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Best Allen Wrenches for Electricians

Allen Wrench Set Different things are needed for daily household works. Hex keys come in various sizes and materials to use. You can quickly fix up any furniture at your house by using the right numbered key.

Allen wrench set comes along with a wrench and different keys. You might be thinking what an Allen wrench is? It is a tool in which you can use various sorts of keys. An Allen set can be used in workshops as well. What matters the most is that you need to look out for the right size for the right job.

All keys can be used for different sorts, some people might not get to know which key is used and they just make their job harder with that. If you are looking for an appropriate set of keys, read the product reviews written below and make your choice accordingly.

All six items have been compared thoroughly, some of their essential features are listed below:


NameNo of hex keys WeightPrice
Stanley STHT71839 Folding Metric Two full sets
11.2 ounces
Dewalt DWHT70265 Ratcheting T-Handle Set31 keys
3.4 lbs $
Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set32 keys4.7 lbs
TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Extra Long Hex Bit Socket Set7 keys
1.4 lbs
Klein Tools 70591 Folding Hex-Key Set9 keys4 ounces
Bondhus 69600 Ball End Double Pack L-Wrench Set Colorguard22 keys1.3 lbs


1.  Stanley STHT71839 Folding Metric and Sae Hex KeysAllen Wrench Set

Stanley hex keys are known to be one of the best to lock in that screws on your furniture or any other place. It is made up of durable material which is very composite. To keep a good hold on it, it has a rubber lining inside so your hand won’t slip on it.

There is a chamfered edge which helps the wrench to work smoothly and easily for the hex key. Many sorts of keys are available to see which one you need the size has been marked on that respective key.

A very compact self-stored toolbox and it also meets the specifications of ANSI. The price of this key pack is nominal as you will have access to many keys, so you don’t have to worry about buying every individual size whenever you need to work on something.


  • It is made up of a sturdy material and can be easily used for daily purposes.
  • The sizes are mentioned in the keys, and you do not have to open up the catalog to check the respective sizes.
  • The good comfortable grip on your hand, so you won’t have problems holding it for a longer time.
  • They slide in and out very easily.


  • Keys do not lock in their place, that is not a big problem if you use it with care, but some people find it hard to carry.


If you are looking for a hex to tighten up the screws of your furniture or anything, then this is a must purchase for you. You can quickly fix things at home on your own. No need to be dependent on anyone plus there are so many keys that you will find almost every size on it. It is worth buying as it doesn’t even cost much.


2.  Dewalt DWHT70265 Ratcheting T-Handle SetAllen Wrench Set

Dewalt ratcheting set comes along with 31 hex keys. Set is very compact and convenient for usage. You can carry it anywhere as it comes in a box, so there are no chances of losing any key either.

Keys differ in size and type so you can use them anywhere needed. Star, flat and Philips are the main three kinds of keys that come in this pack; they can be used for a variety of different jobs. T handle is used to attach all types of keys with it, a quick change over keys whenever required. Internal construction is of solid steel which adds extra strength.

The maximum torque applied by these keys is 500 in-lbs. The price of this set is not much as it comes along with three keys, if you go and buy one key at a time it becomes costly. Therefore, purchasing a set always saves up a right amount of money.


  • The box comes along with owner manual, so you don’t have to worry about how to use any of the keys.
  • The bits are magnetized, therefore, they stick in accurately, and you can use them easily.
  • The case is finally set, you don’t need to worry about handling it.


  • Philips bits are a bit softly made so they might roll over at times while you are using them.


If you are looking for some keys which are of different kinds, then this kit is a must buy for you. It not only helps you fix things at home, but you can use it for different machines at your factory as well. Easily carried as it is all in a compact box. The price is worth buying the product.


3.  Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket SetAllen Wrench Set

Neiko set contains 32 pieces set which are made up of premium S2 alloy steel, it keeps them useful for a longer time, and the wear-out is reduced. Iron is superior hard material, so this set is best used for the long run.

The torque strength is high, and you can easily tighten up the screws within minutes without applying a lot of effort. Steel sockets give more depth and turning power as they are good for corrosion resistance. All the sizes available are up to great accuracy, and they would fit in easily in any machine. Also, bits and fasteners both are safe from damaging the ends.

There are 16 different sizes of SAE hex, and 16 others of metric, so that is almost used for all sorts of jobs. The price of these bits is a little more than other products, but they are made up of durable material so are worth buying.


  • The quality of the material is too right; it’s like you have to buy this set and is good for a lifetime.
  • Sizes are embossed on the set case and also engraved on to the bits as well so you won’t have to worry about looking out for a specific size.


  • The only drawback of this set is that it only comes with the screws but not with at handle Allen wrench in which you can fix it and use.


A 32-piece set which has almost all the sizes, it is a great kit used for many sorts of purposes. The durability is so good that you might only have to buy one kit and it will be good to go for so many years.


