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Best Electrical Gloves

If you are an electrician, you already know that most of the electrician jobs involve risks of injuries, burns, and shocks, making them possibly dangerous.

Your hands are perhaps the most affected body part while you are on job due to their close proximity to wires, tools, and sharp edges.

Therefore, a pair of high-quality electrical gloves is highly recommended for any electrician and is your first line of defense against any imminent risk.

The market is full of electrical gloves of different kinds and with various features.

While this is good in the sense that you have a lot of choices to pick from, but in the practical sense, it leaves you requiring a lot of time to sort through the options and find a quality pair.

Plus, if you are a first-time glove purchaser, you might not even know what to look for! To help you save time and prevent you from making a poor buy, I have researched the market for the best electrical gloves and have reviewed the top five products I found.

Why Spend Extra To Buy Gloves

Some electricians argue that buying electrical gloves are a luxury. I want to tell you that they are not. In fact, they are a basic necessity! According to National Safety Council, more than fifty thousand electricians are injured from various job related incidents and most of these injuries involve their hands.

By purchasing a pair of electrical gloves, you are going to protect yourself from any future danger. Ever heard about the saying that prevention is better than cure?

How I Chose The Picks

Wearing safety electrical gloves is common sense and prevents you from various kinds of harms including cuts, punctures, scraped area, dermatitis, nerve harm, and so forth. A Pair of gloves should be on every electrician’s tool list! Also add great pair of electrical boots to your safety equipment.

While everyone can get a safety pair of their choice, the genuine test here is to discover a set of gloves that actually last.

All gloves, irrespective of the material or brand, wear in time, it’s only an unavoidable truth. Be that as it may, in case you’re similar to me, you’d rather purchase a pair that keeps going a couple of years as opposed to half a month.

Gloves for circuit repairmen and electrical work must be snug and have incredible hold, keeping in mind the end goal to deal with the many jobs requiring intricate fixings, for example, wiring electrical boxes, connecting joints, etc.

For an electrical pair of gloves, nimbleness and adaptability are fundamental properties that allow the electrician to deal with tiny wires and links.

Similarly, cut resistance and impact protection are also vital. I have focused on finding gloves that are top notch in all these properties and more.  After shortlisting my selections, I surveyed the market for customer feedback and eliminated the options which had a poor ranking regarding buyer satisfaction.

Then, lastly, I also got in touch with vendors and professional electricians and asked for their opinion about my picks. After evaluating their opinions, I finally made my ultimate list, in which all the gloves are of great quality and are backed by solid customer / vendor feedbacks.

For your guidance, I’ve assembled a rundown of the best 5 best work gloves for men beneath. You’ll locate an extensive variety of materials, including my very own top choice, leather.

In the event that you require some additional features, I have you covered with an all-rounded pair as well.

Top Electrical Gloves 2017

Finger ProtectionPalm ProtectionComfortRating
Custom LeathercraftLowHigh4.2/5
Klein Electrician's GlovesModerateMedium3.7/5
DeWalt Work GlovesHighHigh4.4/5
Klein Leather GlovesHighXXMedium4.3/5
Klein Lineman Work GlovesVery HighMedium4.1/5



Custom Leathercraft 125m

CLC 125M is a jack of all trades. The pair is very popular among workmen from different industries and of course among electricians! These gloves convey an unmatched combination of style, purpose and quality. The gloves are designed for a cozy fit on your hands for finesse and less exhaustion, helping you complete the work with ease.

As an electrician, you are using your hands all the time for different kinds of jobs and these properties help you do the job right.  CLC utilizes quality materials and time-tried development strategies to make this a dynamic glove that you will want to keep on, both on and off work site.

The company has produced a Syntrex engineered palm material that prevents any scrapes during lifting of heavy-duty wires or fittings, and additional gives the pair a longer life. Lastly, the pair comes with a stretch fit technology for the thumb and a spandex top for ultimate flexibility and control.


  • Reinforced And Textured Finger Tips
  • Mobile Touch Screen Support
  • Padded Knuckles And Thumb
  • Flexible Spandex Top
  • Abrasion Protection For Palm
  • Insulation From Cold
  • Easy Putting On And Off


  • Seams At The Finger Tips Can Get Misaligned
  • The Padding Wears Down Quick
  • Some Of The Stitches Start Ripping Sooner Than Expected.
  • Not Suitable For Daily Heavy Lifting

CLC Electrical Gloves have a limited lifetime warranty, which is quite sweet and even rare! The warranty covers any manufacturing defect which you may have found before or during the use of the product. You can buy this pair with full confidence!


Klein Electrician Gloves

Since 1857, Klein Tools has produced the world’s finest tools for workmen including electricians. Today, many proficient electricians prefer to choose gloves made by Klein Tools.

The Klein 40074 Electrician’s Gloves come in two sizes, which ensure that you can wear a pair that fits your hand optimally. The gloves have a special palm and finger material (made from TPB 50%, Synthetic Leather 30%, Neoprene 20%) that gives sturdiness and slip resistance when pulling either wire or trying to link them to connections.

The region near the thumb and the finger tips have been reinforced for added sturdiness and protection. The spandex material is breathable and agreeable to wear throughout the day, preventing your hands from getting cramps, while the cuff has been engineered to make wearing and removing the gloves less demanding.

