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Best Cordless Hammer Drill for tradesmen

Best Cordless Hammer DrillThere are many high-quality brands like Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Bosch. Some other low-priced products are also available, but they might not offer the same quality that you expect from high-end brands.  Hence, the question remains that which is the ideal product to buy.

Before you select the right cordless hammer drill, you need to identify all your requirements. If you can pinpoint all your needs accurately, it will be easier to look for the right options, and then you can narrow them down further. We bring you some of the best cordless hammer drill reviews that will assist you in making the right choice that meets all your needs.

We have also developed a cordless hammer drill comparison table to make things even simpler.

NameTorqueBPM RPMPrice
Makita Cordless 1/2" Hammer Driver-Drill Kit480 lbs.up to 28500BPMup to 1900RPM $$
DEWALT Brushless Premium Hammer Drill Kit 550 lbs.up to 34000BPMup to 2000RPM $$
PORTER-CABLE MAX Hammer Drill Kit 475 lbs.up to 27200BPMup to 1900RPM $$$
Bosch Brushless 1/2-Inch Tough Hammer Drill Kit442 lbs.up to 25500BPMup to 1700RPM $$$
Milwaukee Compact 1/2" Hammer Drill Kit 525 lbs.up to 30000BPMup to 1800RPM $$

1.       Makita Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver-Drill KitBest Cordless Hammer Drill

The XPH102 LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammer Drill from Makita is the best cordless hammer drill option at your disposal. It houses 4-pole motor and is capable of delivering 480 lbs of maximum torque. The drill has 2-speed variation design that can produce 0RPM to 1900RPM. The hammer drill is incredibly powerful and can give 0BPM to 28500BPM due to its 2-speed feature.

The hammer drill can handle all types of drilling jobs as well as driving and hammering application. It also incorporates Extreme Protection Technology which is geared to provide improved water and dust resistance during harsh workplace conditions.

Makita has ergonomically designed this cordless drill while keeping in mind all your handling requirements. It is powered by a 18V lithium-ion 3.0Ah battery and keeps on delivering excellent performance with its long-lasting durability. The dimensions of this hammer drill are 5.6-inch x 16.9-inch x 13-inch.


  • Makita’s cordless hammer drill comes with a 3-year warranty on the tool as well as the battery.
  • The drill features 2-speed variation that can cater a broad range of applications.
  • It also features Extreme Protection Technology which makes it resistant to dust and water.
  • It can produce 480 lbs of maximum torque.
  • It comes with a toolkit for easy storage.


  • You might experience that the drill is slightly off balance.
  • Its battery might start to underperform due to frequent use.


It is the best cordless hammer drill that you can find on the market because it not only costs less, but it also delivers excellent performance, It also comes with a 3-year warranty from Makita in case of any issue manufacturing defects for your complete satisfaction.


2.       DEWALT Brushless Premium Hammer Drill KitBest Cordless Hammer Drill

The Brushless Premium 3-Speed Cordless Hammer Drill from Dewalt is a bit expensive product, especially when you compare it with the previous product on this list. However, it also features some great advantages. The product is equipped with 3-speed all-metal transmission that provides a quick runtime for different jobs.

It can produce 0RPM to 2000RPM as well as 0BPM to 34000BPM for fast drilling in hard surfaces like brick or masonry. The drill houses XR lithium-ion batteries that enable it with 33% more capacity over the standard versions. It also comes with heavy duty ½-inch ratcheting chucks for drilling through metal. These chucks have carbide inserts for the maximum gripping strength of the bits.

It has a compact size with dimensions of 17.1-inch x 11.5-inch x 4.5-inch. The tool is powered by a 20V XR lithium ion battery. The drill is ideal for some jobs involving hard surfaces and materials. It can produce 550 lbs of torque as well.


  • It comes with a 3-speed variation that delivers superior performance in applications involving hard surfaces.
  • It can produce 550 lbs of torque with 0RPM to 2000RPM and 0BPM to 34000BPM high-capacity performance.
  • It has heavy duty ratcheting chucks for drilling in metals.
  • The product comes with 3-year warranty.


  • You might find it expensive as compared to other products in the same category.
  • In high speed its spindle braking causes the chuck to loosen up.


It is a top quality product from a top quality brand. It is powered by heavy duty batteries and is designed for tough jobs. The product has a high price, but it also offers a lot of versatility as well.


3.       PORTER-CABLE MAX Hammer Drill KitBest Cordless Hammer Drill

Another evenly priced product in our recommendations, the Max Hammer Drill Kit from Porter-Cable that is capable of producing 0BPM to 27200BPM along with 0RPM to 1600RPM. It comes with a 2-speed variation for that enables you to drill or hammer through different kind of materials with ease.

The ratcheting chuck can drill through metals as well. The best part about this tool which makes it one of the best cordless hammer drills is that it comes with an LED light that brightens the work area if in case you are working in the dark and don’t have a light near you.

It drill operates with a couple of lithium-ion batteries and just takes 20V 2.3Ah of power. You purchase covered by 3-year warranty if there is any issue regarding manufacturing or materials used in the making of the product. Its dimensions are 10.8-inch x 6.2-inch x 9-inch.


  • The hammer drill has the capacity of delivering 475 lbs of torque.
  • It can produce drilling power of 0BPM to 27200BPM and 0BPM to 1600BPM with its dual speed gearbox.
  • The ratcheting chuck can drill through metal with ease.
  • It also incorporates an LED light that brightens the work area.
  • The product comes with a 3-year warranty for exchange or returns.


  • The materials used in the making of this hammer drill feel cheap.
  • Drilling through hard surfaces frequently will wear out the product sooner than expected.


Overall, it is a good product that comes at a very competitive price. The drill can deliver high performance, and it doesn’t over consume the batteries as well.


4.       Bosch Brushless 1/2-Inch Tough Hammer Drill KitBest Cordless Hammer Drill

The products from Bosch don’t need much introduction because they are famous for their quality. This 18V Brushless Compact Hammer Drill works the same way as well. It is one of the best cordless hammer drills because of its brushless motor that offers more than twice the efficiency of a conventional motor. It doesn’t need any maintenance as well.

The hammer drill doesn’t overheat due to the cell protection which also contributes to improved runtime and tool life. It has a very compact head length, and you can work with it even in tight spaces. It can easily withstand multiple drops of up to 10 feet. The drill also comes with a magnetic bit tip holder for your convenience.

It can generate a maximum torque of up to 442 lbs. The product dimensions are 13.1-inch x 11-inch x 3.4-inch, and it weighs three and three-quarter pounds. It drill tool is charged by 18V 2.0Ah lithium-cobalt batteries.


  • The drilling tool comes with an easy storage/carry case.
  • It also houses brushless motor for improved efficiency and better run time.
  • The tool is extremely durable and can survive multiple drops of up to 10 feet.
  • It also houses a magnetic bit holder.
  • The hammer drill can generate a torque of 442 lbs.


  • The 18V batteries run out of juice pretty quickly.
  • The drill vibrates a lot.


It has all the features that drag it into our list of best cordless hammer drills. It won’t cost you a lot and is very handy for completing various types of jobs.

5.       Milwaukee Compact 1/2″ Hammer Drill KitBest Cordless Hammer Drill

Milwaukee is certainly one of the high-end brands when it comes to hardware. Their products are synonymous with high quality, and the M18 Compact Hammer Drill is no exception. It can produce 525 lbs of torque with 0RPM to 1800RPM and 0BPM to 28000BPM.

The cordless drill houses a 4-pole frameless motor with a single sleeve chuck for ratcheting through ½-inch metal sheets as well. This chuck is optimized for superior gripping and does not allow much slipping. It also incorporates an LED light that can illuminate the surface if you are working in the dark.

It is equipped with REDLINK Intelligence that improves its durability. The dimensions of this hammer drill are 13.8-inch x 3.7-inch x 11.4-inch, and it is powered by a couple of lithium-ion batteries of 18V 2.0Ah capacity. The hammer drill has a very competitive price as well which makes it one of the best cordless hammer drills that you will find online.


  • It houses a 4-pole frameless motor.
  • It is capable of producing up to 525 lbs of torque with 0RPM to 1800 RPM and 0BPM to 28000BPM.
  • It also boasts a built-in LED light which allows you to work in case of power outage.
  • The drill features REDLINK Intelligence in its manufacturing which makes it extremely durable.


  • It consumes the batteries very quickly.
  • The drill vibrates after frequent use.


Milwaukee is one of the best hardware brands that make top-rated cordless hammer drills. This hammer drill also has all essentials features with a competitive price. The hammer drill is durable and highly versatile.


Buying Guide

What is a hammer drill and why is it used?

It is a drill that is equipped with a masonry bit and is used for drilling through hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, mortar, and brick. Hammer drill operates like any standard drill and rotates. Also, it also has a forward hammering action which allows it to drill through hard surfaces.

What do I need to look for when buying one of these drills?

You need to check for the torque and speed first. It is the most important feature of the hammer drill because it must drill through hard surfaces like ones we have just mentioned. To drill through concrete rotary drills are the best however if you want to use a hammer drill then impacts per minute is the feature you need focus. These numbers are represented in BPM and RPM, and they usually stand somewhere in tens of thousands, if you want a good quality drill.

Do chucks have any importance when it comes to buying a hammer drill?

Chucks have plenty of relevance in operation of any drill. Good quality drills come with a range of chucks. The best chucks are made of metal and also have hard jaws of steel. Some of these chucks also come with ridges within the jaws for better gripping of the surface. These ridges don’t allow the drill to slip from the point of impact during drilling.

What’s the difference between a brushed and a brushless motor?

A brushed motor has a rotor brushes, commutator, and axle along with permanent magnets. The current passes through the brushes that are connected with the commutator and after that it passes through the rotor which creates a magnetic field.  This magnetic field generates fast rotations. On the other hand, brushless motors don’t have any brushes. It means that there is no point of contact and the rotor is positioned on the magnets that are fixed to a surrounding shell which is known as a stator. No point-of-contact means frictionless rotation speeds.

Should I prefer cordless drills over corded ones?

If you use your hammer drills on a regular basis and frequently as well, then it is better to have a corded drill. For instance, professional workers should opt for corded drills because there are no batteries in these drills that will run out in time of need. On the other hand, if you need your hammer drill occasional at home then go for cordless version. It provides you with a lot of freedom to use it anywhere you like.


If you are feeling a bit indecisive about which top rated cordless hammer drills to purchase, then we are going to help you in making the right buying decision. The main reason for you being indecisive is that there is a range of different hammer drills available. Each one of them boasts various features that are suitable for certain jobs.

It is tough to decide, but as per our assessment Makita’s Cordless Hammer Drill turns out to be the winner. It’s not only packed with features, but it also comes at a very reasonable price. It is equipped with the ability to tackle even the hardest jobs, and all its features make it the best cordless hammer drill that is just right for you.

Best Non Contact Voltage Tester

A non contact voltage tester is one of the primary tools for any electrician to have. You are going to agree with me in that this tool can LITERALLY be the difference between life and death during an electrician’s job.

A non contact voltage tester is sensitive to magnetic fields around live current and alerts you if a wire is life, when placed against the wire. Using this tool on your equipment before starting work is a great way to ensure that you do not get any unwarranted electric shocks.

There are hundreds of voltage testers available in the market at the time of writing this article. If it is your first time buying one, you may feel a bit confused as to how to select one for your job and which one to trust your life with (Big decision!). I understand this as I have been in your place before. To make the research and selection process easier for you, I have reviewed the most popular non contact voltage testers in the below section and have also mentioned some tips to get you to make the most optimum selection with respect to your job.


My Best Non Contact Voltage Testers List

NameDual range Range LEDSound Alarm FlashlightRating
Klein Tools NCVT-2Yes12-1000 Volts and 48-1000 VoltsYesYesNo4.4/5.0
Milwaukee-2202-20No50 to 1000 voltsYesYesNo4.5/5.0
Southwire 40126NYes100 to 600 volts,
24 to 600 volts
Fluke Voltage DetectorModel Dependent90 to 1000 volts / 200 to 1000 voltsYesYesNo4.6/5.0
Greenlee GT-12AYes50 to 1000 voltsYesYesNo4.3/5.0
FLIR VP50Yes90 to 1000 volts, 24 to 1000 voltsYesYesYes3.6/5.0


Klein Tools NCVT-2 Dual Range Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Klein is one of the popular brands on my website. It produces high quality products and has earned the respect of professionals, including electricians. Their NCVT 2 non contact voltage tester is quite high in standard and comes with the trust of Klein, ensuring that it is a great product to purchase.

