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Top 5 propane generators to help you ditch unleaded gas

Lets face it. Its a pain to fill gas cans and pour it into your generator. Get rid of that all together. Propane generators offer a great way to loose the hassle of unleaded.

Portable generators are widely used in the outdoor parties/functions or in offices as a power back up. They are a single unit engine generator that uses any fuel to power them. You can take them on your camping trip, or anywhere you require electricity. It gives you an uninterrupted power supply.

Portable generators work on either gas or propane. Propane generators are mostly known for portability. They are used around the house as well; however, these generators need special care to ensure no leakage. A small leakage can cause a major mishap.

A significant difference between propane generators and gas generators is that propane is double in quantity for half the price of gasoline. We will help you in buying a propane generator.

The following list contains a best 5 propane generator reviews.



NameRunning time
Electric StartCheck Price
Sportsman Propane Portable Generator10 hours at 50% load
Champion Power Portable Generator 24 hours at 50% load
Generac Propane Generator9 hours at 50% load
DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator10 hours on 50% load

All Power America Propane Generator N/AYes$$


1.      Sportsman Propane Portable Generator

A sportsman propane generator is a portable machine that can be used around the house or small work places to ensure generation of power. The product is said to run on 3250 watts while it can last up to 10 hours on 50% load. Hence, making it fuel efficient. It is designed to work on necessary power and run a few small appliances quickly.

Furthermore, the generator is a jump start with automatic shut down when it is low on oil. The propane tank is not included, but a 5-foot hose is included. The machine also has a stabilizer to ensure regulated voltage is produced and you do not lose your appliance to fluctuations. The generator is fairly reasonable for one with excellent features.


  • The generator is fuel efficient. It can give up to 10 hours of power on 50% load on a full tank
  • There is a 5-foot hose to attach to the propane kit
  • There is an inbuilt stabilizer that allows you to protect your appliances from fluctuation
  • It auto shuts down on low or bad oil


  • This portable generator does not have wheel making it very difficult to carry around
  • It does not have an electric start


The sportsman propane generator has some attractive features that allow you to enjoy a pleasant experience. The few drawbacks seem worthless in comparison to the great features that it holds.


2.      Champion Power Portable Generator

The Champion propane generator is a generator to fit your needs perfectly. It is propane powered which allows you to save much money. If you would rather prefer gas, then you can transfer this generator to gas as well.  The electric start is easy and smooth and ensures that you do not have to go through the hassle of jump-starting the machine.

The product is said to run for 24 hours at half load on a full tank of propane or gas. This feature makes it one of the most fuel efficient machines that you will ever see. It further has wheels that allow you to roll it anywhere with ease. The price is not mentioned in this product; however, with its properties, if a little extra is asked, then it is worth it.


  • It is the most fuel efficient generator providing 24 hours of power on half load
  • The generator is dual powered to help you suit your needs
  • It has an electric start
  • It comes with an attached wheel that allows maximum portability


  • Dual fuel systems can be backfired if the switch system is not evident
  • It does not indicate low oil, so you have to check it regularly


This generator is a must-have if you are looking to buy one. Besides a few, it has all the qualities that are needed for a good propane generator.


3.      Generac Propane Generator

Generac is a known brand for its high generators. One such is this propane generator. It gives you the power of 3250 running watts which is enough to run essential electricity along with a few additional appliances. Besides the design is unique and easy to carry around with little effort, the generator provides 9 hours of constant power along with an indication of ill or weak oil to protect the engine.

You can choose between different powered generators of the same kind with a little price difference as well. The kit type design also features a pocket to keep you propane generator in it. This generator may seem a little overpriced. However, each penny you spend on it has full worth.


  • Stylish design to help you carry it anywhere with feasibility
  • Provides 9 hours of uninterrupted supply on a full tank
  • Indicates low oil to ensure safety of engine
  • 3250 running watts gives you basic electricity and more


  • It does not have an electric start which may cause a little problem
  • The machine does not have an hour indicator


The sleek design of this propane generator makes it a lovely buy. If you are ready to ignore its small flaws, then this might be the perfect one for you.


4.      DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The DuroMax propane generator is not your everyday propane generator; it works on gasoline as well for you to choose your favorite fuel and use it with that. The four fine isolated motor helps the generator in being comparatively quieter than other generators.

The machine features several additional features like oil alerting light along with automatic shut down on low oil, volt meter, circuit breaker, and power outlets. The run time provided on propane is about 20 hours at half load. With this kind of power, you can easily use it for camping.

