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The top 5 most affordable electrical Knockout Sets on the market

An electrical knockout set is used to makes holes in an electrical box or an electrical panel. An electrical knockout set gives some options of punch sizes that you can use to make holes. Some knockout punches use hydraulic pumps, but they are for heavy duty purposes.

People tend to prefer to use them since they make the task easier and comparatively safer for the workers.  A simple drill machine can do this job, but it can be risqué since it can make much mess along with more damage than needed.

There are many sizes and shapes of these punches, and each serves a separate purpose.

A real knockout punch set will give you all the tools you need for the process and options to choose from.  You will find manual punches as well. However, they take more than required effort. A punch set will have a die, a draw stud, and punch.

Here are my top 5 picks.


NameWrenchHydraulic PunchPrice
Yescom Knockout Punch Hole Driver Kit
TEMCo Hydraulic Knockout PunchNoYes$$
Greenlee Knockout Kit YesNo$$$
Klein Tools Knockout Punch SetYesNo$$$
CHIMAERA Hydraulic Knockout Punch Tool Kit NoYes$$


1.      Yescom Knockout Punch Hole Driver Kit

The Yescom electrical knockout punch kit wows its customers with the initial attraction of two different colors and a very tempting price. The kit has its hydraulic pump available to make your job easier. It contains six dies and punches that can be switched according to the needs of the user making this set highly versatile.

The tools which have steel handles have a plastic grip on them to provide better handling. The rotatable switch gives the users the satisfaction of better security. One of the most attractive features of this product is the price that it is sold on. It is affordable.


  • Contains six dies and punches that are interchangeable
  • Comes in two attractive colors
  • Plastic grip at the end of the handles for better holding
  • On and off switch is made rotatable to avoid risks


  • It weighs about 24 pounds which are a lot if you have to carry it to your workplace every day
  • There are not enough surfaces that this machine can be used on


2.      TEMCo Hydraulic Knockout Punch

The TEMCo electrical knockout set is used to make the similar holes every time. This set can be utilized at home as well because of its handy qualities. In this handy kit, you will find a strong 9 US True Ton punching capacity.  The die sets are 6 in number and are made to protect the electrical linings and wirings in different sizes of ½, ¾, 1, one ¼, 1 ½, and 2 inches.

The kit allows some different surfaces to punch on. To top it all off, the company gives a five-year warranty on the products. The price is perfect and a little cheap for a knockout punch of this kind.


  • Two thick spacers come with the box that allows you to accommodate the thickness of the punch
  • There are over six different die sizes
  • Steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic surfaces can be punched easily with this set
  • You can enjoy the punching thickness of 1/8 inches in steel and 1/16 inches in stainless steel


  • Small hydraulic hose creates a hassle
  • Replacement parts are not available


The only major flaw this product hold is that if a part is broken or missing, you will have to repurchase the whole set. Otherwise, this toolkit can help you domestically or even at work.


3.      Greenlee Knockout Kit

Greenlee is one of the most heard of quality product in electrical knockout sets. The imported quality allows the users to enjoy the product without any hassles. The kit contains a 1-inch ratchet wrench that can be used with both the available studs in the box, i.e., 3/8 inch and ¾ inch. The punching capacity provides about ten gauges. In the box, you will find ½, ¾, 1, one ¼, 1 ½, and two inches punches along with the draw studs and driver. This knockout set is not the cheapest one in the market; however, you will certainly enjoy the quality and versatility of the product.


  • Contains a hexagonal wrench that is versatile for the available draw studs
  • Ten gauge punching capacity on mild steel
  • The toolkit includes ½ inches, ¾ inches, 1 inch, one ¼ inch, 1 ½ inches, and 2 inches punches that come with the driver and the draw studs


  • Cannot be used on any other material but steel
  • Does not contain a hydraulic machine


This set is one of the richest sets that you will buy at a high price. However, it is missing two essential components. Nevertheless, if you think that you can compromise on the missing parts of this set, then this will not disappoint you at all.


4.      Klein Tools Knockout Punch Set

The well known Klein tools’ electrical knockout set is imported and does not compromise on quality at all. One of the significant advantages’ to using this kit is that separates slugs to ensure easy removal.  The cutting capacity is about ten gauge mild steel. It is also a great set to cut through aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic.