The tester comes in yellow and black color scheme. It is a bit larger than the average voltage charger, but this means that it is easier for you to grip it while working. The tester can be turned on by clicking on the red button on top.

The device will immediately start working and if it detects live current, it will make beep sounds and LED flashes. The LED light is quite bright and can be seen even when you are working under the sun.
The tool is quite easy to use and with its prolonged tip you can easily access even the thinnest outlets. As mentioned in its specifications, it has a dual range and can measure voltages between 12 to 1000 volts and 48 to 1000 volts.
The NCVT 2 requires normal AA batteries to work and a single battery pair easily lasts three to four months, if you are using the unit daily.


  • Auto power-off
  • Dual Range
  • 12-1000 Volts and 48-1000 Volts
  • Automatic detection
  • CAT IV 1000 Volt rating
  • Durable
  • Pocket clip


  • Slightly bulky
  • LEDs reported to flicker


Milwaukee 2202-20 Voltage Detector with LED Light

Milwaukee is an American hardware tools manufacturer. It is a popular choice of several electricians and I understand why, considering its products are of high quality and quite durable. The company has a range of non contact voltage testers and I found the 2202-20 to be the best one from them all.

The 2202-20 voltage detector has the Milwaukee signature red and black color scheme, on a robust ABS plastic body. It comes with a LED light and looks quite simple, but is very practical at doing its jobs without any frills. When put near a voltage source and activated by pressing the rear button, the LED shines very brightly to indicate live current. The LED has a red color and is easily visible. Besides the LED warning, there is also an audible being alarm to make you aware of live current.
The voltage tester is quite easy to use and has a thin metal probe to conveniently check outlets, without awkward trying to angle it in. The specified range of detection for this tool is between 50 to 1000 volts and it is rated CAT IV 1000 volts. You will need a pair of AAA batteries to run the tool and might require to replace it every six months, if you use the unit regularly.


  • Good alert system
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for dark environment
  • Pen clip


  • Sensitivity issues
  • Not the fastest



Southwire Tools & Equipment 40126N NCV Dual Range Pen Type Detector with Flashlight, 24-600V AC

Southwire is a leading manufacturer of industrial and electrical machinery and OEM products. It has grown incredibly since it was founded several decades ago, and now is seen as an authority brand by several electricians.

The 40126N non contact voltage tester is one of the fine options in the company’s list of voltage testers. It has a unique brown and black color body, which makes it stand apart from other detectors in this list. The plastic body is incredibly robust and has been designed ergonomically to allow you to use the tester without losing grip.
The device has a bright LED that shines in red color when it detects a voltage signal, along with a pulsating beeping sound, that is bound to be recognized by you, even in a busy environment. You can start it by pressing the power button on the neck of the tester body and bring the device near the wire / outlet you want to test. It can detect voltage between 100 to 600 volts almost immediately and comes with a dual range of 24 to 600 volts to also detect low voltages in devices such as thermostat. You can use this unit for testing outlets, wirings, breakers, bulbs and anything else that you may encounter during your job.
One great add on that I found in this tester is that it has a flashlight embedded in it. This is pretty handy for electricians, especially in case of the professional flashlight malfunctioning.


  • Quick
  • 100 to 600 volts
  • 24 to 600 volts
  • Dual range
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Flashing red LED and pulsating beeper


  • Sensitivity issues


Fluke Voltage Detector, 1000V AC Voltage

Fluke is a premier manufacturer of electrical hardware and tools. They are extremely popular with electricians and I am certainly a big fan of their products. After having used several of their tools, I have come to an understanding that they are all reliable and innovative.

The Fluke non contact voltage tester is made from strong plastic, which can take on a few drops without showing any marks or breakage. It comes in a yellow and black color scheme, much like the Klein product I reviewed above.

The detector has a pair of LEDs inside the tip that signal you, depending on the presence of voltage. When you press the start button on the mid rim of the tool and put it against a live wire, the tip will glow red and a beeping sound will be released. While not in use, the tool produces random LED flashes to signal that the battery is charged and the device is working properly. The pen like device will make sure that you are made aware of the potential danger while at work.

After unboxing the voltage tester, you will be required to charge the device to get it running. It uses an inaccessible AA battery to power itself. The model can check for voltage between the range of 90 to 1000 volts or 200 to 1000 volts (dependent on model), which is more than sufficient for most electricians. The manufacturer warranties that the battery will last for two years minimum and shall replace it if it fails before this period.


  • Voltbeat technology
  • Tip glows and beeper sounds
  • 90 to 1000 volts / 200 to 1000 volts
  • CAT IV 1000 V
  • Yellow color with high visibility
  • 2 years warranty


  • Replacing the battery difficult
  • Need to find a sweet spot for optimum working


Greenlee GT-12A Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Greenlee is one of my favorite American manufacturer for electrical equipment. Its GT non contact voltage tester series is a trending one amongst electricians. I have chosen the GT 12 A as my fifth pick for this list. Let’s see what makes it special.

The GT 12A voltage detector has a black and green plastic body. It has a compact design and easily fits most hand grips.  The device comes with LED flashing and an alarm mechanism to alert you, when it detects live current.

However, the alarm mechanism can be switched off if you want to work quietly. This is a feature that is not commonly found in most voltage testers.

The tool automatically checks if it is working properly every two seconds, through a patented Greenlee verifying system. It is a smarter device than most listed on this list and can turn itself off after five minutes of no usage, to conserve battery charge and extend battery life. (Two AAA batteries included in the pack).

The tester can check for voltages between the range of 50 to 1000 volts. It comes with a CAT IV rating and has a lifetime warranty.


  • Automatic self test
  • Bright leds flash
  • Audible alarm
  • Silent mode
  • Safe
  • Automatic shut off
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Bulky
  • Battery hogger


FLIR VP50 Non-Contact Voltage Detector Plus Flashlight

The FLIR VP50 is the last non contact voltage tester in my list. I chose it because of its outstanding customer feedback and reputation, both online and in the hardware stores around my block.

The FLIR VP50 is a heavy duty voltage detector. It comes in an all black plastic body and feels very sturdy. In fact, it can take drops of up to three meters, without showing any signs of breaking.

If for some reason, your VP50 breaks within this distance, the company will replace it with a new one for you. The unit is quite easy to put to use once unpacked. Just put in the 2 AAA batteries and power it on. When it detects a voltage source, the device will alert you by flashing red LED light on either ends, releasing high pitched beeps and producing tactile vibration. With all these in motion, there is little chance that you can miss the presence of live electricity.

The voltage detector can check for two ranges of voltages, which are 90 to 1000 volts and 24 to 1000 volts, to allow you to test both low and high voltage systems. The manufacturer has upgraded the sensitivity and prolonged the probe, compared to previous generations of the product, which allows you to detect voltages quickly and stay safe at all times.

Besides the in job uses of this device, it also comes with some sweet add-ons such as slip resistant grip, anti-roll casing a flash light.


  • Cat iv 1000v
  • Vibration and red led alarms
  • High/low sensitivity modes
  • Flashlight
  • Slip resistant grip
  • Anti-roll casing
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Delay having to hold the button for testing or light
  • Sensitivity issues


Who Should Get A Non Contact Voltage Tester

All electricians must get themselves a non contact voltage tester. It is as simple as this. It does not matter if you are doing small scale or large scale jobs, if your work involves electricity, you must get this tool in your tool bag.
As you will learn, this is not an expensive device to own and as long as you get yourself a reliable model, you can use it for a couple of years without any worries.


How Did I Chose The Best Non Contact Voltage Testers

As I mentioned in the start, there is a great variety of voltage testers in the market. Therefore I had to make a solid procedure to decipher between these options and shortlist the best ones. Generally, most non contact testers work with only the standard voltages, but there are some which have dual ranges for greater versatility and flexible usage. Therefore, I decided to give preference to the testers with dual ranges.

Since all the testers are usually under 25 dollars, it really did not make a difference to priorities dual range testers. However, I have also covered standard voltage testers as well for the ultra-purist electricians.

I surveyed the products on online and offline market places and made a list of testers which had great customer feedback as well as outstanding specifications. From there, I narrowed my list and eliminated any similar products. Eventually, I was left with six excellent non contact voltage testers.

I tested these six testers at my home to see if the specified functionalities were actually on point or not. If you have read my previous reviews on this website, you would be aware that I like to get my products checked on hand by professionals and the non contact voltage testers were given the same treatment.

After getting the feedback from the professional electricians, I was quite satisfied and confident about my list.



I have now wrapped up with my list of best non contact voltage testers. While this is definitely not an exhaustive list, it does cover up the most popular products in the market and allow you to directly choose from within the best instead of wasting time in personal research or by trial and errors in purchasing.  All the products I have chosen are from reputable brands and can be picked with complete confidence.


Best Insulated Screwdriver Set for electricians

WIHA 32091

Let’s all be honest, you can hardly find a house or a building without a screwdriver in their toolbox or somewhere else they keep their tools. Easily driving or removing screws was made possible when these things were invented.

This tool is essential that you can most likely find screwdrivers in every toolbox of workmen handling different fields of work that includes electrical applications, carpentry, and even hobbies and DIYs.

Throughout the years, screwdrivers were upgraded and developed, making it more convenient and safe to use.

Workmen, especially those in the electric field, have the common risk of having experiences of electric shocks when working on wall socket electrical outlets, light switches, and wiring. Because of this, some of the leading companies focused on this problem, thus, producing an insulated screwdriver.

We encourage also paring these up with electrician gloves and electrician boots to help protect you even more from electrical shock. Both the boots and the gloves are a vital part to keep in your electrical tools.




NamePieces Max Insulation (Volts)PriceRating
Wiha 3209151000 $$4.9/5.0
Klein Tools 33532ins21000$$$4.1/5.0
Milwaukee 48-22-2202 31000$4.5/5.0
Wera Kraftform Plus61000$$
DeWalt DWHT66417101000$$4.3/5.0



WIHA 32091 1000 Volt Slotted and Phillips Insulated Screwdriver Set (5 Pieces)

WIHA’s 32091 slotted and Phillips screwdriver set of 5 includes slotted 3.0, 4.5, and 6.5 screwdrivers and 1 and 2 Phillips screwdrivers. Safety is guaranteed as each insulated screwdriver is individually tested to 10 000 volts and is certified to 1000 Volt AC or 1500 Volt DC. High durability is evident with the screwdrivers’ blade high alloy chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel, hardened, black finish. WIHA SoftFinish cushion grip handle features advanced technology dual material moulding and provides comfort and greater torque for the users.


  • Each tool in the set is individually 10 000 Volt tested for insulation integrity.
  • Insulation moulded directly onto blade.
  • Ergonomic moulded insulated cushioned grips.
  • The products are super hardened and tempered for long lasting performances.
  • WIHA tools are made to pass ISO Standards.


  • The slotted-tip screwdrivers sometimes don’t fit standard screw slots.


Klein Tools 33532INS 4-Inch Insulated Screwdriver Set (2 Pieces)

Klein’s 33532INS insulated screwdriver set of 2 includes ¼ inch cabinet-tip (602-4-INS) and a #2 Phillips-tip (603-4-INS). Its two-layer, moulded insulation guarantees high durability, providing long lasting use. In addition, a white high-dielectric inner coating is bonded to the steel.

Each screwdriver’s orange outer coating is flame and impact resistant and has optimum insulation for up to 1000 Volts, providing additional safety while working.


  • The set includes one ¼ inch Cabinet-tip (602-4-INS) and one #2 Phillips-tip (603-4-INS).
  • Each screwdriver in the set is made of high quality materials.
  • The screwdrivers are insulated for up to 1000 Volts.
  • The set is highly durable with its flame and impact resistant orange outer coating.



  • There are no note-worthy cons regarding this product.


Milwaukee 48-22-2202 Insulated Screwdriver Set (3 Pieces)

Milwaukee’s 48-22-2202 insulated screwdriver set of 3 includes #1-4 inch ECX Shaft Screwdriver (INS), ¼ inch-6inch Slotted Shaft Screwdriver (INS) and a #2-4 inch Phillips Shaft Screwdriver (INS).

Screwdrivers in this set are the only UL Classified Screwdrivers that are tested IEC 60900: 2012, ASTM F1505-10 and NFPA 70E Standards and meet the OSHA insulated tool requirement. Each of the screwdrivers is flame and impact resistant and features a dual layer of insulation for maximum protection and a visual wear indicator to issue a replacement warning the user.


