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The definitive hard hat light guide for tradesmen

Best Hard Hat LightsHard hats are very important safety equipment you should wear while visiting construction sites or other required places. These hats protect you from mishaps that may cause lifetime losses or some serious injuries.

However, it also happens in your career, when you need to visit risky/constructions areas with low lightings in surroundings. In such scenarios, all you need is some light without and you want your hands free of a torch.

Having a hard hat light can give you a solution to this problem. Many hard hats come with the lights attached to it. You will not only stay safe with the hat but also make your workplace illuminated with its lights.

So, if you work in such area, and planning to buy this important safety gear, then this article has all you need.

Here, a list of few best hard hat lights along with their brief review would be provided. Also, a brief guideline would be given to assist you in choosing the best hat for your workplace.

Foxelli Headlamp FlashlightRechargeable2.14 oz.1.4 x 2.4 x 1.6”$$
DEWALT DWHT70440 Touch Headlamp3 AAA11.8 oz.7.6 x 3.4 x 5.7” $$$
Energizer Vision HD +Focus LED Headlamp3 AAA4 oz.1.5 x 5 x 3” $$$
Klein Tools 56220 Headlamp Flashlight3 AAA5.6 oz.7 x 5 x 3”$
Fluke L206 Deluxe LED Hat Light3 AAA0.3 oz.8.2 x 5.5 x 1.6” $$

1.    Foxelli Headlamp FlashlightBest Hard Hat Lights

This Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight comes with rechargeable hard hat lights. It is one of the most eminent features of this flashlight. This product also contains its mini USB cable that can be attached to any USB port and gives the running time of 40 hours while taking 4 hours in getting charged.

This flashlight also gives extra brightness through its 180 Lumen LED along with white and red lights. Furthermore, its light also possesses various modes and light body is able to get tilted at 45 degrees angle. All these features together make it the best hard hat light.

In order to give you relaxation during working at harsh conditions, this flashlight is made waterproof and durable. It is rated IPX5 and can withstand large impacts and heavy rains. Additionally, this flashlight comes with the very lightweight body and ergonomically designed hair bands. Anyone can wear it easily and then work or run whatever they want while feeling completely comfortable with it.

As far as the price range of this flashlight is concerned, it is quite nominal. It can be categorized among lowest-priced items in our hard hat lights list.


  • You might feel convenient with this hard hat flashlight because it offers more hours staying lighted up with even single charge.
  • With the help of its waterproof feature, you can easily use it anywhere you want.
  • Because of its lightweight, you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it.
  • You might be able to use this flashlight for multiple purposes because of its versatile features.


  • While using this flashlight, you can’t go from diffused to spotlight mode.
  • It comes with specifically designed USB You can’t charge it with regular cables.


If you purchase this flashlight, then besides paying a low price, you will also get durability, bright light, different modes, tiltability, and water-resistant features.


2.    DEWALT DWHT70440 Touch HeadlampBest Hard Hat Lights

This DWHT70440 Touch Headlamp is manufactured by renowned brand DEWALT. This headlamp is an imported product. It comes with the brightness of 140 Lumens that is enough to observe all work details properly and effortlessly.

In order to give the user the ease of adjusting its lights, it comes with different light settings. You can set this lamp at either High or Low setting. In this way, you can save its running time if your work demands low lights. Additionally, its ergonomically designed features allow you to change the setting by turning a simple knob.

This headlamp also comes with an anti-slip strap that keeps this light firmly fastens to your hard hats. It also contains silicone film at the inner side of the strap. It ensures its durability through its water-resistant and shatter-resistant features. Before making it available for the customers, this headlamp has gone through 2-meter drop test successfully. It runs on 3 AAA batteries that are included with this headlamp.

The price range of this headlamp for the hard hat is also average. You can afford it easily. It can be listed among lowest-priced products in our list of hard hat lights.


  • With the help of its high/low setting, you can extend its runtime when low-light is needed.
  • Because of its shatter-resistant and water-resistant lens, you can easily use it in all types of rough and tough situations.
  • You might handle minor work details with this hard hat headlamp because of its excessively bright light.
  • You might conveniently work with this headlamp because of its anti-slip strap.


  • This headlamp doesn’t come with case or storage bag.


This headlamp can offer durability, long run time, lightweight, and safety straps. It is also able to run at two different light modes and the price range is also reasonable. So, if you are planning to purchase this product, it will be a good deal.


3.    Energizer Vision HD +Focus LED HeadlampBest Hard Hat Lights

This Energizer Vision HD + Focus LED Headlamp comes with the feature of offering three different light modes. These modes are the white spotlight, red night vision mode, and white flood light. These different modes help in performing different tasks with different job nature. It also comes with the feature of digital light focus and memory recall.

It offers powerful beam with 250 Lumens of light and it can give four times more brightness as compared to other standard LED technology. It also possesses water-resistant and impacts resistant features that let you work with this headlamp in any circumstances.

This headlamp runs with batteries and these 3 AAA batteries come with this headlamp package. It also contains ergonomically designed two switches that can be used to control lights. Despite having amazing features, the price of this headlamp is quite nominal. It can be listed among average-priced product in our list of hard hat lights.


