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Best Inspection Camera for the contractor pros

Best Inspection CameraWhether it is an automotive repair work or a home improvement project, inspection cameras are handy visual tools. They will give you a view where usually it is not possible to look with a naked eye.

Inspection cameras are also known as Borescope and are the devices equipped with a tiny camera on one end which is connected with a long thin cable and a screen on the other end.

If you have the best inspection camera, you are equipped with the capability of assessing the repair work. We have chosen some inspection camera reviews for the devices that are matchless in their performance.

It will make your buying decision easy, and you will be able to select the best inspection camera for your intended purpose.

5 best inspection cameras are listed below:

NameCamera SizeScreen SizeWire lengthPrice
Vividia Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera9mm2.4"3.3 feet + 30.3 feet$$
DEWALT 12V MAX Inspection Camera Kit17mm3.5"3 feet +30 feet + 20 feet$$$
RIDGID Hand-Held Inspection Camera17mm3.5"3 feet + 30 feet$$
Extech Video Borescope Inspection Camera17mm2.4"1 + 1 meter$$
Milwaukee M-Spector Inspection Scope Kit9mm2.7"3 feet + 30 feet$$$


1.      Vividia Portable Digital Flexible Inspection CameraBest Inspection Camera

The Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera from Vividia is very much identical in the looks to the device from RIDGID. Both the products match regarding prices as well. However, it is equipped with a smaller LCD of 2.4-inch full color. The inspections camera boasts a handheld design for secure grip, and it houses a 0.3-megapixel camera with CMOS sensor.

The camera of this device is waterproof, and the cable that comes with the device meet IP67 standards. However, please bear in mind that the monitor is not waterproof. The camera head is also equipped with four LED lights. You can also add extended units to the cable to increase its lengths.

4 AA batteries power the device, and the package also includes a mirror, hook, and magnet. The inspection camera weighs just over seven and a half ounces while the dimensions are 47.1-inch x 3.2-inch x 2-inch.


  • It has a 0.3-megapixel camera with CMOS sensor.
  • The LCD of the device measures 2.4-inch and it can produce 640×480 resolutions as well.
  • The camera and cable are waterproof and meet IP67 standards.
  • You can also extend the cable as per your convenience.


  • The LCD screen is not bright or clear enough.
  • The LEDs are not robust enough to clear an object out.


It is one of the best inspections cameras that you can buy in this price range. It has all the fundamental features that you will need to complete your home improvement or other small-scale projects.

2.      DEWALT 12V MAX Inspection Camera KitBest Inspection Camera

Dewalt is one of the best brands when it comes to hardware and has developed exceptional quality products over the years. This product is also no exception either. The materials used in the making are of best quality, and the product itself is very easy to setup and use. 12-volt max batteries power the device.

The inspection camera device is equipped with an LCD screen that measures 3.5-inch and enables you to see through tight spots. The device also has a pistol grip allowing you to work with it smoothly. The cable is 3 foot long, and you can use extensions as well.

Its camera can produce a clear view of the objects that are even 20 feet away as it comes with three times magnification. The camera lens along with the LED attached to it is entirely waterproof. The camera can produce images that you transfer to the MicroSD as well.


  • You can take images of the view and save them to your MicroSD for reference.
  • The 3.3 feet cable of the device is fully extendable to over 30 feet.
  • You can detach the cable in wireless mode and see the objects that are even 20 feet further.
  • You can also magnify your view three times for image enhancement.


  • When the screen is removed from the cable, a lot of screen flickering and distortion takes place.
  • The camera is slightly stiff.
  • The product is costly.


Dewalt is renowned for making outstanding products and same goes with DEWALT 12V MAX Inspection Camera Kit. This device is one of the best inspections cameras despite the fact of a high price. However, we all know quality has a cost so don’t miss out on this merely for price.

3. RIDGID Hand-Held Inspection CameraBest Inspection Camera

It is the next evolution inspection camera equipped with SeeSnake Micro Inspection technology. It comes with a camera that enables you to perform checks visually, in different hard to reach spaces and tight areas. The device also boasts an easy pistol grip construction so that you can use the device with your one hand.

The device incorporates a three and a half inch color LCD for ease in diagnosis and detections. The 3/4-inch camera itself is super rugged and is equipped with four very bright LEDs to facilitate visibility in dark areas. You can also rotate the image counterclockwise as well while hook, magnet, and mirror come as attachments too.

You can also extend the three feet Borescope cable to 30 feet with extensions that you can purchase separately. The instrument is powered by four separate AA batteries and weighs just five and a half pounds with product dimensions of 14.8-inch x 11.9-inch x 4.7-inch.


  • The inspection camera is equipped with the nest evolution SeeSnake Micro inspection technology.
  • It comes with a pistol grip design that enables one-handed control.
  • The device is also equipped with three and a half inch LCD.
  • It incorporates a 17mm anodized aluminum camera with four bright LEDs.
  • You can extend the 3-foot wires to 30 feet with separate extensions as well.


