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Best Drill Bits for Wood

Review of Best Drill Bits for WoodHaving a correct form of the bit when drilling for any purpose is necessary.

There is a whole lot variety of drill bits when it comes to considering their types.

These can be installer drill bit, auger drill bit, self-feed drill bit, brad point drill bit, twist drill bit and many others and each one is needed depending on the purpose for which it will be used.

In this article, we are going to review 5 best drill bits for wood.

Also, some helpful buying guides are also listed to let you pick the best one for your intended task.


Our Favorite Wood Bits On Amazon:

ProductNo. of BitsMaterialPrice
Dewalt6Heavy-duty shank$
Porter-Cable14Hard carbon steel$$
Irwin 30410033Steel$
Irwin 18772396Steel$$


1.  Dewalt spade drill bit assortmentReview of Best Drill Bits for Wood

A pack of 6 drill bits for all your drilling needs, Dewalt has packed the best drill bits for wood in one pack. These drill bits are tough and durable which will definitely make a proper hole perfectly.

They are imported so that also ensures their high-quality guarantee. With the self-sharpening cubitron sol-gel mineral, it gives high cut rates and sharp cutting edges.

Not only this, these drill bits are great for drilling large holes in woods as well. With the increased productivity, they have less fracture rate and last longer. All of these bits have ¼ inch ball groove shank which is compatible with most of the drill available.

Offering versatility, these drill bits have included sizes of 3/8 inch, ½ inch, 5/8 inch, ¾ inch, 7/8 inch, 1 inch, so you can choose among the variety of them. Drilling fast and clean is what they offer you at a great price.


  • These drill bits are made of high-quality material and seems imported.
  • There is no need to sharpen them upon anytime
  • These are awesome drill bits for the low price.
  • They work very smoothly while drilling and you don’t need to put much force.
  • These drill bits work great with DeWalt drill but they are also suitable for other drilling machines.


  • The edge tips of these drill bits wear off sooner.
  • The hole is not as cleanly drilled.


A great pack of 6 drill bits for a much better price. Dewalt’s spade drill bit assortment is great to have with you on any drilling task.


2.  Porter-Cable Forstner bit setReview of Best Drill Bits for Wood

Another amazingly packed tools for drilling, Porter-Cable drill bits are the best drill bits for wood. These auger drill bits have optimized angles of cutting for creating the perfect holes on any wooden surface you want.

It is a set of 14 piece drill bits which offer you the versatility to drill hole of any size you want. Not only this, they have enhanced open tooth design for a drilling a much cleaner hole.

Having a 100 year of experience in this industry, porter-cable speaks of its quality and durable products. These drill bits have sized from ¼ inches up to 2 inches. Designed for having the perfect finish, you can choose the size whichever you want.

The material used for the manufacturing of all drill bits is a high-quality metal which will not fracture or break as you drill. So, this pretty much saves your cost of spending on other bits.


  • These drill bits are pretty sharp to drill on any kind of surface especially the wood.
  • They leave a smooth cut with no jagged edges.
  • A great pack of drill bits for a great price.
  • Very well-designed with easy to carry case.
  • They offer great versatility.


  • They need sharpening after some use.


These drill bits pack is great to have all sized bits in one place. They are not only suitable for any wooden surface but offer great durability too.


3.  Black+Decker spade drill bit assortmentReview of Best Drill Bits for Wood

Among some of the best drill bits for wood is from Black+decker. They are providing you with a set of 13 drill bits ideal for fulfilling all your drilling needs. These drill bits are made of imported quality material so they last longer than you expect.

These innovative drills bits have the measurements up to 1-1/2 inches. Not only this, they are coming packed in a convenient storage case so you can keep them compactly all in one place.

These drill bits are designed in a way so that they can fit into most of the drills in the market. Using its new and sharp bit, you can get a clean and jagged-free hole for sure.

These drill bits themselves are made of a sturdy material which will not break or fracture at any point any sooner. This 1 set of 13 assorted bits is good enough for all your drilling needs for years to come.


  • This pack comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • These drill bits come in a roll-up case and can be easily fastened with a Velcro strap.
  • These drill bits are available at an affordable price.
  • The case holds the bits firmly and they don’t fall.
  • These are very well-made bits and from a trusted company.


  • The sharpness of the drill bits does not last very long.
  • The shaft of the bits is


These drill bits are offering great versatility due to the availability of many sizes in one set. These are definitely great bits for a great price.


4.  Irwin tools wood drill bits setReview of Best Drill Bits for Wood

Featuring a tri-flute design for better drilling results, Irwin presents it some of the best drill bits for wood. This pack is coming with a set of three drill bits which fit all standard ¼ inch quick change chucks.

With a feature of the tri-flute design, these drill bits offer faster chip ejection quality. Their quality is durable and they are not going to break or fracture in your drilling machine, unlike other cheaper bits.