  • The 3 screwdrivers in the set are highly durable and are flame and impact resistant.
  • The drivers come with lanyard holes that prevent the tools from dropping and protect the insulation from damage.
  • Each screwdriver has visible ID markings that allow the users to quickly identify the tool when in the workplace.
  • The tools provide 1000 Volt insulation.
  • The set meets the OSHA Insulated Tool Standard and is VDE and GS certified.


  • The tool would be better with magnetized tips.
  • The tips tend to wear down after long use.


Wera Kraftform Plus 160i/6 Insulated Professional Screwdriver Set (6 Pieces)

The Wera Kraftfrom plus 160i/6 insulated screwdriver set of 6 features Lasertip Slotted and Phillips driver tips and rack. Each screwdriver in this set is tested at 10 000 Volts in a water bath, providing safe working standard of 1000 Volts. Its Lasertip micro-rough tip ensures perfect fitting and reduces cam-out effect. The screwdrivers come with a multi-component Kraftform handle that fits the shape to the user’s hand for more comfort and improved torque.


  • The set provides guaranteed safety with its working standard of 1000 Volts.
  • Its handles are specifically designed to fit in the user’s hand for more comfort and high speed torque transfer.
  • Its Lasertip micro-rough tips ensure précised fastener fitting.
  • The company offers a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The assortment of sizes isn’t so great.
  • The handles are somewhat small.


DeWalt DWHT66417 VINYL Grip Insulated Screwdriver Set (10 Pieces)

DeWalt’s vinyl grip insulated screwdriver set of 10 provides 1000 Volts of insulation and is VDE certified. The screwdrivers come with a vinyl grip handle and a precision handle for added utility. It has a quick-release mechanism for secure and easy blade change.


  • The screwdrivers have up to 1000 volts of insulation.
  • The set comes with vinyl grip handle and precision handle for additional utility.
  • The insulation is molded directly onto the blade for permanent bonding.
  • The set comes with a durable tool pouch for easier tool organization.


  • The tips are very soft.



A screwdriver is not just your average and basic tool as it plays a big role when operating and doing a task in the workplace. As we all know, a screwdriver is a tool that is used for turning screws, either for inserting, tightening or removing the screws. These tools are designed such that it can be operated in two ways; the manual and the ratchet.

Manual Screwdrivers: Manual screwdrivers are obviously one of the most recognizable hand tool variations, consisting of a thick handle and a cylindrical steel shank which ends are the working tip of the screwdriver. Because of this design (the handle is larger than the tip), the user only requires a moderate twisting force to turn the tool on the screw head. When using a manual screwdriver, the user has to lift the screwdriver from the screw head after every turn of the screw and reposition it before the next turn.

Ratchet Screwdrivers: Ratchet screwdrivers, on the other hand, reduce the need to lift and reposition the screwdriver tip after every turn, therefore, saving the time of the user during this kind of operation. An internal ball-bearing mechanism allows the user to make multiple turns with just an easy back and forth wrist action. The user can both insert (in clockwise motion) and remove (in a counter-clockwise motion) screws by changing the direction of the ratchet action through a button on the screwdriver.

These tools don’t universally as people use different types of screws to start with, however, people also made different types of screwdrivers to suit the screws they’re dealing with. To help you more about this, we’ve gathered some information about screwdriver types.

While flathead screws aren’t as commonly used as the Phillips screw, these little flathead things are found in furniture sets and are used in several electrical applications. Flathead screwdrivers are needed for plate cover installations on outlets and switches, and in other instances where it’s important not to over-tighten a screw. Their tip sizes vary from fractions of millimetres (tiny enough to tighten eyeglass screws) and up to an inch or larger (it can fit for industrial screws). When matching a flathead screwdriver to a flat screw, pick the one that matches the width and depth of the slot on the screw head.

Flathead screwdrivers are best used for tightening and loosening slotted screws.

Phillips screws are widely used for construction and woodworking applications. Phillips screws fit screw screwdrivers and bits that are labelled “Ph”, followed by a number from 0000 up to the number 4 in increasing size. Just an important reminder, the screwdriver sizes don’t correspond with the Phillips screw sizes and you have to physically match the driver tip to the screw.

Phillips screwdrivers are best used for multipurpose building and remodelling, especially drywall installation.

Hex-head screws are commonly small and are mostly found on doorknobs, towel bars, faucet handles, and are even used in mechanical installations, thus these operations need the help of a hex key screwdriver (or Allen screwdriver) to tighten and loosen this type of screw. These screwdrivers and bits range in sizes to fit hex-head screws from 0.3 inch to 3/8 inch. Hex head screwdrivers, or wrenches, are often L- or T-shaped manual screwdrivers; however hex bits are also available for both ratcheting screwdrivers and drills.

Hex-head screwdrivers are best used for installing small fixtures such as towel bars and doorknobs.

Robertson screws have this advantage where screwdriver slippages are reduced. These screws range in recess sizes from 1/6 inch to 3/16 inch and are extensively used in construction and remodelling projects. Robertson screws are most often inserted and removed using a power drill.

Robertson screwdrivers are best used for woodworking and construction with a power drill.

It’s very important that you match every screwdriver type to its corresponding screw head and size. Do this and you’ll be able to work at ease.



Before completing my list of the best insulated screwdrivers, there are a few things that I considered and kept in mind. These things may also serve as your guide before you place an order for screwdrivers (or even for anything) so you save your time and money from additional expenses when the tool broke while you’re using it.

Quality is one of the most important things you should remind yourself with. An insulated screwdriver made from poor quality materials is the kind of screwdrivers found in every workman’s nightmare. The more you know about the product, the more time and money you save. Be observant and don’t be carried away by the advertisements and the cost. At times, an expensive tool isn’t really what it was advertised.

Durability will always be the partner of quality. This dictates how long you can use your insulated screwdriver. As much as possible, your screwdriver should be chrome plated to prevent corrosion. If your tool is made from high quality material, then there’s a big possibility that it’s highly durable as well. A durable tool provides long lasting performance for your work needs.

Brand names are a big plus when choosing a tool. People tend to go for more popular brands as they have this conception that big brands guarantee them the best tool. While it is true that tools under well-known brands help people decide, faulty products can also be distributed by these brands. You should know that just because this brand is famous for their product’s characteristics, it doesn’t already mean that no other brands offer the same. However, for some people, the brand is not the case but convenience is. Therefore, you should pick a tool that will make you comfortable while using it. Brand names won’t make your job any easier, but the right tool suited for you will.

Match your screwdriver to the task that’s needed to be done. It’s as simple as that. As what have been mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are screwdriver types that suits different screw heads. Same goes for the type of screwdriver tips. There’s the normal tip and the magnetic tip. When working on metals, it’s best to have an insulated screwdriver with a magnetic tip to help you work faster and easier. When working on woods, any screwdriver will do. I highly suggest that you purchase the tool that best suits your work roles.



Now I have come to the end of this product review article. Hopefully, this article guided you in the world of insulated screwdrivers. Don’t forget about the properties you should consider before buying these tools. With those properties in mind, you can select the most optimum insulated screwdriver set for your requirements, guaranteed!

Best Label Maker for Electricians

Best Label Maker for ElectricianLabel makers are essential if you are in a small business or a vast industry. Electricians seem to need them the most to label wires and other hardware systems. Many people like to use them for their home purposes, office purpose, or for gifting items as well.

There are many different types and prices for label makers in the market that electricians can use. We have compiled this piece to help you in finding the best label maker for electricians.

Take a look at the buying guide to help find out which aspects to focus on while buying the perfect device.

The product reviews will help you understand the market and the label maker reviews from regular people. Read on to find out which one is the winner for us and if you find the same one used for you too.

Here is a quick comparison of the 6 best label maker for electricians.

NamePower TypeWeightDimensionsPrice
DYMO Handheld Label Maker

AAA batteries
1.2 lbs.2.3 x 4.5 x 8 inches
Brother P-Touch Label MakerAAA batteries/ Adapter
1.1 lbs.6.2 x 2.7 x 5.9 inches
Brother P-touch PC Connectible Label Maker Batteries/ PC connectivity

2.1 lbs.7.9 x 7.6 x 3.4 inches

DYMO RHINO Label Maker AA batteries
1.4 lbs.6.9 x 5.1 x 2.3 inches
Brady Handheld Label PrinterLi-On battery
1.6 lbs.11.8 x 8.7 x 3.9 inches
DYMO Rhino 5200 Industrial Label MakerLi-On Battery/ Adapter2 lbs.4.7 x 14.8 x 13 inches$$

1.    DYMO Handheld Label MakerBest Label Maker for Electrician

The DYMO handheld label maker is a compact and easy to carry a machine that makes it the best label maker for electricians. It runs on 6 AAA batteries and has a QWERTY keyboard type that you can type on quickly.

You can use six font sizes, eight text styles, four underlines boxes, and over 228 symbols and art together. The machine comes with a tape of ½ inches x 10 feet in measurement. The large LCD screen shows precisely how the label will be printed. The label maker also saves the last types label in the memory for instant print.

With all the exceptional qualities, this product may seem to be expensive. However, it is offered at a very reasonable price.


  • Large LCD screen display
  • Six fonts, eight different text styles, four underlines boxes, and over 228 symbols and art can be used
  • It comes with a tape roll with the table
  • Saves memory of last types label
  • QWERTY keyboard allows ease in typing


  • Does not print barcodes
  • Does not connect to the computer
  • The machine does not have touch screen interface


The DYMO label maker is the best label maker for home and electricians. The secure application and reasonable price make it an excellent buy.

2.    Brother P-Touch Label MakerBest Label Maker for Electrician

The Brother P-touch label maker is one of the best label makers for electricians because it is so easy to use. The one-touch feature allows quick access to all the fonts, symbols, and styles without a hassle.

The machine has 14 fonts, 95 frames, and 600 logos that go along with many templates that can be used to personalize labels for gifts and decoration as well. Users can store up to 30 previously typed names that are easy access and can be printed without having to type them again.

You can run the label maker with batteries or use the power adapter. The price of this label maker may be a little high, but it is worth the purchase.


  • Can store up to 30 labels
  • Offers up to 14 different fonts, 95 frames, and 600 symbols
  • Templates of symbols and art make it useful for gifts also
  • Graphic display gives an idea of the final result


  • It does not come with a lot of tapes
  • The power adapter needs to be bought separately


This machine is the best label printer for anyone that wants to use it for homely purposes and for different hardware purposes too.

3.    Brother P-touch PC Connectible Label MakerBest Label Maker for Electrician

Another one of the Brother P-touch label makers comes out as the best label maker for electricians because of its many different features. One of the most beautiful qualities that it has is the power to be connected to the computer system for added styles and fonts.

The display screen is made colorful and fully graphical for a better idea of the print. This label maker can use laminated and sticker tapes as well making it the best label maker for network cables as well.

An automatic cutter and seven lines of text further make it attractive. You can find this machine to be costly even after the many attractions that it has.


  • Graphical color display screen
  • Can be connected a computer system for added styles
  • You can also print barcodes from this label maker
  • Make labels of up to seven lines


  • Does not have a storage memory for labels
  • Cannot be connected to a power adapter


This fancy label maker might be a little expensive, but it is a good option for those that have an excessive use of making labels at home and professionally.

4.    DYMO RHINO Label MakerBest Label Maker for Electrician

The DYMO Rhino label maker is counted as the best label maker for electricians because of the immense range of features.

The machine has hotkeys that can be made into shortcuts for creating labels; this feature makes it the best cable labeling system. You can print 1/4th, 3/8th, ½ and 3/4th tags that have the industrial strength to make them last longer. You can use paper, vinyl, nylon, and permanent polyester tapes to print out labels.

The memory can store up to 25 tags. This label maker makes professional labels which are why it is a little expensive, but it is worth it.


  • You can print on four different widths of tape
  • The machine can print on vinyl, polyester, nylon, and paper tape keeping intact the strength
  • You can store 25 labels in the memory
  • Hotkeys allow you to make your shortcuts


  • You cannot connect the device to a computer system
  • There is no power plug included in the order


For a professional and more persistent use, this label maker is an excellent option. It gives you variety in every aspect and maintains ethical standards.

5.    Brady Handheld Label PrinterBest Label Maker for Electrician

The Brady handheld label printer is a sophisticated device that can be used with ease which is why it is the best label maker for electricians. The rubber bumpers give the machines more durability than ever.

The rechargeable battery is an extended lasting Li-On Battery. Users can secure print barcodes and use them on tight outdoor surfaces and indoors cables too. The machine is used for continuous and fast label printing.

