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Best screwdriver set – That don’t break the bank!

Whether purchasing a screwdriver set for hobby purposes or for work necessities, it is very important to get to know the qualifications or what to look for in a screwdriver.

Today, there are thousands of screwdrivers of different manufacturing companies being distributed in the marketplace.

It’s kind of hard to choose which is which, especially for electricians who don’t know their way around tools yet or have had a bad experience in selecting them previously.

However, you do not need to worry, as in this article I am going to discuss and review the best screwdriver set.

How I Made My List

Before completing my list and picks of screwdriver sets, I considered some important things to keep in mind. This should also serve as a guide to every electrician or tradesmen who’s planning to buy their next screwdriver sets.

Firstly, it’s a waste of time and money to have to make a unnecessary trip to Home Depot or the supply house to buy  yet another set of screwdrivers.

Every workman’s dream is to have tools made out of quality materials.

Quality should be the 1st trait any tradesmen should look for in a great screwdriver. They can be a little bit pricey, especially those under big brands, but you should always remember that just because something is expensive that doesn’t necessarily mean that the product will guarantee having everything it endorses.

Screwdrivers must be chrome-plated to resist corrosion. The tip of the screwdrivers should also be precision-machined for exact fitting. It should be durable and guarantees a long-lasting performance to make a workmen’s job easier.

Moreover, electricians who purchase such tools should be aware of the branding and its place of creation.

  • Have you ever wondered about the review of the tool brand of your choice?
  • How about where your tool was made?

It is highly recommended to read about the brand and the reliability of the products it manufactures. It’s better to have knowledge around tools, especially about the brand and where it was made, for it will help you decide better.

Brand names and product origins are known to be one of the good bases when picking the right tools.

Tools made from Japan, Germany, and USA are the most trusted due to their high quality manufacturing and confidence bearing warranties.

Lastly, decide whether the specifications of the screwdriver suit your work or not.

Couple of things to consider when you are making your selection:

  1. Where was the tool made?
  2. What type of material is it made from?
  3. Does the brand come with a warranty?
  4. Is the brand well know in the industry?


My Picks For Best Screwdriver Sets

NameTotal ScrewdriversDurabilityCorrosion ResistantPrice
Klein Screwdriver Set8HighYes$$$$
WIHA Screwdriver Set10Very HighYes$$$$
Greenlee Screwdriver Set7HighYes$$$
Milwaukee Screwdriver Set8Very HighYes$$$
Dewalt Screwdriver Set10Very HighYes$$


Klein Screwdriver Sets

Klein Tools has been well-known for its production of the world’s finest tools designed for the convenience of workmen in various fields of labor. Klein is almost every electrician’s go to tool. Its the most trusted brand in our industry.

From adjustable wrenches to zipper bags, the company truly has it all. Since 1857, Klein Tools produces high quality, heavy duty, and world class tools and that is why it is one of the go-to tool shops of workmen from all over the world.

Klein can be found in every electrical supply house, but we have found the best prices can be found on line through amazon. Also, amazon has free 2 day shipping when you sign up for prime membership.

Klein’s 85078 Cushion-Grip Screwdriver set is one of the most frequently used screwdrivers. The set includes eight screwdrivers – two cabinet-tip, two keystone-tip and four Phillips-tip screwdrivers. It contains Klein part numbers 600-1, 601-3, 600-4, 602-6, 603-1, 603-3, 603-4, and 603-6 with a reusable plastic container.

High quality is guaranteed as the product is under a brand that is widely popular in the tool industry. Tradesmen won’t have a hard time turning the screwdriver’s knob with its cushion-grip handle that is sure to improve and give greater torque and comfort.

The screwdriver set is highly durable with its internal flanges inside its handle to provide solid and twist-resistant anchor.

The set is also premium chrome-plated for smoother feel and protection against corrosion. Each screwdriver has a special heat-treated shaft and precision-machined tip for exact fitting. The set meets and/or exceeds applicable ASME / ANSE specifications and Patented Tip-Ident quickly identifies the type and tip orientation of the screwdriver.


  • High Quality
  • Heavy Duty
  • Guaranteed Durability
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Variations of Screwdrivers for Multiple Work Needs
  • Premium Chrome-Plated and Corrosion Resistant
  • Made in the USA


  • The screwdriver set is not insulated and will not protect users from electric shock.
  • It is a little bit pricey compared to other brands.



WIHA Insulated Screwdriver Set

WIHA Tools is a manufacturer of hand tools based in Germany. In 1939, the company was founded by Willi Hahn who named it with his initials.

The company lists 3500 different tools ranging from measuring tools to screwdrivers. Screwdrivers manufactured by WIHA are famous among technicians, electricians, contractors or people in the field because of its precision machining.

True to its brand and name, the WIHA 32093 Slotted and Phillips Insulated Screwdriver Set consist of 10 insulated screwdrivers.

Apparently, every WIHA tool is individually tested to 10 000 volts and rated to 1000 volts AC (Alternate Current) or 1500 volts DC (Direct Current). Workmen, especially electricians, will benefit to this set’s feature as it is a big plus when doing a job in the workshop or in their work, in general.

Tired of twisting and turning with your screwdriver for so long to do or undo the screws? This WIHA insulated screwdriver set has a solid moulded core with a soft outer cushion grip that improves the screwdriver’s torque for 40% more than conventional handles.

With its soft finish handle, users will get the comfort that they want while not having a hard time twisting the screwdriver.

WIHA screwdrivers guarantee full satisfaction to its users and that’s what people are mostly looking for: the satisfaction of buying an item that guarantees them the advantages being announced during endorsements.

The screwdriver set is of high quality and heavy duty for its long lasting use and service.

Each of the set’s screwdrivers is made of CVM (Chrome Vanadium Molybdenum) tool steel and hardened to average 58/60 RC for wear resistance.


  • Made in Germany
  • Highly durable
  • High quality and heavy duty
  • Insulated
  • Hardened steel blade
  • Precision machining
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction


  • The tool is made in Germany so the sizing is fitted more likely toward the Euro.


Greenlee  Screwdriver Set

Greenlee Textron is an industrial and tool company based in Illinois, US. Founded in 1862, the Greenlee Brothers (Robert and Ralph) manufactured their invention which is a drill surrounded by four chisel blades to be used in the furniture industry.

From there, the company expanded and handled more tools to be distributed in the tool industries. The company makes sure that they manufacture the best tools in the market, one of which is screwdrivers.

The Greenlee 0153-02C Screwdriver Set consists of seven pieces of screwdrivers – three cabinet tip, two keystone tip and two Phillips tip screwdrivers, all in varying dimensions. All in good condition for different types of work required.

Durability and longer customer satisfaction is sure to be proven with the screwdriver set’s heavy duty construction for long life and usage. Each of the screwdrivers has strong, durable and black phosphate tips that prevent plate chipping and reduce slipping. It is also chrome-plated, making it rust resistant.

Convenience is quite evident with its precision-machined tip that surely helps users to make their job easier as it is accurate based on fastener contact.

Turning screwdrivers made easy with its soft and cushioned grip designed for more comfort and improved torque. It also guarantees easy screwdriver identification of size, type, and length with its handle mark.



  • Made of high quality materials for heavy duty performance.
  • The tool itself is high quality.
  • It has cushioned grip for more comfort and increased torque.
  • Made in the USA
  • The tools are actually designed to last long.
  • It exceeds ASME /ANSI specifications.
  • It has accurate fastener contact because of the precision machining made.
  • Greenlee Textron guarantees lifetime limited warranty.
  • Handle marked for easy identification.


  • The screwdrivers are not insulated.


Milwaukee Screwdriver Set

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation manufactures a number of tools, from cordless power tools to screwdrivers.

The corporation was established in 1924 and has since then distributed numerous of various products worldwide. Their screwdrivers are known to be durable and long lasting.

The Milwaukee 48-22-2018 8-Piece Screwdriver Set is a combination of durability and ease of use with its square recess.

The set includes two Phillips, two slotted, two cabinet, and two ECX screwdrivers. Electricians will benefit with this tool a lot as the Phillips and ECX screwdrivers include wire strippers and loop makers for faster electrical work.

Durability is evident with the slotted screwdrivers’ metal-capped ends for protection against hammer blows. It is also very convenient to use as the set’s cabinet screwdrivers have think profiles for easier access to tight spaces.


  •  Made in the USA.
  •  The set is made of high quality materials.
  •  The brand is famous to have positive feedbacks from clients.
  •  The set includes 8 screwdrivers of varying designs for wider projects to handle.
  •  Each of the drivers in the set is marked on top for fast identification.
  •  Ease of access for users as the cabinet-tipped screwdrivers were designed to have thin profiles for tight spaces.
  •  It features hardened tips and forged shanks.
  •  The Wrench Ready HEX shanks deliver more leverage.
  •  The tool has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The black tip scrapes off.


DEWALT Screwdriver Set

DeWalt is an American manufacturing brand based in Maryland, USA and founded in 1924. The brand is known to produce power tools and hand tools for construction, manufacturing and woodworking industries.

The DEWALT DWHT62513 10-Piece Screwdriver Set includes four slotted tip, one cabinet tip, and five Phillips tip screwdrivers with color-coded handles for easier selection. More comfort and greater torque are brought to serve the workmen with its bi-material quad-lobe handle.

The set contains tools that have been ergonomically designed for maximum efficiency, user comfort and convenience.

Each screwdriver in the set has precision machined and sand-blasted tips and is equipped with magnetic tips to hold the screws in place when in use and that it fits well in the fasteners. Its lacquer coated bar also resists rust so it can provide long lasting use.


  •  Each driver has a magnetic tip to hold the screws in place for easier fastening.
  •  The screwdrivers are slip-resistant as the grips are rubber and this increases the user’s comfort.
  • Its lacquer coated bar protects the tool against corrosion.
  •  The handles are color-coded for easy selection from the tool box.
  •  The set has an ergonomically designed quad-lobular handle design for improved and greater torque.
  •  Each of the screwdrivers’ tips is precision machined and sand blasted to resist slip out.


  • The magnetic tips are not strong enough.
  • The tip easily breaks off



This is the end of the screwdriver sets review. Hopefully, this article helped and guided you to learn new things about screwdriver sets and have an idea of what the market offers. In general, invest in high-quality tools, even if they are a bit more expensive because they last for several years and eventually make up for their high price.


Best Electrician Backpack

As an electrician, you would know the importance of having a reliable backpack. From carrying tools from one gig to another to climbing ladders and utilizing your tools on the go, a backpack comes in very handy.

A backpack, here recently, has become an important part for electricians to add to their tool list.

Compared to electrician tool bags, It has become an easier way to transport large amounts of tools.

However, with so many backpacks available in the market how do you find the best electrician back pack?

I know, this can be overwhelming to consider, especially if you do not know what to consider while making your purchase.

No worries though. As always, I have already done the hard work in research and surveying the market, and have reviewed the best electrician backpacks in the below sections.

How I Made My List

What features make up a great electrician back pack and how to shortlist back packs based on those features? These were the questions I had to answer to make up a successful list of high quality backpacks for electricians.

To ensure that my list was not biased, I laid down a few rules and only selected the products that fully followed those rules.

The paramount feature I looked for in a bag was durability and water resistance. A tool bag must be made out of heavy duty fabric and quality stitching.

You do not want to find yourself picking up the tools that have fallen from a torn bag. Water resistance is necessary to keep your tools protected as you work through the rain.

My second priority was to pick out back packs that had good internal organization and layout. You want your tools to be set up for quick access and stored in safely. If you are constantly fiddling to find that screwdriver or hand tool, your productivity and concentration are affected.

Having quick access to your tools also mean that the bag should have an easy and spacious opening. There are some back packs with a big loop opening while others have zippers.

Lastly, carrying heavy weight throughout the day can be taxing on your body. Your tool bag should be comfortable and ergonomic. Usually, the best back packs come with padded straps and handles and a proportional weight distribution.

All the back packs in my list follow the properties I have listed above. Furthermore, I have made sure that these have a great customer feedback track record and a solid reputation in the online \ offline market.

