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The Definitive Guide to Electrician Tool Vest

Best Electrician Tool VestThese electrician vests offer great convenience to store gears and other tools for an easy access. They usually have pockets and shoulder straps making you wear easily. Also, they accommodate different sized tools and users. They are made of such fabric materials which are ideally suitable for both the winters and summers. They are often light in weight so you may not feel them as a bulky or heavy object on your body.

We are going to discuss some of the best electrician tool vests from different companies. Each of them has its own features and specs which are thoroughly discussed. Also, some buying tips are also mentioned after that to let you pick the best one for you as you go for its shopping.


Our Favorite Electrician Tool Vests On Amazon


ProductNo. of PocketsWeightAdjustableReflective strapsPrice
Bucketboss Vest161 lbs.YesNo$
Readywares Vest 121.6 lbs.YesNo$
Stanley Tool Vest 161.67 lbs.YesYes$$$
Occidental Leather Tool Vest282.55 lbs.YesNo$$$
Blaklader Tool Vest61.54 lbs.YesNo$$
Holmes Tool VestMore than 51 lbs.YesYes$$


1.    Bucketboss duck wears superBib ApronBest Electrician Tool Vest

Make your electrical related tasks even easier by this high-quality electrician tool vest by Bucketboss. It is made of a super quality material which is durable. With an easy to use the feature, you need just to buckle it up and you are ready to work. Manufactured in China, this product will not tear any sooner.

This vest has 16 pockets in total with 13 pockets on waist and 3 pockets on the bib. So, this lets you keep all of your tools with you conveniently anywhere you go.

The product is made of 18 oz. duck wear canvas material. For fitting up to the waist of 52’’, it has quick release belt. It is a full coverage apron for your home or shop’s tasks.


  • The shoulder straps of the electrician tool vest are padded.
  • This product comes with dual hammer loops as well.
  • The vest by Bucketboss is very light in weight.
  • This apron is excellent for keeping all tools handy.
  • This vest fits comfortably even on fat persons.


  • It has single stitched pockets which don’t keep heavy objects for a long time.
  • The pockets get loose sooner.


This is a great electrician tool apron for a good price it has 16 pockets and all of them are sensibly sized for keeping all of your tools in one place.


2.    Readywares tool apronBest Electrician Tool Vest

Another from some of the amazing electrician tool vests in the market, ready wares tool vets is here to keep all of your tools in one place. It is made of top quality cotton canvas material of 20 oz. With cotton/poly straps, this is a very sturdy vest for making your all electrical tasks convenient.

It has plenty of space available for keeping all things because of 12 pockets and 2 hammer loops which are double layer hammer loops.

Not only this, it is capable of adjusting many body types and shape. This vet is really easy to put on and off as it has an easy snap system because of the buckle at the back. With a very lightweight material, this is one of the best electrician tool vests you can have.


  • This apron is made of a very sturdy material with good pockets.
  • Each pocket is perfectly stitched to avoid tearing.
  • Harness strap layout is well designed.
  • The shoulders straps are padded and stay in place.


  • The loops get popped out when any heavy thing is placed.
  • The strap material is cheap nylon.


Above all, this apron by ready wares is a great product for keeping all your tools conveniently at one place. With a good quality and enough pockets, grab one for you.



3.    Stanley fatmax tool vestBest Electrician Tool Vest

A much safer and multi-purpose electrician tool vest by Stanley. This vest is made of air mesh material. This material enables you to wear this vest comfortably because of its breathability. Providing a much secure fit, this one size is adjustable for all. Also, it has adjustable shoulders for providing maximum comfort during your work.

It has a number of tool compartments for an easy storage of all your necessary tools. It has two options for pockets which allow greater versatility and ease. These are attached to the vest and semi-attached fit.

Also, for your safety at night work, it has reflective strips for a better visibility. This vest has special reinforcement for holding sharper objects like nails etc. comes with a limited lifetime warranty, this is a perfect purchase for your convenience and safety at the same time.


  • The vest has a really lightweight which does not make it bulky to wear.
  • The price is great for the quality of the vest.
  • Tons of pockets available, especially on the upper chest.
  • The reflective strips are great to make it visible at night time.
  • The pockets are durable and do not tear.


  • It pulls up the back portion of the vest when there is a weight on the front side of the vest.


An ideal choice for all your electrical tools placement and safety side by side. This is a great vest for doing all your electrical related tasks with keeping tools with you easily.


4.    Occidental leather work vest

A good looking and much stronger electrician tool vest for you y Occidental. This is a great tool vest which has an equal weight distribution capability so it does not go anywhere. With much wider shoulders without any straps, it makes you wear it comfortably like a normal jacket. Not only this, the open back promotes the airflow and keeps you cool even working in the hot weather.

Coming with 28 pockets and tool holders, this tool vest can carry all of your necessary tools conveniently at one place. The pockets are made of a sturdy leather material which will not tear any sooner and are capable of holding the weights of the tools. Keep your torch, phone, gloves, tapes, notebooks and other items in its specially designed pockets for them.