  • The probe is not as flexible as it should.
  • Its plastic casing looks very cheap.


It is the best inspection camera that you will find on the market because it boasts plenty of features and comes at an excellent price.

4.      Extech Video Borescope Inspection CameraBest Inspection Camera

The BR80 Video Borescope Inspections Camera from Extech is another one of those above average products with similar sort of price. It houses a 17mm camera diameter that comes with 2.4-inch color TFT LCD monitor. The device is equipped with 1-meter flexible gooseneck cable that can retain its shape.

The product also comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and it weighs slightly over two pounds. The dimensions of the product are 8.3-inch x 3.3-inch x 2.4-inch and 4 AA batteries power it. The box will also include a magnet, mirror and a hook as well. It has all the features of a best inspection camera device.

The camera head is equipped with four LEDs as well, and the cable and the camera piece both are waterproof and meet the IP67 standard. Extech has designed the BR80 for remote inspection, and the device is ideally suited for all types of doing it yourself home improvement projects as well as cable wiring, HVAC or even government security projects.


  • It boasts a 17mm diameter camera along with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD as well.
  • The camera is attached to the gooseneck cable that can retain its shape.
  • The product also comes with one year warranty.
  • The camera head and the cable are water resistant.


  • The LED lights are not that bright.
  • Its camera’s focal length of the camera is approximately 2-inch, which means that the camera head needs to be this close to the object to present a clear image on the LED.


The BH80 from Extech is a good quality product, packed with powerful performance features. All this comes at an excellent price. It can produce good clear images in the dark as well.

5.      Milwaukee M-Spector Inspection Scope KitBest Inspection Camera

Milwaukee has optimized its LCD with digital technology, and the output simply makes it one of the best inspection cameras that you can find on the market. They have equipped the lens of the camera with the ability to produce 640×480 resolution output in some of the tightest spaces that you can imagine.

The camera head comes with surrounded LED lights with the capacity to produce superior brightness without any glare or shadow. The cable is 3-foot in length and is packed with durability and strength. The head of the camera is equipped with tube guide attachment which is very handy in easy maneuverability within the pipes.

The product weighs almost four pounds, and its dimensions are 10.6-inch x 4.9-inch x 13.4-inch. It also comes with a box for additional tools and protection. The product is covered under limited warranty from Milwaukee in case of any issues with manufacturing materials.


  • The 9mm camera can produce a resolution of 640 x 480.
  • The camera head is waterproof and incorporated 4 LEDs.
  • The LCD output is 2.7-inch in size and features digital technology to produce sharp images.
  • The device comes in a box for easy storage and protection.


  • The product is very highly priced.
  • The image output is grainy and dark.


It is a high-quality product from a good-quality brand. The item is fairly priced as well and delivers power packed performance. What more do you want?

Buying Guide

What is an inspection camera?

An inspection camera is also known as a Borescope. It is a piece of equipment that operates just like a camera or a microscope. It allows you to observe different areas that are too far away or too cramped to reach out. There is camera head attached to the cable that is usually three feet in length. On the other end, there is a display output of which you can see the images produced by the camera head on the opposite end. You can also extend the length of the cable as per your requirements.

Why would I need a Borescope?

You can use your Borescope or inspection camera to see what is behind the walls of your home, shop or office. You can identify any leak as well. This way, you don’t make a mistake while cutting through your wall or eradicating it. You can also use it to find what’s leaking under your car without, of course, lifting your vehicle or lying under it. You can get your eyes into some tight spots with these cool Borescope gadgets.

What key features should I look for when buying an inspection camera?

Camera head and the cable diameter must always be smaller in millimeters. The diameter of this cable must be around 8 to 19 mm. The camera must produce a higher resolution output so that it can give you clearer images. The screen size of the LCD must also be on the larger side and make sure that you can extend the cable as long as possible. The camera must also be equipped with zooming and video recording features. From the above inspection camera reviews, you can conveniently find the top features that you must look for when buying an inspection camera.

Should I expect high performance from these devices?

Make sure that you test a product before buying it. While testing you must ensure that the device enables you to see for at least 1 meter far in complete darkness. These devices are designed to give you are a clear picture in the dark as they equip you to see in places where you can’t.

What accessories or attachments should I look for when buying an inspection camera?

The accessories such as hook, mirror, and magnet usually come with all Borescope purchases. Hooks enable you to pull any wires, and with a mirror, you can see around the corner while the magnet allows you to recover metal items quickly.


Inspection cameras are beneficial for the people who are working, in short, confined spaces. It enables you to reach the places where it usually it is not possible. To narrow down your search, we have conducted a thorough research and shortlisted 5 best inspection camera. If you are still confused in these options then you can trust our choice.

The Hand Held Inspection Camera from RIDGID turns out to be the winners in or assessment. It is easily the best inspection camera you can find on the market because it moderately priced and has many features to offer you when you are going through those tightly-packed jobs in your DIY projects.