4.    TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Extra Long Hex Bit Socket SetAllen Wrench Set

Tekton set comes along with seven pieces of hex which are quite long and easy to use. They are well used for fasteners which are quite hidden in places and hard to reach out to tight spots. Ends of these sockets are notched and are locked in tightly, so they don’t fall out and stay stuck inside the fastener.

Material from which they are made is quite durable, and it stays fine for the more extended run. These bits are sized precisely so that they it in accurately and have chamfered edges which helps the bits to slide in better and stay stuck in it.

Set contains the most common sizes which are used for all purposes. If there are any damages caused, the bit can be exchanged or repaired quickly. Price of this set is moderate; it is not a lot of money if you want to purchase them. They are worth it because of their extended sizes.


  • The bits are removable, and they can be easily replaced with the other.
  • High strength steel sockets are quite durable and are not easily worn out.
  • Ends of fasteners are chamfered which it makes easy to enter the fastener head.
  • All bits can be used with any 3/8 Allen key.


  • They flex at times, which makes it a little inconvenient to use by some people.


If you want to fix things that are far away and in a tighten place then for sure this Tekton set is for you. Simply make the purchase, and you are good to go. The price is average, so you don’t need to have second thoughts while purchasing Allen wrench set.


5.  Klein Tools 70591 Folding Hex-Key SetAllen Wrench Set

It is a handy set which is easily carried by you in your pocket. It is made up of durable material which is quite sturdy and is heat treated alloy steel so, therefore; it is sturdy enough.

All hex keys are squarely cut from their ends which gives a full depth secured fit and has a maximum contact with hex socket so that there is no slipping falling out of the device.

There are total nine keys which are used for all different purposes the sizes are mentioned on the keys so you won’t have any difficulty while reading them. The price of this handy set is quite nominal you can easily buy it without any worry. It is worth the money.


  • No need to be worried about losing any key, as it is a set and you won’t misplace any bit using them individually.
  • If the keys start to loosen, then there are nuts at the bottom you can merely tighten them.
  • Quality basis it is one of the best Allen wrench set and comes in handy.


  • The marking embedded on the hex is very deep down that they might not be visible in the dark or on a sunny day outside.


If you are looking out for a handy set of keys, then you can buy this. All the essentials, stay in one place, and you won’t have to worry about losing them. They are not even expensive so that you can buy them easily.


6.    Bondhus 69600 Ball End Double Pack L-Wrench Set ColorguardAllen Wrench Set

These colors coated hex keys are a good set to use. It comes in a lot of different sizes which you can use for different purposes. The color coat is good to keep the steel safe.

The material is very sturdy and is one of the most durable material found; these hex keys never wear out so you can only buy them once and they are good for a lifetime. Also, the lifetime warranty is given because of the material’s durability.

All keys are suitable and can be precisely fit into any screw. Pack contains 13 pieces in inches and 9 bits as metric reading. All the keys have sizes written on them which do not erase away at all. Price of hex keys are a little more than what anyone would be expected, but the best thing is that it has a lifetime warranty, so you need to think differently.


  • Length of these keys are excellent and long, can be easily used.
  • The colors are different according to sizes, and it makes it easier to use while you memorize it.
  • The material is so sturdy that there is no way they would bend in or break.


  • The only thing some users might not like is the paint on them as it may come off with time.


Regardless of the paint might come off, these hex keys are great in use. They are worth the price, and you have to buy it only once. Various sizes help you work on different projects.

Buying guide:

1.      Does The Material of Key Matters?

The material is one of the most important things that matters in all sorts of products. Better the material more will be the durability. Keys that are made up of steel are good and long lasting so make sure you buy those.

2.      Which Size Is The Best One Out of SAE, Metric or Inches?

Sizes are different in different countries, the most common one used is metric. It depends on which one you require for your job. In the daily household, most people prefer inches as they are easy and everyone is familiar with that.

3.      How Important is The Length of The Key?

Length of the key is important in a way that you need to have a longer length if you are working out for places that are hidden somewhere deep. In most cases, it doesn’t matter even the small distances are good to use, but they are just a bit hard to handle.

4.      Is Allen Wrench Set Better or The Handy Set?

It depends upon your need, but the handy set is better if you are more of a bike rider and need to fix your bike at places. The whole Allen wrench set is economical in the way if you are using it at a workshop. Often people need to adjust their chairs or different furniture’s at home for that the set is the best choice as it comes with some keys and you don’t have to purchase them individually.


Out of all the items mentioned above the best one is Stanley STHT71839 Folding Metric and Sae Hex Keys, 2-Pack. It is a double set of keys which are very handy, and you can easily carry them with you anywhere you need to go. The price is nominal, so you don’t have to save up a huge amount before buying them as well.