My Picks For The Best Electrician Back Pack


Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

Klein Tools is always considered as the producer of quality tools for electricians. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack is made with the Ballistic Weave material that is durable and lighter in weight.

It contains 39 pockets so that you can store the army of tools and can benefit from the accessibility of your tools.  This electrician backpack comes with the size of 14.5 inches length, 20 inches height, and 7.25 inches height that ensures that you can comfortably carry it on your back and can carry large tools and a good amount of electrical material.

The bag has reinforced stitching and sturdy zippers. It has also got an appealing Klein trademark color scheme. It has the orange background and black pockets, so it becomes easy for you to identify the tools inside it.

The pockets are also very reasonable that give you the ample space for carrying pliers, razor knife, screwdriver, digital multimeter and other tools. It contains small front zipper where you can carry small parts and tools and side pencil pocket as well.

It also has sneaker like fully molded bottom that lets you protect it from the muddy dirt and elements. It stays 1.5 inches on the ground that ensures you that the sensitive tools inside the bag will not get any seepage and will stay safe.  It also has well-padded shoulder straps and handles that allow you to manhandle the bag easily.


  • Pockets with different sizes to carry different types of tools
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Shoulder straps as well as the handle
  • Interior color gives quick visibility to tools


  • Bottom of the bag is made up of plastic rather than rubber. Therefore, it might not be as sturdy and durable
  • Not water proof

Hence, the Klein Tool Backpack is a pretty good choice that enables you to carry the tools easily during your daily work.


Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack

The Milwaukee Jobsite backpack is designed for the professional tradesmen.  Besides the ample space to carry a bunch of tools, it also allows you to carry laptop and camera as well.  This backpack is very popular among the professionals because it speaks of quality, durability, and style.

It has 35 pockets that let you carry a ton of tools in an organized manner. As a technician, its important to be able to find the tools you need efficiently ; therefore, this electrician backpack helps you to manage your tools and find them easily in their designed pockets. It has both smaller and larger pockets so that the tools can fit according to their sizes. Therefore the structure of the bag provides the great benefit to the professionals

This backpack is made up of ballistic material that makes it soft and durable, and you can comfortably carry it on your back. On the interior side, it contains the multiple pockets while at the external side, two large pockets are present. One pocket can stretch and can hold a water bottle. The other pocket contains a pair of small pockets and hence enables you to keep writing materials or single handle tools. Non-stretching straps are present at the back that enables you to carry tools with clips there. Storage pocket with zipping is also there where you can store the frequently used tool.

The backpack has a very comfortable design with the pads and strips that allow you to carry the adequate weight easily. The chest buckle also helps in balancing and remarkably redistributing the weight.


  • Numerous pockets
  • Solid base that supports the bag to stand vertically
  • Provides adequate storage space
  • Lockable and durable
  • Professional outlook


  • Inelastic or too small side pockets
  • Size is little smaller
  • Not water resistant

The Milwaukee  Jobsite Backpack is a fantastic product that is highly recommended for the professionals looking for the solution to carry to carry their hand tools and laptops.


DEWALT Lighted Tool Backpack Bag


The DEWALT has offered a handy and sturdy choice to its customers. DEWALT Lighted Tool Backpack Bag comes with some attractive features for the electricians who have to manage a number of tools at their work.

The unique characteristic of the bag is that it comes with the LED light that enables you to illuminate the work area or even into the backpack so that you can easily identify the parts and tools.  It contains three levels of light output that enable you to have wide area illumination.

The backpack has a very attractive structure and design. It has 48 pockets inside the bag that can be used to carry multiple tools. Nine pockets are also present outside that help you in productively organizing your tools and parts. It has different sized pockets so that you can easily place tools with different sizes and find them quickly at the time of need.

The length of the bag is 15.5 inches, width 8 inches, and height 9 inches that give you the sufficient space to carry the tools and parts. This electrician backpack has also got the large external pads with the soft shoulder straps and padded handles that help in the additional comfort. This also helps you in distributing the load evenly and hence saves you from getting strained or back pain. It also has high-quality stitching and is made with the top notched material that makes backpack durable.


  • LED light that helps in illuminating the workplace or identifying parts and tools
  • Padded web
  • Adjustable straps
  • Numerous pockets


  • Bag is made in China and hence has quality problems
  • Customers are seen complaining about the light

Hence, The DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack bag allows you to store anything in it and is also very competitive and hence makes a tough choice when making a backpack purchase.


Custom LeatherCraft Tool Backpack

Custom Leather Craft (CLC) needs no introduction to the professionals, including electricians. This is a premium brand that makes top of the line products, with a long lifetime and a solid warranty to back them up.

The CLC 1132 back pack comes in an all-black color scheme, with the yellow logo of the brand stitched on the front. The bag is made from ballistic poly fabric, which will take lots of wears and tears but will not give away.

The bag is quite spacious inside and has a well-planned layout. There are seventy-five pockets (big and small), to hold all kinds of tools, without ever worrying about running out of space. In fact, for most cases, electricians would never require to even use all the pockets, unless you are doing heavy commercial and residential work on different job sites.

There are tool slots for different types in the front, where you can easily keep your wrenches, drills, side cutters, strippers, pliers and more in an organized manner, with quick access at the time of need.

There is a plastic tray embedded to divide the bag into compartments and keep your respective tools and accessories from mingling with each other. With a size of 13 by 17-1/2 by 9 inches, the bag can store all kinds of tools, without taking up an awkward or uncomfortable shape.

Except for its functionalities, the CLC back pack is also quite ergonomic and comfortable to wear for long hours. It has a padded shoulder strap to take off the feeling of heavy weight from your shoulder, while the adjust-ability of straps allows you to wear the back pack according to your height. If you do not want to wear the bag on your shoulders, you can always carry it with the handles, which have been padded and reinforced for a secure grip.


  • Amazing Quality – tough as nails.
  • Easy portability
  • Easy to carry by hand and back.
  • Lots of compartments.
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Padded handles and shoulder straps


  • Doesn’t expand or stretch
  • Tools not easily visible

All in all, you cannot go much wrong with a CLC back pack on your back. It is a great option for electricians working in both small scale and large scale gigs.


Nupla Black Back Pack

Nupla is a leading manufacturer of industrial tools and accessories. It has been operating for almost a century and has stamped its position in the market as a reliable and innovative company.

The Nupla 67419 Black Label back pack is one of the most popular choices amongst electricians. There is little surprise in this since the Nupla back packs are some of the sturdiest and long lasting ones in the market.

The 67419 Black Label is made from a ballistic nylon material, which is of the same standard as used for making gears for the military.

The material has been double stitched for reinforced durability and longer life. In fact, with the fabric being 20% heavier than the usual hardware bag fabrics, this bag can easily take on impacts, falls and pulls, without any visible wears or tears.

The seams of the bag have been stressed for added strength and double walled to prevent from tearing out and eventually losing their stitching. The shoulder straps are breathable for added comfort, while chest straps have been added for security. The bottom has a layer of rubber for preventing water penetration.

There are two large pockets and several small pockets on the bag. However, if you want to keep your tools organized, you may find yourself searching for a better layout inside the bag. For the most part, you can easily carry a heavy load of large and small tools in this bag, as you move from job site to job site.


  • Ballistic nylon
  • Reinforced stitching and seam
  • Rubber base
  • Breathable straps
  • Nupla warranty


  • Lack of organized pockets

All in all, this Nupla back pack is a great heavy duty product and will last you for several years.



Now I have reached the end of my reviews. I am sure that by now you would have a good idea of what a good back pack is and which one to choose. At the end of the day, your choice depends on your requirements and your budget. You can pick any of the products I have listed and have complete confidence in their functionality and longevity.

Best Electrician Tool Bag

An electrician tool bag may seem like a luxury, but, in fact, it is one of the necessities for an electrician.

A tool bag allows you to carry tools to the job site that you may note use all the time.

Most of your hand tools will be on your tool belt.

Carry a bag when you want to have quick access to tools you may not use all the time for example: hammers, roto split, knock out set, and so on just to name a couple of the larger tools.

Who Needs an Electrician Tool Bag

All electricians are recommended to have a tool bag. While the size and the style may vary, depending on whether you are doing a small scale or a large scale job, the fact is that it is quite easy to misplace or forget your tools and with a tool bag, you can easily prevent this problem from ever arising.

Now you might be wondering how to shop for a tool bag. You are not the only one. With the variety of products available in the market it is quite easy to get confused while selecting a tool bag for yourself.

There are some inexpensive ones, while others charge you a premium.

Some have room for extra tools, while others don’t have pockets. There are too many things to consider, especially if it is the first time you are considering to buy a tool bag,

How Did I Pick the Electrician Tool Bags in My List

Well, with regards to an electrician tool bag, most come with the standard options you might expect. There are a few that stand apart from the competition.

I made a short list of products by choosing the highest rated tool bags on online and offline market places.

What I looked for in the shortlisted products was durability, comfort, spaciousness and convenience.

A durable tool bag will keep your tools protected from impacts, resist wearing from heat and corrosion from water.

Similarly, a comfortable tool bag will make it easy for you to carry it around due to the extra padding in shoulder strapping and handles.

Spaciousness is again important, depending upon your job type, as some electricians use large tools which need large space, while others usually work with small sized tools and hence require smaller space.

Lastly, you want your tool bag to be convenient when carrying and using. Your tool bag should not feel like a burden as you move from job to job.

While these are the main properties which I looked for in my tool bags, I chose to eliminate any tool bags, from my short list, which had poor customer feedback. This allowed me to remove any chances of listing a bad product. After thorough research and surveying, I ended up picking 6 products which I feel are superior from the rest.

My Best Electrician Tool Bag Picks

Custom LeatherCraft 152916High 9 x 16 x 9 inchesLow4.4/5.0
Dewalt Tool Bag23High10.5 x 8.5 x 10 inchesModerate4.5/5.0
Klein Tools Bag78Medium20 x 14 x 11 inchesHigh4.3/5.0
Custom LeatherCraft 153950High18 x 14 x 7 inchesModerate4.7/5.0
Milwaukee tool bag50Okay12.9 x 12.6 x 3.3 inchesLow4.4/5.0
Husky 18 Inch Tool Bag18Okay18 x 8 x 6 inchesModerate4.1/5.0


Custom LeatherCraft 1529 16-Pocket, 16-Inch Center Tray Tool Bag

Customer Leather Craft (CLC) is a premium brand for professional wear, like gloves, boots and, of course, tool bags.

The 1529 electrician tool bag is a rugged and spacious tool bag, that is going make it super easy for you to move from one job to another, without packing / unpacking your tools every time.

The bag is made from polyester fabric and is bound to resist heat, water and dust, without showing any signs of wearing.

The size of the bag allows you to put all your tools in one place, but the design ensures that the bag does not feel too big to carry around with you. It has a 16 inch center tray, 8 pockets inside and 8 pockets outside to keep your tools organized and easy to access.

The tools are well protected with extra padding around the exterior, while the shoulder pad is adjustable to let you carry the bag in a position most comfortable for you. Put in your wrenches, pliers, testers, screwdrivers and all other accessories (large and small), and get working!


  • Durable and stylish
  • Import quality
  • 10 x 10 x 14
  • Multi-compartment
  • Plastic tray included
  • 8 Pockets outside and 8 inside
  • Extra padding
    Adjustable shoulder strap


  • No tape loop
  • Net pockets non elastic
  • Zipper quality could be improved


DEWALT Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

Next, we have the good old DeWalt, a trusted name in the world of electrical hardware and accessories, so it is no surprise that I have found one of its electrical bags for my list.

The DG5582 electrician tool bag has the trademark yellow and black color scheme, which is so symbolic of all DeWalt products.

It features dimensions of 8.5 x 10.5 x 10 inches, which is quite sufficient for keeping tools needed for medium to large scale electrical jobs.

The tool bag comes with an open top design for quick access and has a variety of storage options to keep your accessories: 23 pockets, 1 plastic tray, tape clip, wire strap and more!