With the self-lamination option, you will find the labels to be rigid. This label maker is termed very expensive for even professional use.


  • Rubber bumpers make the device shockproof and strong
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery included
  • The self-lamination option allows you to use labels on outdoor surfaces too
  • Different width tapes can be used


  • Texts can be printed in a single color only
  • The LCD is small


If you want a professional use of label makers and you are ready to spend a lot of money, then this label maker will provide you excellent service along with reliable labels.

6.    DYMO Rhino 5200 Industrial Label MakerBest Label Maker for Electrician

The DYMO Rhino 5200 industrial label maker is primarily designed for heavy duty and professional label making which is why it is also counted as the best label maker for electricians.

It comes with a case where you can carry it easily. You can customize the hotkeys for frequently used labels and store over 100 stamps in the memory. The device can print 19mm broad labels for asset use, and it can print code 39 and code 128 barcodes.

The extended lasting rechargeable battery makes it comfortable to use without having to worry about power. A manual cutter in the printer allows easy, smooth cuts when required. The machine is costly, but it is used professionally.


  • Manual cutting allows user to make small labels
  • Hotkeys help in making shortcuts of tags
  • The device can store up to 100 names in the memory
  • A whole case comes to carry it with ease


  • The display is not color
  • It does not seem to perform in the cold weather


For asset labeling in industries, this device is perfect. It may be a little more pricey than usual, but companies would love to use them for their gain.

Buying Guide

Since the market is filled with different label makers, it is hard to find the one that fits the best as the best label maker for electricians. This guide will focus on the frequent questions that come to peoples’ mind before buying the product. Take a look at the details for finding the answer to ‘What is the best label maker?’

For What Purpose Do You Need The Label Maker?

Some different label makers in the market are available for the use of various purposes. Many people prefer keeping at home for a small kitchen and other labels while some are used in the office for files and other essential things.

The most apparent use of label makers is in the hardware industry and for electricians. It is necessary to label cable wires and other tools for different safety purposes and for remembering the connections. So, the first thing that you need to do is to figure out the meaning. This buyer’s guide will focus on buying the best label maker for electricians.

What Kind Of Keypad Should We Have?

The point of a handy label maker for any purpose is to make sure that it is easy to use. It is essential to look for label makers that are easy to use. QWERTY keypad is one of the easiest ways to type and very handy. It also helps make fewer mistakes than the 3×3 keyboard that we find on the phones. With the sticky keys in the QWERTY keypad, you can have access to some different symbols and patterns. They also offer many font styles and frames to choose.

Which LCD Screen Should The Label Maker Have?

Label makers have LCD screens that will preview what kind of label that you will have. LCD screens can be digital and straightforward that only shows a simple font and style of the name.

Some LCD screens are also graphical that present colors for decorative tags that are usually used for gifts and fancy names. The best one for electricians is the simple ones that allow you to edit the text.

Memory in the Device!

You may think that having some memory to store the previously typed labels is not necessary. However, for electricians, it will be required. Go for a device that has a storage memory for at least 30 tags.

The memory will make it easy for you to access the frequently used tags; this feature helps in wire labeling and those factors. Some label makers also feature hotkeys that provide customized shortcuts that make it easier.

Continuous or Break Labels?

Some label makers are responsible for making labels in a sequence or flow. These are not suitable for a single purpose but more for numbering the objects or sequencing objects. Once you decide what purpose you need the device for, you will need to choose between a continuous print and a broken print. The break prints will also have an option to manual or automatic.

Type of Label Tape That Can Be Used!

Some devices can use laminated, sticky, and other kinds of tapes. These tapes include polyester, nylon, and other material that are put on different surfaces. If you need a versatile device, then you need to choose one accordingly.


After reading this guide, you may have found out that what factors you need to look into before buying the best label maker for electricians. For us, the winner is the DYMO Handheld Label Maker which is simple for home, office and electrician use altogether. It is easy in the pocket and very convenient to use.

Best Work Pants For Electricians

Best Work Pants For ElectriciansEvery profession requires attire or a uniform that not only makes it stand out, it also helps the workers in many ways. Throughout the years, each outfit has been enhanced to create more feasibility for the working professional. Similar is the case with electricians.

Electricians seem to have tools on them, and they require clothing that helps them while they are working. They may wear pants that look like regular ones, but they are specially chosen for their work.

To help in finding the best work pants for electricians, we have put together a buyers’ guide along with product reviews that will help you in understanding the details before buying the right pair. You will also learn how different products in the market can be used for the purpose and you will see the features that they have to offer.

Now we’ll reveal the product reviews of the 6 Best work pants for electricians.

NameMaterialBest forWeightPrice
Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit JeanCottonDaily use1.6 pounds
Dickies Men's Work PantPolyester, Cotton
Electricians, casual use2 pounds
Carhartt Men's Ripstop Work Pant
1 pound
Carhartt Men's Denim Work DungareeDenim Cotton
3 pounds

Carhartt Men's Rugged Cargo PantCotton

Electricians, Casual Wear

1 pounds
LEE Men's Dungarees Jean

VariesCarpenters, Electricians 2 pounds$$

1.    Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit JeanBest Work Pants For Electricians

Levi’s is a leading brand name in pants and jeans. This pair of jeans is a regular pair that serves to be the best work pants if required. They are comfortable and made out of 100% cotton which makes them better for daily use while at work.

The material of the pants is not affected by the machine wash and dry, and they can be easily cleaned. With a comfortable and durable zipper closure, they give the perfect final touch to your look. The fit style of these pants is regular fit, and five pockets allow the electrician to carry their items with ease.

The color is a very dark blue which makes is prone to show stains easily. The pair is designed to be anti-shrink even after several washes, and they are slight. Also though they might be somewhat more expensive than regular pants, Levi always makes it worth it.


  • The stretchable material makes them strong
  • Five pockets are for easy carrying
  • Slim fit makes the style more comfortable for work
  • The stuff is 100% cotton which is strong and durable
  • Users can quickly get the pants washed in the machine and tumble dry it without shrinkage


  • They are not wrinkle resistant
  • They do not have a hammer loop


The Levi’s pants are great for daily use, but they seem a little less useful for people that work as electricians. They are still a good buy because of their quality.

2.    Dickies Men’s Work PantBest Work Pants For Electricians

The Dickies Men’s work pants are one of the best work pants for electricians. You can find black work pants for men in this product, or you can choose the color of your choice. They are made of a mixture of cotton and polyester and are safe to be washed in the machine.

This pair is also made to resist many stains and is wrinkle free. The design is a straight fit and with a center crease and it sits at the waist with ease. One of the best features of this product is the additional pockets on the leg for multipurpose.

The roomy design is for angling your legs as you like without ruining the pants. For a pair of pants so versatile, the price is very reasonable.


  • Safe to wash the machine
  • Stain resistant technology does not allow marks to be stubborn
  • The roomy design makes it easy to use without tearing them apart
  • Additional pocket in the legs can be used for carrying extra stuff
  • Centre crease enhances the style while wrinkle free allows a presentable look every time


  • The pants are roomy, but they are not stretchable
  • A mixed material may not be the most elegant choice for workers


These pants are a perfect purchase at a very reasonable price for electricians. It serves the purpose of a casual look or work.

3.    Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Work PantBest Work Pants For Electricians

The Carhartt Men’s work pants work as one of the most excellent pieces of electrician clothing. These durable work pants are made of 100% cotton which makes them resistant to comfortable wear and tears.

The exceptional fit makes it sit on the waist without falling off, and the cloth is made to be machine wash safe. This pair of pants has standard pant pockets along with having additional pockets with secure flip flaps that help in carrying tools efficiently for electricians.

The pockets are made from corduroy which allows them in remaining reliable and robust. The front is made to be gusseted for comfort. This pair also has inserts in which you can put knee pads in case of kneeling down. With all the loveable features, the Carhartt is still a little too overpriced.


  • The material is easy to wash in the machine
  • The pants are fit at the waist without falling off
  • The knee pad inserts make the pair perfect for electricians
  • Additional pockets with flap make it easy to carry goods
  • Corduroy material of the pockets make them reliable


  • This product may shrink while in the wash
  • It is not stretchable from anywhere, so you have to buy the exact fit


The Carhartt Men’s pants have many features that make them the best work pants for electricians. They are overpriced, but if you can afford them, they may prove to be the best.


4.    Carhartt Men’s Denim Work DungareeBest Work Pants For Electricians

The Carhartt men’s denim work dungaree is a custom design and one of the best work pants for electricians along with being one of the best construction pants overall. They come in some colors and are denim.

With 100% cotton, they leave no compromise on comfort and are easily washable in the machine. These dungarees have additional utility pockets along with a hammer loop. The leg openings are also broader to fit over bulky boots.

This pair of pants offers room so that they are not tight on the thighs and the legs while bending or kneeling. The company also offers several different colors. The suggested price is merely affordable for everyone.


  • The material is 100% cotton and is easy to wash in the machine
  • Utility pockets are there including a hammer loop for easy carrying
  • The pants are roomy to fit without tearing
  • There are many different colors to select


  • These pants are a very light material
  • They tend to loosen from the waist easily


The design of this pair of pants is perfect for workers like electricians or constructors. They are affordable and comfortable. However, the light material makes them a conflicted couple.

5.    Carhartt Men’s Rugged Cargo PantBest Work Pants For Electricians

The Carhartt Men’s Rugged Cargo pants are listed as one of the best work pants for electricians because of the many features that the product holds. These pants are made of 100% cotton and are very comfortable.

They come in several colors and designs so that you can maintain your work attire along with looking stylish. The design is to be straight legs that are wide from the opening so that there is no hindrance over the boots.

There many hand pockets, leg pockets, and back pockets with flaps which help the workers carry their utilities around. These electricians work pants have separate pockets for cell phones and pens.  The stylish work pants are affordable in price and comfortable in design.


  • There are several colors and designs to choose from, which helps in making you look more stylish
  • The leg openings are wide which allows in wearing over heavy boots with comfort
  • There are many different pockets including separate ones for cell phones and pens
  • These pants can be easily washed in the washing machine


  • The pant style is straight, and they might cause a nuisance while bending and angling legs
  • They are a tight fit at the waist and are worn below


These pants are highly affordable and are loved by the electricians that use them. They are low in price and high in features. For a more stylish look at work, you can get enjoy them.

6.    LEE Men’s Dungarees JeanBest Work Pants For Electricians

The Lee Men’s dungarees are primarily designed for workers like electricians and carpenters. They come in a variety of different colors to choose. Each color has a different material that goes with the style.

These jeans are easy to wash in the machine without losing the softness of the fabric and the color. The content of the jeans is made to be free of wrinkles, stretching, and wearing out. They are easy to dry and are light to wear yet strong and durable.

This pair of work pants has five standard pockets to carry tools along with one loop for a hammer. You can quickly work in them without worrying about wearing them out while in the job site.

Furthermore, you can find various fits as well in these pants. With an affordable price, these jeans are fit for everyone.


  • Five pockets and one loop for fitting the hammer
  • Wrinkle-free jeans and made to wear on job site without being worn out
  • Lightweight makes them comfortable without losing the durability
  • Easy to wash in the machine and fabric fired quickly


  • The lack of stretching makes it tighter while working around
  • The structure seems to lose its strength after a couple of washes


For the demanded price, these pants are perfect for electricians and carpenters. They may not be ideal, but for a low price, you can find them to be very useful.

Buyers’ Guide

To buy the best work pants for electricians, you will have to research the market and understand the factors and take note of the specifications before opting for a pair. The following guide will help you in buying electricians’ work trousers.

1.      What Material Is The Best?

The first and foremost thing to check is the material that you want to wear. Rule out all the elements that you have an allergic reaction to first and then pick the right one. The following are a few fabrics that you will find.

  • 100% cotton: Pure cotton is the best material for pants for electricians. They are machine wash safe and are stretchable. They are usually the most durable and comfortable
  • Polyester + Cotton: The polyester touch is given to make the material a little handier. The material becomes softer, but it may start to develop holes pretty soon. The mixture further tends to shrink too.
  • Denim/Jeans: Denim tends to get more comfortable as you wash it. They are the most durable and can be useful for working in rough areas.

2.      What Kind Of Fit Should I Get?

Basic pants are different in style or fits. These fits determine the comfort level along with helping in working. The relaxed fit makes the best work pants for electricians since they are roomy and can fit over heavy boots.

