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Best Electric Screwdriver

Best Electric Screwdriver

People who love to perform different assembly tasks on their own give special importance to their tools. One such tool is a screwdriver. It is one of the most crucial tools that can be found in every other home. It assists in screwing and unscrewing without putting any excessive effort.

Both manual and electric screwdrivers are available in the market. Electric one further makes the work convenient. You can perform any type of work with the help of this device by spending low time and effort.

In the market there are a wide variety of electric screwdrivers are present that comes with a variety of features and different price ranges. Which one to choose among all can be a confusing thing to decide? Therefore, here we are going to talk all about electric screwdrivers. Here, you will get to read cordless screwdriver reviews and brief buying guide will also be provided to let you choose screwdriver according to your requirements.


NamePower SourceColorWeightPrice
BLACK+DECKER L12000 Rechargeable ScrewdriverBatteryOrange/Black1.2 lbs.$
HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable ScrewdriverDCBlue/Grey1.05 lbs.$
Milwaukee M12 Screwdriver KitBatteryRed/Black2.2 lbs.$$
DEWALT DCF680N2 Screwdriver
BatteryYellow/Black1.1 lbs.$$
Makita DF001DW Screwdriver KitBatteryBlue/Black1.5 lbs.$$$
Hitachi DB3DL2 Cordless Screwdriver KitBatteryGreen/Black14.4 oz.$$
Panasonic EY7410LA2S Drill/Driver KitCordless-ElectricBlack/Silver11.24 lbs.$$$


1.    BLACK+DECKER L12000 Rechargeable ScrewdriverBest Electric Screwdriver

This L12000 Rechargeable Screwdriver is manufactured by Black+Decker brand that is an American company renowned for making accessories, tools and other home upgrading products. As far as the power of this tool is concerned, it comes with Lithium-Ion Battery. This battery has a voltage of 3.6V that is enough to perform a variety of tasks conveniently.

Moreover, to make you’re screwing easy even in tight spaces, this screwdriver has three-position handle.  If you want to perform your work manually, or wants to control its mechanism, then its Spindle lock assists you in this matter.

You can not only perform screwing easily through it but removing screw is also made possible through its forward and reverse switch. The price range of this product is greatly affordable. It can be categorized as least expensive best electric screwdriver among all other items.


  • It can serve you for longer time period because of its lithium-ion
  • The spindle lock gives you greater control over this tool.
  • It offers great convenience for both screwing and unscrewing through its switch.
  • Its three-position handle gives easy access even at tight spaces.


  • You might face difficulty while charging, as it doesn’t contain charging indicator


For all those who are looking for simple and low-priced electric screwdriver, this Black+Decker could be a good choice. It not only gives a good performance but also great ease-of-use and long working battery.


2.    HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver and kitBest Electric Screwdriver

4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver by HAMMERHEAD doesn’t only contain electric screwdriver, but it comes with Circuit Sensor Technology non-contact live-wire detection, integrated wire stripper and wire bender, two LED lights, and bit kit. In this way, it basically offers a set of complete tools that are necessarily required to perform any task concerned with electricity.

Its Circuit Sensor Technology is present to detect live wires present in outlets or switches even from the distance of one inch. On pressing live-wire detection button, red light becomes on if the wire is live. In this way, you won’t need to touch the wire to check the presence of electricity.

Moreover, it contains two LED lights to let you work conveniently at dark locations. It contains battery voltage of 4V that is enough to perform heavy duty home projects. Its additional features include forward-reverse selector ring controls, spindle lock, power supply and USB charging cable. The price range of this kit is also only average. It lies among low priced best electric screwdrivers.


  • It offers great convenience through its LED lights and easy forward-reverse selector ring option.
  • It provides great safety feature through its Circuit Sensor Technology.
  • Integrated wire stripper and wire bender assists in performing all tasks in a single go.


  • It comes with three years limited warranty.
  • While twisting forward/reverse control you might lose the grip of the handle.


If you purchase this kit, it will not only give you all basic features of an electric screwdriver, but also additional benefits of circuit sensor, led lights, USB charging, spindle lock, and other such features to give you all required items you might need while working at home.


3.    Milwaukee M12 Screwdriver KitBest Electric Screwdriver

This M12 Screwdriver Kit is manufactured by Milwaukee that is a famous brand for manufacturing high-quality tools. This one comes with a 12-Volt Lithium-Ion battery that contains enough power to perform heavy duty tasks. It delivers 175 in. lbs. of torque, and it comes with the capability to screw one-hundred-thirty three inches screws in a single charging of a battery. Additionally, it battery offers runtime throughout the day.