The bag comes padded externally for extra durability and protection. It has an adjustable and non-slip shoulder strap for your convenience and comfort.  Expect it to last for several years and become your partner at work.


  • Adjustable, non-slip shoulder strap
  • Plastic tray
  • 23 pockets and slots
  • Open-top design
  • Measuring tape clip and strap
  • Spring clip
  • DeWalt warranty


  • Lack of sufficient small pockets
  • Top pockets not deep enough
  • Handle at the top not sturdy


Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Extreme Electrician’s Bag

As you would know by now, I am a fan of Klein Tools. As you can imaging, Klein is one of the leading manufactures in electrical products.

They KNOW how to design their bags to carry any electrical product you may carry.

The 554171814 Electrician Tool Bag by Klein is one of its most popular products in its range. It is preferred by all contractors not just electricians.

The bag comes in a black exterior and an orange interior, hinting the preferred color aesthetics of most Klein products. It is made from hard molded plastic frame and 1680D ballistic weave for super durability even in the most extreme conditions.

The bag comes with 78 pockets (inside and outside) to give you the ultimate luxury of keeping even your whole tool kit in it. Large or small tools, you will find no issues in storing anything.

The bag sizes 15 x 10 (W x H) and has a great interior layout, which will allow you to get your tools without fiddling for them.

The shoulder strap of the bag is adjustable and comes with padding for comfortable carrying. There are also lock bars installed on the front for securing your bag and preventing it from opening as you run from job site to job site.


  • 78 pockets
  • Ballistic weave
  • Shoulder strap with padding
  • Handles
  • Lock bars
  • Fully molded plastic frame


  • Heavy
  • Made in China (Advertised as made in America)
  • No long and wide pockets


Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag

It is no surprise that I have added another CLC Electrician Tool Bag as my number fourth pick in this list. There are just too many quality products from this manufacturer to only pick one.

The 1539 Electrician Tool Bag is a larger cousin of the previously reviewed CLC bag. It has a multi compartment layout and can become your ultimate tool carrier.

The inner compartments can easily store larger and smaller tools alike, with 18 pockets for an organized storage. There is even a large carabiner and a tape clip, along with long vertical pockets. On the outside of the bag, you will find seven pockets for your most commonly used units.

The bag is made from durable heavy duty polymer material, with a ballistic trimming, to ensure that it can bear the afflictions of an electrician’s job. The zippers are doubled for secure storage, while the shoulder straps have been padded for comfort. The handle is heavy duty in nature and gives a reliable grip. Overall, this is an excellent tool storage solution for professionals.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Vertical tool pockets
  • Spacious center compartment
  • Side zipper
  • Exterior compartments


  • Not water resistant
  • No tape loop
  • Elastic loops are poor in quality
  • Net pockets inelastic in nature


Milwaukee  50 Pocket Bucket-Less Tool Organizer

Milwaukee is a popular American hardware and accessories producer. I have reviewed several of Milwaukee’s products and have found them all to be of super quality compared to their average counterparts.

The Miwaukee Electrician Tool Bag is a top notch utility tool carrier. It comes with 50 pockets of various shapes and sizes (inside and outside) to give you the ultimate luxury of organizing your units exactly the way you want.

You may arrange your tools with respect to size or usage or in any other arrangement, since there the bag is quite versatile.

The pockets have been lined with ballistic threading and have an overall external padding for complete safety of your tools. There is even a hammer loop with quick access.

The exterior of the bag is made from heavy duty polyester. The material can tolerate water and heat, without showing any strains. It is rip resistant, meaning that you will never find your tools falling off the bag while going to a job site. The bottom has been molded with a hard shell for excellent support and greater protection.

The handle has been padded for giving comfort, even when the bag has several heavy tools in it.


  • 9 x 12.6 x 3.3 inches
  • Ample storage
  • 50 total pockets
  • Heavy-duty water resistant
  • Rip resistant
  • Padded handles
  • Internal hammer loop


  • Small in size


Husky 18 in. Large Mouth Bag

Husky is perhaps a brand that you would have not seen much on my website. It is not an electrician focused manufacturer nor is it a producer of hardware products.

The Husky 18 electrician tool bag is a basic version and I thought it would make a good addition to my list, since not every electrician is looking for a top of the line bag, with tons of features.

The Husky 18 comes in a red and black color scheme. It is made from a polyester and resin compound, which enables the bag to be soft but durable, as well as slightly resistant to water (don’t expect it to save your tools in rain). The bag has a large mouth and can be used to keep several tools at once.

There are only 8 pockets inside, so do not expect to keep all your things organized. I would recommend to use it if you are doing domestic or small scale jobs. There are 10 pouches on the exterior of the bag for keeping some of your most used units.

The handles of the bag are reinforced to give better grip and security. The shoulder strap is quite simple compared to the ones found on some of the products above.


  • Basic
  • Easy to use
  • 6 pouches in 5 pockets out
  • Water resistant
  • Super durable


  • Lack of sufficient pockets
  • Tools are usually kept in unorganized fashion



There is a huge variety of electrician tool bags in the market. They come in different colors, styles and sizes. While I am not saying that my list is exhaustive, I am sure that it covers all kinds of styles and features available in the market and gives you the most superior products to choose from.

Electrician tool bags make transportation of your tools very convenient and easy. You can move from job to job, without worrying about losing your tools or organizing them again and again. Get one which suits your requirement perfectly and start looking forward to your work every day!

Best Ratcheting Cable Cutter

A ratcheting cable cutter is one of the primary tools in the tool box of any electrician. It allows you to cut through multiple cables leaving a clean and smooth cut. These are ideal for cutting through 1/0 and greater.

When I started to do some leisure projects as an electrician for the first time, I was surprised by the importance of this tool. Indeed, now it has become one of the primary tools in my armory.

However, the thing about cable cutters is that they come in many types and may be specialized for some projects.

With all the shapes, sizes and capabilities for executing job involving copper, aluminum, telecommunication, TV and other types of wires, it can be difficult for you to select a good ratcheting cable cutter.

To help you with the selection, I am going to review the top ratcheting cable cutters for a regular electrician in this article.

Why Should You Buy A Ratcheting Cable Cutter

A ratcheting cable cutter allows you to cut wires accurately and cleanly, without finding yourself to improvise by using tools like a sawzaw or hacksaw.

Any electrician who is doing projects that require 1/0 wire and greater should make sure to keep with them a ratcheting cable cutter. I do not recommended caring it on your tool belt but keep it in your tool bag ready to be used.

Other than doing the job effectively, the cable cutter is also efficient and will save you tons of time in the long run.

How I Selected The Ratcheting Cable Cutters For My List

Now as you would well know by now, selecting a ratcheting cable cutters not easy. There are so many options in the market that are great choices. To save you time a the heart ache of research, I have done all the recon myself and created a list of cutters for you to review.

Well, not many electricians have the luxury of time to find the best ratcheting cable cutter for themselves.

To help such electricians, I decided to spend some time researching and reviewing the best products in the market at this time. Now, for starters, I decided to eliminate any products that have a poor performance rating or a below standard customer feedback. Why? Because I am looking for the top most products and hence these products would never make the cut anyways.

Now I was left with a much shorter list of ratcheting cable cutters that were good in their functionality and had credible feedback from previous customers.

Of course, this list was still longer than what I desired.

Now I laid down some specifications to base my further short listing on. The things I focused on were blade quality, cutting ability, steps in cutting and ergonomics.

Blade quality was my number one priority. If the blade is not durable or wears too easily, it is not of much help for a seasoned electrician, who does several gigs in a week.

Cutting ability was my second most important deciding factor. Some ratcheting cutters may only cut a few types of wires, like copper or aluminum, while others can cut several types without any hiccups.

Thirdly, I looked for the cutting steps. Usually one step cutting is slower than two step cutting and hence I preferred cutters with the latter mechanism. Ergonomics is perhaps as important as the blade quality, since a well designed cutter will allow you to do the job more conveniently and stay focused.

So after using these specifications, I was able to further cut down on my list. The final remaining products were all excellent, so I decided to get reviews about them from electricians and vendors in the market, who would know these products to the tiniest of details.

Finally, after getting the verdicts of the professionals, I was able to make the decision of keeping four ratcheting cable cutters in my list. These are all of high quality and will cover all of your wire cutting needs.


My List of Best Ratcheting Cable Cutters

Name BladeNumber Of StepsWire TypeErgonomic
Greenlee CuttersHeavy Duty1Aluminum, copper, steelYes
Klein Tools CuttersReinforced2Aluminum, copperYes
Temco HD Ratcheting Cutters Black Oxide1Aluminum, copperYes
Southwire CuttersReinforced2Aluminum, copperNo


Greenlee 759 Compact Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Greenlee is a top American manufacturer of electrician hardware. I have found the company to be reliable and effective in nearly all product types I have reviewed so far. The ratcheting cable cutter by Greenlee is one of these products.

The tool is quite lightweight and has a thin profile, which means that it is easy to work around with (1/2 inches long, 1.4 lbs. weight). The ratcheting mechanism is of single speed and comes with a blade release capability, which means that you can open the blades during the cutting.

Despite the compact size, there has been no sacrifice in the blade quality or strength. The blade is heavy duty in nature and can easily cut aluminum, copper and steel wires (aluminum (400.000 SQ-MM) steel (28.000 SQ-MM), copper (240.000 SQ-MM).), without wearing out quickly.

While it is excellent in its functionality, Greenlee has made sure that the ergonomics and design of this ratcheting cable cutter is also of superior nature. Being thinner and smaller than the standard cutters mean that you get more leverage and can easily use the tool in tight spots.

You can also easily store the cutter in your tool pouch, while working on site. Since only one hand is required to operate the tool, you can also switch between your hands and prevent cramps from developing.


  • Compact And Convenient
  • Single Speed
  • Blade Release Allowed
  • Heavy Duty Blades
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Not best for usage with steel

Klein Tools 63060 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Every electrician knows that Klein Tools is an ideal manufacturer, which makes its hardware to be most compatible and most convenient to electricians all around the world. The manufacturer has been operating in American for over two centuries and has cemented its place as an authority when it comes to dealing with electrician’s hardware.

The 63060 by Klein Tools is another quality product. It can be used for cutting through copper (600 MCM) and aluminum (750 MCM) wires.

Klein has enabled a hold open function that allows you to do fast cutting, while a quick release lever lets you open the blade during the cutting itself for the removal of cable. The ratcheting mechanism involves two steps and has been developed using a patented Klein technology, which allows you to get the same cut using fewer strokes as compared to an ordinary ratcheting cable cutter.

The blades have been reinforced with steel for greater strength and more durability, giving you the confidence to use them even for the toughest jobs. Klein Tools has also improved the cutting capacity of this tool, compared to its previous generations, which gives you a greater overall yield.

Design wise, the company has ensured that you can work with this ratcheting cable cutter for long hours. The special grip on the cutter gives you more leverage and requires reduced force for doing the job.


  • Cutting Copper and Aluminum Cable
  • Ergonomic
  • Reinforced Blade
  • Quick Release Lever
  • Hold Open Function


  • May Take Time To Get Used To Its Cutting Speed
  • Cutting Blade Can Be Difficult To Rotate



Temco HD Ratcheting Wire & Cable Cutter

Temco is another American brand in our list. It has been operating for over 5 decades and has been successfully delivering high quality and innovative product lines.

The Tempco TH0036 ratcheting cable cutter can be used to cut aluminum (1000 MCM) and copper (750 mcm) wires. It is a compact tool with a thin body, but can easily take big cutting jobs.

The blades have a black oxide layer and have been tempered and sheared before being attached to the tool, enabling them to be durable and strong while facing tough wires. You can open the blades during cutting, if you need to.

The handles have been coated with rubber for maximum comfort and grip while operating, while the telescope style gives you more control, especially while working in tight spaces. You will get great precision while using this tool and a super aligned cutting action, because of the ball dents on the handles.

If you need to do a small job, you can even collapse the handles and use the ratcheting cable cutter single handedly.


