automatically adjust itself by the daylight savings.
  • It runs on a CR2 battery that is very durable, and the product is CSA certified as well.


  • Its programming feature is a bit tricky one.
  • The timer is a bit oversized, and it does not allow much space for wire nuts.
  • It does not include a cover-plate if you are looking for one.


ST01K from Intermatic is fully packed with features, and you can easily automate your lighting with it. Just install it and forget about turning on/off your lights very simplistically.


Leviton Indoor Timer with Astronomical Clock

This indoor timer from Leviton also incorporates an astronomical clock and is very easily programmable. You can operate it with complete flexibility to automate your lightings in any combination of days throughout the month. It has a massive timer display where you can have a glance at your settings, and it also comes with a backlit display. Its astronomical clock can tune itself with the local sunrise and sunset timings too.

Your purchase will include three different face plates that you can change as per your décor. The colors include light almond, white and ivory. It does require a neutral wire for installation. The product only weighs approximately six and a half ounces and its dimensions are 1.6-inch x 0.6-inch x 0.7-inch. It does not come with any battery, but the product is covered under five years warranty as well. It can control all types LED and CFL lights.


  • The programmable indoor timer is CSA, UL and FCC
  • The astronomical clock has uncompetitive accuracy.
  • It has a resistance of 15A.
  • It comes with three different changeable face plates as well to suit your décor.
  • It offers up to 50 on/off events.


  • It does require a neutral wire for installation,
  • It has a built-in battery, and in case of any issue, the whole unit will have to be discarded.


Leviton has made this product to provide you with tonnes of convenience. It can automate up to 50 on/off events, and you can easily program your lightings according to your needs with this gadget.


Honeywell Econoswitch Programmable Switch (Lights and Motors)

Honeywell’s Econoswitch comes in two different modes, an automatic switch, and a manual one. You can program up to 7 on/off events 7 times a week. You can apply for one program on any given day or set it to work on 7 days a week. The light switch timer can operate with all varieties of motors and lights of 120V capacity. It is compatible with different kinds of CFL and LED bulbs.

It has a very slick design and can fit into a regular decorative plate. You can buy the plate separately as per your convenience. It also requires neutral wiring for correct installation, and if you are following DIY steps, then you must follow the instructions given in the manual for trouble shooting. The product comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty, and it houses a built-in battery that lasts long. There is a random mode as well which you can use for additional safety to automate your lights at random sequences.


  • It is equipped with a push button for your convenience.
  • It also comes with a built-in battery that is very durable.
  • You can set 7 different on/off events for each day of the week.
  • An additional random mode is also incorporated in this device for added security.
  • It works well with all LEDs and CFLs.


  • It has a built-in battery and if any issue occurs then the whole unit becomes useless.
  • It only offers 7 on/off events.


It has an embedded plug profile that fits well within the electric box, and it doesn’t take much room. If in case of any issue your purchase is covered under Honeywell’s one year warranty as well.


Defiant 20-amp In-wall Digital Timer

The 20-amp in-wall digital timer from Defiant is programmable with accuracy to the minute. It applies to the single pole as well as 3-way connections. It offers resistance of 20-amp, and you can automatically program the device according to your local sunset and sunrise timings. Your purchase is secure under one year warranty from Defiant, and you can claim it in case of any issues within this period.

The product weighs approximately two and a half ounces and its dimensions 5.8-inch x 3-inch x 2.2-inch. It is powered by alternative current and does not require any batteries for this purpose. In case of any electricity interruptions, the settings of this device remain unaltered. There is a random mode as well with which you can automatically program the on/off events of all your indoor lights for additional security measure during vacations. The size of the unit is huge, and you need to empty the electric box to install it.


  • You can program 7 on/off events with this device separately for each day of the week.
  • It does not have any battery.
  • It also houses a random mode for extra security purposes.
  • The product is covered under one year warranty from Defiant.
  • You can conveniently program the device as per the sunset/sunrise timings.


  • It only offers 7 on/off events.
  • It also requires neutral wiring for installation purposes.


The device from Defiant is handy for you indoor light automation. It is compatible with both CFLs and LEDs, and it does not take much time for installation as well.


Enerlites Digital Programmable Timer Switch

The digital programmable timer switch from Enerlites offers you with 18 on/off events for your indoor. With this timer switch, you can automatically on/off your lamps, lights, motors, fans as well as sprinklers. With the number of on/off events, the device guarantees the safety and security of your home when it is vacant.  You can also control the load with the help of the automated program. This digital wall timer utilizes the current wiring and replaces your traditional switch in your junction box. It’s Ni-MH battery can store your settings in case of any power interruptions.

You can easily program your timer switch because it is a very user-friendly plus, you can also set it to schedule separate timings for weekdays, weekends or all days. It does require a neutral wiring for installation and it only offers single pole use and is not designed for 3-way use. Your purchase will include a wall plate as well.


  • It is equipped with a dual mode where you can use automated or manual operation.
  • You can use the central button to switch it on/off at any time.
  • It is equipped with a large display, and you can program it very conveniently.
  • The timer switch comes with a wall plate as well, and you don’t need to buy it separately.


  • The display is quite dim despite the large screen.
  • It does not offer daylight saving feature for the time.


It is a fantastic product that does not cost much and still is very convenient to use. It offers numerous features and has long lasting durability as well.


Buying Guide

How many types of the light switch timer are there?

There are different types of light switch timer. You can buy outdoor light timer switch, or you can go for indoor ones. There are standard light switches as well as lighting dimmer switches. You can also buy motion sensing or occupancy switches, or you can opt for central lighting control systems as well. The primary purpose of all these devices is to conserve energy.

How can choose the right light timer switch for my home?

Because there are different types of programmable light switches, you need to be sure what kind of timer switch would be ideal for you. First of all, before buying anything you must look for the wattage ratings. Add the wattage of all the bulbs or motors you want to control with your device and then find the right option. Then you must also examine the lighting configuration some switches work with a single pole, and one switch controls all lights.

Should I look for a timer switch that runs on battery or alternating current?

It ultimately depends upon which type you prefer. The timer switches that come with built-in battery work well, but if the battery falters then, the whole device becomes useless. In case of timer switches that run on alternating current, frequent power failures or interruptions can cause the problem to the switch. The timer switches that come with removable batteries are excellent because in case if the battery stops working then you can replace it with a new one.

How to set a timer switch for lights?

It is not that difficult at all. Just turn off the main power from the circuit breaker or unscrew the fuse which controls the fixture and the wall switch. Then remove the cover plate of the switch and use a tester to confirm that the power is off. After that unscrew the existing switch and pull it out but let the wires attached. Now compare the wires with your new switch using the manual that comes with it and then connect them to the old wires and then fix the timer switch and turn on the power. Now you are all set to program your timer switch as per your requirement.

How does a timer switch work?

Timing mechanism controls the timer switch, and the switch is connected to an electric circuit that is operating from the central power. You can select a setting on the timer and find the button that enables you to toggle between the automatic settings and the timer. Locate the outlet that you want your timer switch to work on and plug it in.  After that just set the timer and you are ready to go.


The Astronomic Digital In-Wall Timer from Intermatic is the best choice for you because it comes with a replaceable CR2 battery and it also offers 20 on/off events for you to set. The product is CSA certified, and it also comes with an Intermatic warranty for one year. It is the best light switch timer that you can find in the price range.