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The definitive Guide to Hammer Drills

There are a variety of hammer drills available, and you can use them for various purposes. It can be a challenging to choose the right one because each of the items is designed to fulfill specific kind of a job.

Therefore, it is essential for you to find the best hammer drill that meets all your requirements.

In the past hammer drills that would be limited to the length of their wires. These days hammer drills come with batteries and provide you with the cordless technology so that you can use them wherever you can go without any issues.

The best part is that they offer the same power backup as the electric ones.

Still, there are plenty of hammer drills that you can find with cordless feature and opt for the right one remains a big question.

We have come up with a list of some hammer drill reviews so that you can make the right choice while considering your budget as well.

My top picks include the followings.



NameMotor PowerWeight Price
Bosch Rotary Hammer 7.5 amp 11.4 pounds0RPM – 1100RPM $$
SKIL Hammer DrillE 7.0 amp 5.5 pounds0RPM – 3000RPM $$$
PORTER-CABL Hammer Drill7.0 amp 6.2 pounds0RPM – 1100RPM $
DEWALT Hammer Drill
7.0 amp 5.4 pounds0RPM – 2800RPM $$
Makita Rotary Hammer 7.0 amp 10.7 pounds0RPM – 1100RPM $$$


1. Bosch BULLDOG Xtreme Rotary Hammer

The Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer Drill from Bosch has the capability of producing 0RPM to 1300RPM as well 0BPM to 5800 BPM with its 7.5 amp motor through various types of applications. It is the best hammer drill that is equipped with SDS-Plus bit system that provides ease change with the tool-free bits. IT also comes with auto but locking feature.

The hammer drill from Bosch has vario lock that provides you with 36-bit positions for a better work angle, and it also enables the drill to produce maximum impact energy with a quick impact rate as well. The drill also comes with a multi-function selector with you can choose between three different operation modes including hammer only, rotary only and rotation only.

It also comes with a D-handle design that enables you to control it accurately while drilling overhead as well as downwards. The cord of this hammer drill from Bosch is patented and has 35-degree pivot which offers great flexibility. The speed trigger also makes it easy to drill at various speeds. It only weighs less than 12 pounds and the dimensions are 17.2-inch x 7.2-inch x 3-inch.


  • It is equipped with a powerful 7.5-amp motor.
  • It can produce 0RPM to 1300RPM and 0BPM to 5800BPM across different applications.
  • It also comes with the SDS-Plus bit system.
  • It also incorporates a multi-function selector that allows you to choose from three different modes.


  • It is not as useful in the reinforced concrete.
  • On a rare occasion, the bits also get stuck.


The Xtreme Rotary Hammer from Bosch is the best hammer drill that you will find within this price range. It is equipped with multi function modes, and it can drill through most hard applications as well.

2. SKIL 7.0 Amp 1/2 Inch Hammer Drill

The hammer drill from Skil houses a 7 amp motor for drill holes through some tough applications in no time. It has 1/2 inch keyed chuck can hold bits with large diameters and is designed working with wood and cutting as well.

The drilled also comes with the side assist handle that enables you to control the hammer drill in a better manner while drilling plus you can also drill very accurate holes with it. The hammer drill is equipped with a variable speed trigger too which enables you to control your drilling speed while working with various surfaces.

This product offers you an excellent balance between budget and performance. It merely weighs five and a half pounds which also contributes to giving you better control in your job. The dimensions of this hammer drill are 13.2-inch x 10-inch x 3-inch.


  • It is equipped with a 7 amp motor and allows you to drill holes through most of the applications with hard surfaces.
  • It has a half inched key chuck which can readily accept with large diameters.
  • The drill also has a side assist handle for accurate and controlled drilling.
  • It also features a variable speed trigger.


  • Its top speed capability is a bit below par, particularly for heavy duty drilling.
  • At times sparks also fly from the drilling.


If you are looking for a drill that offers a load of features but also does not cost much, then this is the best hammer drill. Skil hammer drill is incredibly easy on your hands and very strict on most of the hardest surfaces.

3. PORTER-CABLE VSR 2-Speed Hammer Drill

The VSR 2-Speed Hammer Drill from Porter-Cable comes incorporated with a 7 amp motor that delivers a powerful performance with durability. The drill has the capability of drilling through most of the hardest applications. The hammer drill also has different drilling modes to complete the jobs involving wood, metal, brick, concrete and various other materials.

It also houses dual speed transmission that offers high torque in one setting and a top speed in the other setting. The drill has double finger locking trigger that eases your hands during extended use. The drill also features a side assist handle in enabling you to take control of your job and drilling through heavy duty surfaces.

The hammer drill only weighs just over 6 pounds with the dimensions of 14.6-inch x 3.3-inch x 11-inch. It also comes with a three-year product warranty that protects your purchase against any manufacturing defects as well ensuring full customer satisfaction.


  • The product comes with a three-year warranty from Porter-Cable.
  • It features a side assist handle for extra control and accuracy.
  • It is also has a dual speed transmission allowing you to work with different materials.
  • It also has a double finger locking for easing you in extensive uses.