  • Handle Locking Mechanism
  • Cuts Coarse-Strand Copper & Aluminum Cables
  • Telescoping Steel Handle
  • Can Be Used One-Handedly
  • Blades Can Be Opened Mid-Cycle


  • Grip may be big for some hands
  • Lock may go flimsy



Southwire Tools & Equipment CCPR400 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Southwire is a leading manufacturer of industrial tools and equipment. Its ratcheting cable cutter is one of the best I have found in the market and makes up our last product in this list.

The CCPR400 can cut both copper (750 KCMIL) and aluminum (1000 KCMIL) wires. This makes it useful for most electricians, especially those working in small capacity.

The Southwire cutter has a hardened blade, made from steel, to cut through wires smoothly. The rounded blade design keeps the tool in alignment and prevents distortion while you cut the wires. The cutter has a two step mechanism, which will half your strokes per cut as compared to a single step cutter.

The quick lever release will let the blades open during the cutting process without any hassle. Aesthetics wise, the cutter has a yellow and black color scheme (reminds of DeWalt’s color scheme!) and a straight handle. It is a convenient tool but has nothing special in its ergonomics.


  • Hardened Steel Blades
  • Replaceable Blades
  • Copper And Aluminum Cutter
  • Quick Release Lever


  • Out of stock regularly




I have wrapped up with my list of picks for the best ratcheting cable cutters. Now, while this list is no exhaustive, it does give you a quick access to some of the best cable cutters I have come across and used myself. Remember that not all ratcheting cable cutters have the same capabilities or ability to handle heavy work load. You should pick one of the options which fits your requirements optimally.


Best Torpedo Level for Electricians

A torpedo level is one of many sorts of levels that are intended to make it simple for electricians to work in tight spaces by having both of their hands-free.

Its also and essential electrical tool in every electrician’s arsenal.

Named for its long and thin body, which looks like a real torpedo, this level is more advantageous than an ordinary level as its body size and features allow an electrician to measure up to four angles at one try!

There is an assortment of torpedo levels from various manufacturers in the market. If you are an electrician and you are looking for a torpedo level, you may feel overwhelmed  with the choices you have to pick from.

For your convenience, I have done the hard part i.e. research the market and review the top products. In the below sections, I am going to discuss some of the best torpedo levels available.

How I Made My Selection

Obviously, with such a variety of torpedo levels in the market, selecting only a couple can be difficult. Torpedo levels come in various designs and with different sets of features, yet they are comprised of some key components.

To guarantee that my list is unprejudiced, I recorded these key properties and shortlisted just those items that gave the best blend of those properties:


  • Leveling Function: Most torpedo levels utilize vials to demonstrate whether the surface is level. Most levels have no less than three vials, including one to demonstrate that something is on a flat plane level, one to show that it is vertically level, or one to demonstrate that it is adjusted to forty-five degrees. A level with four vials may likewise have a vial to demonstrate thirty degrees measurement. Also, some torpedo levels may have a laser leveling capacity incorporated with them.


  • Glow Material: Since torpedo levels are frequently utilized as in tight and dark places, many are outfitted with an element that lights up the vials. A battery is usually used to fuel the light, which is mostly a set of LEDs. There are also glow in the dark vials that allow you to take readings without using a torch or putting a battery in your level.


  • Working Edge: A working edge is the side of the level that is frequently put to a surface to help level it. Many torpedo levels may have a V-molded notch along the working edge that adjusts the instrument against the pipe and keeps it stable. Furthermore, torpedo levels frequently utilize a magnetic edge also, which is good if you are working with metals.


  • Level Construction: While picking a torpedo level, electricians ought to consider the material used to make its body. Plastic, specifically ABS plastic, is an effortlessly reasonable choice, yet if you are an involved in heavy-duty jobs, a metallic body should be a better option.


Numerous producers now offer computerized torpedo levels. These models utilize a digital interface to demonstrate exact edge estimations and are a good choice if you need perfect measurements.

These are the properties that I have used to rank the torpedo levels and eventually used that to come up with my list of the best choices.

After making my ranking, I also checked what the previous buyers’ experience regarding the use of a particular product was like and how was the customer support they got from the manufacturer.

I eliminated the products with poor feedback from the customers and narrowed down my list. For the final round of elimination, I requested several vendors and professional electricians in my area to test out the products and give me their feedback. Since the professionals have a great knowledge of tools, they were able to tell me exactly if there was any shortcoming in any of the products I picked and this allowed me to remove them.

After all the surveying and elimination, I was left with four quality torpedo levels and I am going to review them in detail below.

Top Torpedo Levels 2017

NamePriceVialsIlluminationV Groove + MagneticRating
Greenlee L107 LevelExpensive4Glow4.0/5.0
Klein ToolsLevelModerate4LED + Glow4.7/5.0
Empire LevelModerate4(3 + VARI-pitch)Glow4.1/5.0
Swanson LevelCheap4LED + Glow4.3/5.0


Greenlee L107 Level

Greenlee has been a reputed brand amongst the electricians since its inception in 1950. It’s L107 torpedo level is a professional grade device, produced under state of the art facilities and passed through a strict quality test.

Leveling Function:

The GreenLee L107 is a tool for professional electricians. It comes with a set of four vials: plumb, level, 30 and 45 degrees. The vials have been built to high manufacturing standards, while the design allows you to view them from the top as well as other angles, without breaking your position while doing a job.

Glow Material:

The liquid inside the torpedo level vial glows in the dark and hence you can work with it in low light conditions. However, it is not recommended to be used in complete darkness as it does not have a light in it.

Working Edge:

This comes with a V groove edge that allows you to put it on curved surfaces and the placement of the V groove on top means that you can also view your vials easily. There are four rare earth magnets on the edge that will let you put the level on any ferrous surface and continue doing your job, without finding yourself a hand short.

Level Construction:

This device is super rugged and will last you for a long time. The body is made from aircraft classified aluminum, which can easily take some beating without breaking. The level is also water resistant and will allow you to work in wet conditions.


  • Built Like A Tank
  • Strong Magnets
  • 4 Vials
  • V Groove
  • Compact


  • Size Of The Actual Bubbles Smaller Than Alternatives
  • Half Moon Cut Design Disturbs Stability

Klein Tools 935RB

Klein Tools is very popular amongst electricians because of its high quality and innovative products. While the

manufacturer isn’t the first one to produce a torpedo billet level, but its product is definitely one of the best in the market at the moment. The 935RB is a very precise and accurate device that will save you a lot of time and from making errors.

Leveling Function:

There are four vials included in this torpedo level, each for plumb, level, 30 and 45 degrees angles. The vials are pretty easy to read, with large prints, allowing even people with poor eye sight to work with the level pleasantly. All vials work perfectly and are deadly accurate. The top view windows are pretty nice and will make you more efficient during your job.

Glow Material:

Klein Tools has made sure that as an electrician you face no difficulty in working with this tool, even when you are in a tight and dark spot. The body of this level is made from anodized aluminum, which allows the orange color to be seen easily in low light. The vials have a lighting capacity and a unique shut down feature. The lightening quality is more than sufficient for you to execute any job, without requiring a pair of torch or headlamp. The auto shutdown feature helps save the battery and is activated after 3 minutes of no use. This helps to preserve the battery, especially if the device’s lights get switched on by mistake.

Working Edge:

The level comes with a V edge for an easy fit when working on pipes and an excellent alignment. Moreover, it has rare-earth magnets laid out on its edge which prevents it from falling out and holds a secure grip even on small metallic surfaces. The rare-earth magnets are remarkably strong and hold securely with a metal strip on the bottom of the level.

Level Construction:

The body is made from aluminum and is slightly larger than an average torpedo level. Nonetheless, the quality of the construction is remarkable and the level is not going to fail on you even after suffering some falls. Moreover, the whole body is entirely water resistant so you can even work with it in humid and rainy condition.


  • Large And Bright LED
  • Locking Track
  • Easy To Read
  • Professional Grade Billet Aluminum Body
  • 3 Minute Auto Shut Down
  • V-Groove
  • Water And Impact Resistant


  • Larger size
  • Heavy
  • LED life reported being short


Empire EM71.8

Empire Level, the leading maker of levels and other hardware tools in the United States, has improved its famous

True Blue product lineup. The Empire Level 8-Inch Magnetic Billet Level takes care of troublesome issues and allows you to make precise slopes.  The company gives a lifetime warranty for the EM71.8’s exactness, durability, and readability.

Leveling Function:

This torpedo level comes with three acrylic vials for your usual plumb, level, and 45 degrees requirement. However, in addition to these, there is another vial called VARI-PITCH (patented technology), which has markings for 0.125, 0.2, 0.375 and 0.5 inches. The level offers an easy reading of the vials due to the top windows and the unique e-Band contrast system used by Empire Level. The windows offer a 300 degrees viewing angle, which means you can get the reading from any position without being in an awkward position.

Glow Material:

There is no lighting system embedded in this level. However, the anodized aluminum body makes the device easy to spot in the dark. The acrylic blue color in the vials has a glow which helps in taking the reading off at night or in the dark. However, this tool is not recommended for regular work in the dark.

Working Edge:

Like all good torpedo levels, this one also comes with a V groove. Along with this, there is also a magnetic layer comprised of three neodymium magnets which allow the device to stick in one place while you are taking the measurements.

Level Construction:

The Empire Level aluminum billet level is assembled utilizing an exceedingly sturdy aluminum (aircraft quality) with tapered closures to permit easy handling in/out of the pocket. There is also a 6-inch ruler embedded in the device for added convenience. The body is break, leak and fog-screen resistant. The vials are made from a special material and are 400 percent stronger than the vials found in average levels.


  • Multiple Measurement Modes
  • Easy To Read With The E-Band
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets
  • V-Groove
  • 6-Inch Ruler
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


  • Not recommended for usage in low light
  • Discrepancies about country of origin (USA/Taiwan)
  • Some quality control issues reported by customers


Swanson Tool TL041M

The TL041M torpedo levels from Swanson Tool Company is exceptionally great. It isn’t the least expensive level you

can discover, however, the quality it conveys makes it certainly justifies its premium price. The billet development and laser-etching make this level convenient for any circuit repairman to have in his or her arsenal.

Leveling Function:

The Swanson torpedo level has four vials at 30, 45, plumb, and level degrees. These vials, alongside the Tri-loc connection, enables you to impeccably twist pipe above, close to, or beneath impediments without over bending the pipe. I tested it and it worked splendidly and effortlessly. The gadget also incorporates a laser scratched 5″ and 13 cm scale on either side.

Glow Material:

The bright orange anodized body and the glow-in-the-dark vial liquid allows you to use this level in low light conditions. There is a low powered LED light present as well, however, you might need a flash light, especially if you have eye problems, to take the readings off without straining your eyes or stressing.

Working Edge:

We found the V section on the edge to be flawlessly formed for tolerating round stock and the levels could be used for measurement of different pipes easily. The level likewise has four rare-earth magnets which are convenient in executing a two handed job. The level will stick to anything ferrous. The only bad thing regarding the edge is that the Tri-loc is on the side of the V groove, making it almost useless unless you remove the brass fastener.

Level Construction:

The level is made from billet aluminum, which means that the aluminum slap has been cut in a single go to achieve the shape of the body. The aluminum is very durable and get easily resist the impacts of a fall or stepping.


  • Durable
  • 4 Vials
  • Illuminated Readings
  • V Groove
  • Tri-loc
  • 2 Laser Etched Scales


  • Heavy
  • Lack Of Angles
  • Short Sized


Torpedo levels are fundamental instruments for electricians and one must be kept in your tool box. The products mentioned in this list are quite exceptional and have proven to work as the manufacturer states, with consistent positive feedback. I hope after reading this review you are clear about which level to purchase, according to your requirements.

Tip: Every couple of months, it’s great to check the precision of your level. To do this, simply put it on a level surface, ensure the air bubble is centered and then flip the level upside down and again check that the bubble is centrally aligned.

Best Electrical Gloves

If you are an electrician, you already know that most of the electrician jobs involve risks of injuries, burns, and shocks, making them possibly dangerous.

Your hands are perhaps the most affected body part while you are on job due to their close proximity to wires, tools, and sharp edges.