The toolbox holds dies and draws studs of ½ inch, ¾ inches, 1 inch, one ¼ inch, 1 ½ inches, and 2 inches sizes that pass through wiring.  The product may seem to be a little over priced, yet it is worth the exceptional provided quality.


  • A wrench is included in the set
  • The tools separate slug to ensure that the removal is easy
  • There are over six different types of draw studs for the punch of your choice.
  • It can cut through aluminum, plastic, and ever fiberglass


  • There is no hydraulic hose available for this
  • The kit is about 9 pounds which make it cumbersome to travel with


A hydraulic punch is always considered to be a little better. Even though this product does not have that factor, it still is one of the finest knockout punch sets that you will find. The extra money seems worth it.


5.      CHIMAERA Hydraulic Knockout Punch Tool Kit

The CHIMAERA electrical knockout set is hydraulic and allows maximum comfort to its users. There are six different punches and dies available that can be mixed up to ensure diverse needs are fulfilled. The on and off button is added for extra safety of the product. One of the best things about this product is that the cylinder can be rotated 360 degrees to provide the best cuts.

You can give about 6 tons of maximum pressure with these tools on aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and other different surfaces. The price of this product does not exceed your budget and suits it well.


  • On and off switch designed to increase safety
  • The cylinder is fully rotatable to ensure clean cuts
  • Six different dies and punches can be mixed up to be used
  • The kit works on multiple surfaces


  • The plastic box is cheap and breaks easily
  • The scope of application is only about 11 -14 gauge


This product will give you multiple benefits at an affordable price. The quality benefits make you want to look away from the cons. However, ensure that the cons do not come in your work way.


Buyers’ Guide!

Looking at the product reviews, you may have found out the different types of the same product available in the market. This buyers’ guide will further help you determine the right electrical knocking set for you.

1.      What does a knockout punch set include?

A typical knockout punch set will include at least three main elements; a die, a draw stud, and punch. A draw stud is a large threaded bolt that keeps the die and the punch together; you need to drill a hole to insert the draw stud. The die is a metal cylinder that helps add the punch. The punch is the part that does the cutting and determines the knockout sizes. The punch needs to be sharper, and give clean cuts to ensure that the product works well. Hydraulic punches are a new thing which does not require the user to make much effort.

2.      How to use a knockout punch set?

The three primary elements are needs to ensure that the product is complete and works properly. The steps are simple. First and foremost you need to drill a hole through the material that you want. The diameters of the whole shall be determined through the draw stud that you want to use.  Next, the user shall find the right fit of the die into the draw stud and then insert both of them into the made hole. The desired punch shall be inserted in the draw stud, and it shall be tightened with hands. Now pulling the bolt with the wrench will cut. Separate the materials to find the precise cut.

3.      How to punch out hole in electrical box ?

To punch out holes in an electrical box, the first and foremost thing to do is ensure that the wire switches are turned off. No matter how professional you are, the wires can be highly dangerous if electricity is passing through. Next, find the area where you need to make a punch. The place should make it easy for you to connect the wire that you want to. Work on the surface to create a punch and remove the slug to find a clean cut. Close the box once again and connect your wires or pipes through the new hole that you have made. Finally, turn the electricity back on after fixing the box in its rightful position again.

4.      Is a hydraulic punch better?

A hydraulic punch will give you support and pressure to cut the hole easily. Usually, the provided cuts will be cleaner, smoother, and will allow less manual labor than regular punches will. Only a few kits may work with a hydraulic system; others still use the manual procedure. Hydraulic punches are known to be safer too since they allow the user to stand at a short distance while doing the dangerous task of working to make a hole.

5.      How does a timer switch work?

A timer switch is a simple system that is set to a particular time to operate an electric switch. The switch can be connected to the main electrical power supply, inverters, or any other system. The timer does the acquired task that it is designated to do in the time limit given to it. For example, the television is set to sleep after a certain time to ensure that no additional energy is wasted.

6.      Should a punch work on various surfaces?

You can buy a purpose built punch set. They are certainly better since they are designed to operate on a single surface. The multi surface knockout punch sets have setting and designs.  The pick is mostly up to the user and their needs. Both work fine and are a good option. The only seeming disadvantage to buying the single purpose one is that you cannot use it on other surfaces. Hence you are bounding yourself.


After taking a close look at the products and the guide, you may have understood which electric knockout set will work for you. Alternatively, at least you may have had a better understanding on which toolkit is better than the other. For us, the winner is hands down the Temco knockout punch set.