This tool also contains metal gear case that enhances its durability. Moreover, it also possesses LED light to let users work in dark areas. This tool is quite light in weight and comes with great ergonomic design to let users access even the most difficult job site locations. It also contains variable-speed trigger and 15-position clutch to give more control on the screwdriver.

It also comes with battery fuel gauge that depicts the remaining running time of the battery. If you purchase this product, you will get one M12 cordless screwdriver, to M12 RED Lithium batteries, one charger of M12 lithium-ion battery, and a bag. The price range of this screwdriver kit is higher as compared to other products. But, considering its amazing features, it can clearly be declared as one of the best electric screwdrivers.


  • Due to its battery with a great voltage 12V, it can perform quite heavy tasks easily.
  • You will feel convenient while working with its battery of long running time.
  • It will offer you great durability due to its metal case.
  • Its bag will make storage easier for you.


  • It is heavier as compared to other tools enlisted as best electric screwdrivers.


This screwdriver kit is one of the high-performing tools manufactured by reputed brand. With its powerful battery and long running time, it can serve you both for home projects and for other commercial uses as well. Led light, ergonomic design, and great control on speed and operation are its other benefits.


4.    DEWALT Screwdriver DCF680N2Best Electric Screwdriver

This DCF680N2 Screwdriver Kit is made by DEWALT Brand that is a big name in the world of tools manufacturers. They are well-reputed for making quality tools, and similar quality can be seen in this Dewalt’s product as well.

It comes with the battery of 8V that is enough for performing a variety of tasks effortlessly. In order to provide great control on tool speed and direction, it comes with Reversing Control and motion-activated Variable Speed feature. It comes with varying speed from 0rpm to 430rpm. You can simply adjust the speed according to the type of material you are dealing with.

It also comes with adjustable two-position handle that can be converted into either Pistol-grip or In-line shape to let the user perform work with great ease. Its integrated lights help in working in dark working areas, and 15 adjustable Clutch Positions allow the user to adjust the torque. The price range of this kit is also higher than average.


  • Its speed varying feature can give customized settings for handling a variety of materials.
  • Its two different positions can make your work easier.
  • Its 8V battery can offer great working power for projects of different nature.
  • Its light can help you working even during dark hours.


  • It comes with three years limited manufacturer’s warranty.


If you purchase this screwdriver kit, you will get great speed settings along with powerful battery and varying clutch positions. Adjustable position and built-in light are its additional features.



5.    Makita DF001DW Screwdriver KitBest Electric Screwdriver

This DF001DW Screwdriver Kit by Makita is another one of the Best Electric Screwdrivers. The most eminent feature of its screwdriver is its ability to be used both as a straight barrel as well as a pistol-shaped driver. It simply gets fold to help user working in different scenarios.

It comes with 1.5Ah battery that offers enough power to perform your numerous tasks easily through it. Moreover, it can be charged conveniently through USB charging adaptor. Its body is made quite light in weight that helps the user in handling it easily.

If you purchase this kit, you will get a screwdriver, charger, 81 Bit Standard Set, and a carry case. As far as the price range of this product is concerned, it can be categorized as middle-priced best cordless screwdriver among other products.


  • Its carry case can make storing this kit easier for you.
  • With its ultra-light body, you can carry it easily anywhere.
  • Its two different position adjustments can make your work convenient even at difficult locations.
  • Its high amperage battery will give more power to perform your work on large scale.


  • It doesn’t come with varying speed adjustments.


Purchasing this Screwdriver kit by Makita will give you high-quality product in the normal price range. Lightweight body, carrying case, good battery, and various position adjustments are its other boons. Considering all its features, it can be categorized as the best rechargeable screwdriver.


6.    Hitachi DB3DL2 Cordless Screwdriver KitBest Electric Screwdriver

This Hitachi product DB3DL2 Cordless Screwdriver Kit is another item in our recommended best electric screwdriver products. The most distinguishing thing about this product is it comes with Hitachi’s Lifetime Lithium Ion tool warranty and a two-year warranty for its Lithium-ion battery.

The lithium-ion battery of this kit contains amperage of 1.5Ah that is not only lightweight but also offers three times greater battery life as compared to others. In order to provide operating flexibility to the user, it comes with the ability to change its position from straight to the pistol one.

It further contains the built-in LED light that assists working in dark areas. With its 21 Clutch settings and one drill setting, it offers accurate and higher control on its operation. It also comes with spindle lock and forward/reverse switch for manual screwing and changing directions respectively. The price range of this screwdriver is also average.


