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Best Electric Impact Wrench

Best Electric Impact WrenchAll tools are constructed with the purpose of making routine tasks easier for people. These tools matter more to those people who are involved in some DIY projects, workshops, or any other construction area. Among all other tools, Impact Wrench is a tool that almost every other worker is going to need at some point of its project.

If you are unaware of this tool, then let us tell you that it works by making use of energy produced by its motor to generate torque. After this torque is produced, the reaction product present at the other end of the tool absorbs this power and makes worker put very little effort into performing its work.

There are different brands and models of this tool are available in the market. All offer various features and benefits. Therefore, sometimes it becomes difficult to select the best-suited tool among them, and this difficulty is particularly faced by a layman.

In this article, we will highlight the list and reviews of Best Electric Impact Wrench. The brief guideline will also be provided to make you understand better about its important aspects.

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NamePower SourceShapeWeightPrice
HAMMERHEAD_HDIWO75 Impact WrenchACPistol8 lbs.$$
Porter-Cable PCE211 Impact WrenchACPistol7.5 lbs.$$$
Kawasaki 841426 Impact Wrench Corded-electricPistol10.65 lbs.$$
DEWALT DW292 Impact Wrench Corded-electricPistol8.05 lbs.$$
Milwaukee 9070-20 Impact Wrench Air-poweredPistol7.25 lbs.$$$
Makita 6952 Impact Driver Electrical-poweredPistol6.48 lbs.$$


1.    HAMMERHEAD_HDIWO75 Impact WrenchBest Electric Impact Wrench

This HDIWO75 Impact Wrench is a product of HAMMERHEAD. With its weight of only 8 pounds, this Wrench is able to deliver the no-load speed of 2,200RPM and 2,700 BPM. It comes with a great motor of 7.5 Amp that makes it capable of performing heavy applications.

As far as the torque of this tool is concerned, it gives 240 ft.-lbs of torque that is enough to work effectively on heavy-duty applications.  With the drive size of ½ inches per square, this impact wrench can work on a vast variety of applications.

In order to make it work longer, it comes with a metal gearbox that can increase its durability. Additionally, it comes with forward/ reverses rocker switch. In this way, the operator can easily change the direction by performing the two-finger operation only. All these features make it one of the best electric impact drivers is also low. The price range of this item is also very nominal. It comes under least expensive tools in our list of the best electric impact wrench.


  • It can serve you longer because of its metal gearbox that increases its durability.
  • It can be a convenient tool option for you because of its simple two-finger operation for changing direction.
  • Its drive size makes it working for varieties of jobs.
  • Because of its friction ring, it can offer secure socket retention.


  • It doesn’t come with any replacement part.
  • It might be difficult to use this wrench in tight slots because of its large size.


If you purchase this product, you will get good torque, ease of use, durability, and secure working. All these features are available in low price range too.


2.    Porter-Cable PCE211 Impact WrenchBest Electric Impact Wrench

This PCE211 Impact Wrench is a product of Porter-Cable. For serving heavy-duty applications, this tool comes equipped with 7.5 amp motor. Also, it contains ½ inches of hog ring anvil that makes socket changing easier and can be utilized on a variety of applications. With its powerful motor, it gives a no-load speed of 2,200 RPM and 2,700 BPM.

As far as the main feature that is torque of this impact wrench is concerned, it is 450 ft. lbs that are quite higher as compared to average performing wrenches. It can be operated on a standard voltage of 120 volts. Moreover, it contains forward/ reverses rocker switch for easy transition of direction. The price range of this impact wrench is also very average. You can afford it easily among other products of Best Electric Impact Wrench list.


  • Because of its high torque, it can perform heavy applications easily.
  • It can be suitable for performing hard tasks because of its powerful battery.
  • It comes with a one-year free service contract.
  • Because of its rocker switch, it can offer you great convenience.


  • It comes with 3 years limited warranty.


With its easy operating system, powerful battery, high torque, and good speed, this tool can be considered as one of the best corded electric impact wrenches. The low price range is it’s another plus point.


