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Best GFCI Outlet

Best GFCI OutletWe all have GFCI outlets in our homes yet, many of us are not aware of their primary objective. GFCI receptacles are the power outlets that are mostly found in the washrooms.

You can quickly identify these outlets with a couple of buttons on their face: one of them is for test and the other one for reset. When current flows through the devices, it begins from the hot terminal and returns to the ground.

It is where the GFCI plugs come in to play its part. It compares the current leaving the hot terminal and the current that returns to neutral.

If there is a sizeable difference between the two, then the receptacle knows that there is a leakage somewhere. If there is a danger due to water damage or electrocuting, then the outlet will shut off the electricity to prevent any harm to you. These outlets are handy, and you need to have one in your home.

For this reason, we have developed a list of best GFCI electrical outlets so that you can keep yourself and your family safe from any danger. We are also providing you with a buying guide so that you should be aware of the features to look for when buying the best GFCI outlet.

For a quick guide, here is a comparison table.


NameCapacitySelf Test TimeDimensionsPrice
Leviton GFNT1-W Self-test
15-Amp30 Seconds1.32”x1.69”x4.21”$
SmartlockPro Eaton GFCI Self-Test Tamper Resistant15-Amp30 Seconds2.00”x2.81”x4.63”$$$
Lutron CAR-15-GFST-WH Claro 15-Amp
15-Amp30 Seconds1.50”x1.30”4.10”$$
Legrand-Pass & Seymour 1597TRWRWCC415-Amp3 Seconds1.70”x3.00”x4.70”$$


1. Leviton GFNT1-W Self-test SmartlockPro Slim GFCIBest GFCI Outlet

The GFNT1-W from Leviton comes with an added layer of protection because it consistently conducts an automated test to assure that it is capable of responding to a neutral fault. It can detect and trip on any ground fault even if there is a self-test being conducted.

Moreover, it has a status indicator light too that displays the protection and power status of the circuit along with the indication of a reversal of the load/line. It comes with a patented lockout system that prevents resetting if the outlet is damaged or can’t respond to any circuit fault.

Due to this reason, it is the best GFCI outlets you can find on the market. It has a slim and shallow construction that reduces the depth and makes it very easy to install.

The 15-Amp UL listed outlet has the dimensions of 1.32-inch x 1.69-inch x 4.21-inch, and it only weighs just over five and a half ounces.


  • The GFNT1-W comes in two different capacities: 15-Amp and 20-Amp.
  • It has an added protection feature with which it can automatically detect any faults in the circuit by running internal tests.
  • It also has status indicators lights to show protection and power status.
  • The outlet is equipped with patented lockout action to respond to the ground faults quickly.


  • It doesn’t come with any face plates or screws.
  • The test button is very stiff to push.

Verdict It is the best GFCI outlet that comes at a very affordable price, and the UL listed product is straightforward to install too. The automated tests run feature takes the lead over the competition.


2. Eaton GFCI Self-Test 15A -125V Tamper ResistantBest GFCI Outlet

The Self-Test GFCI protected outlet from Eaton is tamper resistant duplex receptacle that has standard sized wall plate that comes in a matching color with the outlet.

The outlet protects against any dangerous shocks from electricity that might occur due to faulty tools or appliances or even due to dampness or wet areas.

It has the capability of conducting frequent self-tests to make sure the outlet keeps the circuit safe for you and your family. It also has temper resistant shutters to assist in preventing any foreign object being inserted in it. Due to this reason this product is the best GFCI outlet when it comes to child safety.

The 15-Amp, 12V outlet weighs only five and a half ounces and its dimensions are 2.8-inch x 2-inch x 4.6-inch. For installation you just need to screw it in and that all.

The only thing that kept it from heading our list of best GFCI outlets is that it does not comes with any certification.


  • It is capable t protect any broken appliances in the circuit due to wet areas.
  • It can run self-tests to check the integrity of the circuit on a frequent basis.
  • Its temper resistant shutters make it the best GFCI outlet for child safety.
  • Your purchase includes a color matched wall plate.


  • It doesn’t come with any quality standard certification.
  • It is useless if you want to use it with the 6-plug adapters because there is not enough spacing between the two switches of the outlet.


The best part about this receptacle is its tamper-resistant shutter which makes it the best product out there to provide child safety.


3. Lutron CAR-15-GFST-WH Claro 15-AmpBest GFCI Outlet

The Lutron Car 15 is a 15-Amp receptacle that also comes with the self-testing ability. The duplex receptacle comes in different color to go well with your interiors plus it is also equipped with the tamper-resistant shutter that keeps any foreign objects away.

The test/reset buttons of this outlet are capable of checking and automatically ensuring the device is running correctly. The tests are run every 30 seconds to reassure your safety.

It can also coordinate with decorator styled switches and dimmers but your purchase won’t include the coordinating wall plate, and you have to buy it separately.

