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Best Retractable Extension Cord

Best Retractable Extension CordExtension cord reels are essential in many aspects. Most people want to use them around their house if they are working in their garage or on projects that need electrical appliances but the socket is not too close.

Retractable extension cords are very convenient since they can be fit into one place and then be connected to the devices and used according to their distance. The best retractable extension cord comes at many different prices and features.

To make it easy for you to pick the right one, we have mentioned the products that are available on the market. Each review will help you understand better your choices and will make you decide.

The buying guide in the later part will help you take a look at the aspects that you need to pick before buying the best retractable extension cord that fits you.

Here are our top 5 picks:


NameBest ForMaterialWeightPrice
Bayco SL-800 Retractable Metal Cord Reel Mounting on walls and ceilings Metal6.9 Pounds$$
Flexzilla ZillaReel Retractable Extension Cord ReelSwiveling in directions Polypropylene 15.6 Pounds$$
Heavy Duty Extension Cord ReelHeavy duty jobsPolypropylene 19.8 Pounds$
Alert Stamping Retractable ReelShort distance jobsSteel8.7 Pounds
Goodyear Extension Cord ReelCompact storageHigh quality plastic 12.2 Pounds$$


1.    Bayco SL-800 Retractable Metal Cord ReelBest Retractable Extension Cord

The Bayco retractable metal cord reel provides the users with many different features which make it one of the best retractable extension cords that you can find in the market.

The cable in this extension is about 30 foot which can be dragged around.  You can plug your sockets into three different outlets. The body of this contraption can b mounted on the wall which gives keep it out of the way. Each outlet bar also has a LED which indicated the power position of it is making it easier to use.

The company further offers a one-year warranty making the customers a little more satisfied with their purchase. This electrical cord is available in a price that may seem high. However, it is worth it because it has a 10 amp rating.


  • The LED light indicator is there to show if the power is on or off
  • There is a separate switch for every outlet which saves energy and helps in reducing chances of short circuits around the house
  • The cord is about 30 feet long, and it can be used efficiently to a distance
  • The system can conveniently be mounted on the wall or the ceiling to keep the place looking neat


  • Three outlet plugs can be a little less in usage
  • It does not have a locking system while it is uncoiled


Bayco is a well-known name in electric solutions. This extension is one of the reasons why it is excellent. Even though this is a little overpriced, it is worth the purchase.


2.    Flexzilla ZillaReel Retractable Extension Cord ReelBest Retractable Extension Cord

Flexzilla has produced one of the best retractable extension cords which help the users with their electric troubles. This extension cord reel comes with a triple outlet that can be used for three different purposes.

The cord stopper helps in adjusting the cord as you like in any direction. This cord reel can be mounted to the walls and can move in a 180 degrees direction which makes it all the more worthwhile. The circuit breaker allows users to prevent harming their appliances in case of a blown a fuse. The LED indicator helps in indicating when the power is on and when it is off.

The pre-loaded wire is oil and cold weather resistant and is designed to be used indoors. Even with the many different features that this offers, the price of this product seems to be over the roof.


  • The LED indicator tells the users when the power is on and when it is off
  • The reel can be mounted on the wall. With the swivel technology, you can move it in any direction for more convenience
  • The circuit breaker button keeps the system safe from being shot
  • The 50 feet wire is preloaded, and it is resistant to oil and the cold weather


  • The triple receptacle end is robust and can break easily
  • The cable seems to get stuck while pulling out


At a very high price, this product seems to fit perfectly to use around the house. It is a reasonable price ignoring the small drawbacks.


3.    Reel Works Heavy Duty Extension Cord ReelBest Retractable Extension Cord

 The coil works heavy duty retractable extension cord reel has a cord of 65 feet and holds qualities that make it contribute to the list of the best retractable extension cords.

This reel is perfect for workplaces where heavy duty cords are required. It can easily be mounted on the ceiling or the wall to make it more convenient and keep the place safe and free from random wires moving around. The wire is of 15 amps and it perfect for heavy duty jobs in workplaces.

The cable stopper allows the users to enjoy the peace of getting the cable in the area they like and then retract it when the job is done. This extension reel comes at a very high price which is not worth the product.


  • The reel is used for heavy-duty appliances especially at workplaces
  • It can fit on the wall or the ceilings with convenience and security
  • There is a cable stopper that stops the cable from pulling inside when it is in use
  • It is 65 feet long which means that users can enjoy the distance of their use no matter what


  • No LED indicator shows the power situation
  • There is only one outlet attached to this product


In the price of what this offers users, you can easily buy another one that has many other features included. This cord; however, is a good purchase still for heavy duty jobs.