With a number of pockets and much less weight, this is a great purchase for your doing your next task smartly.


  • These products by Occidental are hand-made in Sonoma County, CA.
  • This vest has plenty of room and even goes bigger.
  • Great vest to wear and is made very comfortable by its wider shoulders.
  • This vest has designated pockets for keeping your things.


  • The vest is a bit warmer to wear in summers.
  • The leather pockets flap restrict the movement.


A very well-built and sturdily made tool vest for you. This is a great convenience item for your job site and keeps your things compactly.


5.    Blaklader workwear kangaroo vestBest Electrician Tool Vest

Made of imported quality material, this vest is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton material. This makes it a very light in weight and comfortable to wear even in hot summers. It has 11 ounce of the polyester cotton blend which makes is more durable than others. Keep your objects in place without falling off as it has two chest pockets with safety straps.

Not only this, is has four nail pockets on the front and back to let you keep nails and other sharper objects. Providing an even weight distribution capability, it has wider shoulders to make you wear it comfortably as your work. This comfortable wearing is further increased by its extended back.


  • The fabric quality is great and is very light in weight.
  • Designed in European fit and provides snug fitting.
  • There are a number of sizes available for this product.
  • This vest has plenty of room for all tools.


  • Its cotton does not last very long.


A great choice for any electrician or worker in need to keep all of his tools conveniently in one place. This is a nice electrician tool vest for a great price.


6.    Holmes workwear tool vestBest Electrician Tool Vest

For your ease of access, Holmes presents its electrician tool vest. This vest consists of multiple pockets with enough storage space for keeping all essential tools with you at your job site. With a comfortable mesh back, this is easy to wear a vest in summers as well. Not only this, the vest features a nickel tape measure clip.

For making it visible at night, this vest has reflective strips on shoulders. It is a really lightweight tool vest made of high-quality fabric. Also, you can remove its removable pouch to make it weight free.


  • This is an awesome vest when it comes to weight and it is very lightweight.
  • The vest is sturdily made.
  • It is a balanced vest and does not move.
  • There is a pocket with a flap.


  • The pockets get ripped sooner.


This vest by Holmes is a great choice for electricians, carpenters and other workers who work at night or need to keep tools with them all the time. This is a great purchase for keeping tools at an affordable price.



Having the most suitable electrician tool vest can bring you ease and benefits of accessing all the tools quickly and thus doing your job efficiently. So, for that purpose, we have gathered some buying guides for you.


Q1. What can we expect from a tool vest?

A good quality tool vest enables you to wear it comfortably. Also, all of the tools are available quickly. It makes you use the specific tool without searching it for somewhere else and thus wasting your time. Also, a good vest with pockets and a high-quality fabric enhances your outlook as you work and gives a more professional look.


Q2. What are the tools we need during work and which can be placed in the vest?

  • Apart from your phone, torch or a notebook, there are many tools that you can keep in your tool vets. These may include;
  • Screwdrivers of various sizes.
  • Pliers of various sizes like needle nose or groove pliers.
  • Circuit testers.
  • Voltmeters.
  • Hammers
  • Frills
  • Drill bits
  • Knives
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Wire cutters
  • Wrenches
  • And many others

Also, in some vests, there are designated pockets for keeping tools and other necessary items in them. Like sharper objects for example needles or drill bits are kept in some certain pocket which is much stronger than others so it may not get ripped off.


Q3. Do the tool vests come in many sizes?

It depends on the company selling them. There are certain tool vests which come only in one size but they are adjustable. So, they can be fitted on any size and waist. But, there are some tool vests which come in different sizes ranging from small to XXL.


Q4. Which is better? Tool belt or tool vest?

Each of these two products has its own advantage and uses. It depends on your needs for which one is suitable for you. The belts have pouches in them and allow you to keep only that what is needed. But, they are the best recommended for doing carpentry only.

But, tool vets can be worn easily and allow you to easily do your standing job too. Also, tool vests work great for the people with a slender body type. They won’t be able to carry the weight of the belt so tool vests are better for them. Also, they are better for those who will be needing a lot of tools for their work as the vest’s pockets can keep a number of tools required.


Q5. What are the qualities of a good tool vest?

A good vest has these features:

  • It is a lightweight vest that does not feel bulky when you wear it. Already, the tools are going to make it heavier so, it should not be a burdensome itself.
  • A good tool vest is made of good quality yet breathable fabric which is perfect to wear in summers too. When you do work, you sweat and an unbreathable fabric is not a good choice in any way.
  • Any vest you buy should be adjustable. They don’t always come in different sizes. However, they have straps that can be adjusted according to one’s body type.
  • It should be comfortable for you to wear it and should be a well-balanced one.


Ease of usage and convenience is what everyone needs at his/her job place. That is the reason why tool vests have been manufactured. Above are some of the best electrician tool vests available and from them, we consider Bucketboss tool vest to be the number one. The reason for this is it balance, good price, a good number of pockets and durability which makes it stand at the top.