3.      Do I Need Extra Pockets?

The best work pants for electricians will always have more pockets than usual to carry the tools. In most cases, you will also find a loop for hammers.  Hence, it is a smart idea to get jeans with more pockets.

4.      Importance Of Being Stain Resistant

It is crucial for the pants to have the quality of not holding on to any stains. Your work will cause a few marks every once in a while, and you will need to remove them. A material that captures the dye will make for least durable pants.

5.      What Color Should I Get?

The smart option is to get a dark color like dark blue or deep indigo. Darker colors help hide stains that you get throughout the day and keep your look as presentable as possible.

Wrap up

Taking a look at the guide and all the products, we find our winner to be Levi’s regular fit jeans as the best work pants for electricians. The reason is the material reliability, the many pockets, the dark color, and the smooth washing system. The company is also well-known which makes it a safe buy.

Best Headlamp for work

Headlamp reviewsWe are familiar with the term headlamp or head torch that is used for the outdoor activities at night and affixed or fastens tightly with the head. Best headlamps are mainly used for mountain biking, mining, hiking, and spelunking, or even medical surgeon can put it into services.

It consists of a battery, elasticised lamp, helmet, and white LED that is adaptable to use. In some headlamp you will be provided with the two options, one halogen lamp and another as LED, you can switch one to choose the other that you find better suited to your work or situation.

Though some advancement has also brought in top headlamps like a handsfree option, zoomable, and water resistivity.

Every best headlamp won’t deserve to be called as perfect. Therefore, we have come up with the top trending helmets that can fulfill your changing demand and provide you with the best services.

Here are the top 5 products:

GRADE Zoomable 3 LEDYesaluminum-alloy&ABS$$
Ultra Bright CREE LED HeadlampYesPlastic$
DEWALT DWHT70440 HeadlampYesMulti$$
BenRan Headlamp CREE 3YesAluminum Alloy$$$
BoJo 4 Modes LED headlamp XM-L2 T6 8000YesAluminum alloy $$

1. GRADE Zoomable 3 LEDHeadlamp reviews

The product is specifically designed for the hunting, fishing, mining, and spelunking. It includes a car charger, two batteries, USB cable and user manual. The perfectly designed product has a beautiful sharp LED having lumens of 1800.

This best led headlamp is versatile; you can use it in various ways like a desk lamp, waist lamp and as a headlamp. The product has an excellent life of 100,000 hours. You are required to unwrap the plastic from the batteries to use it. Otherwise, they won’t get a charge. The product has an overall dimension of 3 x 4.75 x 6 inches.

Moreover, it has fulfilled all your needs to use it in nights and made with the aluminum-alloy & ABS that provides it endless durability and can withstand water, dust and provide user adjustability option. You can tilt it according to the angle of your choice.

The product has three light modes strobe, low and high. Moreover, it includes two battery that gives it a great life.


  • The product is lightweight and has aluminum-alloy & ABS that make it a reliable option for the outdoor hiking.
  • The adjustability factors make it super amazing as you can set it into your own preferred position.
  • A beautiful and elegant design are having three light modes, strobe, low, and high.
  • It offers a zoomable feature; you can zoom the area you are curious about.


  • After sometimes the headlamp will have auto turn off problem.
  • It does not allow you faster charging.


The product gives the high quality at a reasonable price. Moreover, it comes up with many advanced functions like zooming your favorite items, water resistance, and adjustability. A perfect gift for your family or friend.

2. Ultra Bright CREE LED HeadlampHeadlamp reviews

The best cheap headlamp reviews of the product is intended to reveal the features. The manufacturers have brought forth every technological advancement in this item to make it best headlight.

The product possesses the 5 brightness adjustability option like dim mode, strobe mode and even a red mode that safeguards your eye. It is designed with the double coated material. It aids in its durability and has an excellent battery that will last a day and more.

Moreover, it is stylish and has adjustable straps that can fit any individual or even kids. You can tilt it to 45 degrees and throw its beam light up to 262 ft. range.

To satisfy its customer, the manufacturers offer their customer 30 days money back guarantee and 1-year replacement or manufacturing warranty.

The overall dimension of the product is 2.3 x 1.4 x 1.7 inches, and it will include three AAA batteries.



  • Have two buttons for easy operation and quicker control.
  • It has a red light that will help you to protect your eyes.
  • The product is lightweight and comes with adjustability options.
  • Double coated material ensures its high durability.
  • The product embedded in different light option settings like a red light strobe, low, and high.


  • It is hard to disassemble if required.


  • The product will worth every penny by offering you with the best services. If you are looking for an updated and modernized form of the headlamp, then the product is the right fit for you. The product is affordable for every person as it is not pricey.

3. DEWALT DWHT70440 HeadlampHeadlamp reviews

If you want to get the compliment for your headlamp, then you should put the DEWALT into consideration. It has many advanced features that will quench your thirst finding the best cheap headlamp.

It is imported and provides the user with the best quality that can stay usable for years. The product possesses 104 lumens for brightness. Furthermore, it provides adjustability option like low and high light, and you can set it into the low mode and can use the best headlamp light for work for extended hours.

The product also has high resistance to shatter and water. The strip is anti-slip and can fasten with your hats more securely. It has an estimated dimension of 7.6 x 3.4 x 5.7 inches and includes three 3 AAA batteries. The LED light is light enough to make your every application done.


  • The product is durable, and it is a cost-effective headlamp.
  • It is designed with imported material and possesses an elegant and beautiful yellowish design.
  • The product has resistibility against shatter and water.
  • It has an excellent battery life.


  • A simple headlight not recommendable for the professionals.


If you are looking for the simple yet handy and durable product, then the product can serve best for you. It has an elegant design, increased battery life, and possess water and shatter resistance.

4. BenRan Headlamp CREE 3Headlamp reviews

The product is designed for the professional that won’t compromise on the quality and additional features of the headlamp. The headlamp reviews about the product are highly optimistic and show that is the top headlamp.

This product has four brightness mode, with the different light intensity. It has an extensive life of 100,000 hours and can rotate to 90 degrees and can be adjusted to your favorite position. The core material is durable aluminum alloy crust that makes it super resistance to abrasion and water resistance.

The red light indicator will let you know that it has low battery now. Moreover, it provides its user extreme battery life, and the battery will last more than a day, and while enabling the power saving mode the time period can be extended. The product offers three months money back and 3 years replacement warranty to its customers.


  • It has a DC input you can charge your mobile for it.
  • The product has an extensive life of 100,000 hours.
  • It provides its user zooming function.
  • The strap is an anti-slip and can be fitted to anyone.
  • It is beautifully designed product and comes in a black and golden color.


  • It takes more time to charge, and battery drains at a faster rate after frequent charge.


The product is perfect and will satisfy your need. It is lightweight, has a beautiful design, great built-in quality and has a DC connection that serves a mobile power bank.

5. BoJo 4 Modes LED headlamp XM-L2 T6Headlamp reviews

The product is well designed and comes with the special control system known as intelligent, bright light circuit control; it will allow you to set it into following modes like telescopic zoom, strobe, low, medium and high.

The headband is adjustable, and you can adjust it to according to your comfort level. Moreover, you can conveniently put it on and remove it. It also provides you 90 degrees angle. If we talk about the standardized working hours of the reviewed headlamp, then it can last only four to seven hours.

It is water resistant and can perfectly serve for hiking, spelunking, running, fishing and all other activities. The product has a life of 100,000 lumens hours with estimated lumens of 8,000. It also includes the two bilateral LED lights.


  • It is a perfect zoomable and water resistant headlamp.
  • It has an aluminum alloy casting that effectively enhances the durability of the product.
  • The product has four brightness mode and an adjustable strap that can be rotated up to 90 degrees.
  • Beautifully designed and gives a professional look.


  • It provides poor user battery backup.


Bojo 4 has many impressive features with the lowest cons. It will be an amazing addition to hiking or adventurous tours. The product ensures the high level of performance.

Buying guide:

You have gone through the LED headlamp reviews; here we will be debating upon some essential features of the best lamp that every customer needs to ensure before buying:

1. What are the various types of headlamp beam?

We categorize the headlamp beams into major three classes, while these are classified based on the needs of users.

Flood: It gives a wide light to all around the area, but you cannot throw light at a longer distance. It is perfect for the reading, camp task, or other activities where you require wide light.

Spot: These are perfect if you want your headlamp to view longer distance things, as it focuses on a larger distance with the narrow light.

Flood/spot: These are known to be most trending as they provide adjustability options to the user. You can choose the one that you feel better for your task.

2. What are the advanced headlamps feature?

Regulated output:

There are various types of the battery when their battery drains their light start dimming with time, but if you have gone with the regulated battery, you will have a steady and consistent light throughout the battery life.

Red light mode:

Some headlamps will allow you to enable the red light mode as these are the safer way to use at night as it does shrink the pupil of your eye.

Tilting option:

Headlamps can also be adjusted to your desired position; you can move it up or down whatever you find better for you. And beam can be placed wherever you want to.

Water resistivity:

Some handle lamps are water and dust resistant and able to withstand the exposure of water like snow or rain.

3. What should be the weight of headlamp?

Headlamps should be light so you can use it for longer hours. Usually, all models available in the market are light with a minor difference. You can feel a bit different when you will be using modernized or substantial models. While in some models you will have options for bulky batteries, and top straps they will be somehow heavier than the usual model and best for the climbing and not appropriate for the routine work.

4. What are the various types of brightness mode?

Generally, manufacturers will have two modes light and low. While in some models you will have more than two options for adjusting the light.

Strobe: It sometimes serves as the emergency blinker.

Low: It is a most used mode to do the regular tasks.

Medium: It just for sake providing the user another option for adjusting the light.

High: when you will require more light you can enable the high mode.

Boost: This feature is available in high models where you can put a projection on a particular item you are curious about for few seconds.

5. What is the role of lumens in a headlamp?

We can define lumen as a unit emitted from a light source. A best head flashlight that will have higher lumens will consume more energy to give you a bright light as compared to a low light that will be having a lower amount of lumens in it. A best LED headlamp will have moderate amounts of lumens in it.

Wrap up:

When you are setting up your tent, or going for the hiking at night, you will need an illuminating partner to provide you with the beam of lights to brighten your destination. If you are still confused and not able to select the best headlamp for work, then you have to trust Editor’s pick.

We have reviewed the top headlamps, and among all declare GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes headlamp, because it is lightweight, water-resistant, has sharp and bright LED that is zoomable, provide adjustability options to the user and a cost-effective choice.

The definitve guide to led garage lights

Best Garage LightingOne of the most important things we need in our workshop garages is garage lights. Garage lights help you in several ways, they help you to see better, and you are not afraid of visiting your garage even at night.

It is important to use some lights in your garage if it is larger, if not then you may use one or two strong led light which will help to lighten the whole garage.

Some people avoid the lights and use their garage just for the daytime, that is not a nice option. Make sure you use best garage lightening for your garage as it will lighten it up more and you can have a better view ad work well.

If you have been having any difficulty and wanted to find out which light best suits your garage, then we have gathered some valuable information for you.

A general comparison of 5 best led lights is listed in the table below;

Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light48 x 12 x 6 inches120V4 lbs. $$
HyperSelect LED Shop Light49 x 4 x 2
120V1.1 lbs.$$$
Lithonia Lighting FMLWL 48 840 4 ft. White LED47.4 x 5.5 x 2.6 inches 120V4.4 lbs.$$
Linkable LED Utility Shop Light49.1 x 6.1 x 3.1 inches120V3.9 lbs.$
LLT LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture47.2 x 3 x 2.6 inches120V2.8 lbs.$$$

1.    Hyperikon LED Utility Shop LightBest Garage Lighting

This product is known for its unique qualities; you can see how your electricity bill will reduce. You can instantly save up to 62% of your bill by installing these two 38W LED lights in your garage. The warranty of these garage lights is that it will work for 21 years if used for 6 hours per day, that is a quite an amount of life they carry.

Another important aspect that hyperikon LED lights hold is that it holds DLC 4.1 which is a maximum of power you will receive. As garages and workshops are compact and require more light, therefore, these lights, provide maximum brightness to help you see better. You won’t face any flickering in these lights that is a company’s promise. The price of this item is not much it is quite affordable and worth every penny.  So, do not have second thoughts while making a purchase.


  • Hyperikon company provides five years replacement warranty, and they are just a call away if any problem occurs.
  • It is a great product for saving up electricity, so if you are worried about your bill try these lights.
  • The item provides 45,000-hour lifetime.
  • Linkable, you can easily link it to more lights whenever needed.
  • Effortless installation process.