With a paid special emphasis on their designing, these bits have grooved hex shank which prevents their slipping in a bit extension or a drill chuck. Not only this, they have 3 cutting edges which add to its durability and longevity.

The full screw tips allow the self-feed. These drill bits are made of a top quality material for making sure that all your drilling is done perfectly and neatly.


  • These drill bits bore great even at faster speeds.
  • They provide you with the clean and great holes quickly.
  • These bits are available for an affordable price.
  • Great to use for drilling in wooden surface required for construction work.
  • They don’t need to get sharpened and can be used for many times.


  • The steel of the material is soft.


These drill bits by Irwin are great to have with you for all your wooden drilling needs. Their design is made with special care to create perfectly clean holes.


5.  Irwin tools speedbor wood drilling bitsReview of Best Drill Bits for Wood

Another amazing and one of the best drill bits for wood by Irwin Company. It is a pack of 6 piece drill bits ideal for cutting all kinds of wood surface. These drill bits have three cutting spurs for drilling a much cleaner hole and in a fast time.

Not only this, due to durable quality, they have extended living time and will not break or fracture any sooner. The full screw pointed tip allows a self-feed which better helps in drilling and ease.

The ¼ inch quick shank feature is also there which keeps the bits firm in the drill chucks. These drills bits are ideal for holes up to 2’’ deep and for tight spaces by an overall shorter length for drilling.

Made of high-quality material, these drill bits are great to have in all your drilling tasks. They are available for a great price with excellent quality.


  • These drill bits by Irwin are quite sharp and drill smoothly.
  • They get the job done smartly in all drilling machines.
  • A very little effort is required to bore deeply.
  • Great bits to work in tiny spaces between joints.
  • These bits cut smooth and track true.


  • These are very short in length.
  • They have issues in clearing the chips out of the hole.


Irwin has been known for manufacturing its high-quality products with amazing features. One such example is this pack of drill bits for an affordable price.



To choose the right type of drill bits is as important as having the perfectly clean hole for the drill. That is the reason why we have gathered some buying guides for you to help you choose which bit will be suitable for your intended task. Let’s take a look at these buying tips.


Q1. What are the types of the drills and on what surface are they suitable?

A number of drill machines are available in the market depending on their usage and quality. Every type of drill is not suitable for every type of surface. Therefore, you should have an idea of them as well. There are drills like;

  • Hammer drill: this type of drill is used in woods, hard rock, soft stone, and
  • Rotary hammer: apart from the surface like that of hammer ones, they are used for concrete as well.
  • Drill: mostly used for soft stone, wood, and metal only.

And all type of hammer does not support all types of drill bits. So, it must be taken care while fitting them in their chucks.


Q2. How many are there different types of drill bits and what is the difference between them?

There is a whole lot variety when it comes to considering the types of the drill bits. There are;

Twist bits: they are the most commonly used drill bits in drilling machines. Also known as the high-speed steel bits, they are a good choice for drilling in metal surfaces.

Spade bits: a good choice for drilling into the wooden surfaces, they are used for drilling a large hole.

Auger bits: it has the shape of a screw thread. It creates fine holes and is most suitable for drilling at low RPM. It is also suitable for the wooden surfaces.

Concrete bits: they are relatively of higher quality and are used with hammer drills only.

Step bits: such types of bits are used to drill holes like a stepwise.

Other than these there are diamond bits, masonry bits, Forstner bits, brad point bits spear-point bits and more


Q3. Which types of bits are the most suitable for drilling in wooden materials?

The most suitable drill bits to be used for drilling in wooden materials are;

  • Spade bit
  • Masonry Bit
  • Brad point bit
  • Forstner bit
  • Or step bit


Q4. What is a chuck size?

A chuck is like a hole or a slot where you have to insert the bit. It is on the drilling machine. So, it limits the size of the bit that you can insert into it. The chuck is usually 10mm or 13mm in a cordless drill.

The drills with low voltage feature have usually 10mm chucks. The diameter shank of the bits greater than 13mm is reduced so that they can be inserted into the drilling machines.


Q5. What about the drill bit size?

Drill bits are also available in mm or in inches. They range from 1/16 inches to 2 inches or more.


Q6. What steps can we take to avoid breaking the drill bits?

  • Apply a minimal amount of pressure while drilling. Because too much force can bend the bit or break it. Be patient to create the final perfect hole.
  • Holding the drill steady can help a lot. Keep your drill perpendicular while drilling to avoid any breakage.


Drilling requires a lot of effort and patience at the same time. However, a perfect drill bit can make this task a lot easier. From the above mentioned best drill bits for wood, we consider drill bits by Dewalt to stand number 1. It is because of its ultimate quality, versatility due to sizes and an affordable price that it stands at the top.