Therefore, a pair of high-quality electrical gloves is highly recommended for any electrician and is your first line of defense against any imminent risk.

The market is full of electrical gloves of different kinds and with various features.

While this is good in the sense that you have a lot of choices to pick from, but in the practical sense, it leaves you requiring a lot of time to sort through the options and find a quality pair.

Plus, if you are a first-time glove purchaser, you might not even know what to look for! To help you save time and prevent you from making a poor buy, I have researched the market for the best electrical gloves and have reviewed the top five products I found.

Why Spend Extra To Buy Gloves

Some electricians argue that buying electrical gloves are a luxury. I want to tell you that they are not. In fact, they are a basic necessity! According to National Safety Council, more than fifty thousand electricians are injured from various job related incidents and most of these injuries involve their hands.

By purchasing a pair of electrical gloves, you are going to protect yourself from any future danger. Ever heard about the saying that prevention is better than cure?

How I Chose The Picks

Wearing safety electrical gloves is common sense and prevents you from various kinds of harms including cuts, punctures, scraped area, dermatitis, nerve harm, and so forth. A Pair of gloves should be on every electrician’s tool list! Also add great pair of electrical boots to your safety equipment.

While everyone can get a safety pair of their choice, the genuine test here is to discover a set of gloves that actually last.

All gloves, irrespective of the material or brand, wear in time, it’s only an unavoidable truth. Be that as it may, in case you’re similar to me, you’d rather purchase a pair that keeps going a couple of years as opposed to half a month.

Gloves for circuit repairmen and electrical work must be snug and have incredible hold, keeping in mind the end goal to deal with the many jobs requiring intricate fixings, for example, wiring electrical boxes, connecting joints, etc.

For an electrical pair of gloves, nimbleness and adaptability are fundamental properties that allow the electrician to deal with tiny wires and links.

Similarly, cut resistance and impact protection are also vital. I have focused on finding gloves that are top notch in all these properties and more.  After shortlisting my selections, I surveyed the market for customer feedback and eliminated the options which had a poor ranking regarding buyer satisfaction.

Then, lastly, I also got in touch with vendors and professional electricians and asked for their opinion about my picks. After evaluating their opinions, I finally made my ultimate list, in which all the gloves are of great quality and are backed by solid customer / vendor feedbacks.

For your guidance, I’ve assembled a rundown of the best 5 best work gloves for men beneath. You’ll locate an extensive variety of materials, including my very own top choice, leather.

In the event that you require some additional features, I have you covered with an all-rounded pair as well.

Top Electrical Gloves 2017

Finger ProtectionPalm ProtectionComfortRating
Custom LeathercraftLowHigh4.2/5
Klein Electrician's GlovesModerateMedium3.7/5
DeWalt Work GlovesHighHigh4.4/5
Klein Leather GlovesHighXXMedium4.3/5
Klein Lineman Work GlovesVery HighMedium4.1/5



Custom Leathercraft 125m

CLC 125M is a jack of all trades. The pair is very popular among workmen from different industries and of course among electricians! These gloves convey an unmatched combination of style, purpose and quality. The gloves are designed for a cozy fit on your hands for finesse and less exhaustion, helping you complete the work with ease.

As an electrician, you are using your hands all the time for different kinds of jobs and these properties help you do the job right.  CLC utilizes quality materials and time-tried development strategies to make this a dynamic glove that you will want to keep on, both on and off work site.

The company has produced a Syntrex engineered palm material that prevents any scrapes during lifting of heavy-duty wires or fittings, and additional gives the pair a longer life. Lastly, the pair comes with a stretch fit technology for the thumb and a spandex top for ultimate flexibility and control.


  • Reinforced And Textured Finger Tips
  • Mobile Touch Screen Support
  • Padded Knuckles And Thumb
  • Flexible Spandex Top
  • Abrasion Protection For Palm
  • Insulation From Cold
  • Easy Putting On And Off


  • Seams At The Finger Tips Can Get Misaligned
  • The Padding Wears Down Quick
  • Some Of The Stitches Start Ripping Sooner Than Expected.
  • Not Suitable For Daily Heavy Lifting

CLC Electrical Gloves have a limited lifetime warranty, which is quite sweet and even rare! The warranty covers any manufacturing defect which you may have found before or during the use of the product. You can buy this pair with full confidence!


Klein Electrician Gloves

Since 1857, Klein Tools has produced the world’s finest tools for workmen including electricians. Today, many proficient electricians prefer to choose gloves made by Klein Tools.

The Klein 40074 Electrician’s Gloves come in two sizes, which ensure that you can wear a pair that fits your hand optimally. The gloves have a special palm and finger material (made from TPB 50%, Synthetic Leather 30%, Neoprene 20%) that gives sturdiness and slip resistance when pulling either wire or trying to link them to connections.

The region near the thumb and the finger tips have been reinforced for added sturdiness and protection. The spandex material is breathable and agreeable to wear throughout the day, preventing your hands from getting cramps, while the cuff has been engineered to make wearing and removing the gloves less demanding.

These electricians gloves are easy to maintain and can be washed in a machine. The pair is a great testament to Klein Tools’ devotion to quality engineering for electricians.


  • Created In The USA
  • Remarkable Palm And Finger Material
  • Solid Construction And Slip Resistance
  • Broadened Sleeve For Simpler On/Off
  • Reinforced Finger Points For Durablity
  • Fortified Region At The Thumb Base
  • Spandex Material Is Breathable


  • Not for use in cold.
  • Needs a “break in” period to be comfortable.
  • Not necessarily true to the size

Klein Tools provide a one year warranty with their Electrical Gloves, which although do not match the offer by CLC, is still pretty good and allows you enough time to test out the product and return it if you found any manufacturing error in it.


Dewalt Work Gloves

A Fortune 500 Company, DeWalt makes a whole range of accessories for workmen that are Guaranteed Tough.

Some of the accessories made by DeWalt are regularly used by electricians all around the world. The trademark yellow and black DeWalt DPG780 Performance Electrical Gloves gives a solid hold and security insurance where you require it most.

The TPR impact guards deters any possible injuries or abrasions from incidental bumps or scrapes while maintaining flexibility and comfort.

The palm of the gloves is made of a patented synthetic material, which can endure scrapings, and on top of that there is a layer of PVC on the exterior of the palm securing it totally.

The thumb likewise has a synthetic as well as a PVC layer for robustness. This pair also has special nail guards made from synthetic leather to ensure that you avoid any chances of the painful impact on your nails (electricians can get a habit of hurting their nails!).

The cuff of the gloves is made from neoprene hook and loop closure making it easy to wear them on or off. Finally, maintenance wise, you only need to put the pair in a washing machine every week to keep them looking like new!


  • TPR Protection
  • Synthetic Palm with PVC
  • Thumb Protection
  • Silicone Grip Finger Tips
  • Synthetic Leather Nail Guards
  • Neoprene Wrist
  • Machine Washable


  • Not dexterous for handling small parts like screws
  • Size issues reported by customers

As aforementioned, this pair of Electrical Gloves comes with DeWalts Guaranteed Tough label. This means that the product has a huge three year warranty period from the time of purchase.

Even more, it comes with a 30 days money back return, no questions asked.


Klein Journeyman Leather Gloves

Here we have another pair of gloves by Klein Tools. The Journeyman Leather Electrical Gloves are the ideal work glove for everything except the finest of undertakings with regards to standard work for electricians.

The cozy fit is an advantage of the Journeyman. While you can’t cut wires with a surgeon’s accuracy while wearing these gloves, for medium to huge work, and even some smaller work, these gloves are just about great.

The gloves are very tough because of their synthetic leather body and have finger protection on the top. A couple of areas of the back are made of an elastic material that makes the gloves simple to get on and off, and enable the gloves to have the cozy fit.

The pair showed itself to strike the correct harmony between protection and finesse. However, even with all the protection, the pair of gloves allow you to feel your work while on the job site.

While wearing the Journeyman, you can ream and run conduit, cut wire and execute numerous more jobs. The gloves are totally extraordinary for typical electrician jobs.


  • Sturdy Exterior
  • Comfortable Interior
  • Easy On/Off
  • Durahide Palm And Leather Layer For Finger Protection
  • Flexible
  • Can Stretch Back As Well As In The Front


  • Not Great For Use In Wet Conditions
  • Could Use Some More Padding
  • Break-In Takes Time

Klein Tools provides a single year warranty period for all of its Electrical Gloves range. This pair is no different.


Klein Tools Linemen Work Gloves

The last pair of gloves to be reviewed in this list is also by Klein Tools. Now you would imagine that this is a reputable and very reliable company, given the number of quality products it has, and its popularity amongst electricians all over the world testifies it!

The Klein 40082 Lineman Work Glove come in different sizes and are made from delicate grain leather body with strengthened synthetic palm and finger patches.

The 4-Inch leather and neoprene sleeves with side vents make using the gloves quite comfortable, while the twofold column cushioned knuckles guarantee enough durability for your day to day electrician jobs.

The 40082 gloves include a dark spandex back with Klein Lineman logo on the top. The yellow and black color may give the gloves a sense of the DeWalt style, which may or may not be a favoring factor depending upon your likeness towards DeWalt.

Overall, these gloves are a great pick if you are a linesman or a small-scale electrician.


  • High Quality Leather Body
  • Neoprene Cuffs
  • Vents On The Side For Sweat Control
  • Reinforced Leather Palm And Finger Patches
  • Padded Knuckles And Finger Tips


  • Some quality control issues
  • Sizing irregularities reported by customers

Like all other Klein Tools gloves reviewed above, this one also comes with a one year warranty, giving you ample time to test out the product and replace it if you find any manufacturing faults.


Now we have reached the end of our exclusive electrical gloves review. While this is not an exhaustive list, all the items in this list are tested and have a proven track record allowing you to have confidence while making a purchase.

Friendly tip: To help guarantee the life of the gloves and your hands’ security, gloves should be put away appropriately when not being used. This means that gloves must not be folded for a long time and should be kept out of unnecessary exposure to sunlight, dampness, ozone and or other chemicals that may react with the synthetic composition of the glove materials.

Best Electrician Boots

Keen Utility BootsAn electrician’s job requires adaptability and flexibility. There is a lot of climbing and maintaining awkward positions, while fixing the faults or implementing new installations.

If you are an electrician, you know what I am talking about. The adaptability and flexibility can be achieved by utilizing a good pair of electrician boots.

With so many options in the market to pick from, getting your pair of electrician boots right can be a difficult task. But picking a wrong option can make your job very uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Good news is that I have done a fair share of research and testing of the boots available in the market, and have reviewed the best options in the below sections.

My Experience With Electrician Shoes

My first pair of electrician shoes was a result of hasty decision making and no prior knowledge about the product. It is no surprise that it proved to be a poor pair and had me hating myself whenever I used it. Moving on from that time, I have learned a lot about how to judge electrical hazard shoes, the important properties that make or break the deal and the brands which can be relied upon with eyes closed.

I have surveyed the market and hand-picked the most popular EH rated boots. Of course, I had to sort through quite a lot of pairs, before I ended up with a handful which had a sweet balance of comfort and execution. I discussed my results with the EH rated shoes sellers and vendors, asked them about their opinion and tried to find out anything else which I may have missed. I also researched online for customer feedback about the products and dropped any shoes that may have persistent problems or poor buyer satisfaction. After coming up with my final list, I asked some of the electricians to wear the pairs and give their opinion on the shoes. I am happy to say that they were satisfied with the performance of the pairs in my list.

