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Best Compact Drills for tradesmen

Best Compact DrillsCordless compact drill combo set is the most famous portable toolset of all time. It is an all-rounder tool that drills holes as well as drives screws.

The key to this versatility is the keyless chuck which accepts hex and round shank drill bits, screw driving bits, hole saw bits, wire wheel brushes, rotary sanders and many other accessories. Apart from this, all the compact drills are equipped with the technology that lets you choose the torque of the device.

While working with heavy machinery or even doing small tasks at home that requires tools, keep in mind that working smarter is better than working harder. A cordless compact drill helps you work smarter as it can add great value to your work and comes in handy for all kinds of tasks.

The cordless compact drills allow you to work efficiently without limiting your efficiency by keeping you tied to an electric plug outlet.  This also saves your time and money by avoiding the need for long cables and other equipment.

As cordless drills are a new technology as compared to wired drills, they have better features and technologies to offer. These drills come with built-in light and an extended battery. Usually, three kinds of batteries, i.e., nickel cadmium; nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion are used.


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Some of the best small cordless compact drills are compared and reviewed as follows:


NameBattery Cell TypeKit WeightDimensions (inches)Price
Makita LCT209W Cordless Combo KitLithium Ion 8.4 Pounds8 x 11 x 11$$$
DEWALT DCK211S2 Impact Driver Combo KitLithium Ion 7.2 Pounds15.5 x 4.2 x 10.1$
Bosch CLPK22-Tool Combo KitLithium Ion 6.5 Pounds12.8 x 9.8 x 4.2$$
Milwaukee 2494- Cordless Combo Drill KitLithium Ion 9.1 Pounds17.7 x 10.9 x 4.8$$$
Ridgid Drill/driver and Impact Driver Combo KitLithium Ion 7.2 Pounds17.5 x 3.2 x 10.7$$


1.    Makita LCT209W Cordless Combo KitBest Compact Drills

This cordless combo kit by Makita has 12-volt maximum lithium-ion batteries and consists of two pieces of a combo kit. It provides you with high power and high speed and comes in a compact size that is easy to handle. This combo kit is an ideal addition to your toolbox as it gives high-quality drilling, driving and fastening. The batteries used are rechargeable, and their charger is energy star qualified.

It comes with a variable speed impact driver that provides 800 in.lbs of maximum torque. Apart from this, the combo comes with variable speed drill that has a keyless chuck and provides 200 in.lbs of torques. As the combo set has two pieces, it consists of 2 twelve volts lithium ions batteries in the package.

The charging time of the batteries is sixty minutes, and they can keep on working for three hours straight. It comes with a three-year warranty of the tools and one year warranty of the battery and the charger.


  • Both the drills come in a compact size that is easy to handle.
  • The weight of both the drills is light, so the overall fatigue is reduced.
  • The soft grip provides greater comfort and efficiency.
  • Gives great power and speed while working.
  • It is one of the best small power drill.


  • Loses battery fast during heavy duty work.
  • It is small for tight fits and light for overhead jobs.


The Makita LCT209W Cordless Combo Kit is one of the best lightweight drill and small power drills in the market. It comes at a reasonable price and still provides you with the best features in the market.


2.    DEWALT DCK211S2 Impact Driver Combo KitBest Compact Drills

This impact driver combo kit by DeWalt is specifically designed for use in small places which is why it comes to inbuilt LED lights. It delivers an output of 189 watts and consists of a gearbox that provides two speeds using a fifteen position clutch. The torque provided by DEWALT DCK211S2 Impact Driver Combo Kit is 70-foot-pounds. A 0.25 inches chuck is included with this kit that can be loaded easily with one hand.

This compact drill kit is basically designed for convenient use and comfort. It is powerful and easy to use, 3400 impacts per minute are provided in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. It also comes with a belt clip for the ease of use. The battery included is quick charging; it’s charging time is between thirty to sixty minutes.

It comes with a three years warranty and ninety days money back guarantee if you don’t like the product.


  • It is an extremely powerful machine that lets you reach small and dark places as well.
  • Comes with three inbuilt
  • It maximizes comfort by providing one hand loading of the chuck.
  • The batteries are quick charging and long lasting.
  • Comes with a no ask refund policy.


  • The LED on the drill is shadowed which restricts visibility.
  • It is cannot be exactly used for heavy duty work.


The DEWALT DCK211S2 Impact Driver Combo Kit is one of the best lightweight cordless drill on the market. The power it provides is perfect for the personal task. If you require a compact drill for small and tight places, this is the one for you.


3.    Bosch CLPK22-Tool Combo Kit:Best Compact Drills

This Bosch combo kit has two main devices, the drill driver, and the simple driver. Both operate at 12 volts, but the drill driver has up to 1300 RPM while the driver has 2600 RPM. The design is robust, and both the drills are lightweight which makes them easy to use. This compact drill combo kit has one driver, one impact driver, two batteries (one for each driver), fast charger and a carrying bag.

The Bosch CLPK22-Tool Combo Kit has a three-year warranty and is made with high end, high-quality technology. The drivers have high precision, short head length, and variable speed. Due to its compact and robust design, it can be used for both open and tight places.

The batteries in this combo set are lithium-ion batteries that can stay charged for six hours once charged completely. The fast charger that comes with the kit takes only thirty minutes to charge the battery completely.


