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The definitive guide to the best shop vac for tradesmen

A vacuum cleaner is an essential piece of equipment in today’s world. Long gone are the days when people had the time to clean their houses using mops.

You need something that can save you time and will do an excellent job cleaning your carpets, floors and even your water-filled basements.

Best Shop Vac has been named as the best vacuum for cleaning up wet and dry rubbish. Initially, vacuums were just used to suck in the dust or rubble.

Whether this was in homes or in industrial places, no one had ever thought that a vacuum could also suck in the liquid components and dry your place in no time.

Now, many different companies and brands produce high-quality powerful vacuums which work by being connected to a pipe, then lead into an open field where the water can be released.

Here are some of the top picks of wet/dry vacuum cleaners:

NamePeak HPAir Flow CapacityPrice
Shop-Vac 5986000 HP Stainless Steel4.5175 CFM$$$
DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX Cordless1.8533.55 CFM$$
Vacmaster VF408 Wet/Dry Floor Vacuum563 CFM$$$
Hoover Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum C24013.5120 CFM$$
RIDGID Wet Dry Vacuums VAC12005145 CFM$$


1.      Shop-Vac 5986000 HP Stainless SteelBest Vacuum Cleaner

One of the Best Shop Vac machines out there is the Shop Vac 5 Gallon. It has one of the unique designs you will see on the market. The vacuum looks like a small robot. This is a very interesting feature that was designed to attract more customers and paid off brilliantly. The vacuum is made of a stainless steel tank which retains its hardness, colors, and designs. If you want to slide it around, even if it is on carpets, the roll casters allow this to happen.

You can take it to slippery areas or dry places; it will be easy to carry. The one who makes the best shop vac has to be this manufacturer, because they have also added a storage set on top of the vacuum. You do not have to carry the tools separately. Just install everything in this vacuum and you are good to go.


  • Effortless to carry around.
  • It is one of the most powerful vacuums available, which can suck any dry or wet item.
  • The stainless steel allows it to retain its excellent surface.


  • It is a bit expensive, so not everyone can afford it.
  • It only comes in one color combination, so you do not have any choice.


You should buy this product if you are looking for a durable vacuum that you want to carry around to different sites. It is durable and works long term.

2.      DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX CordlessBest Vacuum Cleaner

Dewalt is a company that has been producing vacuums for a long time now. This is one of their most popular products because it is unique. The vacuum can also operate on a battery, a function which allows it to be transported and carried around very easily. This also makes the vacuum highly efficient.

Many of the big cleaning companies use this vacuum cleaner as it has been declared as the best shop vac for dust collection. It can even be taken to remote areas where there is no access to powerful electricity circuits. They just connect the vacuum to a high volt battery, and the problem is solved. This vacuum is also not very massive in size, which makes it easy to pack up and then reassemble it whenever need be.


  • Because it can be used with a battery, this vacuum is good for people who travel a lot.
  • Light in weight.
  • It is very durable, so even in traveling it does not get damaged.
  • It has a washable and reusable filter which allows you to use it again.


  • The battery has to be bought separately, which adds to the price.


This Best Shop Vac should be bought if there is need for a lot of traveling. It will be feasible for people who need to relocate shop/office time and again and who want to have a good cleaner with them for every place.

3.      Vacmaster VF408 Wet/Dry Floor VacuumBest Vacuum Cleaner

Some of the best shop vac reviews that we have come across are those regarding this vacuum. The Vacmaster has taken the lead over all the other companies because it is a very powerful cleaner. It has an excellent 5 HP motor that allows the vacuum to function in different conditions. It does require a lot of electricity for use.

The 4-gallon tank is suitable for heavy cleaning. You will not have to empty the bin again and again as there is a lot of storage space. There is also a proper storage setup in the vacuum where you can keep all its accessories. The chances of losing an important item are meager. The secure-fit hose allows the vacuum experience to be smooth and without any hurdles, and the 15-foot cord is convenient if there is no switch near the area in need of cleaning.


  • Offers an ample storage space.
  • It is quite affordable compared to its competitors.
  • Smooth working.
  • It does not make a lot of noise while it is at work.


  • It has a comparatively larger body which makes it difficult to carry this vacuum around.
  • It is easily damaged if it is not stored and packed properly.


This brand is trendy when it comes to producing vacuums meaning this product is also reliable. You should buy it if you know you can take care of it and clean it after every use.

4.      Hoover Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum C2401Best Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is a unique product. It is a quiet shop vac and is one of the most widely used ones in the industry. This lightweight design is made so that in commercial projects, the transportation of this vacuum can be done easily. It weighs less than 10 pounds which allows it to be carried by anyone, thus increasing its mobility.

