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The definitive Punch Down Tool Guide for electricians

Best punch down toolA punch down tool is a handheld tool used to connect telephone networks and network wires to the required place like the panel. The reason it is known as a punch down tool is that of its impulsive action, which is a punch to attach wires into place.

The best punch down tool has a blade that cuts off the excess wire after punching and fixing the wire in place. The tool can perform its respective action with the help of a spring mechanism that it contains. The tool has many modifications including a twisting option without having to move your hand and a comfortable grip for better work.

The reviews and the buying guide will help you find the relative with the best comparison to understand the product of a kind.

NameTwist and lock mechanismAdditional Tools (Separate or Attached)Price
TRENDnet Punch Down ToolNoneYes$$$
Klein Punch down VDV427-822 Tool KitSeparateYes$$
Vastar Punch Down Impact ToolNoneYes$$$
Fluke Impact Punch Down ToolAttachedNo$
Klein Punch down Tool VDV427014AttachedNo$$$

1.    TRENDnet Punch Down ToolBest punch down tool

The trend net punch down tool is one of its kinds. You can perform the required action with this tool in one go because of its precision. This punch down tool has the option to change the blade in easy steps. You will also find it easy to twist and lock with its mechanism designed to make it easy for you.

The blade is fit in and unlike many other tools; this tool does not loosen the blade at the time of work. The grip is solid and designed for all kinds of hands. The force provided is perfect to punch down the wire at home and professionally. The product is worth the offered price.


  • Grip designed for all hands to work safely
  • The blade is fixed tightly to perform well in one cut and also replaceable.
  • The mechanism makes it easy to twist and lock without having to turn your hand into various directions


  • The wire holding capability cannot be adjusted
  • You will need to make an effort in focusing


This punch down tool is one of the best buys in the market. You will not find any additional tools with it, but at the offered price, it works well for what it is designed to do.

2.    Klein Punch down VDV427-822 Tool KitBest punch down tool

The Klein punch down toolkit is a four-piece set that is designed to fulfill all punch down needs. The product has an option to adjust the force on high or low as per your requirements. The pack has tools that allow you to separate and pick wires and small elements.

The cushion grip technology reduces the stress on your hand and allows comfortable working. To reach into longer shafts, the tool has an extra-long shaft too. You may find the tool to be a little pricier than others. However, this is a whole set that offers some features along with it which makes the price worth every penny.


  • The pack of four is a complete package of all things needs during punching down
  • The tool is designed with a cushion grip that releases stress from the hand
  • The tool has an extra long shaft to reach out to crowded panels and blocks
  • A small case ensures easy handling of the whole set


  • There is no mechanism for twisting and turning with ease
  • The spring force weakens after a few high-pressure effects


The pricy tool is worth your money since it comes in the set. It offers some techniques that make it easy for your work including additional tools. The drawbacks seem to be nonexistent because of the pros of the product.

3.    Vastar Punch Down Impact ToolBest punch down tool

The Vastar network punches down tool is a custom made a design for comfortable grip and adjustability. It offers multiple force settings to set as per requirement. A variety of different blades can be used with this tool, each of them being interchangeable. The tool has an extra wire stripper which is used to increase precision in cutting the blades.

There are two additional blades along with a wire stripper included in the package. To top it off, there are many different vibrant colors to choose from. With all the features, one would expect the price to be out of the budget, but this product is under budget and is highly affordable.


  • Adjustable force setting make it versatile
  • Additional wire stripper and two blades are included in the package
  • Custom designed comfortable grip
  • Twist and lock socket makes it easy to use


  • The material used seems a little too cheap
  • You will have to buy other interchangeable blades as only two are included


If you ignore the minute cons, this product is an excellent buy for the offered price. It gets the job done with precision and works well at home and professionally.

4.    Fluke Impact Punch Down ToolBest punch down tool

The Fluke Impact Punch down tool comes in some different versions.  The soft grip made out of rubber makes the tool easy to use. The blades are replaceable and are easily found by the company name. You will see it be more substantial than other products, yet it is as competitive.  The handle has inbuilt hook and spudger that helps in picking up wires and tracing them while the other supports in removing connected cross wires from the bracket.

This tool can be used on individual wires that are mentioned in its guide. The product does not have many extraordinary features which are why the price that is demanded seems to go over budget for most people for no reason. The company provides a lifetime warranty on its products.


