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The best USB wall outlet for home use

Best USB OUTLETSCharging multiple appliances at the same time or keeping them charged when there’s not enough room for all of them can be a bit troublesome. There’s a need for a more energy efficient and spacious device to keep all your appliances and gadgets like laptops, phones, iPod, iPad ready and fully charged at the same time.

Thanks to the new ultra-charge technology, charging multiple gadgets while keeping them organized has now become possible.

The new devices such as the USB outlets provide not only multiple USB charging ports but it also incorporates other facilities like smartphone holding capability, electrical outlets with USB ports, extenders and a USB charger outlets. It has made life easier when it comes to charging multiple appliances in your home or office with its quick charging technology.

Here, we have gathered different USB chargers from different companies. It includes a detailed comparison of top 5 USB outlets so that you can choose the best option that fits your needs.

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NameUSB Output

No. of USB ports
No. of receptacles
Wall plate/wiresPrice
TOPGREENER TU2154A5V, 4.0 A 22Yes$$
Leviton T56325V, 3.6A 22Yes$$$
Bestten multi-outlet4.2 A (shared) 43Yes$$$
Eaton TR7740W-K5V, 2.1 A 21Yes$
GE-2-pack high-speed4.0A22No$$$


1. TOPGREENER TU2154A high-speed USB charger outlet:Best USB OUTLETS

From the high-tech electrical company, Top Greener Company in California, offers this USB receptacle and is one of the best known for its quick charging capability even for your most demanding devices.

Key features and specifications:

It has the smart intelli-chip that gives optimum charging to your devices. It integrates two USB charging outlets, so it doesn’t need an adapter while charging two USB devices at the same time.

With 5V DC AND 4.0A, it can quickly charge all gadgets like an iPad, Smartphone, and tablet, while keeping an optimum level of charge to be needed with its intelliChip. This USB receptacle is a Tamper Resistant Receptacle (TRR). This receptacle only allows other cords in the outlets, making it safe for your toddlers and children.

It has an easy installation quality with side wired with UL listing. Available in white, this USB receptacle has a nice appearance when placed next to your walls. The price is reasonable for the all the features it offers and is worth buying to solve your needs of multiple charging devices.


  • This device is quite easy to install and causes no mess during installation.
  • It gives plenty of power from the USB ports. It charges devices efficiently and quickly.
  • The unit looks nice when installed on the wall.
  • The Electrical outlets with USB ports of Top Greener USB receptacle are of good quality.
  • The product has a nice


  • The outlet is too deep.
  • Some of the outlets contain more wires than expected.


This USB charger from Top Green has all the features that you want for your daily charging needs. It is affordable, and has high ratings with customers. A great option if you want a safe and wire-free charging.


2.    Leviton T5632-W USB chargerBest USB OUTLETS

Using advanced technology to deliver fast charging, Leviton has a USB portal with a nice vertical USB outlet combination to solve all your simultaneous device charging problems whether in your home or in the office.

Key features and specifications:

Leviton’s T5632 is an amazing USB outlet which integrates two USB ports, making your devices charge quickly. With the new smart chip technology, it charges all your devices and gadgets, while maintaining an ideal level of constant power with a charging capacity of 3.6A.

This product has a Tamper Resistant Receptacle (TRR) which protects your children from getting accidentally shocked. With the vertically positioned ports, it gives you more space to handle wires and reduces the strain on USB cables.

It is lightweight weighing only 1.6 ounces and available in white, this Electrical outlet does not affect the appearance of your walls and fits perfectly by screwless wall plates. It is economical and fulfills your daily needs.


  • The 3.6A charging power of Leviton USB cable combo.
  • It had a much better terminal for the wires and they worked great.
  • It has a fast charging capacity.
  • This receptacle is made up of very good quality and is worth buying.
  • It is a great plug and has the best compact design which fits well into the wall.


  • This receptacle is considerably larger than other wiring devices.
  • Ports may stop working earlier than expected.


Leviton T5632 is a great USB portal if you need a quick charging source. It is lightweight and fits easily into your walls. Having a low price and TRR quality, this is a good choice for all your devices’ charging needs.


3.    Bestten multi-outlet wall mount adapter:Best USB OUTLETS

From one of the leading companies of wall adapter production, Bestten has introduced multi-outlet wall adapter having 4 USB ports allowing you to charge your devices without hassle.

Key features and specifications:

Bestten has a protecting surge feature thereby avoiding voltage spikes above safety thresholds. This protects your devices from being damaged. It has 4 USB ports with 2.4 A per USB port helps you to charge all your devices like smartphones, iPads, iPod, iPhone, and other USB ported devices efficiently and quickly.

It incorporates 3 AC electrical outlets to charge up all your household appliances simultaneously.  It is spacious enough to allow maneuvering of devices easily without getting cords tangled up. It also has mounting screw keeping it from wiggling.

