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Best Right Angle Drills

Drills are an essential tool for anyone who works with tools often and likes to do some home improvement from time to time.

The Right Angle Drills are not a common sight in most men’s toolboxes and it seems like the majority of people do not realize the importance of this particular kind of drill.

Not only is it best for tight and tiny spaces which are hard to reach, it also allows you to drill at extreme speeds and torque.

This also makes the drills last longer as the different speeds offer versatility and a safeguard as the drill will be safe from a motor stall.

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NameRPMMotor Price
Neiko Power Drill0-1200 3.4 Amperes$$$
Makita Right Angle Drill0-24004 Amperes$
Bosch PS11-102 Right Angle Drill0-1300
3.2 Amperes$$$
Makita AD02W0-8003.2 Amperes$$
DEWALT DW160V0-12003.2 Amperes$$


1.   Neiko Close Quarter Power DrillBest Right Angle Drills

Neiko has yet again created another marvel with this powerful and durable tool. Not only does it offer a 55-degree angle which allows the drill to reach in those hard to reach places, it also boasts a powerful and sturdy chuck system which is 3/8 keyed.

The chuck also comes with a chuck key which adds to the convenience and reliability of the product overall. The Neiko Close Quarter Power Drill boasts a convenient gun trigger as well; to ensure the maximum grip and reliability at all times.

It has a range of 0-1400 RPM, and it also provides the option of variable speed. It even offers a simple switch for forward and reverses directions which aid in quick drilling. It is best suited for masonry, carpentry, plastics, wood and, metal.

It uses a powerful power supply of 120 Volts and has a motor that offers a power of 3.5 Amperes.


  • It has been ETL certified for its durability and safety features.
  • It has a 3/8 keyed chuck which is also equipped with a chuck key which makes it easy to make replacements and changes.
  • It provides a 55-degree angle mechanism which makes it easy to drill in those tight spots.
  • It has a higher range of 0-1400 RPM which also allows you to change the speeds.


  • The after-sales services by Neiko are extremely poor and it may take unusually very long to return some products.
  • There might be some noise coming from the motor and red plastic bits may be present near the air vents.

Final word

The Neiko drills are one of the best right angle drills out there on the market as they provide premium amenities and features which other drills hardly provide in the price range. This product is relatively expensive however it proves itself to be able to live up to that price range. They are powerful as well as convenient to use.


2.   Makita DA3010F Right Angle DrillBest Right Angle Drills

Being an extremely light drill, the Makita Right Angle drill is one of the best 90-degree angle drills out there on the market. Weighing in at only 3.5lbs, the Makita Right Angle Drill offers a powerful motor of 4 Amperes which is a higher rating than most drills.

This product has a high RPM range as well; from 0-2400RPM, the Makita offers power, speed, and accuracy while drilling. It is able to cut through and drill through most materials whether they be wood, plastic or metal.

The most special aspect about the Makita is that it has a built-in LED light which helps to illuminate the area of work. This feature comes in handy when working in low-light situations. It sports a compact design which comes in handy when drilling through tight spaces and it also makes carrying the drill a whole lot easier.

It has a ball-bearing construction inside which makes up for a long-lasting tool and greater durability.


  • It is extremely light which helps in transportation of the drill.
  • A built-in LED light which illuminates the area of work making it easier for the men working.
  • It supports a ball-bearing construction which makes up for a more durable drill.
  • A highly powerful motor fixed into it, rated at an astonishing 4 Amperes.


  • The variable trigger speed is too sensitive and it may create complications for you while you drill.
  • The Makita’s chuck may seem difficult to operate and reuse.

Final word

This product provides a lot of power and oomph with its tremendous motor and features which assure the operator of its comfort and reliability. It is relatively expensive and it is only recommended to you if you have the resources and need for such an expensive drill.


3.   Bosch PS11-102 Right Angle DrillBest Right Angle Drills

The Bosch PS11-102 Right Angle Drill has all the makings of being the best right angle drills has it provides a decent torque rating of 1300 rotations per minute (RPM) which assures that the drill is super powerful and can go through most solid matter like wood, mica, plastic, and metal.

It sports a unique mechanism of a 5-position pivoting head which allows itself to be moved from a 90-degree angle to up to 180-degree angle.

This creates a convenient and easy mechanism for rotating and drilling in your desired work area. This also aids in drilling in tight areas and compact locations. In order to drill efficiently, it is necessary for a drill to have the right kind of speed regulation.

It also includes a motor brake which aids in serial screw driving and is efficient in drilling the holes and screws. It also has a 3/8-inch auto-lock chuck mechanism which aids in easy replacements and different applications.


  • It can rotate from a 90-degree angle to a 180-degree angle making it easier to rotate the drill and drill in those hard to reach places.
  • Supports a variable speed regulator capable of varying the speeds and makes the drilling action efficient and fast.
  • It provides a torque rating of 1300 RPM which is fast enough for most work.
  • It includes two LED lights which help illuminate dark work spaces.


  • The battery pack may be faulty which may result in you having to completely replace the battery.
  • The after-sales services provided by Bosch are not up to the mark at all.

Final word

This product is cheap as compared to other products on this list and will definitely make its worth known while being in your toolbox. It is a versatile tool which can adapt to a lot of different circumstances.


