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Best Tablet for Construction

Best Tablet for ConstructionOnce you enter a specific field you get to see the amount f ways there are to work the easier way. Construction is a very vast field you might think that you need to have a lot of stuff to carry out a calculation but what matters most is the software that you have handy.

Civil engineers are mostly out in the field, for them carrying a laptop along with their chargers becomes hectic.

Due to which tablets are the best way, these tablets have high memory chips, and you can easily install some software’s which make your work easier either if you are on the way or you or a site visit.

We have gathered information on some of the best tablets for construction works:

Our Favorite Tablets for Construction:

All-New Fire HD 101080 Full HD displayExpandable up to 256 GB$$$
ASUS ZenPad10” IPS display 2 GB$
Lenovo Tab 4Full HD display2 GB$$
Samsung Galaxy Tab S21080 Full HD display3 GB$$$
Tablet Google Android 7.110.1” IPS display 1 GB$$
Dragon Touch X10 Tablet10” IPS display 1 GB$$



1.    All-New Fire HD 10 TabletBest Tablet for Construction


Tablet comes with amazing 10.1 inches 1080p FULL HD display with a resolution of 1920 by 1200; its 1.8GHZ quad-core processor makes it lightning fast for multi-tasking without any hangout problems as the processor is supported with 2GB RAM. Its battery is long lasting as it gives 10 hours backup. This is the largest display with over 2 million pixels, stereo speakers, Dolby Audi and dual-band 802.11ac WIFI perfect for online video streaming, playing games, reading magazines and books.

It offers Alexa handsfree mode to pause videos, open apps, show sports scores, plays music, displays the weather of your area and much more. It is available in two internal storage option, i.e., 32 GB and 64GB which is expandable up to 256GB via microSD card slot. Best inexpensive tablet for construction purpose as it offers you to work on your software’s like AutoCAD, Photoshop and many others. It also offers you to handle your office work by providing you access to MS Office, Excel, and other tools. The price of this item is affordable seeing all the good features it has.


  • Fire OS offers you, a dynamic and personalized page on the tablet home screen that makes it easy for the users to resume their reading, watching, listening or playing games and quickly finding what’s next.
  • Powered by Amazon engine, users can quickly browse new books, TV shows, movies, games, apps and much more.
  • Best app for construction purpose as it offers you to work on your applications like AutoCAD and many others.


  • Its large display makes it a bit heavier as well, as some customers would feel discomfort in carrying it.


It is essential to read all the features of each item before you make a purchase. This tablet dominates another tablet by its amazing features especially its lightning speed and HD resolution. It is worth buying in this price range.


2.    ASUS ZenPadBest Tablet for Construction

Asus Zenpad is one of the best tablets on the market. Its stylish look and elegant design make it unique, with a leather pattering and metallic band which gives it a luxurious look. Its 10 inches IPS display with a resolution of 1280×800 with ASUS TruVivid offers you unstoppable entertainment by watching movies, playing games and socializing via social apps. It comes with quadcore 64 bit MediaTek processor supported with 2GB RAM and 16GB onboard storage.

The 5mp rear camera enables to capture moments, and the 2mp front camera offers you to video-call your friends and family. OS Android 6.0 marshmallow, ASUS ZenUI improves the Android experience with more than 1,000 features. Integration with DTS Headphone X to bring 701 virtual sound directly to the headphone. It weighs 1.08lb   ASUS Zenpad 10, Z300M-A2 is available In Two Colors. Dark grey that goes with anything or Rose Gold that reflects personality and style.


  • This tablet has one USB port and also has Bluetooth.
  • It has a Dual WIFI which is amazingly fast.
  • Convenient for the people who want a stylish and classy look with amazing features.
  • Its 5MP camera offers amazing features like Low Light, Beautification & HDR modes, Zero Shutter Lag, 140-Degree Panoramic Selfie Mode, and more!


  • ASUS ZenPad doesn’t support a sim card as it doesn’t carry a sim card
  • 16GB memory is not quite enough.


In this price range, it is one of the best options available in the market. It is equipped with a class from outside and amazing features from inside.


3.    Lenovo Tab 4Best Tablet for Construction

Lenovo Tab 4 offers you a theatre like multimedia as it comes with 10.1 inches screen with a resolution of 1280×800. It comes with Atmos Audio and built-in dual stereo speakers at front perfect for watching TV shows, movies and listening to music. It comes with an amazing feature Lenovo Kid’s Pack which turns your tablet perfect for kids including a shockwave resistant bumper, fun stickers and blue screen filter.

Its Multi Account option makes it unique as it offers multiuser and multispace functionality. Moreover, it offers Productivity Mode. You can attach Bluetooth Keyboard as well. It has 64-bit Snapdragon Quad Core processor of up to 1.4GHZ and 2GB RAM which makes it quite fast. It has a long-lasting battery of 20 hours which makes it best tablet for outdoors. Now you can take it anywhere without having a fear of running out of battery. In the box, you will get a Micro USB, charger, Warranty Guide and Quick Start Guide along with the Lenovo Tablet Tab 4 10.



  • 20 hours battery backup offers you to watch movies, play games and do anything you like without running out of battery.
  • Comes with OS 7.1 Android
  • Up to 7 users can make their accounts on this tablet.