  • Soft grip made out of rubber ensures perfect handling of the tool
  • The inbuilt spudger and hook are additional tools that are can e used in the pushdown process
  • The blade is easily replaceable and can be found easily
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the company


  • There is no twist and lock mechanism
  • The price is unnecessarily high


This tool for pushing down wires is a good buy if you are ready to spend much money without any significant features. It has its pros like inbuilt tools; they still are not worth the amount demanded.

5.     Klein Punch down Tool VDV427014Best punch down tool

Another one of Klein’s punch down tools makes it into this list. This punch down tool is an inbuilt kit with some different features that are available in the handle like a Swiss Knife. The design is versatile enough to be fit into any panel or any place where the work is required. The versatility makes it a different version tools including a Cat53 punch down tool.

The additional tools are a hook and spudger which are usually enough for the whole work. The lightweight design allows users to operate the product without any hindrances efficiently. The Product is very cheap and a good buy in exceptional quality.


  • Highly versatile design allows it to work on any panel
  • Additional tools are attacked, so you do not need to carry them separately
  • Lightweight makes it easy to handle
  • Lock for panel mechanism is there for precision


  • No force adjustment option is available
  • Blades are not interchangeable


Ignoring the drawbacks, this product is highly suitable for homely users. Its lightweight and precision allow it to be used by low skilled people as well. The price is the cherry on top.

Buyer’s Guide:

The following is a list of questions that will help you through buying the best punch down tool possible. The menu will clear a lot of frequent confusions customers have.

What is a punch down tool?

Punch down tool is a tool that electricians use to fix wires to a panel or wire board. The spring mechanism makes a force impact to help with this process. Many devices of this kind will have additional machines which are either separated or they are attached like in a Swiss Knife, like a hook; which is used to pick up stray wires and work around them, and a spudger; which is used to remove excess deposits along with working across connected cables and putting them in the right place.

How to use a punch down tool?

To use the punch down tool, you need first to expose the wires and put them onto the jack. Once they are set, adjust your punch down tool on the spot and angle it coinciding the wires and press the button to impact the force. When you hear a click, the punch down has been appropriately done with precision. The tool will cut the excess wire neatly. Make sure to lock and pack your tool once you are done using it.

How does a punch down tool work?

A network punch down tool has a spring mechanism that works when force is applied to it through the button in the tool. The blade comes in different sizes that can be attached to panels or jacks of the same size. The excess wire is neatly cut with the blade in the system. The force exerted ensures that the wire is fixed inside the jack with precision. Many different features allow different bits of help like the hook will enable you to remove the previous wire. Some tools have a setting to adjust the force which allows the user to work it in various areas. You will also find interchangeable blades which are the perfect kind since it increases versatility.

Are extra features worth the money?

Some punch down tools will have additional features will only make the process of work more comfortable for you. Usually, they are needed, if they are not inbuilt or in the package, you will have to buy them. However, the ones that have the additional features included are not very pricey. You can find them under your budget quickly. If you see them to be very expensive, then you can look around further since the company is probably ripping you off. Additional features help you in clearing the panel or the jack along with working around already attached wires.

Should I get the one with interchangeable blades?

The blades will determine which jacks the tool can be used on. If you work on a specific jack most of the time, then you can find the one that does not have versatile blades. Otherwise, you need to have one that offers you some options. These are not very expensive; they are reasonable, so they are always the better option. Make to choose the ones that do not require a lot of time, labor, and that does not seem to damage the product every time you have to change it. Also, ensure that you are sure to find the company blades easily or the tool accepts every type of blade. It is to be remembered that blades are not that expensive and the best quality can also be under budget.

Are lightly weighted pushdown tools right?

You will find push down tools to be of different weights. Usually, weights would not matter, but for this product, you will have to check thoroughly. Since there is a high impacted force exerted, you will want the product to be as reliable as possible. Light weighted may be natural to handle; however, it may break with the force easily. Meanwhile, the one that weighs too much is not suitable for people who do not have to work with it often. A medium around 2.8 pounds tool is perfect for your use. If the product is made of cheap plastic, then any weight will not be suitable for it.


After reading the buyer’s guide and the product reviews, you may have had an idea of what the best product will be. For us, the clear winner is the TRENDnet Punch Down Tool. The tool is simple and ample for the work professionally or amateurs. The margin in the price allows you to buy the additional tools with it with ease.