  • Even though it says that these lights are very easy to install, some customers still have difficulty in installing them as they have to provide the links and hang them above.


Apart from having a little bit difficulty in hanging them, these lights have no disadvantage and are a great product which you can install in your garage. You will see how much money you will start saving within weeks.

2.    HyperSelect LED Shop LightBest Garage Lighting

Hyperselect presents one of the best-LED lights for garage workshops. Just simply replace your old fluorescent lights with these new 35W led lights. They will give you lights which are worth the see in your garage. Life rating of the item is more than 45,000 hours that means you can easily install them and then have no worries for a very long time. Your garage or workplace will be highly brightened as these lights have at least a minimum of 1081m/watt.

It provides you with 4000K daylight glow, so if you need to work on some important and minor things in your garage, then you do not have to worry about the time of the day. Keep your workplaces functioning at night place as well. Comes along with various options for mounting, so you have a wider choice. The price of this product is nominal, and you don’t have to pay much, what matters the most is that it fulfills the desires within this money range.


  • There are different ways in which you can use this led lights. You can either hang it or even mount it by fixing it on the wall.
  • Hyperselect comes along with 5000k of crystal white glow.
  • The product can be easily mounted the other way around, so it is useful for providing diffuse lighting by illuminating the ceiling.
  • Lightest in weight among all other LED’s.


  • These lights are not as such linkable so some people might have issues with that.


By far the lightest led light among all is this one. So, if for you weight is of major importance, then you can buy these lights. The extra crystal glow is a new feature and makes these lights one of the best products as well.


3.    Lithonia Lighting FMLWL 48 840 4 ft. White LEDBest Garage Lighting

If you want to brighten your garage or any of your workplace then having an LED is a must for you. With these lights, you can lighten up your garage; these are 4k LED lights that save the energy and give you light brighter than ever. LED lightening provides 2,304 lumens and 4000k of bright white light which is smooth and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Lithonia lights have been designed to give away light for at least 50,000 hours in their entire lifetime, that is approximately equal to 23 years. The company also promises to give environmental benefits, and there is no disturbance throughout the lifespan.

These lights can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally, so no restrictions in the way you need them hanged. Keeping all this in mind the price of these led garage lights is slightly high, they are worth the price but still may become out of budget for some customers.


  • The product can be installed anywhere with a lot of ease, so you do not have to worry about installations.
  • Plastic case over the top keeps them safe and long-lasting.
  • It is made up of a sturdy material.
  • There is a universal mounting plate which is compatible with most of the junction boxes.


  • A limited range of rotational movements which sometimes cause problems while installing for the first time.
  • It is pricey.


If you look at the whole picture, then the price of this product is justified as it produces 26 years of supply of lightning. Another plus point is that it can be mounted universally on any of the junction boxes. So, not a bad purchase after all.


4.    Linkable LED Utility Shop LightBest Garage Lighting

Linkable lights have always created a hype in the market as they can link easily and there is hardly any difficulty in handling them. These garage lights have high brightness and come along with 5000k of natural light. It effectively reduces the electricity bills and releases 4800 lumens output at 40 watts. Built-in bulbs come along with a 44” power cord which is chrome- finished and ran easily on 100-240 VAC or 50/60 Hz.

Some lights produce less brightness at lower temperatures, but these lights are full of light and give no flickers or dull light even at -4F temperature.  Performance and safety wise these have been certified, and you will not face any problems. These lights are the most expensive garage lights in the ones mentioned. So, maybe that becomes a drawback but always look on the bright side and see that it is all worth the price, most of all that it is linkable.


  • LED lights are double ceiling fixtures which can last up to 22.8 years.
  • The lens of these lights is impact-resistance.
  • The design is unique and ultra-light in weight.
  • Safe and brightly working at low temperatures.
  • The power cord comes with a dual prong plug.


  • Installing process may seem easy, but a lot of nuts and screws needed handy before you mount them.


When you see the high price, then you also want the product to be outstanding. Well for sure this item is worth the buy as it is frost protected and you will have no difficulty in any weather. The brightness level is suitable to work out in any garage.


5.    LLT LED Garage Vapor Proof FixtureBest Garage Lighting

LLT company is highly known for selling one of the best garage lightening lights. They are very much good in quality which is vapor proof. The material they are made out from is hard, and they are not easily breakable. Their best feature is that they are also suitable for wet locations so if your garage consists of anything related to water then these lights are for you.

They have 30,000-hour lifetime and can provide 36W and brightness of 2700 lm. Also, 5000k crystal brightness used when you are working in the daytime, and more brightness is required. There is no bulb inside, and it is a complete lightening fixture with zero maintenance needed.

LLT product is the cheapest one in all items, they are good in quality and provide the same amount of brightness as other items. It is definitely worth the price.


  • The product comes along with the mounting brackets, so there is no difficulty to purchase them separately.
  • The power cord supplied if needed.
  • It has resistance at low and high temperatures.
  • Vapour proof tube light with the hardwired fixture, to avoid any water getting into


  • As it is vapor free and comes along with a hard case which is frost free as well, that case might block out some of the brightness.
  • Light capacity may not travel far.


If you are looking for a cheap priced LED light, then this is the one for you. It is vapor free as well so it is worth its price. Easy installation and no hassle at all.


Buying guide:

Are color tones important to keep in mind?

The color tones of every light are different. It depends on the company and the amount of brightness resistance levels they have added. Some lights are known to be very bright others have a crystal brightness. The difference is important because you need to see whether you will be using your garage at daytime or night. If you are more of a day worker as most people are, then you can look for LED which has at least 5000k crystal daylight with a bright light. Dim and lighter color tones are better to use for night times.

Which one is better, horizontal or vertical mounted?

The answer to this quite simple, if you don’t know the main purpose of why you are buying the LED’s for then for sure, this doesn’t matter to you. But horizontally mounted lights are always better as they give direct lightning to the things in the workshop. If you need vertically mounted lights, then you can narrow down your search to it.

Should I buy LED’s which are linkable?

Linkable LED’s provide you ease as they are easily linked with one another, and you don’t have to hassle much to hang every light individually. Again, it is dependent on your own needs. If you have a big garage and want to hang some lights, then it is always better to buy linkable because they will take less place and will provide more light.

How much of life is known to be enough for a long run?

A lifetime of all LED’s is different. The more you pay, the more of a lifespan you get because obviously, it depends upon, the better quality. You should at least buy the garage lights which have 20+ years of lifespan. A garage is a place where lights are to be stayed on for longer hours, therefore, keep this aspect in your mind and make a rational decision.

Are power corded lights better than battery operated ones?

Power corded lights are in some sense better than battery operated ones. As the battery is to be replaced very often and is an additional price to pay. So, it is better to buy the lights with power so you can add up this amount to the electricity bill instead of changing batteries very often.


After going through the whole article, we are sure you have carefully seen that the best garage lightening is none other than Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light. This light provides you with a light that is used for day and night; the brightness level is quite high. Instant saving of electricity is a great plus point. Among all the mentioned products, specifically in this one, you do not need to spend any money on fixtures as for five whole years if any problem occurs the company will replace it.

The definitive guide to laser tape measures for accurate distances

Best Laser MeasureA laser tape measure is an essential piece of equipment for those people who either work in real estate or construction industry. This tool enables them to make the measurements tasks faster and easier.

The laser the laser measuring tools are elementary to use and both professionals along with amateurs can use them conveniently.

There are different types of laser tools available on the market and problems come when you have to pick the best laser measuring tool that serves your purpose. You must identify the specifics regarding usage to purchase the best laser tape measure.

We have developed a list of best laser tape measure review that is not only feature-packed but also come at an affordable price. These laser tap measure reviews will help you out in buying the right product that you need to fulfill your jobs.

Here is the list:

Product nameDistanceAccuracyBluetoothPrice
Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure 120'1.5 mmNo$$$
DEWALT DW03050 Laser Distance
165'1.5 mmNo$$
Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure330'1.5 mmYes$$
Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance Measurer165'1.5 mmYes$$$
Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter165'2.0 mmNo $
Klein Tools 93LDM65 Laser Distance Measurer 65'1.5 mmNo$$

1.    Bosch GLM 35 Laser MeasureBest Laser Measure

The GLM 35 Laser Measure from Bosch is a fully featured device that includes distance, area, volume, length, and various other continuous reading measurement options. The tool also lets you add or subtract these reading as per your needs.

The device comes with a backlight screen for enhanced visibility even in low light conditions. It is easily the best laser measure device that you can find online or on the market because it comes at a very economical price and offers a load of features too. The pocket-sized laser tap measurer enables ease of access and provides exceptional accuracy.

It is capable of measuring within 1/16-inch. The GLM 35 Laser Measure is Class II laser product with <1mW power output. It only weighs less than six and a half pounds, and the dimensions are 1.8-inch x 5.2-inch x 8-inch. The device operates with the help of a couple of AAA batteries. It is a 4.00W and 5.5HP tool that comes with 2-year warranty.


  • The GLM 35 laser tool comes with 2-year warranty.
  • You can take multiple continuous measurements as well as addition and subtraction
  • The device is equipped with a backlight for better visibility.
  • It offers exceptional accuracy and can measure within 1/16-inch.
  • The Class II laser device has <1mW power output and runs on two AAA batteries.


  • Its beam is slightly bowing.
  • It does not work over 40 feet or on a sunny day outdoors.


It is the best laser distance measurer that you can buy in this price range. The product is economical and fully loaded with features.

2.    DEWALT DW03050 Laser Distance MeasurerBest Laser Measure

It is another high-quality product on our list of best laser measure reviews. Dewalt is the manufacturer of some high-quality field equipment and hardware tools, and this laser measurer is no different either. The DW03050 can measure up to 165 feet very comfortably. The device can automatically do calculations on area and volume.

It has indirect height measurement that uses Pythagoras functions to take measurements. It even has a memory unit that stores previous five measurements too for comparisons. The DW03050 has a double lined backlit display that provides you with better screen visibility as well. It weighs around ten and a half pounds, and the dimensions are 5-inch x 2.9-inch x 7-inch.

The laser measurer runs on a couple of AAA batteries and gives you a measurement accuracy of up to 1.5mm. It is an excellent product that also comes with thee year warranty.


  • The laser tape measure does automatic calculations of volume and area.
  • It also has a memory unit that can store up to 5 previous reading for references.
  • The laser tool has 2-line backlit display for convenient visibility in all conditions.
  • It can measure with the accuracy of 1/16-inch (1.5mm)
  • You purchase covered under three-year warranty, and you also get a protective pouch with it.


  • The device works better indoors.
  • Accuracy issues in rare cases.


Dewalt is known for its high-quality products, and same goes for this laser tool as well. The brand worth and exception features are the reason why this product is highly ranked in our laser distance measurer reviews.

3.    Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance MeasureBest Laser Measure

Provided that it is one of the expensive laser measuring tools in our reviews, this product from Leica does have some features to boast. The Disto D2 Laser distance measure can easily track readings of up to a whopping 330 feet, and it also has Bluetooth 4.0. Available in black or red color, this unit is equipped with Class II laser and has 1mW power output.

It is capable of giving accurate readings of up to 1/16-inch. You can use the Bluetooth to transfer your readings to any software with ease. The memory unit that it houses can store up to 10 previous measurements. The dimensions of Disto D2 are 4.57-inch x 1.73-inch x 1.02-inch, and it only weighs about four pounds.

This lightweight piece of equipment uses Pythagoras function for measuring width and height indirectly. It also incorporates an intelligent automatic end piece which allows you to reach those tight corners and spaces too.


  • The product comes with three-year warranty and also comes with a pouch, 2 AAAs, and a wrist lanyard.
  • Disto D2 houses a Class II laser and has 1mW output.
  • It also features Bluetooth 4.0 to transfer your readings.
  • You will also get an intelligent automatic end piece to reach those tight spaces.
  • It uses Pythagoras functions to take indirect measures of width and height.


  • Its sketch application is not that good.
  • Not designed for frequent use.


Considering that it is an expensive product, the Disto D2 is a high-quality product that has many features to offer. Plus it comes with a three-year warranty from Leica as well.

4.    Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance MeasurerBest Laser Measure

Another one from Bosch, the GLM 50C devices is enabled with Bluetooth technology which is a class apart. It can measure the distances up to 165 feet with 1/16-inch accuracy. Apart from the Bluetooth feature, this laser tool also comes with a color display that incorporates backlighting for convenient visibility.