With a unique feature of the slide out holders. It can keep your phone in a safe place while charging and goes back into the receptacle when not in use. It had a line voltage of 125V for AC and recognized for its safety by NRTL (National Recognized Testing Laboratory). With the features it offers, it is worth buying.


  • The charging center of Bestten USB receptacle is great.
  • This USB charger from Bestten charges quickly and efficiently.
  • It has 4 USB ports giving you simultaneous charging with 2.4A per port.
  • It has an electrical and USB outlet on one device, solving any charging problem.
  • The product is a great invention with good qualities.


  • Space is limited to electrical outlets.
  • If the outlet is mounted horizontally, holders become useless.


This electrical outlet with USB ports is a good source to charge your USB ported devices simultaneously without getting wires tangled up. It has 4 USB ports, and 3 AC outlets offering a good choice for charging devices all in one place.


4.    Eaton TR7740W-K Combination USB Charger:Best USB OUTLETS

Eaton Company is one of the multinational power management companies. It has introduced its copper wiring USB wall charger outlet with multiple features to make charging multiple devices easier.

Key features and specifications:

This Eaton TR7740 has dual USB outlet combo, which fulfills your USB charging needs. It has a 5-volt charger adapter, two poles, and 3-wire grounding. With an LED protector indicator, it protects your devices from overcharging and turns off its light when the charge is full.

Protecting you from any mishap, shock or accident, Eaton electrical outlets are tamper resistant. It will not open shutters in the case of insertion to one side. It is a 125V single receptacle. It avoids corrosion as its mounting strap is zinc plated.

Available in white, it is lightweight and easy to install, making it a good investment.


  • It has no charging issue with any device. It works well with all devices.
  • It works flawlessly and provides a good
  • Eaton USB charger is good quality and doesn’t break.
  • It is a low-cost charging product.


  • The outlet of this charger is deep.
  • Charging two tablets at once gives 1A to each port.


This product of USB receptacle is awesome if you want to have a cheap USB wall charger outlet with an electrical outlet and USB charger. It is easy to install and has wire grounding. A great option if you want cheap and safe receptacles.


5.    GE-2-pack high-speed dual USB charger outlet:Best USB OUTLETS

With the ultra-charge technology, here is a 2-pack high-speed USB charger from GE. It incorporates two USB and two AC outlets in one receptacle.

Key features and specifications:

GE has its new USB charger in a pack of two which includes two AC outlets. It is an upgraded model which provides faster charging to your USB ported devices.

It has 4.0A/20W USB ports giving your devices the power supply they need. Its ultra-charge technology gives your devices an efficient charge in a short period of time. It provides up to 40% times faster charge than many other charging devices.

GE USB charger is Tamper Resistant Receptacle (TRR) that blocks any foreign objects into outlets. It came with a two-year warranty and certified under UL listings. With the pack of two, this one is worth the money if you to install it in different parts of your home or office.


  • The company GE is quite They make excellent products.
  • It works well when charging devices.
  • It is a safe electrical + USB outlet as it is UL listed.
  • The quality of this 2-pack USB receptacle from GE is good.
  • It is Tamper Resistant.


  • It does not include charging cables and a wall plate making it can become difficult for you to arrange a perfect fit.


This USB charger from the GE Company is quite reasonable for anyone who wants to buy two of the same charging outlets. It comes in a pack of two USB and two AC outlets. Anyone looking for these features, this USB outlet combo would be worth buying.


Buying Guide:

There are some precautions you should take before buying any of the USB or charging related devices.

  • Check for the number of ports that the device is providing. It sometimes happens that the number of ports does not enough space between them when all in use. That can cause the charger to become unnecessarily bulky.
  • Check the reviews from the customers.
  • Always go for the device that is worth buying and suits all your needs.
  • Check the voltage level it supports. Sometimes, customers buy them to ship to someone, and the voltage is sometimes not supported in others countries.
  • Check how quick it charges. Look for a device which charges
  • Check if the device heats up and what is the quality. Will it erode soon?
  • Always buy from an authentic company or seller, which can provide safety confirmations of the device.
  • Look at the installing manual and estimate whether it will fit well into your wall or not.
  • Try to buy a product that is Tamper Resistant Receptacles for safety purposes.
  • Check for its warranty. How long will it be under warranty so you can always call upon the company for any changes or

Overall Conclusion:

Now, as we have come to the end of the article, it’s time to give the final remarks of all the products above According to all the features mentioned and considering their prices, the USB receptacle from Top Greener Company is the winner.

The reasons being that, Top greener is much cheaper for the feature it is providing. It has two USB and two electrical outlets with a much higher charging capacity of 2.4A for each port that is suitable for fast charging. This capacity may not be available on other devices as mentioned.

It also includes wall plates and traditional decorators for an easy installation, unlike some products which don’t have this option. This product is considered to be the best seller for an electrical outlet with USB port.