  • You might be able to use it for various purposes because of its three different light modes.
  • You might be able to use this LED hard hat light in rough conditions because of its water resistant and impact resistance.
  • You can conveniently work with this headlamp or long time because of its long runtime.
  • With the help of its various brightness settings, you can adjust the amount of light you need and can save energy effectively.


  • Some people might have a problem with its head strap size.
  • It might be hard to tilt this headlight.


If you purchase this product, then in the average price range you will get the versatility of three different modes along with the exceptionally bright light. Also, you will get ease-of-use, durability, and water resistance.


4.    Klein Tools 56220 Headlamp FlashlightBest Hard Hat Lights

This 56220 Headlamp Flashlight is a product of Klein Tools. It comes with amazing features that can make you comfortable while working in tough situations. The most distinguished feature of this flashlight is its anti-slip silicone strap. It fastens tightly around your hat and keeps you relaxed from the fear of your headlamp falling.

It also comes with an ability to tilt at 45- degrees to make different beam directions. In this way, you can exactly focus the light wherever you want. This flashlight comes with two different light modes that are spot and floodlight mode. It also assists in changing light focus. Additionally, it comes with a pre-adjusted strap. It helps many users to adjust it easily. It possesses battery compartment that can be opened easily without putting many efforts.

The price range of this headlamp for hard hat is average. It can be listed among average-priced product in our list of hard hat lights.


  • You can work freely while wearing this hard hat headlamp, because of its anti-slip silicone strap.
  • You can conveniently adjust its beam direction because of its tilting feature.
  • You can effortlessly adjust its strap on your hard hat, as it comes pre-adjusted.
  • You might be able to adjust its focusing because of its different modes.
  • It is compact in size.


·         Its batteries are not rechargeable.


This headlamp can give you additionally bright light with different modes. Also, its body is able to get tilted easily and strap also comes pre-adjusted.



5.    Fluke L206 Deluxe LED Hat LightBest Hard Hat Lights

Fluke L206 Deluxe LED hard hat lights can be used by hard hats, baseball hat, and even you can hang them with your door panel. It comes with three extra bright white LED’s and 360-degrees rotating clip. These clip on hard hat lights allow you to adjust the direction of light easily.

It comes with water resistant feature and rubber shielded bazel. It is manufactured hard and durable through the polymer. It gives the long battery life of 40 hours. The price range of this hat is slightly high. It can be listed among expensive items of our hard hat light products list.


  • It might help you work properly with minor details because of its super bright white light.
  • You can conveniently adjust its direction with its 360 degrees rotating clip.
  • Because of its water-resistant feature, you can even use it in rain.
  • With its long battery life, you can work in relief for longer time period.


  • It is pricey.
  • Its clips are slightly weak to hold the light in its place.


Purchasing this headlamp for hats can give you durability, direction adjustments, water resistance, and long battery life.

Buying Guide

In this section, we are going to answer few questions that might appear in your mind before buying hard hat light.

What Factors Should I Consider While Purchasing Hard Hat Light?

As you are going to use this hard hat light in your workplace, it should be convenient and comfortable enough to offer you comfort during your work. Now, following points will help you stay comfortable while using both hands in your work:

Light quality:

It is one of the most important features you are going to need in your hard hat lights. During work, sometimes you might need more bright light and sometimes dim light would work better. Therefore, examination of light quality is an important point to consider before purchasing it.


As you are going to wear your light, it is important that it should be light in weight. Otherwise, you would feel a headache because of carrying heavy weight above your head.

Battery life:

It should have enough long battery life to make you able to work in peace. You should not work while staying worried about your battery life. Otherwise, it would impact on the quality of your work.


The quality is a most important factor that needs your importance. This tool is going to help you in your workplace at night. Therefore, it should be efficient and durable to not interrupt your work.

What are the Factors which Can Affect the Working of Hard Hat Light?

The versatility of your light is one major thing that can affect not only light’s performance but yours as well. Different lights come with different beams and focussing, few are kind of spotlighting that focus only one thing. Others are those that disperse its light and lit the whole area. During work, you can need different types of lightings. You can’t carry different lights along with you, as your both hands are going to stay busy in work, you can only afford to take one single light with you.

Therefore, it is important to find a light that can give versatile features within one body. Many different lights are available in the market that comes with different light modes. You can switch them to the more focused mode and more diffused one as well. Similarly, lights with different colors are also available. You should search for these hard hat lights. They can fulfill all your requirements better than those offering one mode of light.

But here too, you can’t get all modes working perfectly in one piece of light. Quality of one mode might exceed than others. Therefore, check it properly before making the final purchase.


Hard hat lights can give you great ease while working in dark construction areas. They can keep you safe from unexpected incidents.  Declaring any one item of the list as the best product is a tough task, as all of them offer various features required for various conditions.

However, according to us, Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight is best among all. The most important reason behind is it’s being rechargeable hard hat light. Other than the rechargeable battery, it is durable, shatter and waterproof, lightweight and low in price as well.