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The definitive guide to laser tape measures for accurate distances

Best Laser MeasureA laser tape measure is an essential piece of equipment for those people who either work in real estate or construction industry. This tool enables them to make the measurements tasks faster and easier.

The laser the laser measuring tools are elementary to use and both professionals along with amateurs can use them conveniently.

There are different types of laser tools available on the market and problems come when you have to pick the best laser measuring tool that serves your purpose. You must identify the specifics regarding usage to purchase the best laser tape measure.

We have developed a list of best laser tape measure review that is not only feature-packed but also come at an affordable price. These laser tap measure reviews will help you out in buying the right product that you need to fulfill your jobs.

Here is the list:

Product nameDistanceAccuracyBluetoothPrice
Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure 120'1.5 mmNo$$$
DEWALT DW03050 Laser Distance
165'1.5 mmNo$$
Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure330'1.5 mmYes$$
Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance Measurer165'1.5 mmYes$$$
Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter165'2.0 mmNo $
Klein Tools 93LDM65 Laser Distance Measurer 65'1.5 mmNo$$

1.    Bosch GLM 35 Laser MeasureBest Laser Measure

The GLM 35 Laser Measure from Bosch is a fully featured device that includes distance, area, volume, length, and various other continuous reading measurement options. The tool also lets you add or subtract these reading as per your needs.

The device comes with a backlight screen for enhanced visibility even in low light conditions. It is easily the best laser measure device that you can find online or on the market because it comes at a very economical price and offers a load of features too. The pocket-sized laser tap measurer enables ease of access and provides exceptional accuracy.

It is capable of measuring within 1/16-inch. The GLM 35 Laser Measure is Class II laser product with <1mW power output. It only weighs less than six and a half pounds, and the dimensions are 1.8-inch x 5.2-inch x 8-inch. The device operates with the help of a couple of AAA batteries. It is a 4.00W and 5.5HP tool that comes with 2-year warranty.


  • The GLM 35 laser tool comes with 2-year warranty.
  • You can take multiple continuous measurements as well as addition and subtraction
  • The device is equipped with a backlight for better visibility.
  • It offers exceptional accuracy and can measure within 1/16-inch.
  • The Class II laser device has <1mW power output and runs on two AAA batteries.


  • Its beam is slightly bowing.
  • It does not work over 40 feet or on a sunny day outdoors.


It is the best laser distance measurer that you can buy in this price range. The product is economical and fully loaded with features.

2.    DEWALT DW03050 Laser Distance MeasurerBest Laser Measure

It is another high-quality product on our list of best laser measure reviews. Dewalt is the manufacturer of some high-quality field equipment and hardware tools, and this laser measurer is no different either. The DW03050 can measure up to 165 feet very comfortably. The device can automatically do calculations on area and volume.

It has indirect height measurement that uses Pythagoras functions to take measurements. It even has a memory unit that stores previous five measurements too for comparisons. The DW03050 has a double lined backlit display that provides you with better screen visibility as well. It weighs around ten and a half pounds, and the dimensions are 5-inch x 2.9-inch x 7-inch.

The laser measurer runs on a couple of AAA batteries and gives you a measurement accuracy of up to 1.5mm. It is an excellent product that also comes with thee year warranty.


  • The laser tape measure does automatic calculations of volume and area.
  • It also has a memory unit that can store up to 5 previous reading for references.
  • The laser tool has 2-line backlit display for convenient visibility in all conditions.
  • It can measure with the accuracy of 1/16-inch (1.5mm)
  • You purchase covered under three-year warranty, and you also get a protective pouch with it.


  • The device works better indoors.
  • Accuracy issues in rare cases.


Dewalt is known for its high-quality products, and same goes for this laser tool as well. The brand worth and exception features are the reason why this product is highly ranked in our laser distance measurer reviews.

3.    Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance MeasureBest Laser Measure

Provided that it is one of the expensive laser measuring tools in our reviews, this product from Leica does have some features to boast. The Disto D2 Laser distance measure can easily track readings of up to a whopping 330 feet, and it also has Bluetooth 4.0. Available in black or red color, this unit is equipped with Class II laser and has 1mW power output.

It is capable of giving accurate readings of up to 1/16-inch. You can use the Bluetooth to transfer your readings to any software with ease. The memory unit that it houses can store up to 10 previous measurements. The dimensions of Disto D2 are 4.57-inch x 1.73-inch x 1.02-inch, and it only weighs about four pounds.

This lightweight piece of equipment uses Pythagoras function for measuring width and height indirectly. It also incorporates an intelligent automatic end piece which allows you to reach those tight corners and spaces too.


  • The product comes with three-year warranty and also comes with a pouch, 2 AAAs, and a wrist lanyard.
  • Disto D2 houses a Class II laser and has 1mW output.
  • It also features Bluetooth 4.0 to transfer your readings.
  • You will also get an intelligent automatic end piece to reach those tight spaces.
  • It uses Pythagoras functions to take indirect measures of width and height.


  • Its sketch application is not that good.
  • Not designed for frequent use.


Considering that it is an expensive product, the Disto D2 is a high-quality product that has many features to offer. Plus it comes with a three-year warranty from Leica as well.

4.    Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance MeasurerBest Laser Measure

Another one from Bosch, the GLM 50C devices is enabled with Bluetooth technology which is a class apart. It can measure the distances up to 165 feet with 1/16-inch accuracy. Apart from the Bluetooth feature, this laser tool also comes with a color display that incorporates backlighting for convenient visibility.