The Procedure For Evaluating And Finalizing The List

To make an impartial final list, I created a methodology for my review and based everything on it. The properties I looked for in the electrical hazard boots were:

  • Durability:  This is one of the most important factors in any professional working shoe and especially for electricians, since they work in various conditions (including extreme ones!). Therefore you want your shoes to be long lasting, especially if you are paying a good sum of money for them. A lot of testing had to be done to compare the durability of the shoes, as naturally all brands describe their shoes as being sturdy.
  • Protection:  Again, another one of the requirement for any electrician is that he is protected from electric shocks, heat and slipping. Therefore, any EH rated shoe should have be reliable and able to face the hazards of the job, which are very common in the everyday job of any electrician. For comparing the protection, I checked the EH rating of the different pairs and whether or not they come with protected toes. Generally, the EH rating should be high if you are working in an industrial environment, since they can tolerate very high amount of electricity without hurting you.
  • Convenience And Comfort:  Given the tough conditions you, as an electrician, may work in, the last thing you would want is your pair of shoes biting your feet or giving you itches. A quality pair of electrician boot will leave you in a good mood while you are working and improve your concentration on your job. So, in my list of recommended shoes, comfort will also be of utmost priority.

Who Should Buy The Shoes

It is strongly recommended that any professional electrician should get a pair of high quality EH rated boots, like the ones we mention below. While they may be expensive, but truth to be told, they can end up saving you from injuries or worse.
However, If you are mainly in residential settings you may not need a EH rated boot. EH rated boots tend to be more expensive then regular boots. Also most of the boots we reviewed also have some type of composite or steel toe. In general it is good in any setting to have steel toe shoes but in residential work when you are crawling through attics its better to find a boot that has excellent slip resistance or maybe find a great pair of tennis shoes.

Your new boots will be another important Electrical tool that you will use daily!

Best Work Boots For Electricians

Finally, we have reached to the main section of our article. In this section I have listed my top electrician shoes picks and have given details about why they have been chosen over several other options in the market.


Overview Comparison Table

Name:Price:Durability:Comfort:Protection: Rating:
Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe BootLowGoodExcellentGood4.2 / 5.0
Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe BootModerate Excellent GoodExcellent4.5 / 5.0
KEEN Utility Men's Braddock Mid Steel Toe Work BootHighExcellent ExcellentExcellent5.0 / 5.0
Wolverine Men's Tarmac Work BootHighGoodExcellentExcellent4.4 / 5.0



Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Plain Soft-Toe Work Boot


Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6 Steel Toe Boot

This Caterpillar soft-toe work boot is an excellent option to look at. We all know about the brilliant reputation of the Caterpillar brand and how its products are some of the best when it comes to using them for rough and tough work.


The CAT tag is synonymous with durability in the professional industry. This pair of boots is solid, to say the least. It comes with Goodyear welt construction, which is essential for working in harsh environment. If you are not aware of Goodyear welt, you can think of it as a construction method which allows the shoes to take the most extreme challenges without breaking down. The company confidently states that you are going to be able to work with this boot for many years to come and the sellers I have discussed with, are also backing this shoe to perform for a long time.


This pair checks all the marks when it comes to protection. It comes with reinsured steel toes, a slip-safe rubber-laid sole and an arch heel for stability while working on ladders. The traction and sturdiness of the shoes allow you to focus on the job at hand, without worrying about losing your balance. The shoes are also certified by ANSI (ASTM F2413-05 1/75 EH) for protection against electrical hazards for up to 600 volts.

Convenience and Comfort:

Despite being rough and tough on the outside, the pair is very comfortable to wear. It supports your feet with a nylon mesh lying and keeps away sweat from developing, while a unique climasphere technology keeps the internal temperature of the boots cool in summers and warm in winters. This allows you to stick with a single pair for the whole year. Lastly, the full grain leather body allows you to stick your boot in water without any worry.


  • Waterproof, Insulated And Comfortable
  • Moderately Priced
  • All Rounded
  • Can Tolerate Up To 600 Volts


  • Doesn’t have high levels of tolerance (waterproof, insulation, etc)
  • Shoe may take time to break for your feet

The buyers have rated this boot highly on all online platforms, which means that it performs to its expectations. Moreover, it is not the most expensive pair, which is an extraordinary incentive for such an astounding all-rounder electrician boot. All in all, this is a deal that will last.


Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt is a veteran shoe maker that is known its rugged and durable workplace products. It has been a popular brand for over two centuries and is a brand of choice for many electricians.


The sturdiness of the pair is a deal breaker for most electricians who work in industrial capacities. These work boots exceed expectations regarding their durability. With their cement development and their top-quality elastic outsole, these boots offer all electric repairmen the required sturdiness and reliability to make them approach their work with confidence.


These Carhartt boots have a composite toe that is very effective when handling heavy objects or sharp tools. The rubber base sole of the shoe protects your feet against dangerous chemicals and slippage, which is always an important requirement for working in industrial plants. Another security highlight of these Carhartt work boots is the EH rating (ASTM 2413-11), which will keep you shielded from electric shocks.

Convenience and Comfort:

When acting as a electric repairman, the solace that your boots convey is fundamental as every one of these specialists are required to work in long stretches of time, while mostly remaining on their feet. To take comfort to maximum, each boot comes with an EVA padded sole (with certified PU strobe pad and PU OrthoLite) that convey five layers of padding for each step you take. Buyers have pointed out that they feel like their feet are on the bed, when they put this pair on.


  • Leather construction
  • Rubber outsole
  • Water resistant
  • EVA midsole and patented pad technology
  • Lightweight


  • May be too wide for some feet

The customer reviews online have been awesome for this boot. Most of them love the value they are getting for the price of the boot. If you have the ideal fit, Carhartt CMF6366 6-inch Composite Toe Boot can become your optimal friend for work. It’s an extreme work boot, which can guard you regardless of what conditions you are working in.


KEEN Utility Men’s Braddock Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Braddock Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

Best known for making modern quality work boots to counter anything that nature and humans can consider, Keen offers this extraordinary pair of boots for electricians and assembly specialists who are most liable to get electrical shocks.


While the true life of these boots depend altogether on how one uses them, they are a high-quality pair and can easily last for more than a year when used in extreme conditions. However, utilization in normal conditions will drag out an additional year or so, making these shoes last a pretty long time.


Protected, waterproof yet breathable interior is what makes this pair a pretty good option to go with The rubber sole, with slip and oil resistance, gives a reassured grip while working. Better than average sewing and astounding cushioning with ASTM benchmarks took after guarantee a durable work boot for everyday electric work. The boot quality surpasses ASTM expectations meaning you are totally sheltered from shocks while working with electrical instruments, machines and contraptions, while the composite toe gives adequate insurance against drops.

Convenience And Comfort:

This Keen boot presents an agreeable, short break-in period. . It has a thick leather exterior, while the inside has nylon mesh for sweat and temperature control. Buyers feel this work boot is ideal for all-climate indoor working conditions and for winters, they offer respectable assurance for a hour tops. With the large toe enclose, I can guarantee you that your toes can spread out and breath, giving your feet enough space to flex and move.


  • Asymmetrical Toe Protection
  • Spacious Toe Box
  • Molded Reinforcement
  • Breathable Interior
  • Waterproof


  • High Price
  • Not For Freezing Winters

The customers are largely happy with buying this boot. It has all the features an electrician would want to excel in his or her job, however it is a bit more expensive than other boots in our list due to its premium manufacturing and features.


Wolverine Men’s Tarmac Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Tarmac Work Boot

Wolverine has run innovative with their new Legend work boots and these have been very successful in the market. The new technology used by Wolverine implies you’ll have the capacity to work longer and with less fatigue. Let’s check out the details below.


Constructed from leather material, the boot is built for execution, consolidating the comfort of durashocks with a rubber outsole to give predominant hold in differed conditions. Since the boot exterior is flexible, it can adjust to the climate and condition, which is an important factor in it having a long life. If you maintain this pair properly, you can easily use it for several years.


The new Wolverine Men’s Tarmac Work Boot offers an ideal mix of solace and security. They have a top-quality composite toe that is impervious to electric shocks, and also keep your feet ensured against any harm caused by a heavy drop. I can’t push enough how critical this component is for all electricians. Additionally, your feet will remain dry with the boot’s prevalent waterproof leather that has extraordinary films that keep water from getting in your feet. On top of that, these Wolverine Tarmac boots have a reflective wrap for visibility during night or in dark conditions.

Convenience And Comfort:

These boots have an awesome component, the ultra-light EVA padded sole which diminishes the boot’s weight and expands the solace given to the electrician’s feet. The boots also have a removable pad that makes them amazingly comfy for use during long hours, along with a good support at the neck to prevent ankle roll.


  • Leather construction
  • Unique cushioning
  • Flexible
  • Durashocks
  • H plate suspension


  • Heavier than expected
  • Insole may last for a shorter time

Customers are very satisfied with their purchases regarding this product, both online and offline. Many of them feel this is the best pair of electrician shoes they have bought. All in all, the Wolverine Legend electrician boots are a must have if you have the budget to spend!


While the significance of work boots is self-evident, picking the best match, that can be somewhat more confounded. Would it be a good idea for you to pass by brand or by cost? My determination of boots will enable you to get your most favorite one from an array of top quality choices. Every one of the items specified in my rundown are trending in the market and have a strong reputation for built quality, comfort, and in particular protection.

Best Electrician Knives

We have put together the best reviews on all of the top Electrician Knives in the market. There are many different types of knives available and each has their pros and cons. We will be reviewing (4) different categories of knives for electricians:

  • Utility Knife

  • Hawkbill Knife

  • Pocket Knife

  • Folding Knife

Each type of knife has its pros and cons. Its our goal to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your new knife. We will start out review the basic utility knives for electricians.


Our Overall Top Pick :

SOG Electrician Knife


For the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

Are you a homeowner, an electrician, a contractor or in any other occupation that requires stripping of wires? Then this folding knife is here to make things easy for you. The SOG EL01-CP with AUS-8 steel folding knife comes with many unique features that collaborate to provide excellent services to its users. Right from its multiple wire-stripping features, to its expertly designed blade, you will notice a significant difference between this accessory and other folding knives on the market.

What features make the SOG EL01-CP with AUS-8 steel folding knife exceptional?

  • Three distinct wire stripping mechanisms: This product features three excellent wire strippers. They include a hole stripper, a stripper bar, and spring-loaded stripper. These components aim at making your operations easy. With this knife, you no longer need to strain to skin your wires at work.
  • Stainless steel blade: This folding knife comes with a 3.4-inch AUS-8 steel blade with a straight razor sharp edge for easy cutting. Its blade has a clip point on its end that allows piercing through various materials effortlessly. The blade comes with a satin finish that adds some value and décor to this knife.
  • High-grade handle: This product comes with a black handle developed from a blend of glass and nylon. This handle has a schematic grip that prevents the knife from slipping through your hands. The handle is heavy-duty and doesn’t break even from high impact. The handle accommodates the blades when out of use thus preventing possible accidents.


 Pros and cons of this folding knife.


  • Durable: This folding knife is extremely durable. Its blade is designed from stee,l a sturdy material that is known to be corrosion resistant.  Also, its handle is hardened to withstand any impact. All these properties ensure that it serves you for many years without depreciating.
  • Razor sharp: The blade on this Folding Knife is very sharp. It allows you to cut through the hardest materials with ease. It stays sharp for a long time without requiring any sharpening. Again, it is easy to sharpen thanks to its steel material.
  • Safe: The folding mechanism of this knife ensures that it’s always secure and the blade well concealed. This prevents possible injuries that could result from open blades.


  • Over tightened blade: Some customers find it difficult to activate and deactivate the blade on this knife as it is a little too tight. However, this can be fixed by removing its center pin, lubing it up, cleaning it up and placing it back with your preferred amount of torque. This should make it easy to operate.

Overall this knife was our top pick for ever category. Its multi function makes it stand head and shoulders over its competition. Its easy to use and is a one stop shop for any type of wire stripping required.



Best Utility Knife:

In the electrical field a utility knife can also be referred to as a razor knife. These types of knifes come with razor blades that can be discarded after heavy use. The utility knife usually has a screw that when taken out gives you access to the razor blade. They also have a storage space built within the knife to house extra blades. These are great knives to have because the blades are pretty cheap (under a 75 cents each). Also you can pick up a large pack of blades for under $10. A great benefit is that it eliminates having to take your knife to get sharpened. Quickly change out your razor blade and BOOM your ready to go with a fresh sharp blade!