4.    Alert Stamping Retractable ReelBest Retractable Extension Cord

The Alert stamping reel is on the list for the best retractable extension cord because of the many features that it has to offer its users. The electric cord reel is 20 feet long and has a single outlet that can be used around the house to provide convenience.

The wire is designed to be resistant to the cold weather while it has a circuit breaker of 15 amps. The power button is lighted so that indication is made accessible to the user. Users can easily mount the system on the wall and use it at a distance of up to 20 feet with a clear outlet plug.

The length of the cord that is supposed to plug into the outlet is 18 inches which increase the convenience of mounting it on the wall.  With many features and a perfect system to use at home, this reel comes in a little above average pricing.


  • An illuminated indicator to show the situation of the power
  • 18 inches of cord to plug into an outlet make it easy to mount to the wall
  • Circuit breaker of 15 amps reduces damages in appliances while they are connected
  • The wire is resistant to the cold weather


  • The system cannot be mounted to a ceiling
  • There is only one outlet plug that can be used


At just a little above average price, this extension reel can help you around the house. If you need it for a small one outlet purpose, then this is perfect to suit your needs.


5.    Goodyear Extension Cord ReelBest Retractable Extension Cord

Goodyear is a known brand in many fields. Along with excelling in many other products, it also produces the best retractable extension cord for heavy duty purposes.

Unlike many others, the design is compact, and it gives a long cable to do that job more comfortably. The spring inside is enclosed so that no foreign particles can ever come and hinder the retractable quality of the product. The material of the whole system is high-quality plastic which ensures that it does not break easily while the product is used.

You can attach the product to the ceiling or the wall and enjoy the convenience. An included 60 inches lead cord is available with the product. Even though the brand is well known for its qualities, it still seems to be overcharging for what it is offering.


  • The product is easily attachable to the ceiling or the wall
  • The design is as compact as it can be for a neat and tidy effect
  • The spring is enclosed to protect any foreign particles from entering and hindering the pulling in process
  • The stopper allows you to stop the cable from retracting while you are working


  • There is no power indicator light in the system
  • It is only 60 inches long which compared to other products is nothing


Even though the perk of this is the high quality, it has drawbacks which can make the customer rethink their decision to buy this product. Nevertheless, it is worth the quality.


Buyers Guide

You have seen the product reviews and to clear any confusion, this buying guide will help you understand the small and significant decisions you should make and the factors that you should look into while picking out the best retractable extension cord for you.

What Should The Size Of The Cord Be?

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the size of the extension cord reel that you need. Determine the size by deciding where you want it to be plugged, where will you keep it, and how far you need to take it. If you have a workshop, then you can go for as long as possible. Most companies offer the most extended cord to be about 65 feet which is a safe bet.

Remember that buying a more substantial cable will not matter since you can unroll it as much as you like, smaller ones can be a problem since they will end after a limit.

Do I Need A Wall Mounted Extension Cord Reel?

It is a smart idea to invest in a wall mounted extension cord reel since it will make it convenient for the users. You can only fix it on the wall or the ceiling and pull the cord as much as you want whenever you want. If the option is with the roof, then make sure a cable stopper is there to hold the cable to a length where you can pull it down from easily.

Why Is There A Swivel Option?

You will find the swivel option to be convenient if you opt for a wall mounting device. With this feature, the contraption can move in 180 degrees to match the direction of where you want to take the wire. This feature allows you to use less cable and pull out the cord without any obstacles.

What Kind Of Receptacle Do I Need?

You will see that there is a choice in the receptacle too which is a crucial part of the outlet. Some companies will offer a transparent and soft one which is not prone to breaking at all. Plastic ones are easy to cut if they are retracted with a little extra force.

Pliant receptacles are the best option most of the time since they have the perk of being durable. The best retractable extension cord is the one that has a repository that does not deceive you during your work.

Should I Opt For The Flexible Coil?

Of course, taking a flexible coil will be of significant advantage to you. You can drag it anywhere without worrying about natural cracks and short circuits. Most flexible cords are also prone to the temperature change outside. They tend to last longer and are safer for your house or workplace.

Wrap up

If you still have a problem deciding, the conclusion will tell you our winner. Keeping in mind all mentioned aspects, for us, the winner is the Bayco SL-800 Retractable Metal Cord Reel.

It is reasonable along with having the best features in the market. One of the crucial factors is that even after some different elements; it still is at the most reasonable price.