3.    Kawasaki 841426 Impact WrenchBest Electric Impact Wrench

This 841426 Impact Wrench is an officially licensed product of Kawasaki. After being constructed by using highest quality standards, this tool is made available to its customers after going through durability testing.

For providing a power source to this wrench, it comes with the power of battery 7.4 Amp and 60Hertz. This impact wrench operates on standard 120 volts.  With these power source attributes, it becomes able to perform various heavy duty applications.  It comes equipped with the torque of 220 ft. /lbs. The Impact per minute of this wrench is 2700 that helps in performing its work quickly.

On purchasing this item, you will get a metal gearbox and other accessories including four items of 1.2 inches Sockets. This impact wrench is also not very pricey. It can be listed among lowest priced product in a list of the best electric impact wrench.


  • Its additional accessories can make it easier to work on various sockets.
  • Its metal box makes its storage easier and results in its longer durability.
  • Its forward/reverse switch makes its operation easier.
  • This one of the best-corded impact wrench meets all high-quality


  • It doesn’t come with additional torque settings.
  • It is heavier as compared to other items.


In quite a low price range, this wrench tool offers durability, additional accessories, easy operating facilities, and powerful motor.


4.    DEWALT DW292 Impact WrenchBest Electric Impact Wrench

This DW292 Impact Wrench is a product of DEWALT that is one of the leading names in tools manufacturing industry. Just like the name of its manufacturers, this tool also comes with durable construction and meets high-quality standards.

This impact wrench is manufactured in China and is made quite easy to use. The torque it offers is 345 ft. / lbs. that makes this tool capable of performing heavy duty applications. It gives a no-load speed of 2,100 rpm and 2,700 rpm. It comes equipped with ½ inch detent pin anvil that gives this tool versatility of performing on the majority of tasks.

In order to make its operation easier, it contains forward/reverse rocking switch. Moreover, its soft grip handle makes this tool more comfortable and ball bearing construction enhances its durability. This tool offers three years limited warranty with one-year free services. Additionally, it comes with 90 days money-back guarantee.

The price range of this product is slightly high. It can be listed as an average-priced product in our list of the best electric impact wrench.


  • Because of its rocker switch, you can perform your work conveniently.
  • It can prevent you from fatigue with the help of its soft and comfortable grip.
  • With its powerful motor and large torque, it can let you perform heavy duty applications.
  • It can give longtime performance because of its durable construction.


  • It doesn’t come with storage bag.


If you can afford this product, then it can give high durability, good performance, and comfortable operating features. On the top of all is the well-reputed name of its manufacturers.


5.    Milwaukee 9070-20 Impact WrenchBest Electric Impact Wrench

This 9070-20 Impact Wrench is manufactured by Milwaukee that is again a big name in tool manufacturing industries. The drive size of this Impact Wrench is ½ inches. It means it can be operated to perform a vast variety of applications.

Along with durability, this Milwaukee product is also made easy to use and easy to handle. The torque that this wrench delivers is 300 ft. / lbs. it further comes equipped with a motor 7-amp that gives off 1800 rpm. It contains a pin-detent system that holds sockets or adapters properly. In order to make forward/backward selection easily, this impact wrench contains AC/DC rocker switch.

It further contains cushioned grip to make work easier for the operator. The price range of this impact wrench is higher as compared to other Best Electric Impact Wrench items.


  • It can make your work convenient because of its cushioned grip.
  • With its pin-detent system, it can make sockets stay at their place.
  • You can easily work with the help of this tool because of its rocker switch.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It comes with a limited
  • It doesn’t come with speed adjustments.


Though it feels expensive to many customers, it offers great features like convenience, sturdy construction, strong grip and others. So, if you can afford this amount, this tool should be your pick.


6.    Makita 6952 Impact DriverBest Electric Impact Wrench

6952 Impact Driver, this tool is manufactured by Makita that is one of the top-notch and well-reputed brands in constructing a variety of tools. The maximum torque that this tool offers is 88.5 ft. /lbs. With this torque power, it can give adequate performance for working on plenty of different applications.

