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The definitve guide to led garage lights

Best Garage LightingOne of the most important things we need in our workshop garages is garage lights. Garage lights help you in several ways, they help you to see better, and you are not afraid of visiting your garage even at night.

It is important to use some lights in your garage if it is larger, if not then you may use one or two strong led light which will help to lighten the whole garage.

Some people avoid the lights and use their garage just for the daytime, that is not a nice option. Make sure you use best garage lightening for your garage as it will lighten it up more and you can have a better view ad work well.

If you have been having any difficulty and wanted to find out which light best suits your garage, then we have gathered some valuable information for you.

A general comparison of 5 best led lights is listed in the table below;

Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light48 x 12 x 6 inches120V4 lbs. $$
HyperSelect LED Shop Light49 x 4 x 2
120V1.1 lbs.$$$
Lithonia Lighting FMLWL 48 840 4 ft. White LED47.4 x 5.5 x 2.6 inches 120V4.4 lbs.$$
Linkable LED Utility Shop Light49.1 x 6.1 x 3.1 inches120V3.9 lbs.$
LLT LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture47.2 x 3 x 2.6 inches120V2.8 lbs.$$$

1.    Hyperikon LED Utility Shop LightBest Garage Lighting

This product is known for its unique qualities; you can see how your electricity bill will reduce. You can instantly save up to 62% of your bill by installing these two 38W LED lights in your garage. The warranty of these garage lights is that it will work for 21 years if used for 6 hours per day, that is a quite an amount of life they carry.

Another important aspect that hyperikon LED lights hold is that it holds DLC 4.1 which is a maximum of power you will receive. As garages and workshops are compact and require more light, therefore, these lights, provide maximum brightness to help you see better. You won’t face any flickering in these lights that is a company’s promise. The price of this item is not much it is quite affordable and worth every penny.  So, do not have second thoughts while making a purchase.


  • Hyperikon company provides five years replacement warranty, and they are just a call away if any problem occurs.
  • It is a great product for saving up electricity, so if you are worried about your bill try these lights.
  • The item provides 45,000-hour lifetime.
  • Linkable, you can easily link it to more lights whenever needed.
  • Effortless installation process.


  • Even though it says that these lights are very easy to install, some customers still have difficulty in installing them as they have to provide the links and hang them above.


Apart from having a little bit difficulty in hanging them, these lights have no disadvantage and are a great product which you can install in your garage. You will see how much money you will start saving within weeks.

2.    HyperSelect LED Shop LightBest Garage Lighting

Hyperselect presents one of the best-LED lights for garage workshops. Just simply replace your old fluorescent lights with these new 35W led lights. They will give you lights which are worth the see in your garage. Life rating of the item is more than 45,000 hours that means you can easily install them and then have no worries for a very long time. Your garage or workplace will be highly brightened as these lights have at least a minimum of 1081m/watt.

It provides you with 4000K daylight glow, so if you need to work on some important and minor things in your garage, then you do not have to worry about the time of the day. Keep your workplaces functioning at night place as well. Comes along with various options for mounting, so you have a wider choice. The price of this product is nominal, and you don’t have to pay much, what matters the most is that it fulfills the desires within this money range.


  • There are different ways in which you can use this led lights. You can either hang it or even mount it by fixing it on the wall.
  • Hyperselect comes along with 5000k of crystal white glow.
  • The product can be easily mounted the other way around, so it is useful for providing diffuse lighting by illuminating the ceiling.
  • Lightest in weight among all other LED’s.


  • These lights are not as such linkable so some people might have issues with that.


By far the lightest led light among all is this one. So, if for you weight is of major importance, then you can buy these lights. The extra crystal glow is a new feature and makes these lights one of the best products as well.


3.    Lithonia Lighting FMLWL 48 840 4 ft. White LEDBest Garage Lighting

If you want to brighten your garage or any of your workplace then having an LED is a must for you. With these lights, you can lighten up your garage; these are 4k LED lights that save the energy and give you light brighter than ever. LED lightening provides 2,304 lumens and 4000k of bright white light which is smooth and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Lithonia lights have been designed to give away light for at least 50,000 hours in their entire lifetime, that is approximately equal to 23 years. The company also promises to give environmental benefits, and there is no disturbance throughout the lifespan.

These lights can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally, so no restrictions in the way you need them hanged. Keeping all this in mind the price of these led garage lights is slightly high, they are worth the price but still may become out of budget for some customers.


  • The product can be installed anywhere with a lot of ease, so you do not have to worry about installations.
  • Plastic case over the top keeps them safe and long-lasting.
  • It is made up of a sturdy material.
  • There is a universal mounting plate which is compatible with most of the junction boxes.