These electricians gloves are easy to maintain and can be washed in a machine. The pair is a great testament to Klein Tools’ devotion to quality engineering for electricians.


  • Created In The USA
  • Remarkable Palm And Finger Material
  • Solid Construction And Slip Resistance
  • Broadened Sleeve For Simpler On/Off
  • Reinforced Finger Points For Durablity
  • Fortified Region At The Thumb Base
  • Spandex Material Is Breathable


  • Not for use in cold.
  • Needs a “break in” period to be comfortable.
  • Not necessarily true to the size

Klein Tools provide a one year warranty with their Electrical Gloves, which although do not match the offer by CLC, is still pretty good and allows you enough time to test out the product and return it if you found any manufacturing error in it.


Dewalt Work Gloves

A Fortune 500 Company, DeWalt makes a whole range of accessories for workmen that are Guaranteed Tough.

Some of the accessories made by DeWalt are regularly used by electricians all around the world. The trademark yellow and black DeWalt DPG780 Performance Electrical Gloves gives a solid hold and security insurance where you require it most.

The TPR impact guards deters any possible injuries or abrasions from incidental bumps or scrapes while maintaining flexibility and comfort.

The palm of the gloves is made of a patented synthetic material, which can endure scrapings, and on top of that there is a layer of PVC on the exterior of the palm securing it totally.

The thumb likewise has a synthetic as well as a PVC layer for robustness. This pair also has special nail guards made from synthetic leather to ensure that you avoid any chances of the painful impact on your nails (electricians can get a habit of hurting their nails!).

The cuff of the gloves is made from neoprene hook and loop closure making it easy to wear them on or off. Finally, maintenance wise, you only need to put the pair in a washing machine every week to keep them looking like new!


  • TPR Protection
  • Synthetic Palm with PVC
  • Thumb Protection
  • Silicone Grip Finger Tips
  • Synthetic Leather Nail Guards
  • Neoprene Wrist
  • Machine Washable


  • Not dexterous for handling small parts like screws
  • Size issues reported by customers

As aforementioned, this pair of Electrical Gloves comes with DeWalts Guaranteed Tough label. This means that the product has a huge three year warranty period from the time of purchase.

Even more, it comes with a 30 days money back return, no questions asked.


Klein Journeyman Leather Gloves

Here we have another pair of gloves by Klein Tools. The Journeyman Leather Electrical Gloves are the ideal work glove for everything except the finest of undertakings with regards to standard work for electricians.

The cozy fit is an advantage of the Journeyman. While you can’t cut wires with a surgeon’s accuracy while wearing these gloves, for medium to huge work, and even some smaller work, these gloves are just about great.

The gloves are very tough because of their synthetic leather body and have finger protection on the top. A couple of areas of the back are made of an elastic material that makes the gloves simple to get on and off, and enable the gloves to have the cozy fit.

The pair showed itself to strike the correct harmony between protection and finesse. However, even with all the protection, the pair of gloves allow you to feel your work while on the job site.

While wearing the Journeyman, you can ream and run conduit, cut wire and execute numerous more jobs. The gloves are totally extraordinary for typical electrician jobs.


  • Sturdy Exterior
  • Comfortable Interior
  • Easy On/Off
  • Durahide Palm And Leather Layer For Finger Protection
  • Flexible
  • Can Stretch Back As Well As In The Front


  • Not Great For Use In Wet Conditions
  • Could Use Some More Padding
  • Break-In Takes Time

Klein Tools provides a single year warranty period for all of its Electrical Gloves range. This pair is no different.


Klein Tools Linemen Work Gloves

The last pair of gloves to be reviewed in this list is also by Klein Tools. Now you would imagine that this is a reputable and very reliable company, given the number of quality products it has, and its popularity amongst electricians all over the world testifies it!

The Klein 40082 Lineman Work Glove come in different sizes and are made from delicate grain leather body with strengthened synthetic palm and finger patches.

The 4-Inch leather and neoprene sleeves with side vents make using the gloves quite comfortable, while the twofold column cushioned knuckles guarantee enough durability for your day to day electrician jobs.

The 40082 gloves include a dark spandex back with Klein Lineman logo on the top. The yellow and black color may give the gloves a sense of the DeWalt style, which may or may not be a favoring factor depending upon your likeness towards DeWalt.

Overall, these gloves are a great pick if you are a linesman or a small-scale electrician.


  • High Quality Leather Body
  • Neoprene Cuffs
  • Vents On The Side For Sweat Control
  • Reinforced Leather Palm And Finger Patches
  • Padded Knuckles And Finger Tips


  • Some quality control issues
  • Sizing irregularities reported by customers

Like all other Klein Tools gloves reviewed above, this one also comes with a one year warranty, giving you ample time to test out the product and replace it if you find any manufacturing faults.


Now we have reached the end of our exclusive electrical gloves review. While this is not an exhaustive list, all the items in this list are tested and have a proven track record allowing you to have confidence while making a purchase.

Friendly tip: To help guarantee the life of the gloves and your hands’ security, gloves should be put away appropriately when not being used. This means that gloves must not be folded for a long time and should be kept out of unnecessary exposure to sunlight, dampness, ozone and or other chemicals that may react with the synthetic composition of the glove materials.