  • You will feel convenient working with this tool because of its adjustable
  • With its long-running battery, it makes working for long hours possible without interruption.
  • Because of its spindle lock, it allows you to perform manual screwing through it.
  • With it’s easy to operate forward/reverse switch, you can conveniently screw and unscrew.


  • Its LED light only offer average lightning making it difficult to see clearly in a dark place.


This Hitachi Screwdriver kit can offer you high powered battery with long running time along with a huge number of clutch setting and other operating adjustments. Additionally, you should not worry about the durability of the product as its manufacturers stand behind their product by offering a lifetime warranty on tool.


7.    Panasonic EY7410LA2S Drill/Driver KitBest Electric Screwdriver

This EY7410LA2S Drill/Driver Kit by Panasonic comes with high capacity two lithium-ion batteries of 3.6V along with the amperage of 2-1.5Ah. It further offers 22 Stage Clutch along with Auto Shut off for convenient use.

This small electric screwdriver comes with quite a lightweight body and different position adjustments for easy operating. It further comes with 1.4” Hex quick chuck, LED work light, and two-speed reversible modes. Compatible charger and a carrying case is also a part of this product. The price range is quite high. It can be categorized as the most expensive product among best electric screwdriver list. However, its distinguishing features make it the best small cordless screwdriver.


  • Its lightweight can make carrying it easier for you.
  • Its high power batteries can serve you for the longer time period.
  • With its reversible modes, you can easily perform screwing as well as unscrewing.
  • Its auto shut off the block the tool on reaching the preset clutch stage.


  • It doesn’t come with any bits.
  • It can only be adjusted at either high or low speed. No variable speed option available.


Purchasing this product from one of the renowned electronics brands will give you great clutch and position adjustments along with the powerful battery. LED light, and carrying case are its other benefits.

Buying Guide

In this section, we will discuss few points briefly that would assist you in purchasing best electric screwdriver for yourself.

What are the basic screwdriver features that I should consider while purchasing?

There are certain features that clearly affects screwdriver’s performance. Therefore, a careful attention is required to analyze them while buying a tool.

Power source

For electric screwdriver, a power source is required. You can get two types of screwdrivers regarding this feature. One will be corded, and they get their power from the main source. Such tools are more powerful as compared to their counterparts, but they are less convenient to use at difficult reaching places.

The second tools are cordless tools and they get their power from the battery source. These batteries could be rechargeable or not. They may be less powerful as compared to corded tools but can be used anywhere. In our recommended products, you can see best power screwdriver is also listed.

The batteries of cordless screwdrivers come with various voltages. The average performing tools contain mostly batteries with around 3V voltages. However, you can also get batteries ranging between 4-7V and even higher.

Variable Speed

Greater the variety of speed you tool will offer, greater will be the control you would have your screwdriver. Moreover, varying speed feature can also help you to select speed according to the type of material you are working at. For example, the tool speed you will use on the wooden or plastic material would definitely be different.


It is another significant feature of electric screwdriver that needs your attention. Torque is a rotating force of your tool, and it can be changed in electric screwdrivers. Having more torque options can give you greater control on your tool. By seeing the torque of electric screwdriver you can identify its power. The heavier tool will put more force as compared to the lighter ones.

Spindle Lock

This feature is also available in many electric screwdrivers and can make your work easier. With the help of this feature, you can simply lock the operating mechanism of your tool and can use it as a simple manual screwdriver. This feature is particularly helpful when you want to save battery time when performing low demanding tasks.

Handle Design

As the purpose of getting electric screwdriver is to make your work easier, therefore, the tool you will purchase should have a great ergonomic design. The great user-friendly structure will make you feel less tired no matter how long you keep working.

In screwdriver, its handle can greatly affect the way you will feel using this tool. That’s why it is important to look for appropriate sized handles with soft or rubberized manufacturing. It is better to hold the tool for a while before purchasing in order to check your grip on its handle.

Buil-In Lights

This feature is now available in many electric screwdrivers. Many tools come with built-in LED lights that help them while they work in the late evening or at dark locations. This feature offers great ease to the worker and allows them to continue their work even in difficult situations. Therefore, look for this feature too before making a final purchase.


Electric screwdrivers are need of almost every other home. You are going to need them even for performing small assembly tasks. Purchasing them for the first time could be a difficult process for a common person.

Therefore, in this write-up, we have come up with a little help. Our recommended products of best electric screwdrivers would help you in selecting you a right tool option for you. Which product is best is quite difficult to decide. However, according to us, BLACK+DECKER L12000 Rechargeable Screwdriver is the best cordless screwdriver.

The reason behind is its long-running battery with ease of use and other additional features. All these features are available in quite a low price range as well. Therefore, it is the most appropriate choice for those looking for some tool to perform light natured work.