The GLM 50C also houses built-in inclinometer which enables you to utilize advanced features like min/max, angles, double indirect and stakeout. Its default real-time measurement feature displays distances as you move the device about the target.

The 50C laser measure tool from Bosch boasts Class II laser with less than 1mW power output. It is powered by a couple of AAA and weighs just over 11 pounds. The dimensions of this tool are 4.2-inch x 1.8-inch x 0.9-inch and your purchase will be covered by a warranty of two years as well.


  • Its measuring distance is up to 165 feet with an accuracy of +/- 1/16-inch.
  • GLM 50C is equipped with Bluetooth feature and a memory unit that can store up to 10 readings.
  • It also houses an inclinometer with advanced options of the stakeout, double indirect, angles and min/max.
  • It has a Class II laser with a power output of less than 1mW.
  • It also gives you real-time measurements, and you move the device from one target point to another.


  • May give inaccurate readings at times.
  • Outdoor measuring quality is poor.


The product is equipped with all the necessary features that you will need to take those measurements, and it offers exceptions value for money too.

5.    Fluke 414D Laser Distance MeterBest Laser Measure

The 414D Laser Distance Meter from Fluke is not a fluke at all. It has 635 nm Class II laser with less than 1mW output and can instantly give readings of up to 50 meters or 165 feet. The best part about this device is it has an effortless one-button operation, and it quickly measures the distance between two points or objects.

The laser technology that it boasts is the most sophisticated version for measuring distances. The measuring tool has a built-in Pythagoras functions which take readings indirectly through two other interpretations. It can quickly measure volume and area. The dimensions of 414D are 2.1-inch x 1.3-inch x 4.6-inch, and it weighs around 10 pounds.

Your purchase also covered under three years warranty from Fluke, and its straightforward usability and ability to give quick readings are the reason that it appeared on our list of best laser measures.


  • It has 635nm Class II laser with less than 1mW output.
  • It can quickly measure area and volume up to 50 meters with accuracy of +/- 2mm
  • The 414D comes with the smooth one-button operation and is very convenient to use.
  • It also has a three-year warranty.
  • You will also get a pouch for easy carrying.


  • It doesn’t come with Bluetooth feature.
  • You have to buy the batteries separately.


The 414D from Fluke is one of the best laser measures because it balances your budget with features. You don’t need to spend too much while looking for some critical specs in your laser tool.

6.    Klein Tools 93LDM65 Laser Distance MeasurerBest Laser Measure

The 93LDM65 Laser Distance Measurer from Klein Tools is capable of measuring up to 65 feet of distance with 1/16-inch accuracy. Measuring with this accuracy is pretty much standard for our reviews, and this distance measurer does it so efficiently.

It can quickly read and calculate volume, length, and area and has large-sized buttons for effortless operation. The key feature that this measuring tool has is its ability to provide you with fractional readings both in metric and imperial units. With this device, you have the best one-touch option that provides you with single distance readings as well as continuous real-time measurements.

It also has a distinctly visible backlit display for you to quickly read the number from the screen in low light conditions. The 93LDM65 has dimensions of 8-inch x 5.5-inch x 2.5-inch, and it merely weighs 4 pounds. The device runs on 2 AAA batteries and also comes with a carrying case.


  • It can measure the distances of up to 65 feet with +/- 1/16-inch accuracy.
  • It can provide quick readings in both metric and imperial units.
  • It comes with one-touch, single distance measurement option as well for quick readings.
  • The measuring tool has large buttons for convenient operation.


  • Backlit doesn’t work much in the outdoors.
  • It consumes batteries fast.


A useful basic-featured device that won’t break your wallet in half. Its one-touch operation enables you to get the readings quickly.


Buying Guide

What Functions Can I Perform With A Laser Measure?

The best laser measure that you can find will enable you to take a different measurement in a quick time with full accuracy. You can also use these for long distance readings as well because these devices rarely give inaccurate measurements.

You can also store your previous measurements for reference and make adjustments to them. The tools can also convert your readings into different units.

Is It Better To Use A Laser Tape Measure In Place Of The Conventional Tape Measure?

Of course, it is because laser measures give you a lot more accuracy as compared to the conventional tape measures. These devices are quick to use and operate and eradicate human error. You can also take measurements of up to 200 feet with ease whereas; a conventional tape measure only goes up to 50 feet.

What Should I Look For When Buying The Best Laser Measure?

You need to look for ranges, precision level, battery life, functionality or additional features as well as a memory unit. All of the above reviews include these features.

What Functions Does The Best Laser Measure Have?

The typical functions of the best laser measure device include measuring length, volume, area, real-time continuous measuring, multi-surface, min/max measuring mode, combined along with double and single indirect Pythagoras functions, angle measuring, stakeout, and trapezoid.

What Is Covered Under The Warranty Of These Laser Tools?

Most of the manufacturers offer two to three years warranty on laser measures. These warranties cover any issues associated with craftsmanship or the quality of materials used to make the product. Some brands also offer a money back guarantees or a 30-day trial period as well for you to try out their products or you will get your refund is not satisfied with the product’s performance.


The clear winner in our reviews of best laser measures is the GLM 35 Laser Measure from Bosch because it is a perfect combination of excellent features at an attractive price. The Class II laser tool comes with a two-year warranty, and it is equipped with Pythagoras functionality as well.