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The ultimate guide to the Best Boot Socks for construction workers

Best Boot SocksSocks are usually considered ordinary part of our dressing. People generally overlook it while purchasing other accessories and clothes. But it is also a very important part of our dressing. Not only they have an ability to offer huge comfort to our feet, but they can also boost or decrease the look of our whole dressing.

Unlike females, males usually need socks more in their daily routines, most probably, because of the nature of their jobs. People who use to sit whole day in their office also wear socks, because it is a part of their dress code, or to provide comfort to their feet from boots.

But, socks are particularly important for those having jobs in site area or involved in construction work. They sweat much more than other people. So that, they should wear best work boot socks during their working hours.

Not only it can offer them warmth, comfort, and support, but also it would evaporate sweat away from their feet.

All these reasons make boot socks an important buying material for men. One should be considerate while purchasing a pair of work boots socks for him so that it can help in increasing his work productivity.

We have created a list of boot socks to pair with your Electrician Boots:


NameColorSize MaterialPrice
Carhartt Work Crew Men’s SocksBlack6-12/11-15

Wrangler Men’s Western Boot SocksBlack9-13/12-16Polyester/spandex/nylon$$$
Dickies men’s 4 Pack Crew SocksVarious10-13 sock/6-12 shoePolyester/spandex/rubber/cotton$$
Hanes Men’s Over-The-Calf SocksWhite/Black
10-13 sock/9-11 shoe
Under Armour Men’s Crew Boot Socks Various Medium/largePolyester/spandex/nylon/wool$$



1.    Carhartt Work Crew Men’s SocksBest Boot Socks

These Carhartt Work Crew Men’s Socks comes with the material of 98% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. It comes with special anti-odor properties that can help you in staying fresh and odor-free for the whole day long. It comes with machine washable properties. You can wash them easily in the machine.

It also contains reinforced heel and toe that enhances the durability of socks and let you wear them for the longer time period. Because of having synthetic material in its manufacturing, it transports sweat speedily off your feet. In this way, it helps in keeping your feet dry for the whole working day.

Another important feature of this sock is its breathable property. It assists in evaporating sweat off your feet very quickly. In the result, it keeps your feet cool, dry, and fresh. Comfort is another important factor in boot socks. With the help of its soft material, it gives a person quite soft and comfortable feel. Additionally, its compression arch offers to support and stability during motion.

The price range of this product is slightly high as compared to other items included in best boot socks list. However, considering its distinguished features, these work socks worth it.


  • It might help you in keeping your feet super dry because of its fast dry technology.
  • You might feel comfortable with these socks during whole day because of its breathable properties.
  • With the help of its soft and lightweight material, you can feel comfortable whole day.
  • It might offer you great support in the movement because of its compression arch and ankle brace.


  • It might leave dark marks on your legs.


If you purchase this product, the price range might seem high to you. But these best work socks can offer you comfort, breathability, durability, dry feelings, and stable movement.


2.    Wrangler Men’s Western Boot SocksBest Boot Socks

This Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks is a product of USA. Therefore, it meets all quality standards that are a specialty of USA products. It is manufactured from 80% Polyester, 17% Nylon, and 3% Spandex. You can purchase these socks in a pair of three.

Another eminent feature of these socks is that it is machine washable. It can be washed easily in the machine without damaging its fabric. These socks come with the moisture-wicking feature. It is one of the most required attributes of any men’s socks. They absorb extra moisture produced through sweating from the feet and evaporate it off. They offer additional fit and support through its half-cushioned foot along with arch support.

It also keeps your feet dry and comfortable through its knitting of ultra-spin polyester. As far as the price range of this socks pair is concerned, it is slightly high. It can be categorized among expensive items in our list of best boot socks.


  • You might feel convenient in cleaning these socks because of their machine washing properties.
  • It might keep your feet dry with the help of its moisture-wicking
  • It can add excessive support to your foot with the help of its half cushion foot along with arch support feature.
  • It might keep your feet dry with the help of its ultra-spin polyester knitting.


  • You can’t wear them with heavy duty tall leather boot because of its absence of additional padding on soles.


This product can offer you great quality. Other than quality it also brings machine washability, moisture-wicking, and additional motion support while keeping socks high up on your legs. Price range is slightly high though. If you can afford these socks, go for it.


3.    Dickies men’s 4 Pack Crew SocksBest Boot Socks

These Dickies men’s Crew Socks pair is imported. It is manufactured from 66% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 2% Rayon, 1% Rubber, and 1% Spandex. It comes with machine washable feature. It means you can wash them easily in the machine without worrying about its fabric.

You can purchase these socks in a pair of four. They contain moisture-wicking ability with the help of which they absorb sweat off your feet and keep your feet dry the whole day. They also come in marled-knit motifs that enhance their look. It contains reinforced heel and toe to increase its durability. The stuff of these socks is middle in thickness that makes it usable throughout the year.

The price ranges of these socks are not very high. The can be listed among average priced items in our list of best boot socks. You can afford them easily.


  • It might give you great durability because of its reinforced heel and toe.
  • You can keep them clean easily because of its machine washable material.
  • It might help your feet from staying wet because of sweating through its moisture-wicking
  • Because of a variety of stuff material used in its manufacturing, it can serve you for work as well as a casual wear.


  • Because of the high quantity of polyester material, the insulation of socks might reduce on getting wet.


These socks are made up of a combination of different materials. Therefore, it offers great features. If you are looking for durability, moisture-wicking, and comfortable socks within the average price range, then these socks deserve your pick.