The GLM 50C also houses built-in inclinometer which enables you to utilize advanced features like min/max, angles, double indirect and stakeout. Its default real-time measurement feature displays distances as you move the device about the target.

The 50C laser measure tool from Bosch boasts Class II laser with less than 1mW power output. It is powered by a couple of AAA and weighs just over 11 pounds. The dimensions of this tool are 4.2-inch x 1.8-inch x 0.9-inch and your purchase will be covered by a warranty of two years as well.


  • Its measuring distance is up to 165 feet with an accuracy of +/- 1/16-inch.
  • GLM 50C is equipped with Bluetooth feature and a memory unit that can store up to 10 readings.
  • It also houses an inclinometer with advanced options of the stakeout, double indirect, angles and min/max.
  • It has a Class II laser with a power output of less than 1mW.
  • It also gives you real-time measurements, and you move the device from one target point to another.


  • May give inaccurate readings at times.
  • Outdoor measuring quality is poor.


The product is equipped with all the necessary features that you will need to take those measurements, and it offers exceptions value for money too.

5.    Fluke 414D Laser Distance MeterBest Laser Measure

The 414D Laser Distance Meter from Fluke is not a fluke at all. It has 635 nm Class II laser with less than 1mW output and can instantly give readings of up to 50 meters or 165 feet. The best part about this device is it has an effortless one-button operation, and it quickly measures the distance between two points or objects.

The laser technology that it boasts is the most sophisticated version for measuring distances. The measuring tool has a built-in Pythagoras functions which take readings indirectly through two other interpretations. It can quickly measure volume and area. The dimensions of 414D are 2.1-inch x 1.3-inch x 4.6-inch, and it weighs around 10 pounds.

Your purchase also covered under three years warranty from Fluke, and its straightforward usability and ability to give quick readings are the reason that it appeared on our list of best laser measures.


  • It has 635nm Class II laser with less than 1mW output.
  • It can quickly measure area and volume up to 50 meters with accuracy of +/- 2mm
  • The 414D comes with the smooth one-button operation and is very convenient to use.
  • It also has a three-year warranty.
  • You will also get a pouch for easy carrying.


  • It doesn’t come with Bluetooth feature.
  • You have to buy the batteries separately.


The 414D from Fluke is one of the best laser measures because it balances your budget with features. You don’t need to spend too much while looking for some critical specs in your laser tool.

6.    Klein Tools 93LDM65 Laser Distance MeasurerBest Laser Measure

The 93LDM65 Laser Distance Measurer from Klein Tools is capable of measuring up to 65 feet of distance with 1/16-inch accuracy. Measuring with this accuracy is pretty much standard for our reviews, and this distance measurer does it so efficiently.

It can quickly read and calculate volume, length, and area and has large-sized buttons for effortless operation. The key feature that this measuring tool has is its ability to provide you with fractional readings both in metric and imperial units. With this device, you have the best one-touch option that provides you with single distance readings as well as continuous real-time measurements.

It also has a distinctly visible backlit display for you to quickly read the number from the screen in low light conditions. The 93LDM65 has dimensions of 8-inch x 5.5-inch x 2.5-inch, and it merely weighs 4 pounds. The device runs on 2 AAA batteries and also comes with a carrying case.


  • It can measure the distances of up to 65 feet with +/- 1/16-inch accuracy.
  • It can provide quick readings in both metric and imperial units.
  • It comes with one-touch, single distance measurement option as well for quick readings.
  • The measuring tool has large buttons for convenient operation.


  • Backlit doesn’t work much in the outdoors.
  • It consumes batteries fast.


A useful basic-featured device that won’t break your wallet in half. Its one-touch operation enables you to get the readings quickly.


Buying Guide

What Functions Can I Perform With A Laser Measure?

The best laser measure that you can find will enable you to take a different measurement in a quick time with full accuracy. You can also use these for long distance readings as well because these devices rarely give inaccurate measurements.

You can also store your previous measurements for reference and make adjustments to them. The tools can also convert your readings into different units.

Is It Better To Use A Laser Tape Measure In Place Of The Conventional Tape Measure?

Of course, it is because laser measures give you a lot more accuracy as compared to the conventional tape measures. These devices are quick to use and operate and eradicate human error. You can also take measurements of up to 200 feet with ease whereas; a conventional tape measure only goes up to 50 feet.

What Should I Look For When Buying The Best Laser Measure?

You need to look for ranges, precision level, battery life, functionality or additional features as well as a memory unit. All of the above reviews include these features.

What Functions Does The Best Laser Measure Have?

The typical functions of the best laser measure device include measuring length, volume, area, real-time continuous measuring, multi-surface, min/max measuring mode, combined along with double and single indirect Pythagoras functions, angle measuring, stakeout, and trapezoid.

What Is Covered Under The Warranty Of These Laser Tools?

Most of the manufacturers offer two to three years warranty on laser measures. These warranties cover any issues associated with craftsmanship or the quality of materials used to make the product. Some brands also offer a money back guarantees or a 30-day trial period as well for you to try out their products or you will get your refund is not satisfied with the product’s performance.


The clear winner in our reviews of best laser measures is the GLM 35 Laser Measure from Bosch because it is a perfect combination of excellent features at an attractive price. The Class II laser tool comes with a two-year warranty, and it is equipped with Pythagoras functionality as well.

The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Tradesmen

The Best Bluetooth Headphones for TradesmenThe modern world has many different technological devices. One of the most significant inventions is the music player and music video player.

People are becoming more interested in music, and they want to look for different ways to enhance that experience.

One such invention that helps make the experience better is the Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones can be connected to your mobile phone, television, music player, or any other system that may have a Bluetooth connection.

They are wireless and work best for people that do not like the hassle of managing a cord while they work out, or listen to music.

The best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen are the ones that provide maximum sound quality and an enjoyable experience.

The following are the reviews to help customers in buying the right product after having a full analysis of some of the best product of this kind.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones30 feet8 hours$$$
Mpow Jaws Bluetooth Headphones Wireless32 feet13 hours$$
3M Work Tunes Wireless Hearing ProtectorN/A2 hours$$
Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones40 feet7 hours$$
Otium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones30 feet8 hours$$
Losei Bluetooth HeadphonesN/A3 hours$

1. SENSO Bluetooth HeadphonesThe Best Bluetooth Headphones for Tradesmen

The Senso Bluetooth headphones are one of the top wireless earbuds in the market. The product has some features that help it reach the top. These Bluetooth headphones are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. They are designed to fit any ear along with being waterproof. The wireless headphones are designed to be fatigue-free for a very long time.

With only 1.5 hours of charging time, you can experience around 8 hours of hassle-free music and that too, comfortably. These headphones are equipped with the noise reduction technology which allows you to experience the music of your choice without any external interruptions.

With additional accessories and so many features, you will also get a one year warranty to claim your damaged product- no questions asked. One would expect a product like this to be costly, but it is easy in the pocket and convenient.


  • The latest Bluetooth 4.1 allows you connect to any Bluetooth device up to 30 feet away.
  • The headphones are designed to fit any ear comfortably and provide a fatigue-free experience along with being waterproof
  • You can charge it for 1.5 hours to get a battery life of over 8 hours without interruptions.
  • Additional accessories come in the box


  • The structure of the headphones is not adjustable
  • They suppress noise but do not have the technology to cancel noise


Ignoring the minor flaws, these headphones apparently set the standard high for others of the same kind. You can find a great deal on them and a comfortable experience.

2. Mpow Jaws Bluetooth Headphones WirelessThe Best Bluetooth Headphones for Tradesmen

The Mpow jaws Bluetooth headphones are one of the best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen. You will find these Bluetooth headphones to be of a unique and lovable design. They feature the new Bluetooth 4.1 version which works about 32 feet away from the host device.

The neckband is very light and reduces the impact on your neck after wearing for a very long time. With one charge, you can experience 13 hours of uninterrupted music on the go. These headphones come in two different colors that increase their beauty.

The magnet design allows users to protect their device when not in use. You can enjoy music more with the device’s noise canceling technology which will remove any external sound. The price is very reasonable for anyone who wants a great music experience.


  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version that works about 32 feet away from the host
  • Noise canceling technology helps eliminate any external sounds
  • The design is flexible along with being lightweight to be more convenient
  • You can enjoy 13 hours of music and talk time with just a single charge


  • The headphones do not tangle free since they do have wires involved
  • The company provides no warranty on the item


You will find these headphones to work very well and give you a perfect experience. You can use them for communicating or merely listening to the music. Ignoring their minor flaw, these are a worthwhile purchase.

3. 3M Work Tunes Wireless Hearing Protector with Bluetooth TechnologyThe Best Bluetooth Headphones for Tradesmen

The 3M work tunes Bluetooth headset might not be a perfect option for people that want to hit the gym; however, they are one of the best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen because of their multiple features.

These headphones are not rechargeable and work through 2 AA batteries. With these headphones, you also have the option to tune into AM/FM radio stations and enjoy the music of your choice or listen to your favorite radio station. Also featured is the audio assisting technology which is a sound guide to the headphones.

The volume settings are exceptionally high and bright. With two hours of battery life on a single charge, these headphones hold a padded design for comfort. The price for these headphones seems to be a little over the budget with not so many features.


  • Audio assist helps you understand the device properly
  • Auto volume adjust feature helps in maintaining the capacity without much damage to ears
  • Padded earphones provide comfort to the users
  • You can listen to your favorite AM/FM station on these wireless headphones


  • Noise-canceling or noise suppressing technology is absent
  • The usage time is only 2 hours


These headphones are designed to be used for traders and people who need to communicate. They provide a short talk time, but they are still a good purchase and get the job done.

4. Phaiser Bluetooth HeadphonesThe Best Bluetooth Headphones for Tradesmen

In these wireless headphones reviews, Phaiser does not seem to stand back and produces one of the best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen. They feature Bluetooth 4.1 version which provides HD sound along with the 10mm speakers that are equipped with the headset.

The speakers that have memory foam allow the users to enjoy the suppressed external noise. Additionally, the headphones are waterproof, so if you sweat while wearing these headphones, they will remain safe. To give weight to this feature, the company provides a lifetime sweat proof warranty. The secure fit design helps the device to stay in place no matter what if being done.

Additional microphones allow you to attend calls apart from listening to music. The range of the equipment is about 30-40 feet, and one charge will provide seven hours. For a product with so many advantages, it sure is very reasonable.


  • Bluetooth version 4.1 that works up to 40 feet in range
  • A two hour charging time provides 7 hours of backup and playtime
  • The memory foam allows noise to be suppressed
  • The memory wire enable the headset to shape according to your head for increased comfort


  • The headphones do not cancel sound completely
  • They provide a comparatively shorter time of playback


Ignoring the small flaws with this product, you will find these to be undoubtedly the best wireless headphones. They work perfectly for business communication or leisure.

5. Otium Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesThe Best Bluetooth Headphones for Tradesmen

The Otium wireless Bluetooth headphones are not the best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen, but they are one of the best Bluetooth headsets in general too. They are sweat-proof and are designed to be comfortable around the ears for a long time communication and leisure.

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 4.1 along with EDR, these headphones allow maximum clarity in any volume. With up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime, you can work all day for your trading job.

With the noise canceling technology, you can enjoy working without any external noise. These headphones come in various sizes to adjust to different head sizes with convenience. The Otium wireless Bluetooth headphones are very pocket-friendly along with many features.


  • They come in some different sizes for different heads
  • They have the latest Bluetooth version 4.1 with EDR for clarity in voice
  • They work in about 30 feet range very conveniently
  • To wrap all the features, the company provides a year warranty on the device


  • There is no microphone in the product
  • The device seems very stiff to be adjusted


The Otium Bluetooth headphones are a definite purchase if you want a lot of leisure time with the music. The sound they produce is apparent and a pleasant experience.

6.Losei Bluetooth HeadphonesThe Best Bluetooth Headphones for Tradesmen

The Losei Bluetooth headphone works as one of the best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen because of their excellent performance. They are small and wireless and are designed to be wrapped around the year to provide comfort and stability.

They have an inbuilt audio processing system that helps in making produced sound better. They work for 3 hours on full charge and are compatible with almost every phone that has a Bluetooth connection. Their case comes in the box so you can keep them safe all the time.

A small and very sensitive microphone allows users to attend calls and talk as long as they like. These small yet powerful headphones come in a reasonable amount and can be enjoyed by anyone.


  • These are small, wireless, and very convenient to put on
  • Designed to be comfortable around the ears
  • These have an active microphone for communication
  • These can cancel noise and make sound quality better


  • They do not have a long battery life
  • They do not have a long range


These headphones are excellent for a short time work. However, they are good if you want to use them for a workout for a few short hours.