  • It is fully made of plastic. Therefore, it might not be the ideal product to work with harder surfaces.
  • The working of the drill is also not very smooth.


Porter-Cable has made a very lightweight drill, and it does the job on most of the surfaces, and for this reason, it is on our list of best hammer drill reviews.

4. DEWALT Single Speed Hammer Drill

This Single Speed Hammer Drill is from Dewalt which is one of the top brands in hardware. Usually, products from Dewalt are costly because they entirely focus on quality. However, the hammer drill comes with a very affordable price for such a product.

The hammer drill incorporates a 7 amp motor that is powerful enough to drill through most of the applications and also offers maximum protection. The drill is equipped with a dual speed transmission where you can work with steel as well as wood along with masonry.

The drill itself is very lightweight and just weighs five and a half pounds. Its lightweight feature enables you to work with it for long times. Its handle can slide 360-degree plus its rod also offers you exceptional control of the drill as well as versatility along with accuracy. You can also control your drilling speeds depending upon the precisions and size of the hole.


  • The drill houses a 7 amp motor ideally suitable for drilling through various surfaces as well as applications.
  • It is extremely lightweight and feels very comfortable in hand.
  • It has a 360-degree slide handle for better control, versatility, and accuracy in your drilling.
  • It is also equipped with a dual speed transmission.


  • Sometimes the chuck loosens when you change the hammer drill settings.
  • The hammer drill is not designed for working on bigger drilling projects.


Dewalt is a top quality brand in the hardware industry. This product is also one of the best hammer drills that you can find on the market purely because of the versatility it offers.

5. Makita HR2475 D-Handle Rotary Hammer

This hammer drill can deliver 0RPM to 1100RPM as well as 0BPM to 4500BPM because it incorporates a 7 amp motor. It can complete the jobs through most of the demanding jobs. It also comes with a torque limiting feature that makes sure that the gears are not damaged. It does it by automatically disengaging the gears if in case the bits bind.

Its sequential impact timing feature ensures timed hammering in the rotation jobs. This feature works great to limit the overlapping implications of the bits, which increases the drilling speed by more than 50%. It also houses extended life brushes are designed for additional work between service breaks.

The 40 bit setting of the hammer drill from Makita enables you to operate it in different positions. It also comes with additional three-speed settings including Hammering-Only, Rotation-Only, and Hammering-with-Rotation.  It weighs nearly 12 pounds, and its dimensions are 18.7-inch x 13.4-inch x 11.9-inch.


  • It is equipped with a torque limiting clutch for the prevention of the gear damage.
  • It comes with three different operation modes.
  • It also incorporates extended life brushes.
  • The hammer drill houses a 7 amp motor for top quality drilling through most of the surfaces and applications.


  • For some of you, this drill might be too lightweight for heavy duty jobs.
  • The drill is not an ideal tool for small jobs.


Makita has done well with their D-Handel Rotary Hammer Drill. It is a top quality product that offers versatility as well as power along with accuracy in your jobs.


Buying Guide

What is a hammer drill and how it works?

A hammer drill is also called a rotary drill that uses hitting action. It does the hammering by a very rapid hammer thrusting onto a surface. When the hammer of the drill bit rotates, with the hammering, it drills through a surface. The drill bit pulverizes the hard surface of the material as it churns into the surface. In simple words, the drill bit cuts into the surface by hammering or by vibrating chuck.

How to drill through brick?

First of all, you need to determine where you want to drill. You got to insert the required masonry. Now, wear your safety equipment, place the drill on the mark and drill the hole. Place the finishing once you complete.

What is the primary difference between impact driver and hammer drill?

You can use a hammer drill for drilling through hard surfaces like concrete, bricks or masonry. Some of the hammer drills also come with a feature where you can turn them into a regular drill as well. On the other hand, you can use an impact drill for driving the fasteners in such as nails and screws.

How can I drill through brick using a hammer drill?

Once you have selected the place where you want to drill, you use the masonry bit and insert it into your hammer drill. Make sure that you grip your drill firmly and don’t allow it to sway. Ensure that you keep the drill perpendicular to the surface. At times the bits can bend or wear out, therefore, ensure that you keep a check on them and replace them timely.

Can I use a regular drill instead of hammer drill?

This question is more about hammer drill vs regular drill. You cannot use a regular drill, especially if you are working with the hard materials like bricks, concretes or masonry. The bits of the regular drill will break, and the shaft might also get damaged. The regular drill is not the ideal tool for this job. In a hammer drill vs drill comparison, the primary difference between the two is that hammer drill suits the hard materials while regular drills work well on softer surfaces such as aluminum, copper, wood and similar other materials.

What are the parameters to keep in mind while buying the best hammer drill?

First of all, you must consider your budget because some products come with additional features that you might not require for your DIY projects. For these other features, these drills cost high. Next, you must consider the motor power because it will equip the drill to drill through hard surfaces. You can also look for the cordless feature of your drill for free movement across the room.


From the above hammer drill reviews, you can conveniently choose the best hammer drill that suits your needs. As per our analysis, the Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer drill from Bosch is the best because it not only comes with a strong motor that allows you drill through some surfaces but it also incorporates some other features to assist you through your drilling jobs.