Dewalt KnifeFor the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

Dewalt Company’s motivation and top priority are providing their enthusiasts with high-performance accessories. They have always developed great products that are appreciated by millions of users across the globe. The Dewalt DWHT10035L Folding utility knife is an exceptional hand tool. It comes with excellent features that facilitate its incredible performance.  It finds its use in various sectors including construction, plumbing, and engineering to mention but a few. It features a sturdy metal body that facilitates its long, productive life.


What features make the Dewalt DWHT10035L utility knife outstanding?

  • Retractable blade: This product comes with a high-grade retractable blade that facilitates easy cutting. This blade is made to be 2.5-inch long to allow cutting through thick materials effortlessly.
  • Robust handle: This folding utility knife features a 6.25-inch long handle that provides a convenient storage of blades when out of use. This eliminates possible accidents that come with open blades. This handle also facilitates easy use of this knife.
  • Folding mechanism:The folding mechanism of this product reduces it to a small size when not in use. It’s, therefore, easy to move with this knife from place to place.
  • Rapid-load blade change: Shifting from the use of one blade to the other is quite fast with this product. You don’t waste your time while changing the blades. This ensures a smooth running of various operations and completion in time.

Pros and cons of this folding utility knife.


  • Durable: This utility knife comes with a rugged metal body. Its metallic material shields it from any impact and resists corrosion ensuring that this accessory serves you for a long time without depreciating in quality.
  • Lightweight: This product comes with a weight of only 0.399Lbs. It’s a lightweight product that is easy to carry around and handle at work. It’s hardly felt when placed in the pocket.
  • Affordable: In addition to its high-performance, this product comes at a reasonable price to suit those operating on small budgets. Cost should no longer hinder you from getting a quality product.


  • Strenuous blade activation: Some customers find it difficult to open up the blades. However, this is only experienced when this product is new. With proper oiling and regular use, the activation process should become comfortable.

Overall, this is one of our favorite Electricians Knife on the market. Dewalt has a great name in the business. This knife is a perfect addition to your tool belt. Check out more reviews and the lowest pricing for the Dewalt DWHT10035L on Amazon.


Runner Up: Milwaukee 48-22-1901

Milwaukee Utility KnifeFor the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

The Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Utility Knife is designed for use in the hard working construction field. It is perfect for making cuts on large gauged conductors. Among the many utility knives on the market, this model stands out as it comes with an excellent construction which facilitates its high-performance. Opening and closing this utility knife is quite easy. It comes with a deep finger notch and a contoured handle that provides maximum handling grip. This ensures maximum security and comfort when utilizing this accessory. Its spring, all-belt hook helps in the portability of this knife.


What features make this utility knife exceptional?

  • One hand blade activation: This product comes with a flip blade that integrates with its activation mechanism to open three times easier and faster than regular blades. You can, therefore, hold your wires in one hand and activate this knife with the other arm effortlessly.
  • Heavy-duty wire strippers: It features a robust wire stripper that comfortably strips wires of up to 10 gauges. You are therefore in a position to tackle tough wires confidently.
  • Gut hook: With the gut hook that comes integrated with this utility knife, you are free to cut wires without activating the blade. It spoils you for choice and you can choose not to use the blade.
  • Thin overall design: This product comes with a small body that facilitates easy storage in the pocket. It also contributes to its portability.

Pros and cons of the Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Utility Knife.


  • Flexible: Unlike other utility knives which come with large handles that make them unsuitable for people with small hands, this model comes with an all-round handle. The handle can be used by people of all hand sizes comfortably. This makes this product unlimited to the palm size and can be used by anyone.
  • Easy to use: This utility knife is quite easy to use, thanks to its one-handed blade activation mechanism, contoured handle, and the finger notch. Its thin body allows easy handling for smooth operations.
  • Affordable: You will never find any other utility knife model with the same quality as this one and comes at this price. This product is reasonably priced to ensure that people operating on small budgets are not left out.


  • Weight: The many exceptional features that come with the Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Utility Knife are responsible for its 8.8-ounce weight. However, as long as this product brings you a performance you won’t find elsewhere, it’s always good to appreciate and bear with its slightly bulky nature.

Overall Milwaukee makes great tools that are the some of the most highly coveted in the market. Their razor knife has great potential to be one of the best in the electrical field.


Best Hawk bill Knife

I typically see the Hawkbill style knife carried by seasoned electricians. It has the resemblance of a hawk’s talon. The curved edge of the blade is great for keeping wire from slipping off the blade when you are stripping toward you. This knife is probably the best at stripping large conductors. The tip of the blade is great for stripping romex.


Our Top Pick: Klein Tools 44005


Klein Hawkbill Knife

For the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

Klein makes the best electrical tools in the industry. That prestige does not stop with hand tools. It carries over to knives also. This high-performance lock-back knife is made with an aim to aid any electrician out there. An electricians knife will be used daily and you need something that can stand up to the harsh conditions. Right from its robust, sharp blade to its nylon resin handle, you will notice a significant difference from its competitors on the market. All its excellent features make this lock-back knife the no.1 choice for most professional tradesmen.



What features make the Klein Tools 44005 exceptional?

  • 2-5/8-Inch sheep foot heavy-duty blade: This knife comes with a sturdy blade developed from AUS 8 stainless-steel. The material alone speaks volumes as steel is known to be rust resistant and maintains its sharpness for a long time. The steel material is further hardened to about 59 RC to acquire maximum cutting strength. You are therefore free to cut through the toughest material with this lock-back knife without it bending or getting blunt.
  • A superior edge handle: This blade comes with an expertly designed nylon edge handle of about 4-1/8-inch. This handle is further fitted with a rubber insert. This holding design is set to facilitate easy handling at work. Also, this feature allows this blade to fit perfectly on your hands to prevent it from slipping through and causing accidents at work.
  • A reversible thumb stud: This feature is set to allow you open this blade by the use of only one hand. Also, closing it safely before storage is easy thanks to this vital feature.

What are the pros and cons of the Klein Tools 44005?


  • Sturdy and durable: Every component of this premium quality lock-back knife is carefully developed to facilitate its long life. This blade is meant to serve you for many years without any significant depreciation in quality thanks to its heavy-duty nature.
  • Flexible: This blade is made for use by everyone, regardless of their hand sizes. Unlike other models that come with large handles, this product’s handle is expertly designed to suit people with big or small hands.
  • Ease of use: No complicated user procedures are linked to this blade. Its sharpness facilitates running through hard materials with ease. However, one needs to be more careful to avoid injuries as this blade is very sharp.


  • There isn’t much to say about the dark side of this product. However, some buyers are occasionally disturbed about its price. Fortunately, with continuous use of this product after purchase, many are seen to appreciate its performance as it gives a proper account for their money.

Overall this is the best knife in the hawk bill class. You can never go wrong with a Klein knife. Find the best price and availability for the Klein Hawk bill Knife on Amazon.


Close Runner Up: Milwaukee 48-22-1985

Milwaukee Hawk Bill KnifeFor the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here 

Milwaukee Company has always been on the front line in the production of high-quality pocket knives. Their latest cutting accessory, the Milwaukee 48-22-1985 hawk bill folding knife, is carefully developed to make it your best companion at work. It’s not only easy to utilize but also easy to handle. Whether you want to cut boxes, wires, ropes or plastic, this pocket knife should be your best choice. Its blade remains sharp long after purchase and sharpening it is quite easy.

From its various exceptional features to its accompanying benefits, one can tell that this is a perfect pocket knife. It’s also durable, affordable, and creates a lifetime experience to it enthusiasts due to its excellent performance.

What are the features that make this hawk bill pocket knife outstanding?

  • Press and flip mechanism: With its press and flip operation, activating this folding knife with one hand is possible. You don’t need to struggle to get the blade at its working position.
  • Curved hawk blade: This folding knife features a sturdy stainless steel blade. It comes super sharp upon purchase and also sharpens up with ease. Its curved shape allows easy slicing and cutting of wires around the edge to eliminate the insulation.
  • Liner lock: The liner lock on this accessory is there to secure its blade when in the open position.
  • Reversible belt clip: The wire-form, reversible belt clip on this folding knife is there to ensure that it stays secure on your pants. It facilitates easy access and prevents fabric damage.

Pros and cons of the Milwaukee 48-22-1985 Hawk Bill Folding Knife.


  • Ease to use: This cutting accessory is designed to be easy to use. Its press and flip operation allow opening it with one hand. Also, its sharp blade facilitates easy cutting through the hardest materials effortlessly.
  • Lightweight: This folding knife comes with a weight of only 0.37lbs. This makes it extremely lightweight. You should be very comfortable with moving it from place to place and handling it at work.
  • Affordable: All across the markets, you will never find a high-quality folding knife with a low price as the Milwaukee 48-22-1985. It’s clear that the manufacturer’s main aim is providing you with the best product aside from making money.


  • There isn’t much to say about the dark side of this folding knife. However, some people complain about its belt clip as it tends to bend and hung up after some time. Fortunately, you need not fret as it can be eliminated or replaced.


Runner Up: Greenlee 0652-28

Greenlee Hawkbill Knife

For the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

Whether you are an electrician, a HVAC Tech, a plumber, or in any other profession that demands the cutting of some materials from time to time, purchasing a heavy-duty hawkbill knife is inevitable. With a high-grade knife, your operations should always run smoothly. In the quest to ease the work of millions of workers across the globe, the Greenlee Company has come up with the Greenlee 0652-28 pocket knife.

This product comes with exemplary components. Among them are a heavy-duty cutting blade, a convenient handle, and an added belt clip. All these features are geared towards ensuring that you get the best from this priceless pocket knife.

What features make this pocket knife outstanding?

  • A heavy-duty stainless steel blade: The manufacturer aims at making this product’s edge corrosion resistant and therefore very durable. Its blade is developed from a premium quality high carbon 440c stainless steel alloy, a material known for its strength and hardness. It stays sharp for a significant time after purchase. Sharpening this pocket knife is also easy. Its material ensures maximum corrosion resistance ensuring that it lasts long without depreciating in quality.
  • Sturdy handle: This pocket knife comes with a robust rosewood handle of a reasonable size to ease handling. The handle is hardened to ensure it doesn’t break even after falling from high grounds. The handle comes with an excellent finish that spices up the look of this pocket knife.
  • A steady belt clip: This product comes with a stainless steel belt clip that facilitates smooth movement with it. All you need is attaching it to your belt and you are free to move around with this accessory with ease.
  • Lock-back mechanism: The Greenlee 0652-28 pocket knife features a lock-back design that conveniently conceals the blade when out of use. This ensures maximum safety from cuts while it hangs from your belt.

Pros& cons of the Greenlee 0652-28 pocket knife.


  • Lightweight: This accessory weighs only 4 ounces. Its lightweight design makes it ideal to move with from place to place. Handling this pocket knife at work is also easy thanks to this property.
  • Durable: With the sturdy materials used to make the blade and handle of this pocket knife, this accessory is set to serve you for many years without depreciating in quality. Its blade is thick to ensure it doesn’t bend even when cutting through hard materials. It, therefore, creates a great experience with no disappointments throughout its life.
  • Safe: This product ensures maximum safety to its users. Its lock-back design ensures that the cutting edge is fully concealed to prevent injuries. Its belt clip is there to prevent the knife from slipping through and causing injuries. This belt clip also ensures its maximum security from theft as it’s always attached to your belt when out of use.


  • Wiggling of the blade: It’s important to mention that the blade of this product wiggles a little right from the box. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from using this pocket knife as it works perfectly even under this condition.


Best Pocket Knife:

Most electricians don’t typically  carry pocket knives for their day to day work. Its most handy during the trim out phase of a project. During the trim out phase, electricians don’t tend to carry all of their tools but only handle specific ones for trimming out plugs and switches. A pocket knife is handy because it can easily remove romex sheathing and greatly reduce the amount of weight of your tool belt. Its easily stored in your pocket!


Our Top Pick: Klein 1550-6 

klein-pocket-knifeFor the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

Developed right after the release of the Klein Tools 1550-2 pocket knife, the Klein Tools 1550-6 pocket knife comes with an enhanced quality and better performance than its predecessor. It comes with extra features that make it ideal for use in a variety of professions and adventures that demand a cutting accessory. It comes with a spear-point blade, a screwdriver blade and a sheep foot blade that collaborate to ease various operations in your line of work.