The Car 15 GFST only weighs five and a half ounces, and its dimensions are 1.5-inch x 1.3-inch x 4.1-inch. This outlet combines the features of both above-listed products because it offers tempered shutters for child safety which was not in the first product and it is also UL listed which was not the feature of the second product on our list.


  • The Car 15 GFST is UL listed product.
  • It comes with a tampered resistant shutter for child safety.
  • It can run self-tests every 30 seconds to check the integrity of the circuits.
  • The outlet comes in different coordinating colors to suit your interiors.


  • It is more expensive than the rest of the GFCI outlets.
  • Doesn’t add to the values because it offers the same features at a high cost and is only useful if you are overly obsessive about matching colors.


Despite that it comes at a high price, the Car 15 from Lutron is a UL listed product that also offers child safety, and if you want it to match your interiors, then you have plenty of options to avail too.


4. Legrand-Pass & Seymour 1597TRWRWCC4Best GFCI Outlet

This GFCI outlet from Legrand-Pass & Seymour also keeps you safe from any injury caused by electric shock and instantly disconnects the power when protection is lost. You will include a GFCI outlet along with the mounting screws and a matching wall plate and matching screws to keep the device consistent with your interiors plus a sheet of 10 stickers for outlet protection.

It can keep you safe from the shocks that are caused by ground faults, and it can run a self-test every 3 seconds to make sure that there is no issue prevailing within the circuit. The dimensions of this product are 1.7-inch x 3-inch x 4.7-inch and the outlet only weighs five and a half inches.

The outlet doesn’t come with any tampered resistant shutters, therefore; you have to keep your child away from the outlet, and it is also not come with any quality certifications.


  • It can frequently run safety checks on the circuit every 3 seconds.
  • Your package will include a matching wall plate, screws and a sheet of 10 stickers for outlet protection.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It is capable of disconnecting the power in case of any incidents associated with electrocuting.


  • It doesn’t come with tempered shutter resistance.
  • It doesn’t adhere to USA standards.


It does the basics right, and that is why it ends up on the list of best GFCI outlets. It won’t break your wallet in half and will keep you safe from being electrocuted.

Buying Guide

This buying guide is for your assistance to buy the best GFCI outlet for your home. It also contains the questions that you might appear in your mind when you think about purchasing a receptacle. This buying guide will assist you regarding different aspects that you should consider when buying the best GFCI outlet.

Despite the fact that most of the residential GFCI outlets have pretty much similar features to offer but some of the aspects make a specific outlet outperform other options available on the market.

What is a ground fault circuit interpreter for, when I have circuit breakers?

If you are looking for complete protection, then you should have both of these devices. Circuit breakers keep you safe from any electric shocks or even fire that may result from current overloads.

On the other hand, GFCIs are far more sensitive because they can respond to any lower levels of fluctuations that cannot trip a breaker.

Should I buy a 15-Amp outlet or a 20-Amp outlet?

Most of the products have same features with a few additions. You can also use 20-Amp GFCI outlets for larger setups. However, most of the residential users can opt for a 15-Amp outlet, and it will serve well.

There is not much difference between the two except that 20-Amp GFCIs are used bigger circuits. 20-Amp outlet is more potent than 15-Amp, and it can detect slightest of fluctuations too which are not very common in commercial use.

Why should I consider the dimensions of a GFCI outlet?

Slimmer GFCI outlets can only take about 25% lesser space in the wall box or even on the wall. Traditional GFCIs that thicker than the slim ones. In addition to the size; installation of the thinner devices is far more comfortable than, the larger, bulkier outlets.

Why must the lockout feature be patented?

The patented lockout or reset feature ensures that the device is protected from resetting itself if it is not able to respond to the neutral fault or in case it is not wired correctly. Some traditional receptacles can reset even if it is not providing any protection.

Is there any Code requirement for the installation of the GFCI outlets?

As per National Electric Code, GFCIs are required to be installed in damp areas including washrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, porches, garages or any other area where there is a water source present.

Do I need to test a GFCI before buying?

It is recommended that the GFCI outlets that are not UL listed should be tested before buying. The GFCIs outlets should be checked on a monthly basis to make sure that the protected power is present in the device.

Bear in mind that Underwriters Laboratory (UL) requires all the devices to be self-testing from mid of 2015 onwards. The self-testing outlets can run a periodic test to ensure that the internal circuit is protected against any issues or neutral faults.



According to our assessment, Leviton GFNT1-W Self-test SmartlockPro Slim is the best GFCI outlet that you can buy at a very affordable price. The device comes with an added protective layer with which it consistently conducts an automated test to assure that it is capable of responding to a ground fault.

It is capable of detecting and tripping on any ground fault even if a self-test is in the process. Furthermore, the status indicator light also displays the protection and power status of the circuit along with the indication of a reversal of the load/line. These features make it the best GFCI outlet that you can buy in this price range.

So there you go, now you have all the information that you need to buy the best-suited GFCI outlet at a very comfortable rate. You can have a look at our buying guide if you have any questions associated with these devices and you can pick from one the products listed above by comparing their pros and cons.

So, happy shopping!