  • The drills are compact yet powerful.
  • Drills can be easily used in tight places where other drills cannot reach.
  • It can be used for heavy-duty
  • The batteries are long lasting.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.


  • Batteries are a little hard to take out from the drill.
  • They don’t come with belt clips.


This combo set consists of drills that are compact yet high quality and can be used for heavy duty as well. The type of features this combo set provides at such a reasonable price is amazing. It can be labeled as one of the best affordable and small cordless drill on the market.


4.    Milwaukee 2494- Cordless Combo Drill KitBest Compact Drills

This cordless compact drill combo kit by Milwaukee is designed specifically for professional use. It proves the speed, torque, and power required by professionals. This all is incorporated in a size that is compact enough to reach the tightest and toughest places.

It is the best powerful small compact drill whose features, power and speed are unmatched in this level of compactness throughout the market. The drill driver provides the best 275 in-lbs. torque that is not provided by any compact cordless drill driver. The impact driver provides 800 in-lbs. of torque.

The drill driver weighs 2.3 pounds and the impact driver weight 2.6 pounds, which is compact enough to make your work easy and comfortable. The batteries that come with this combo kit are fast charging and stay charged for a long time. It comes with a five years warranty. All this is provided to you at a very reasonable price.


  • The combination of power and compactness provided by this product are unmatched.
  • Excellent battery life and plenty of torque are
  • It is durable, lightweight and compact.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • Can be used for any kind of heavy duty work.


  • The in-built LED is placed such that the workplace is not properly illuminated.
  • If you want better torque, you have to purchase third party batteries.


This product is the best compact drill driver for professional use. It fulfills all the requirements of professional drillers. It can do all kind of heavy duty work and provide great power at such a reasonable price.


5.    Ridgid Drill/driver and Impact Driver Combo KitBest Compact Drills

This compact drill kit by Ridgid is lightweight and compact yet extremely powerful. It provides high torque at variable speeds. The drill driver has a torque of four hundred inches per pound, and the impact driver has a torque of eleven hundred inches per pound.

The bits on both the drills are easy to put on and easy to remove. They can be loaded and ejected with one hand which makes the task easy and efficient. The grip is secure yet comfortable as it contains a hex technology grip.

Both the drills come with inbuilt LED that illuminates the area you are working on for better precision and accuracy of your work. It is the best household drill at a reasonable price.

The batteries are included in the kit, so you don’t have to buy third party batteries. It comes in black and orange color which gives it a cool look.


  • The batteries stay charged for a long time and are long-lasting.
  • The lightweight does not cause loss of performance.
  • It proves a high torque as compared to other similar products.
  • The function and balance are


  • If you don’t buy the product through home depot, you cannot register for the lifetime warranty.
  • Cannot be used for professional use.


If you want a compact yet powerful drill for household work, then the Ridgid Drill/driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit are for you. It works perfectly for light duty household work and also has inbuilt LEDs. This is one of the best household compact drills.


Buyers guide:

Is a compact drill replaces old-fashioned heavy drill?

You might have seen professional people working with heavy and large-sized drills that require extra manpower, time and money. The compact drill is an alternative to the old-fashioned heavy drill. These compact drills are lightweight but still provide us with the power that is comparable to heavy and large old-fashioned drill.

These compact drills are used for driving, drilling and screwing nuts and nails. They can easily fit into tight places where traditional drills cannot reach.

Why is a combo kit better than a separate drill?

A combo kit consists of two drills, a simple drill, and an impact driver. The simple drill has a keyless chuck that can accept all kinds of bit for drilling holes and other drilling activities while an impact driver has the sole purpose of driving screws.

Both provide with a different torque and different power which is why they both are used to for different tasks. Thus, buying two different drills with different power is just a waste of money; a combo kit will save money and time and will give the best results.

Why is chick size important?

Most of the drills come with a ½ inch or a 3/8 inch chuck size. The chuck size tells you about the upper limit of the shank size of the bits that that be accommodated by the drill. If you want to use your drill for heavy-duty work or you want to use a heavy duty shank with a small chuck sized drill, it will not work.

The drills with small chuck size cannot be used for heavy-duty work. Hence, before buying a drill keep your requirements straight and choose the chuck size accordingly.

How to choose the best cordless drill driver and impact driver?

While looking for a combo kit or even a separate driver, take a note of the number of holes that the drill driver will allow you to drill. Also, make sure you know what torque is required by the type of material you will be drilling. The top torque setting of the drill will tell you what kind of materials can be drilled with a specific drill.

What extra features should I look for?

While choosing a cordless combo kit make sure you look for the extra features included. The batteries should be included in the kit; using third party batteries can sometimes affect your device badly. Kits including inbuilt LEDs are very useful as they illuminate the place where you are working and in return the accuracy and precision of your work increases.

How to choose best compact drill online?

To find the best drill online make sure you read the reviews of people who have already bought the product and keep the warranty and customer service in mind before buying. Also always buy products from well reputed and authentic websites.


We have presented the small cordless drill reviews present in the market. Keeping the specifications of all the products in mind the best compact drill kit for professional and heavy-duty use is the Milwaukee 2494- Cordless Combo Drill Kit as it provides high power and torque. The chuck size is also large which makes heavy duty work easy.

The best compact drill for household use according to the specifications is Ridgid Drill/driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit because it gives high power and torque with a small chuck size. It can fit into tight places easily and also comes with an inbuilt LED.