What are the features that make this pocketknife outstanding?

  • A sturdy screwdriver blade: This pocket knife comes with a screwdriver blade that is designed from carbon steel, a material known for its strength. This blade has a length of about 2.5- inches; long enough to reach out for tightly fitted screws. You no longer need to carry heavy screwdrivers as this screwdriver blade has got it all covered for you.
  • A 2-3/8-inch sheep foot blade: This blade is expertly designed to facilitate drilling through different materials effortlessly. It comes with a well-sharpened end that pierces even the hardest materials smoothly. This blade is made from carbon steel so that you can be sure about its strength.
  • Spear-pointed blade: Among the best features of this pocket knife is its sharp 2.5-inch spear-pointed blade. With this blade, you are free to cut through the hardest materials effortlessly. It stays sharp for a long duration after purchase. Sharpening this blade is quite easy thanks to its carbon steel material.
  • Heavy-duty plastic handle: The Klein Tools 1550-6 pocket knife comes with a robust handle. It’s fitted with a lock that safely stores the blades when out of use. This handle prevents possible accidents in addition to facilitating easy use of its components.

Pros and cons of the Klein Tools 1550-6 pocket knife.


  • Lightweight: This product comes with a weight of only 0.4 pounds, making it a lightweight pocket knife. Carrying it with you throughout the day should be easy as its weight is insignificant.
  • Durable: The materials used to make its blades and handle are carefully selected to ensure that this product lasts long. It, therefore, serves you for many years without depreciating in quality. You are therefore sure of a great experience with this accessory.
  • Flexible: This pocket knife is made to suit all hand sizes. Unlike other brands that come with large handles that make them unsuitable for people with small hands, this product’s handle is all-around. It works with all individuals irrespective of their palm sizes.


  • Laborious to unlock the blades: Though very sharp and durable, opening up the blades of the Klein Tools 1550-6 pocket knife, is quite strenuous. It requires a little more effort. However, with proper oiling and regular use of this great pocket knife, the blades will eventually loosen up.


Best Folding Knife:

Our Top Pick: Klein 44201


For the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

A wise electrician looking forward to saving time, money and avoiding stress at work knows that getting a quality pocket knife is a sure bet for the smooth running of their daily operations. The Klein Company understands the consequences of getting into the line of work with an inferior quality pocket knife. That’s why they have taken their time to develop the Klein Tools 44201 pocket knife. This is a one of a kind pocket knife that comes with a durable steel blade and a well-fitted aluminum handle to ease your various operations out there. It lasts long and never disappoints thanks to its excellent design. In addition to its quality, this product comes at a reasonable price to suit people operating on small budgets.

 What features make the Klein Tools 44201 pocket knife exceptional?

  • A sturdy-razor sharp blade with wire stripping notches: This pocket knife comes with a satin 440A, stainless steel blade. Its material speaks volumes about its durability as steel is known to be corrosion proof and durable. The blade is super sharp to facilitate easy cutting and stripping of wires. The notches on its edge facilitate quick stripping of wires with minimal effort.
  • High-grade aluminum handle: The handle on this pocket knife is designed from anodized aluminum; a robust and corrosion resistant material. This handle facilitates easy handling of this pocket knife.
  • Other features: Other features on this pocket knife include dual thumb well-gripped studs that facilitate one-hand operation.  Also, this pocket knife is fitted with a pocket clip that maintains this accessory within range for easy accessibility.

Pros& cons of the Klein Tools 44201 pocket knife.


  • Razor sharp: Cutting through the toughest wires and other materials with this pocket knife is very easy thanks to its super sharp blade. Minimal effort is required, facilitating a smooth and a stress-free running of daily operations.
  • Durable: Judging from the material used in making the blade and handle of this pocket knife, one can automatically tell that this product will last for years without depreciating in quality. The corrosion resistance nature of this product is among the factors that ensure its long life.
  • Lightweight: This accessory comes with a weight of only 3.2 ounces. Its lightweight property ensures easy handling at work and also a hustle free transit from place to place.


  • Unreliable pocket clip: Relying on the pocket clip fitted on the Klein Tools 44201 pocket knife could be a big mistake. It’s a little loose and may result in you losing your precious pocket knife. However, you are free to tighten it or replace it as it won’t cost you a coin.


Electrician Tool Belt Reviews

In the market for an Electrician Tool Belt?

We asked the pros and put together the best tool belt guide complete with comprehensive reviews.


We asked Master and journeymen electricians in the field what they looked for in a tool belt. What we found was not surprise to us. Most guys in the field prefer belts with built in back pads with built in suspenders.  So we made a great resource you could always refer back to.

Large Tool Belts

This type of belt you will carry during your normal 8am – 5pm job. The most important attributes will be how comfortable it fits and capacity. Its best to choose a belt that has good padding and allows for suspenders to be an option. As for capacity, you want to be able to carry the most essential tools and materials for the day.

Most job sites require you have access to your materials and tools quickly. The large tool belt allows you to carry what you need for the day. Below are some of the best belts we could find.

Custom LeatherCraft 1608 Electrical Tool Belt


Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician Tool Belt

Leatherfraft Belt Features:

  • Padded Suspenders are included. This reduces the stress and weight on your hips. Allows for even distribution on your shoulders and hips. Great from your lower back!
  • Comes with Handles on the Side for easy carrying when not around your hips.
  • Has a zipper that locks in your tools so they will not fall out when transporting.
  • Has a built in drill pocket that easily fits any cordless drill so its ready at your finger tips!
  • Belt is patted and comes with double tongue steel roller buckle.
  • Approximate wight is 8 pounds
  • Fits waist sizes from  29 – 46

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CLC 1608 Descriptive



Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Electrical tool belt


Milwaukee Electrician tool belt

Milwaukee Belt Features:

  • Comes with 29 pockets. This allows storage of every tool you could ever want to carry!
  • Rigid Nylon construction. Greatly reduces moister retention from sweat.
  • Rived seams with all metal Hardware.
  • Integrated carry handles for easy transportation to job site.
  •  Pockets are made with puncture resistant material.
  • Suspender ready clips built in.
  • Very comfortable on hips due to padded belt.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

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Milwaukee tool belt



Rack-A-Tiers 43243 Electrical Tool Belt


rack a tiers electrician tool belt

Rack-A-Teirs Features:

  • Comes with a padded built with air-channel ventilation. This helps minimize sweating.
  • Contoured back support built into the belt. Great for long extended days on the job. BACK SAVER!
  • Very strong nylon web core interior. Built will stand the test of time.
  • Reinforce stitching with heavy duty metal rivets
  • DuraTec fabric with high density nylon webbing around pocket opening
  • Built in carrying handles
  • Suspender ready! Has built in suspender rings.

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rack a tiers electrician tool belt



Occidental Leather 9596 Pro Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 9596

Occidental Leather Features:

  • Premium Product with all leather bag. Fully adjustable to fit any electrician.
  • Specifically design with the electrician in mind.
  • Strategically placed pocks for faster tool usage.
  • Super heavy duty design to last a lifetime.
  • Quick access pock for small tech screws or wirenuts
  • Built in suspender rings
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA!!!!

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Occidental Leather 9596



Occidental Leather 5590 Commercial Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 5590

Occidental Leather Features:

  • Premium Product with all leather bag. Fully adjustable to fit any electrician.
  • Specifically design with the electrician in mind.
  • Strategically placed pocks for faster tool usage.
  • Super heavy duty design to last a lifetime.
  • Hammer holder with built in tool pocket
  • Quick access pock for small tech screws or wirenuts
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA!!!!

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Leather Tool Belt



Trim Out Tool Belts

Trim out tool belts allow for you to quickly install receptacles, switches, and plates. The tool belt allows for the basic tools for trimming out a job site.

I usually have a canvas pouch ( Like This ) in the front and my trim out belt on the right hip side. If your left handed you will carry it on your left side. This set up allows for easy access of your tools/miscellaneous material. It also help you move around faster due to not carrying a full load of tools. A nice factor about this set up is when you have to kneel down to install receptacles, nothing jabs you in the mid section. Add a drill holder and turn yourself into a trimming machine!









Tool Belt Suspenders 

When it comes to suspenders I personally like padded ones. If you select a tool belt that already comes with suspenders you may take a look at what is on the market that could provide more comfort. Its common now a days that the market includes suspender rings built straight into the belt. Most suspenders come with attachment clips and have cell phone holders. Here are some great option below.








Tool Belt Accessories 

I have created a list of some of the most common tool belt accessories. Some of these are really handy to have. These are not a necessity but do improve speed and efficiency.  My favorite ones are the magnetic tool/screw holders.




















What makes a great Electrician Tool Belt?

We have come up with a few things to consider when you make your purchase. Maybe these are ideas you have not thought about when trying to make your decision. We wear our belts daily in the field and have come up with what we believe are the major buying factors you should consider.


#1 Comfort and Fit

Its super important to wear a belt that fits you correctly and is comfortable. Lets face it, if your in the field it will never leave your hips. You want to make sure that nothing is poking you or causing you to feel uncomfortable. Just remember that any tool belt will have a “break in” period. It’s going to take some time for the belt to loosen up and fit your body just right. I have always found that belts that have a pads and are breathable have always felt the most comfortable.

Another way to help the belt feel more comfortable is to wear suspenders. Suspenders take some of the weight off your back and hips. This is done by distributing the load between your shoulders and waist. This allows you to wear your belt a little loose around your hips.


#2 Durability

Choose a belt that is going to last for a while. Some belts just are not built well. Seams and rivets start to pull apart. You want to choose a belt with superior qualities. Leather tool belts do hold up pretty good but over time the leather stretches and wears out. Nylon should out last leather belts and most come with pads for your hips. My favorite style are the belts that blend leather and nylon into one belt. These tend to have the best of both worlds!

Your belt is going to take a beating on the job site. Its also going to take a beating in your work truck. Your most likely to store your belt in your tool box. This is a good option but be careful when placing sharp tools around your belt. These have a tendency to cut and poke holes. Buy a bag to store your belt in. This way your bag takes the beating and is way cheaper to replace.


#3 Customization and Capacity

It’s always best to choose a belt that is specifically designed for Electricians. Its not a problem using a construction tool belt but most will not have any spots for individual tools. Most only come with large pockets  for larger tools like squares and marking tools.

Look for a belt with dedicated spots to quickly and easily grab your hand tools. Also a tape holder comes in pretty handy but watch out because sometimes your black tape might rub up on a finished walls!

I personally don’t like the hammer holder. Most times it sticks out further than the pockets and can really make a mark or even a dent in a wall. Look for something that has the independent hammer holder on the back. I mostly do commercial and don’t need a hammer. I replace the hammer holder with a drill holder like this ONE!


#4 Material Type

When it comes to material there are 2 types, leather and nylon. Most of the dinosaurs  in the trade swear by leather. During there prime that is what was available and at the time the best material. Now nylon competes quiet well with leather. Nylon does not absorb sweat the way leather does. After a long day working, I don’t personally like the sweat smell to follow me in my truck.

Majority of the nylon belts come with a padded hip. This helps reduce the stress on your hips. Test both out for yourself! I recommend buying each type, try it on, test it out, and return the loser!



Tool Belt Safety

We have done our due diligence when it comes to researching how a tool belt effects our safety on the job site. We tend not to think of a tool belt as being safe but what we fail to consider is how it will effect our bodies. The main part of our body the tool belt will effect is our backs.

After a long hard day on the job its common to feel some soreness in our backs or our feet.  If you ever feel more than just soreness, take a moment and figure out why.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • More than 1 million workers suffer back injuries each year
  • Back injures account for 1 in 5 workplace related injures

According to Safety and Health magazine Here are a couple of ideas to help alleviate back pain or injures:

  • Use padded suspenders to distribute weight on your shoulders and hips
  • Use a padded belt for more comfort
  • Only carry tools specifically for the tasks of that day
  • Keep your extra tools in a tool bag or bucket