  • A limited range of rotational movements which sometimes cause problems while installing for the first time.
  • It is pricey.


If you look at the whole picture, then the price of this product is justified as it produces 26 years of supply of lightning. Another plus point is that it can be mounted universally on any of the junction boxes. So, not a bad purchase after all.


4.    Linkable LED Utility Shop LightBest Garage Lighting

Linkable lights have always created a hype in the market as they can link easily and there is hardly any difficulty in handling them. These garage lights have high brightness and come along with 5000k of natural light. It effectively reduces the electricity bills and releases 4800 lumens output at 40 watts. Built-in bulbs come along with a 44” power cord which is chrome- finished and ran easily on 100-240 VAC or 50/60 Hz.

Some lights produce less brightness at lower temperatures, but these lights are full of light and give no flickers or dull light even at -4F temperature.  Performance and safety wise these have been certified, and you will not face any problems. These lights are the most expensive garage lights in the ones mentioned. So, maybe that becomes a drawback but always look on the bright side and see that it is all worth the price, most of all that it is linkable.


  • LED lights are double ceiling fixtures which can last up to 22.8 years.
  • The lens of these lights is impact-resistance.
  • The design is unique and ultra-light in weight.
  • Safe and brightly working at low temperatures.
  • The power cord comes with a dual prong plug.


  • Installing process may seem easy, but a lot of nuts and screws needed handy before you mount them.


When you see the high price, then you also want the product to be outstanding. Well for sure this item is worth the buy as it is frost protected and you will have no difficulty in any weather. The brightness level is suitable to work out in any garage.


5.    LLT LED Garage Vapor Proof FixtureBest Garage Lighting

LLT company is highly known for selling one of the best garage lightening lights. They are very much good in quality which is vapor proof. The material they are made out from is hard, and they are not easily breakable. Their best feature is that they are also suitable for wet locations so if your garage consists of anything related to water then these lights are for you.

They have 30,000-hour lifetime and can provide 36W and brightness of 2700 lm. Also, 5000k crystal brightness used when you are working in the daytime, and more brightness is required. There is no bulb inside, and it is a complete lightening fixture with zero maintenance needed.

LLT product is the cheapest one in all items, they are good in quality and provide the same amount of brightness as other items. It is definitely worth the price.


  • The product comes along with the mounting brackets, so there is no difficulty to purchase them separately.
  • The power cord supplied if needed.
  • It has resistance at low and high temperatures.
  • Vapour proof tube light with the hardwired fixture, to avoid any water getting into


  • As it is vapor free and comes along with a hard case which is frost free as well, that case might block out some of the brightness.
  • Light capacity may not travel far.


If you are looking for a cheap priced LED light, then this is the one for you. It is vapor free as well so it is worth its price. Easy installation and no hassle at all.


Buying guide:

Are color tones important to keep in mind?

The color tones of every light are different. It depends on the company and the amount of brightness resistance levels they have added. Some lights are known to be very bright others have a crystal brightness. The difference is important because you need to see whether you will be using your garage at daytime or night. If you are more of a day worker as most people are, then you can look for LED which has at least 5000k crystal daylight with a bright light. Dim and lighter color tones are better to use for night times.

Which one is better, horizontal or vertical mounted?

The answer to this quite simple, if you don’t know the main purpose of why you are buying the LED’s for then for sure, this doesn’t matter to you. But horizontally mounted lights are always better as they give direct lightning to the things in the workshop. If you need vertically mounted lights, then you can narrow down your search to it.

Should I buy LED’s which are linkable?

Linkable LED’s provide you ease as they are easily linked with one another, and you don’t have to hassle much to hang every light individually. Again, it is dependent on your own needs. If you have a big garage and want to hang some lights, then it is always better to buy linkable because they will take less place and will provide more light.

How much of life is known to be enough for a long run?

A lifetime of all LED’s is different. The more you pay, the more of a lifespan you get because obviously, it depends upon, the better quality. You should at least buy the garage lights which have 20+ years of lifespan. A garage is a place where lights are to be stayed on for longer hours, therefore, keep this aspect in your mind and make a rational decision.

Are power corded lights better than battery operated ones?

Power corded lights are in some sense better than battery operated ones. As the battery is to be replaced very often and is an additional price to pay. So, it is better to buy the lights with power so you can add up this amount to the electricity bill instead of changing batteries very often.


After going through the whole article, we are sure you have carefully seen that the best garage lightening is none other than Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light. This light provides you with a light that is used for day and night; the brightness level is quite high. Instant saving of electricity is a great plus point. Among all the mentioned products, specifically in this one, you do not need to spend any money on fixtures as for five whole years if any problem occurs the company will replace it.