  • 16GB internal storage is quite low as 7.1 Android occupies a significant amount of memory.


The first tablet on the market that comes with OS 7.1 Android, it is worth buying in this price range as it is a complete family pack that suits children as well as the adults.


4.    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2Best Tablet for Construction

Samsung S2 tablet is one of the fastest tablet found on the market. Samsung has always kept its name on the top as it offers so many features. It is built with an ultra-fast performance in which you can open many programs at the same time, and none will be interrupted. Pictures and movies are opened with a single click you do not have to wait for seconds to load them up or to brighten up the images to full pixels.

The s2 tablet offers a unique super AMOLED display which is very clear to look at, and you can zoom in and out easily to view any construction related drawings easily. Memory is expandable, so you do not have to worry about the software’s you want to install on it. Simply expand the memory and use it for some things to do. The software is latest and will give you better results


  • You can easily connect and share on all Android devices by a simple click.
  • The software is quite powerful which makes multitasking easier.
  • Extendable storage is a great feature which will always keep you tension free.


  • Some customers might take a bit of time to get used to all the new features that are involved in this tablet.


Samsung tablets are known well for their company, so do not have second thoughts if you are ready to buy it.


5.    Tablet Google Android 7.1Best Tablet for Construction

One of the best tablets for field work as it has a great battery timings, you can charge it once in a day and use it for all the tasks, it won’t run out because it has a 55000mAh rechargeable battery.  It has a multi-touch screen with a great resolution that is 1280 x 800. The display is nice and clear so you can easily view all the things carefully.

A Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor is installed which is android 7.1 operating system. It works faster than a lot of tablets out on the market. The basic storage is 16GB which is still expandable to twice its size. Therefore, you can easily add up software’s on it. 60-day money back guarantee available as well so you can easily use it and see if it suits you best. Price of this product is very cheap, and you won’t find a better tablet then this in this price range.


  • Microsoft is pre-installed, so you do not have to make any efforts to install it.
  • WIFI, Bluetooth is available too.
  • Live US customer services are available, and you can contact if needed for tech support.
  • The screen size is very accurate to be used for all sorts of software.


  • It is not the latest tablet.
  • Appearance doesn’t appeal much.


One of the cheapest tablets that are available. Buy it for a lesser price, and you are good to go for a good span of time. The battery time is the plus point.


6.    Dragon Touch X10 TabletBest Tablet for Construction

Dragon touch is multi-functional one of the best tablet on the market. It contains an Octa-Core CPU that is 8X Cortex A7, it runs fast, and you don’t have to wait a long time for it to run any software. The display is quite brilliant, and there is no compromise on that, colors are very lit and bright.

You can function many things at a single time with one click, so that is a good feature available. Sharing of programs is very easy. The tablet is equipped with a 2.0MP camera at the front which has an autofocus as well.  The back camera is of 5.0MP.  If any problems occur, online call services are available, so you don’t have to worry about any tech support related work.


  • The display is IPS 1366×768.
  • The screen is quite big and shares a 178-degree view.
  • A mini HDMI port is available too.
  • It can power up other devices via a USB port.


  • Size may not be suitable for some customers.


If looking for a cheap tablet then this one is the one for you, it has a ten multi-touch technology as well so you won’t face any drawbacks at that point.


Buying guide:

Which size tablet is appropriate for you to buy?

It is very important to see that you buy a properly sized tablet, if you need to use it for construction purposes then what matters most is that the screen is big enough for you to see all the drawings. The newly tablets in the markets have a better display, so even a smaller screen does the work, but the larger one is better. For construction purposes, you may need to install drawing software, therefore, makes sure you buy the one which is at least 8 inches plus.


Does operating system matter?

There are different operating systems it mainly depends upon your needs that which one is the suitable one for you to purchase;


It is one of the best small tablet and most user-friendly operating systems, Android gets new updates every year, and most of the tablets get updated so you don’t have to upgrade the whole tablet either you can just install the latest updates on it. There are no space shortages as well.


It is the operating system of apple. There are very limited applications and software that you can use if you have an apple operating system. Even the updates that come are rare and are not easily installed.


Such operating system is mainly connected to the keyboard and mouse. Therefore, it might seem a bit awkward to use Windows tablets, but it has many advantages that you might feel that you are using a desktop in the form of a tablet. You can work easier as you are familiar with the system.

Battery life of tablet:

One of essential parts of a tablet is its battery if you go and buy cheap tablets they might not have a good battery time. Therefore, it is better not to waste your money. For construction usage, a tablet is needed which works well for longer hours. So, make sure you do not compromise on this aspect at all.


Is convertible tablet better than standalone one?

Convertible tablets seem to be nice as they can be used dually but they do not function well while they are converted. Standalone ones have a greater capacity to work in such a way. You can get more benefits in that way.


Overall conclusion:

Once you have read the article all over make sure you find out which is the best tablet for the money. Our experts have gathered the information and concluded that the best tablet for constractors is All-New Fire HD 10 .

The tablet mentioned above has a great battery timing, and you can install much software on it, you can easily work day and night on it without adding a lot of loads. The storage is great, and you won’t ever have to worry about it.