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The definitive guide to the Best Ratcheting Screwdriver

Best Ratcheting ScrewdriverMost of the people rely on individual screwdrivers instead of retching or multi-bit drivers. I believe they don’t know how useful ratcheting screwdrivers are.

The tricky part is to choose the best ratcheting screwdriver from many options because it becomes very confusing.

Each of the available options varies from one another in style, shape, and ergonomics. A screwdriver preferred by one person might not be the best choice for another.

Generally speaking, you should prefer the ratcheting screwdrivers that are compatible with 1-inch bits nevertheless; there are a few exceptions as well.

Here, we are only focusing on the best ratcheting screwdriver options that are not only functional but also come at an affordable price.

We have reviewed some of the top products that you can find on the market with convenience, and they are ideal for different kinds of jobs ranging from easy to hard and these are as follows:


NameNo. of PiecesMechanismCheck Price
Klein Tools Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver103 way ratcheting$$
Channellock Multi-Bit Ratcheting Driver132-way operation$$$
DEWALT Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver Set123-way ratcheting$$
Craftsman Ratcheting Ready Bit Screwdriver143-way ratcheting$
Wera Kraftform Kompakt Ratcheting Screwdriver103-way ratcheting$$$
Kobalt QL3 Quick Load Screwdriver Set35Double Drive$$

Klein Tools Ratcheting Multi-Bit ScrewdriverBest Ratcheting Screwdriver


The Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver or Nut Driver from Klein Tools is very easy to use, and its manufacturing is done in China. You can conveniently interchange its shaft that comes with six different universal tips. You can convert it to three separate nut driver sizes as well as a hex driver.

The driver accommodates three-way ratcheting mechanism for locked, backward and forward positions. All the kernel drivers that come with it are entirely heat treated which enables them to pack full strength and provides you with maximum torque as well.

The grip of the driver is cushioned and offers great comfort during ratcheting, and all these features make this item the best ratcheting screwdriver that you can buy at this price. The driver comes with 1/4 –inch and 3/16-inch slotted one and two square-recesses, 3/8-inch hex driver, 1 and 2 Phillips along with nut drivers of 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch as well as 3/8-inch. The shipping weight of the item is just less than 13 ounces while the dimensions of the package will be 12.5-inch x 3.6-inch x 0.3-inch.


  • The screwdriver is extremely comfortable to use with its easy cushioned-grip.
  • It offers superior torque and maximum strength due to heat treated tips.
  • It enables three-way ratcheting mechanism.
  • The item comes with the interchangeable shaft with different tips as well as nut driver sizes.
  • It does not cost much either.


  • Its handle is a bit on the shorter side.
  • It is slightly heavier than what was expected.


It is easily the best ratcheting screwdriver that offers versatility along with comfort. It is a moderately priced product that has a lot to offer to the user.

Channellock Multi-Bit Ratcheting DriverBest Ratcheting Screwdriver


The 131CB 13 in 1 Multi Bit Screwdriver from Channellock is one of the hot selling items. It is equipped with quick ratcheting action and offers you with the dual-way operation as well. The ratchet has 28–tooth tip that is capable enough to produce a torque of 225-inch lbs. Its grip also features dual composition.

The package will also incorporate 13 different tips that enable you to complete any job. The grip handle also has the capability of storing the bits so you can never misplace them. The screwdriver houses a 1/4 hex shaft that requires the least amount of effort from you.

The product only weighs just over 9 ounces and has the dimensions of 10.6-inch x 3.5-inch x 0.5-inch. The product also comes with Channellock limited warranty for full customer satisfaction. The package includes a couple of straight tips for slotted screws, four torx sizes as well as two square bits along with a nut driver. It also includes four Phillips sizes, totaling to 13 in all.


  • Its stiff shaft provides rapid ratcheting action equipped with the 2-way operation.
  • The driver comes with 13 different tips.
  • The handle of the driver also has bit storage.
  • The grip of the driver incorporates dual composition for strong, convenient hold.
  • Its 28-tooth ratchet can produce a torque of 225 lbs.


  • The bits might fall out of the driver.
  • The variety of nut drivers that come with the product is not very overwhelming.


It can easily fit in the category of the best ratcheting screwdriver because of the performance it delivers. The product is also not highly priced as well.

DEWALT Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver SetBest Ratcheting Screwdriver


The Multi-Bit DWHT69233 Ratcheting Screwdriver Set from Dewalt is your complete kit to finish your jobs with ease. It is equipped with a heavy-duty ratchet that offers a superb mechanism for all kinds of torque applications. It comes with a removable shaft, and you can use it in power drilling as well.

You can also store your most frequently used bit inside its handle. The product also comes with a magnetic bit holder that has a very slim profile for additional utility. The package will include 12 one-inch bits of different sizes with 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch, and 5/16-inch slotting.

It also includes #1, #2 and #3 Phillips as well as #1, #2 and #3 square plus T10, T15 and T25 Star Bits. The weight of the item is slightly over 3 pounds, and the dimensions are 10.7-inch x 1.7-inch x 2.1-inch. The product is covered under a limited warrant from Dewalt.


  • The product is capable of delivering heavy-duty ratcheting mechanism for applications involving high torque.
  • You can remove its bar and use it in various power drilling purposes as well.
  • The handle of the driver can also hold the most frequently used bit in its confined space.
  • The product also comes with magnetic bit holder that has a very slim profile.


  • Its storage compartment does not work well.
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure on it or the shaft will get stuck within the handle, or it might not stay within the handle.


Overall it is a good product, and it is from one of the best hardware brands, for this reason, it is in our reviews of best ratcheting screwdriver.

