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Justin PictureHi, My name is Boyd. I am the one behind Electrician Mentor. I started work as an apprentice electrician wiring houses for my dad when I was 16. At age 21 I earned my Texas Journeymen license and started working as a electrician technician. At age 23 I earned my Texas Master license and was promoted to services department manager. At 28 I am currently a Lead Estimate in the same company I started with when I was 16. I have continued my education and I hold the current certifications below:

My goal of the website is to encourage people and teach people how to become an electrician. It has really been an incredible journey. I have been privileged to work in many types of different areas. I have worked on many different types of systems. I have been on Construction Mission trips performing electrical duties to Ghana, Africa and Belize, both times I was able to work on a Christian Church. The best part about this job is that you are not stuck working in the same place or office. I hope that I can be an encouragement to you on your journey. Please if you have any questions use the contact me page above.

Thank you for stopping in!