4.    Hanes Men’s Over-The-Calf SocksBest Boot Socks

This Hanes Men’s Over-The-Calf Socks are manufactured from 80% cotton, 15% Polyester, 3% Rubber, 1% Spandex, and 1% Nylon. Containing a variety of materials makes it suitable to be used for various occasions. These socks are imported and machine washable as well. That means you can put them in the machine without damaging its fabric.

It possesses additional reinforced heel and toe. It helps in increasing the durability of these socks. For a whole day long, these socks can keep you fresh with its fresh IQ advanced odor protection technology. With the help of this technique, socks attack any bacteria that might cause odor in your socks. At the top of these socks, there is sturdy and long lasting elastic that keeps socks at the top.

As these socks also contain spandex material in its manufacturing, it offers the perfect fit for your feet. The toe seam of these socks is perfectly comfortable and smooth. You can purchase these socks in the pair of six.

The price range of these socks is quite low. It can be categorized among lowers priced item in our list of best boot socks.


  • With the help of its advanced odor protection technology, it might keep your feet fresh and odor-free throughout the day.
  • Because of its tight elastic at the top, it might stay in their position on your legs.
  • It might make you highly comfortable because of its smooth toe seam.
  • Because of its additional reinforced heel and toe, it might be very durable socks option for you.


  • These socks are not suitable for cold weather because of its middle-level
  • It might be the light quality product for those looking for socks at their tough jobs.


If you are looking for low priced socks pair, then you should go for these socks. As they are quite feasible in amount, and also offers odor-free and comfortable day along with durability.


5.    Under Armour Men’s Crew Boot SocksBest Boot Socks

This Under Armour Men’s Crew Boot Socks is made up of 49% Acrylic, 23% Wool, 18% Nylon, 8% Polyester and 2% Spandex. It comes with full cushioning throughout the socks that can offer extensive comfort and warmth to your feet.

Unlike other socks of best socks for boots, this one can also help in reducing your foot fatigue through its embedded arch support. It also comes with moisture wicking feature. Its armor dry material evaporates sweat quickly and keeps your feet dry throughout a day.

It another distinguishing feature is its armor block technology that hinders the growth of bacteria that can cause smell in your feet. These socks are not only good in appearance but can also improve the productivity of a person wearing it through its amazing features.

As far as the price ranges of these socks are concerned, they are average priced socks. You can list them among middle-priced products in our list of best boot socks.


  • It might give you extensive comfort because of its full cushioning.
  • It might keep you active throughout the day by reducing foot fatigue by the embedded arch support.
  • With the help of its armor block technology, it can keep your feet odor-free.
  • Its armor dry material can keep your feet dry throughout the day.


  • It might not stay up for those having big calves because of its fitting.


These socks are specially made for those who want both styles with comfort. With the average price range, these socks can offer durability, odor-free, moisture absorbing feature and nice material.

Buying Guide

Here is a brief guideline regarding purchasing best boot socks. After reading it, you will get an idea about how to purchase appropriate socks for yourself.

What factors should you consider while purchasing socks?

Before buying a pair of socks for boots, you should thoroughly consider following points:

Comfort: you wear shoes to protect your feet from hitting any hard thing. They serve this purpose well. But, you can’t offer your feet a comfort merely through your boots. Your socks will give this comfort. Therefore, before purchasing socks, make sure they are comfortable. The comfort of socks can be measured through its padding, better arch support, and tightness.

Fitting: the fitting of your socks is also very important factors that need your consideration. In fitting, you must check its height, tightness, foot length, ankle depth etc. If your socks don’t fit you perfectly, then it would completely fail to provide you comfort that you are looking for.

Material: the material of your socks is the most probably the most important factor to be considered. Few materials are useful for the casual purpose only, while others can help you during your long working hours. For example, the cotton material can’t help you out when you are performing the long hectic duty. As it doesn’t absorb moisture and takes time to get dried. On the other hand, synthetic material like nylon, spandex, and others absorb moisture more quickly.

What types of materials are available in boot socks?

Socks are generally made up of following materials:

  • Polyester material that provides a mixture of comfort and thermal attributes. They are not famous for being comfortable, but also possess great moisture-wicking
  • Nylon material that is considered super durable. It is also renowned for its anti-bacterial properties and odor control
  • Acrylic fabric is a lightweight material that is extremely soft and can be used in the place of wool.
  • Elastic and Lycra material is soft, comfortable, and stretchy.
  • Cotton material is one of the most commonly used materials in socks manufacturing. It is comfortable but shows slow moisture absorbing properties.

What are the basic features of appropriate socks?

Here are the following basic features that can make your socks appropriate for you.

Ability to absorb: your socks especially men’s boot socks should have an ability to absorb moisture or sweat your feet will produce. By absorbing and moving sweat away from your feet it not only protects your feet but also keeps shoes safe.

Socks padding: in order to provide comfort to your feet, socks should have an adequate padding that will protect your feet from the hard impact of feet or shoes.

Snug socks: socks should fit snugly to your feet. It should not be too tight to hinder blood circulation, neither it should be too loose to prevent socks from staying up on legs.

Socks appearance: your socks should appear decent and it should also go well with your dress code.


Socks are a great part of your dressing, as it offers your feet comfortable feel during your hectic days. Different features of socks contribute in increasing its comfort level.

After reading the article, you have noticed that every socks pair offers such features that make them best socks to wear with work boots. However, if we are asked to choose the best among them, then our pick will be Under Armour Men’s Crew Boot Socks.

First of all, they are average-priced but still offer durability. They also provide the amazing feature of preventing bacteria growth and moisture-wicking. Besides having a stylish appearance, it can help you in having an odor-free, dry, and comfortable day.