Buying Guide

After reading the following reviews, you may have an idea of the best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen and how many different companies have their designs to top each other. The next buying guide will help you further understand the best ones in the market.

Do I Want Something with Versatility?

You need to decide the purpose of the Bluetooth headsets that you want. There are some that come with a microphone and several different features that may be useful to you. They can be highly expensive as well. However, with proper research around the market, you will be able to find the best Bluetooth headsets at the most reasonable price and versatility.

What are Things That I Can Compromise?

The right way to shop is to not compromise on anything that you want. The best wireless headphones provide versatility and some different features for the right price. If you still want to compromise, then try compromising on the aspects that you feel are useless to you. For example, if you do not like listening to the radio, you do not need to get a headset that has one. Or you can eliminate the idea of a microphone if you want do not have a use to it.

What Should Be The Range of The Device?

The best Bluetooth headphones have a range of 30 – 40 feet or about 10 meters. These are usually when there is no obstacle between the host and guest device. Meanwhile, with constraints, the range automatically shortens to about 20 feet. Hence, buying the best Bluetooth headphones with a range of about 40 meters will give you a better result than other scales.

What Should Be The Playtime?

Of course, the playtime depends on the usage of the individual. However, the best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen will give you at least a 10-hour playtime. The other playtimes are seemingly very short and precise for people that would like to use it all day for their work.

What Is The Ideal Weight of The Device?

The ideal weight of the device is not fixed. However, you will want one that is comfortable around your neck or ears for as long as you wear it. People like to go for the ones that are the lightest and most comforting throughout the time of use.

Overall Conclusion:

Looking at all the best Bluetooth headphones for tradesmen, we have found a winner. For us, the winner is the Senso Bluetooth headphones hands down. The reason behind it is that the product is loaded with features and still manages to be in a budget-friendly amount. It is incredible for pleasure during work.

The Best Whole House Fan to keep your attic cool

Best Whole House FanAre you tired of running your air conditioner day and night in the summers? Are you fed-up of your soaring electricity bills or concerned about developing allergies from stale, shut-in, non-ventilated air?

We have got a question for you; have you considered lately about buying a whole house fan? If not then you should.

Here comes the best part, it doesn’t consume much energy, especially if you compare it with one of your air conditioners. As per the information shared by US Department of Energy, this fan is an inexpensive and simple way to cool your house down in those heat waves.

For this reason, we have developed a list of best whole house fan reviews. These attic fan reviews will guide in buying the best product this summer at a very affordable price and forget about those back-breaking bills that you have been paying for a long time now.

NameCFM RatingArea CoveredMotor CapacityPrice
Cool Attic Power Gable Ventilator Fan 1300 CFM1850 sq. ft115V, 3.4Amp$$
Broan Gable Mount Attic Ventilator
1600 CFM2280 sq. ft120V, 3.9Amp$$$
iLIVING Wall-Mounted Shutter Exhaust Fan
800 CFM1000 sq. ft120V, 0.55Amp$$
Air Vent Gable Attic Ventilator Fan1050 CFM1500 sq. ft120V, 3.2Amp$
Solar Attic Fan Florida Rated1628 CFM2625 sq. ftN/A$$
Eco-Worthy Solar Powered Attic Fan
1080 CFM600 sq. ftN/A$$$

1. Cool Attic Power Gable Ventilator FanBest Whole House Fan

The CX1500UPS Power Gable Ventilator Fan from Cool Attic is the best whole house fan that you can buy online. It provides an excellent value for money and comes with many features that are hard to find in this price range.  It is capable of cooling down attics of up to 1850 square feet in area. The fan is powered by 115V, 3.4amp, 60Hz motor that is thermally protected.

The fan came with a rating of 1300 CFM when it used with an automatic shutter of model CX2121. With this model, its static pressure turns out to be 0.03. The size of this fan is 14-inch, and it has 600 square inch intake. The CX1500UPS has an adjustable thermostat which is equipped with built-in features. The dimensions of the fan are 15-inch x 155-inch with the depth of 7-inch, and it weighs around 12 pounds.


  • It is the best whole house fan that cools down attics of 1850 square feet in area
  • A thermally protected motor powers the fan
  • It has 1300 CFM rating with 0.03 static pressure
  • CX1500UPS has 600 square-inch intake while the size of the fan itself is 14-inch


  • The fan is a bit loud
  • It is slightly tricky to install


CX1500UPS by Cool Attic is the best whole house fan that you can buy at this price range. It has a very powerful motor, and the fan also covers large areas as well.

2. Broan Gable Mount Attic VentilatorBest Whole House Fan

The Gable Mount Attic Ventilator from Broan runs on 120V, 3.9amp motor. The fan has a powerful throw and can cover a range of 2280 square feet. It has a rating 1600 CFM and gives a superior quality performance. If you are willing to spend this much, then Broan’s Gable Mount is the best whole house fan for covering larger spaces.

You can install it inside your attic and forget about the heat of your summers. It is made of galvanized steel housing to provide additional strength to the fan for long-term use. The fan comes with mounting brackets for you to install it quickly. The diameter of the steel blade is 14-inch, and it is made to deliver maximum air in your room.

The fan can operate automatically. It also incorporates an adjustable thermostat that is built-in along with the motor that is thermally protected and permanently lubricated. The dimensions of this fan 15-inch x 15-inch x 8-inch and it weighs slight over 12 pounds.


  • The fan is powered by 3.9amp, 120V thermally protected motor
  • The rating of this fan is 1600 CFM
  • It can cover the area up to 2280 square feet
  • The fan is made of galvanized steel for long-lasting performance.
  • It can operate automatically.
  • The fan blades have a diameter of 14-inch


  • It is an expensive whole house fan
  • It is deafening and vibrates a lot
  • The fan is not designed for frequent use.


Broan’s Cable Mount is an expensive product, but it does offer an exceptional performance as well. The powerful motor enables the fan to cover a wide area and cools it down instantly.

3. iLIVING Wall-Mounted Shutter Attic Exhaust FanBest Whole House Fan

The Wall Mounted Shutter Attic Exhaust Fan from iLIVING has a 12-inch fan fitted in it. You can vary the fan speed, and the shutters are automatic. The fan has listed the product in UL, and it comes with the permanently lubricated motor as well.

The fan is resistive to corrosion, and it boasts wire guards that are compliant with OSHA standards. You can change the fan speed with the help of ILG8SFSC speed controller which you need to buy separately. The fan is operated by a 120V, 0.55amp motor. The rating of this fan is 800 CFM, and it comes in different sizes ranging from 10-inch to 36-inch.

The 30-inch and 36-inch variants are only available in single speed. The dimensions of this fan are 15-inch x 15-inch x 5.8-inch, and it weighs nearly 10 pounds. The fan comes fully assembled, and you don’t have to spend time joining each of the components.


  • The Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fan from iLIVING has automatic shutters
  • It comes in different sizes ranging from 10-inch to 36-inch
  • 120V, 0.55amp motor powers it.
  • It has a rating of 800CFM


  • It does not have a strong motor
  • The 30-inch and 36-inch fans are single speed variants


If you are not willing to spend much on your whole house fan, then this is the product that you should buy. It emphasizes on safety and comes in different sizes to meet your requirements.

4. Air Vent Gable Attic Ventilator FanBest Whole House Fan

The Gable Attic Ventilator from Air Vent has a rating of 1050 CFM, and it is equipped with a 180W, 3.2amp motor. The 14-inch blade of the fan is enough to cover the area of 150 square feet. The fan comes with a two-year warranty to cover any issues in craftsmanship, and it is effortless to install.

The fan is built to last long and provide you with high-quality performance. It weighs over 8 pounds, and the dimensions are 19-inch x 19-inch x 8-inch. The fan doesn’t come with a plug and has a thermostat instead that is covered in a metal box.

This metal box has a break-open hole where you can insert a screw nut type electrical wire which is similar to a fuse box. The fan offers you excellent value for your money because it provides superior functionality at a budget price.


  • 2amp motor powers the Gable Attic Fan
  • It has a rating of 1050 CFM
  • The blade of the fan is 14-inch in diameter
  • The fan can cover the area of up to 1500 square feet
  • It is not an expensive product
  • The fan comes with two years warranty


  • It is extremely noisy
  • It also vibrated a lot


It offers excellent value for money and delivery an exceptional performance. The product is very durable, and it is worth your money.

5. Solar Attic Fan Florida RatedBest Whole House Fan

The Solar Attic Fan by Natural Light comes with a whopping 25 years warranty against materials and craftsmanship issues. The guarantee of this fan is industry leading, and it covers the entire unit. It is made of the highest quality material that you won’t find in any other fan.

This fan surely deserves to be on our list of best whole house fans. You can install the fan without any wring because it is solar powered. However, if you prefer a thermostat, then you can use that option as well. You can use the option of thermostat if you live in colder climates. You will have to buy the thermostat separately.

Your buying package will include all the stuff that you need to setup your fan straight away. The dimensions of this fan are 27.2-inch x 27.2-inch x 11.5-inch, and the weight of the fan is 30 pounds. It is a massive unit due to the solar panel.


  • The solar attic fan comes with a jaw-dropping 25-years warranty
  • The fan is also made of superior quality materials
  • Due to the solar panel, it doesn’t require any wiring
  • You can even buy an option snap-on thermostat if you live in cold climate
  • It can cover an area of up to 2625 square feet


  • It is expensive
  • The fan is very bulky
  • The solar panel is very sensitive


It is an excellent product that does not run on electricity. Just use a solar panel to charge the fan and you all done. Say goodbye to those hefty electricity bills this summer.

6. Eco-Worthy Solar Powered Attic FanBest Whole House Fan

It is another budget-friendly product on our list of best whole house fans. This solar powered attic fan from Eco-Worthy has a stylish design if you prefer the looks of you fan when buying. The fan is fully operational through solar energy and doesn’t use electricity to run.

Make sure that you avoid building up the heat in your room which the fan is ventilating and also ensure that you prevent this place from mildew, mold or dampness. The fan has a straightforward installation because it does not require any wiring. The Solar Powered Attic Fan comes with one year warranty to protect you from any material or workmanship issues.

You can also fix this fan on the glass surface. The dimensions of this fan are 10.8-inch x 10.4-inch x 5.7-inch while the fan weighs less than 6 pounds. It can cover 600 square feet of area and gas 1080 CFM rating.


  • The fan is entirely automatic and operates on solar energy
  • It has straightforward installation and does not require any wiring
  • It comes with one year warranty against any issues of materials and workmanship
  • You can also install it on glass surfaces


  • Does not work well if too much heat builds up in the room that it ventilates
  • The throw of the fan is very weak


The budget-friendly fan is solar powered, and it does keep you safe from those hefty bills. It offers quick installation and covers a good area too which makes it the best attic fan in this price range.


Buying Guide

Should I Look For a Solar-Powered Whole House Fan or An Electric One?

If you live in a sunny area or warmer climate, then you should look to buy a solar-powered whole house fan. If your area doesn’t experience any power outages, then you should go for the electric fan. Usually, the electrically powered fans are preferred because they have a powerful motor.

Is There Any Difference Between a Whole House Fan and an Attic Fan?

The whole house fan sucks the hot air out of your room and forces it into the attic and then brings in the cold air from the outside through the vents. On the other hand, attic fans can minimize temperatures by 10-degrees. You can improve your roof life by keeping the shingles cool and install an additional humidistat and keep the attics dry in winter seasons.

How Should I Opt for The Best Whole House Fan for My Home?

Always prefer to buy a quieter fan that is equipped with high-quality shutters and also comes with timer control settings. You can even make a purchase based on more straightforward installation methods as well. For instance, solar attic fans don’t need any installation at all.

Does Size of The Fan Have Anything to Do With Its Performance?

Yes, larger fans do great work because they can cover broader areas. If they run on lower speed and they will work wonders. You can also look for a more substantial unit because it won’t make much noise.

What’s The Best Way to Use a Whole House Fan?

Before turning your whole house fan, make sure that you have shut off your air conditioner. Plus, you need to ensure that all doors and windows are open and keep in mind that you have to put off the fire in your fireplace as well.


The Power Gable Ventilator Fan from Cool Attic is the best whole house fan because it offers exceptional functionality at a very affordable price. It is the best attic fan that will serve you for many summers. Its installation is straightforward, and it covers a good amount of area in your attic as well. With CFM rating of 1300, we highly recommend it for this summer.