4.   Makita AD02W Right Angle Drill KitBest Right Angle Drills

The Makita AD02W Right Angle Drill Kit is on the best drill kits on the market. The built-in motor of the Makita AD02W has a max torque of 100 in.lbs which are fairly decent if you compare it with higher-end drills.

The RPM rating for this drill is relatively low and is not competent enough for the market; it is rated at 800 rotations per minute. It also sports a Compact 3-1/2″ angle head height for use in close quarters and it also aids in drilling various materials like wood, metal, plastics, and rubber.

It is a fairly decent drill which optimizes operator comfort by providing a soft rubber grip on the paddle and trigger. It has an ergonomic design and is somewhat light in weight. It weighs only 2.5lbs and has been designed in a way to provide maximum comfort and convenience.


  • A compact design and only weighs about 2.5lbs.
  • A max torque of 100 in.lbs which are decent in the price range in which it is offered.
  • It has paddles and trigger made up of rubber for easy grip and convenience for the operator.
  • The built-in LED lights to aid in illuminating the work area making it easier to work.


  • The chuck is a little bit loose and may be untrustworthy in most situations.
  • The battery must only be charged at 120 Volts and no other voltage which is difficult for a lot of places where the source voltage changes frequently.

Final word

The Makita AD0W2 is an excellent tool to have on your shelf, however, it is expensive and does not make its worth felt and you will have more problem with it than fun. It is a difficult device to operate due to its soft trigger mechanism.


5.   DEWALT DW160V Right Angle DrillBest Right Angle Drills

DEWALT has been a serious game player in the field of tools and electrical items and has always promised to deliver only the best equipment to the market. Such a marvel is the DEWALT DW160V Right Angle Drill which not only caters to specific and various needs of operators, it also is a remarkably compact tool which means it is easier to carry around. It boasts a powerful motor rated at 3.2 Amperes which is great for the price range in which it is available.

It has been designed to especially facilitate electricians, plumbers, remodelers, and anyone else who works in tight places.

Moreover, it has a keyed chuck which makes it easier to switch between different types of drill heads. It also has a high RPM rate at 0-1200 rotations per minute which is relatively high as compared to other drills present in this price range.


  • A powerful motor which rates at 3.2 Amperes which is high as compared to different drills available.
  • A high RPM value at 1200 RPM.
  • It provides an easier rubber grip on the paddle and trigger
  • Compact and light in weight making it easily transportable.


  • It is possible to unintentionally pull the trigger because it is difficult to maneuver the grip.
  • It has battery issues as the battery stalls after a few uses.

Final word

It is a cheap product and is highly economical; we would recommend it to you if you wish to buy an economical tool which still offers what other tools offer in the premium price range.

Buying Guide

There are several factors to keep in mind while purchasing the best cordless right angle drills. We have compiled some things to look out for, when out on a journey to find the best angle drills out there. Here are some things to keep in mind while purchasing:

Rotation per minute

The rotations per minute signify how many times the drill’s head will rotate in one minute. This is an important aspect and feature of the drill which must be studied and clearly understood in order to have the best experience. The higher the RPM value, the better chances of a power drill.

The normal drills rate at usually above 1000 RPM which is a decent value to have. The ones with lower RPM values are fairly good, however, they do not offer the same experience as the high-end drills with a much larger value of RPM.

Built-in LED lights

When working in low-light conditions it is best to always have an angle drill which offers a built-in LED light. This aids in making places visible and clear for the operator. The LED lights are an essential part of the angle drills as they illuminate the workplace which makes it convenient for the operator.

The motor

The motor is the essential part of the drills and is responsible for the major functions of the drill. If you will use your drill for light drilling purposes, we would recommend you to buy the ones rated at 12 Volts as they provide ample power and voltage for light drilling and is suitable for most household work.

An 18-20 Volts drill will work best for long fasteners and tougher materials. If you are conscious of the battery and power usage, we would recommend you to buy a 12-Volts drill as it is much more economical.

The chucks

There are mainly two types of chucks, Keyless and hex chucks. The keyless chucks are the most common type of chucks used in drills. They usually have three to four metal fingers on the front for the better grip and better drilling. They are best for general drilling and driving.

The other type of chucks are the Hex chucks which are basically just like normal chucks however they connect quickly and are efficient in drilling through tougher materials. The only downside to these type of chucks is that they do not connect to the normal chucks and will only connect with hexagonal bits. This can be tiresome as some jobs require the use of normal or general chucks.

The battery

The battery of the drill is also an important part of the drills as they determine the lasting time of a drilling session. The most important aspect of the drill is how long it would last. Currently, there are two types of batteries available on the market. One is the more popular and older Nickel-Cadmium batteries which tend to discharge even when not in use; this can be tiresome and cumbersome.

The more modern options include the Lithium-ion batteries which are found in most modern drills which provide the best kind of experience when it comes to drills. Not only are they smaller and cheaper, they also charge quicker and get discharged slowly. They also retain their effectiveness and efficiency even after months of being used.

Final conclusion

After carefully analyzing the cordless right angle drill reviews and features of each product, we have decided to deem Neiko Close Quarter Power Drill as the best of them all as it is relatively cheaper and provides all features required. It is also highly powerful.