Craftsman Ratcheting Ready Bit ScrewdriverBest Retching Screwdriver


The Ratcheting Ready Bit Screwdriver 9-41796 from Craftsman is one of the better products that you can buy in this price range. The extra strong magnetic tip holds the tip securely along with the screw. The handle of this screwdriver also ensures a secure grip during your jobs.

The driver comes with 14 top quality bits with an assortment of various sizes. The handle of the screwdriver can also hold the bits for you so that you always find your needed bit instantly and don’t misplace them. The driver is made in the US and is one of the top quality products when it comes to ratcheting screwdrivers.

The package houses 14 pieces of one inch bit. It is a very lightweight screwdriver that just weighs less than one and a half ounces. The box dimensions will be 8.4-inch x 11.9-inch x 12.6-inch. The screwdriver and all its bits are covered under lifetime warranty from Craftsman in a rare case of manufacturing faults


  • Its storage compartment can house all the bits that come with it, enabling you to keep them all in one place at all times.
  • The handle of the driver also offers a comfortable grip for you to complete your jobs conveniently.
  • You order will include 14 pieces of high-quality bits in your preferred sizes.
  • It also comes with three different ratcheting mechanisms.


  • The ratchet that is built in it can quickly wear out.
  • The overall feel of the product is a bit flimsy.


It is a good product from a well-known brand that offers you quality with convenience. This reasonably priced product has all the characteristics of being one of the best ratcheting screwdrivers in the market.

Wera Kraftform Kompakt Ratcheting ScrewdriverBest Ratcheting Screwdriver


The Kraftform Kompakt 27 RA Slotted Ratcheting Screwdriver from Wera has a unique design of its handle that enables you to grip the driver comfortably during your jobs. The screwdriver offers excellent working speeds with its specialized ratcheting function.

The product is also equipped with features of the integrated magazine, anti-role as well as multi-component aspect. The screwdriver is finely pitched to offer you a small return angle for your ease. It also has a switching ring that allows you to change the mechanism from fixed as well as the right to left.

Its product dimensions are 8.3-inch x 2-inch x 1-inch, and the eight is seven ounces while the shipping weight will be nearing nine ounces. The shaft is fixed to the handle, and there is a permanent magnet in the end. In the off chance of any manufacturing defects, your purchase is covered by limited warranty as well.


  • The Kraftform Kompakt features a ratcheting function that delivers top quality speeds.
  • It also houses multi-component and anti-roll features along with an integrated magazine.
  • It comes with the switchover ring for the full-control mechanism.
  • The screwdriver is fine-pitched for smaller return angle.


  • Its ratcheting mechanism starts to stick after frequent use.
  • The bit storage makes the handle feel loose.


The Kraftform Kompakt screwdriver has a unique ergonomic design that enables you to grip the tool properly and do your job effectively.

Kobalt QL3 Quick Load Screwdriver SetBest Retching Screwdriver


The Double Drive QL3 from Kobalt is one heck of an all in one screwdriver set that you must have in your toolbox. The driver comes with 35 pieces and has patented double drive ratchet design that improves efficiency. The driver is also equipped with a locking system that you can control using only one hand.

The lock system is also incorporated with 3X ball bearing system to enhance its power. The minimum shaft length of this driver is eight-inch, and it comes with 34 bits. Its handle is made of plastic and provides a firm grip. The bits include hex drive, pozidriv, Phillips, square as well as torx.

The product’s weight is nearing one and a half pounds, and its dimensions are 10-inch x 6.2-inch x 2-inch. The screwdriver comes with limited lifetime warranty from Kobalt, and it covers all manufacturing or material defects.


  • The ratchet design of QL3 is patented, and it giver improved efficiency.
  • It is equipped with one-handed locking system.
  • The package includes 34 bits for different kind of jobs.
  • The product comes with limited lifetime warranty.


  • Switching the angles of the shaft is not very easy.
  • The package does not include any case despite over 30 bits.


The product offers great versatility because it has over thirty bits that are enough to complete any job. For this reason, it makes our list of best ratcheting screwdriver.


Buying Guide

How many types of screwdrivers are?

There are different types of screwdrivers including offset screwdrivers, electric drivers, ratcheting screwdrivers and power drill screw driving bits. These drivers serve different purposes, and you should choose them as per your requirement.

Should I buy a ratcheting screwdriver with the magnetic tip?

A magnet at the tip of the driver keeps the balance of the tool right and does not allow you to put in more effort. You don’t have to place the tip on the point with precision all the time. The magnet will enable the tip to reach the point, and it will save a lot of your day.

Do you know what essential parts of a ratcheting screwdriver are?

All handheld ratcheting screwdrivers come with a handle, a blade tip, and a shank. Each of these components come in different shapes and sizes for various reasons.

What is the aim of a ratcheting screwdriver?

The primary objective of a ratcheting screwdriver is to offer you versatility. The ratcheting screwdrivers come with bit storage that allows you to use your tips interchangeable as per the demands of the job at hand.

What common factors you should consider when buying a ratcheting screwdriver?

There are two important aspects associated with buying the right tool. You must match the driver with the screw because the incorrect head can damage the blade strip the screw. You must also consider the scope of the job at hand. For occasional repairs, you are not going to need more than a few flathead screwdrivers. However, for those of you who do frequent repairs must use ratcheting or electric screwdrivers. You should also consider the bits that come with the driver along with its warranty and of course the product quality.


Recommending some best ratcheting screwdriver options is not an easy task. According to our analysis, the Ratcheting Multi Bit Screwdriver from Klein Tools is the best ratcheting screwdriver that comes at an affordable price and equips you with great functionality. The product is highly durable because all the pieces are heat treated plus it also houses a cushioned grip so that the item feels natural on hand as well.