Equipped with a set of wheel to pull through, this machine leaves no leaf unturned to allow maximum portability.  However, this generator is costly and may be out of the question for most people. The price further does not seem to be fair to the product.


  • Additional features include oil alerting light, auto shut down on low oil, volt meter, circuit breaker, and power outlets
  • It is highly fuel efficient and can run for 20 hours on 50% load on a full tank of propane
  • It has dual fueling system to suit your choice
  • It is a quiet generator


  • It is criminally expensive even after its limitless features
  • The generator starts on jump start with much effort


Even though this product is loaded with features, it still is not worth the offered price. It is a good buy if you want to spend extra money. However, you will always find something better at the same price.


5.       All Power America Propane Generator

The all power America propane generator is undoubtedly all power. Providing about 7500 running watts, this generator has copper windings that help in better performance. The generator has an electric starting system that is run through a battery that does not require any maintenance.

It may not be very fuel efficient with 8 hours of power at half load on a full tank; however, it is equipped with low oil shut down to protect the engine. The generator has wheels attached to increase mobility. It can provide you more than necessary electricity that you need.

This high powered machine may not cost less. Nevertheless, the price seems justified for its superior qualities and many watts.


  • Gives about 7500 running watts
  • Electric start with a maintenance free battery along with the generator
  • Wheels to move around anywhere as per the requirement
  • Automatic low oil shut down to protect parts


  • No voltage stabilizer is Appliances may be under danger
  • The machine is not efficient on fuel


The expensive generator allows users to enjoy many different features. However, it lacks in protection against fluctuation of power and is not friendly towards the environment. It still can prove to be useful.



Buyers’ Guide!

After looking at the product reviews, you may have had a better output on propane generators. To help you further, here are a few frequently asked questions that people wonder before buying a propane generator.

1.      Propane generator VS Gas generator- What is the difference?

Gas generators are more common. They are easy to find, and the fueling system seems to work for everybody. However, gas can be costly whereas propane is cheaper. Moreover, gas is more pollutant to the environment as compared to propane. Its flammability makes it more dangerous to be left in isolation. Gasoline cannot be stored since it goes wrong and is highly dangerous to be stored. Propane is easy to maintain, store and is cheaper to use. However, if you are in a cold area, then propane is not a safe bet for you since it does not work in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.      Can my whole house run on propane generator?

Yes, your house can run on propane generator provided that it not be frigid for propane to work. You may have to buy a bigger generator that gives more power to run air conditioners and heaters. However, basic electricity around the house can be easily covered with a 5500-watt generator. A generator with a stabilizer will ensure that your appliances are not shot because of the fluctuation.

3.      Should I get standby propane generators?

Standby generators are connected via the electric circuits of the house. In case power fails at your place, you will have to do nothing, and you will continue to have uninterrupted power supply. These generators are very convenient and work as propane generators as well as on gasoline. Out of both the options, propane is safer and cheaper to store for standby generators. Hence, if you want to get one, choose propane for safe keeping.

4.      What additional features should I look into?

A propane generator has many different other features that you can choose to have your choice of generator. These features will help you in running the machine smoothly. The following are a few additional features that you should have.

  • Oil shut down the system: Some propane generators may automatically close up as soon as the oil level is low. This feature reduces the risk of engine damage and increases life of your product
  • Oil alert light: The oil warning light is a pure light that blinks a few days before your oil level goes does so that you know that it is almost time to change it
  • Hour gauge: Generators work at different rates of time. Some work for 10 hours on half the load, while others work at 5 3 hours on full load. The running time will be given to you and the hour gauge will help you to maintain your machine.
  • Fuel gauge: The fuel gauge will help you determine how much fuel is left so you can be prepared in case it ends
  • Voltage meter: one of the most important features is the voltage meter. This meter will help you keep track of the energy and save your appliances from a short circuit or any other mishap.

5.      Why do propane generators not come with the fuel container?

The reason why propane generators do not come with the fuel containers is that propane can be found in individual cylinders. Usually, these types of generators come with a space to fit the barrel and are equipped with the hose that can easily be fit. They are safer in this way too.


After reading the review and guide, you may have picked a winner for yourself. For us, the propane generator that stands out is the Sportsman propane generator. The machine is reasonable to the pocket and has features like a voltage stabilizer. It is the most recommended out of all the products.