Additionally, it comes with variable speed trigger that has a capacity to adjust the speed from 0 to 3,200 RPM. In this way, it can help the user to adjust the speed according to the requirement of the application. The motor power of this tool is 2.3 amps that can give impacts per minute from 0 to 3,100. It contains reversed switch that is located near its trigger. In this way, the user can perform all operation merely by using a single hand.

In order to increase the lifetime of this impact driver, and to give this tool a strong protection, it comes with impact-resistant aluminum housing. Furthermore, its dual ball bearings construction also increases the life of the tool. This tool comes equipped with externally accessible brushes. In this way, it becomes easier to service and inspect this tool.

The operator convenience is also ensured by its rubberized pistol grip that decreases the chance of fatigue and comfort that a person might face during long working hours. Its additional benefits include lightweight and compact sized body, ¼” hex bit shank, tool case, and a belt clip.   The price range of this tool is highest among all other items in best electric impact wrench list.


  • It offers great convenience to the operator because of its lightweight.
  • Because of its rubberized pistol style, it gives greater comfort.
  • With its variable speed, it makes the user able to adjust it according to the type of application.
  • Because of the adequate position of its trigger, it gives effortless one-handed operation.


  • It doesn’t come with torque adjustment as it is an impact


If you purchase this tool, you will get a variety of features. Top of them is easy handling, easy serviceability, great working power, durable construction, and others. Though price range is higher for this tool, still, it’s all incredible features worth it all.


Buying Guide

In order to purchase the right product, it is very important to know the basic features that can define its performance. That’s why here we will discuss few attributes/features that will help you in getting one of the best electric impact wrenches.

What points should I consider before purchasing impact wrench?

What is the best electric impact wrench? To answer this question, check the below-given attributes.


For removing or tightening the fastener, it is very important to consider the torque value of the impact wrench. If you become able to get the tool with the higher torque, it means it would be capable of giving improved performance. Any tool greater the 150 ft-lbs is considered as good performing tool.

Impacts per minute

This feature is measured as the number of time the tool hammer will strike its anvil in a time period of one minute. Having more impacts per minute would mean your tool will perform quickly.

No Load Speed

It is the feature that shows the speed of your tool when no load is present on it. With the higher speed, the impact wrench will perform speedily. But there is one more aspect to consider. With the increasing speed, the torque of the tool will decrease. Therefore, consider all your priorities before purchasing your tool.

Drive Size

Impact wrenches are available in a variety of drive size. Normally, ½ inches drive size is considered normal for performing the majority of applications. After this, a tool with 3/8” drive size is considered famous among other drive sizes. Remember that 1/2” drive size tool can deliver more torque as compared to 3/8” tool.


It is another important factor to consider in an impact wrench. The weight of the tool is related to the ease of use it would offer. Lightweight tools are easy to handle, also they cause less fatigue during long working hours. On the other hand, heavy tools are though appropriate for short applications. They can make you tired soon if you use the tool continuously for the longer time period.


Not only for impact wrenches but for all tools, the smaller size can serve better. The reason behind is ease of use that they offer. However, in case of an impact wrench, it is also important to consider that on getting the smaller sized tool, the torque it would offer will also decrease. However, the smaller tool can serve you in difficult or tighter places as well. That’s why before purchasing the tool, prioritize which attribute you need the most, and which one you can compromise on.


You might not get this feature is few impact wrenches, but it can give greater accuracy and improved results. With the torque adjustment feature, your tool allows you to adjust the torque according to the nature of the application. In this way, you won’t get your bolts over tightened.


It is another important feature that can improve your performance while working with this tool. Find such impact wrench that offers great ergonomics features like easy handling, comfortable and easy grip features, adequate handle position, and effortless position changing.


In this article, we have discussed few electric impact wrenches review along with brief guideline. Choosing a right tool option is very important for getting your job done perfectly. We hope after going through this write-up, you would have gotten an idea about attributes of best electric impact wrenches.

Among all above given impact wrenches, according to us, the best tool is Makita 6952 Impact Driver. The reasons behind are its sturdy construction, high performing feature, ergonomic design, and above all, the reputation of its manufacturers.