This vacuum comes with a special harness which you can wear and fix the vacuum to, which will help reduce the strain on your body. Also, unlike many other vacuums, this one allows the cleanup to take place without disturbing the atmosphere. It has a long wire cord which can be plugged in any switch. This vacuum also comes with a pack of accessories that aid in its function.


  • Highly suitable for large commercial projects.
  • Safe for long-term use as it is powerful.
  • High-quality components that make its overall performance better.


  • It is a bit difficult to carry around.


If the purpose of using this vacuum is commercial, then this is an excellent choice. However, for everyday use, this vacuum will be much more expensive and overall would not be a good investment.

5.      RIDGID Wet Dry Vacuums VAC1200Best Vacuum Cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner with a very affordable price, the Rigid Wet Vacuum is an excellent choice. This wet dry vacuum operates as a high-performance cleaner. It comes with a leaf blower, which gives you the added benefit of cleaning a space in the manner of your choosing. This increases the convenience, and the veritably that is needed in vacuum cleaners.

It is the Best Shop Vac as it has a large drain which allows more liquid to go through. This vacuum is shaped in such a way that you can carry it anywhere, and you can fit it in any space. You can also buy all the accessories at a perfect rate. There is no worry while buying this product.


  • It is widely available.
  • The price is affordable by anyone.
  • It will clean up the place in a much lesser time than other vacuums.


  • It comes with a lot of accessories which can be hard to carry around.
  • It does not have a lot of choice in the color of the body.


It is a perfect choice for vacuums for people who use them for all types of cleaning. Whether it is wet, dry, the garden, the carpets, or a marble floor, you can clean up any place by using this vacuum.

Buying Guide

What can I do with a high-powered shop vac?

The high-powered shop vac is equipped with the ability to suck up large pieces of debris, liquid spills, and ashes from the fireplace as well as snow from your doorstep. There is plenty of power in a six-gallon shop vacuum to handle all kinds of mess in the house as well as your shop. As mentioned in the above shop vac reviews some good quality products also include a rear blow port where the vacuum can blow the debris out of the way as well.

Should I consider the size of these shop vacs?

You must realize that the largest models always produce the best results as they are the quickest. They are equipped with the most thorough cleaning and best capacity as well. However, this doesn’t mean they there is no need of lighter or smaller vacuums. Smaller vacuums are ideal for the homes that have confined space for storage.

How would I know that the capacity-claims from the manufacturers are all believable?

Always make sure that you buy a shop vac from your trusted brand. In the review above we have tried and tested each of the products. You can also put your prospect through a trial before you buy it. The practice of overstating the fluid capacity of the vacuum is widespread. Testing the product before buying it will make sure that you know its actual vacuuming performance. Don’t rely too heavily on the capacity-claims of all the brands you find on the market.

Can I find a quiet shop vac with large vacuum capacity?

There is no such thing as quiet shop vac with large capacity. If a shop vac is built robust vacuum power, it is bound to produce a lot of noise. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you must wear ear protection. Some of these shop vacs even produce sounds of over 85 decibels. It is the level where it is suggested to wear protection so that you can prevent damage to your hearing.

How should I choose the best shop vac for dust collection?

A dust collector is a shop vac with a system that is utilized to improve the quality of the released air from commercials and industrial operations to collect dust as well as other impurities. The dust collectors work differently as compared to an air cleaner that has filters to remove dust. Some shop vacs also use cyclonic separation, which is a technique of removing dust particles from the air through vortex separation. When it is used to remove particles from liquids, it uses hydrocyclone while a gas cyclone is used to remove particles from gas.

What to look for in the best shop vac?

The vacuums from Shop-Vac are perfect as they are fully packed with power and durability. Different products are equipped with various kinds of features. These products also use different techniques and methods to remove liquid or debris as well as dust from different places. If you are looking for the best shop vac, then make sure that you understand what the purpose of the use is. Some vacs are very powerful, and people find them useful for commercial purpose. You must also consider the size of the vacuum because sometimes there is not much storage space available in the houses. Because of their high capacity, some of the products are very expensive. You must ensure that you buy the right product for your intended use. Otherwise, you will end up overspending on a product that barely meets your requirements.


The Best Shop-Vac is the Shop-Vac 5986000 because it offers a complete and comprehensive cleaning experience. The price of this vacuum is also suitable for people who want to use it for everyday use. Lastly, it is superior to the other products in terms of its long-lasting work efficiency.