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The definitive guide to carbon fiber hard hats

In this write-up, we will tell you about carbon fiber hard hat. It is a kind of helmet that is utilized for the protection of head.Have you visited any construction area or you work there?

In both the cases, you must have seen builders wearing different colors of the cap. However, those caps are not like the ones we often use when going to the seaside.

The question arises here why there is need of hard hat? Do not worry the answer is not technical at all. It is because of the fact these caps are sturdy, durable and reliable. Apparently, working in any industry requires some extra protection. Therefore, the hard hats came in early 20th century for providing comfort.

You must remember to wear the hard caps before going to the constructing site or the job.

Here are some of the best Carbon fiber hard hat available.


NameWeightRadiant heat loadsMaterialPrice
MSA 475407 TAN1.05 poundsNot exceeding 350FPhenolic$$
MSA SAFETY 4753951.12 poundsNot exceeding 350FFiberglass$$$
MSA TAN 4546641.1 poundsNot exceeding 350FPhenolic$
HDPE HYDRO DIPPED1.2 poundsN/APolyethylene$$$



If you are in search of the real carbon fiber hard hat, then MS 475407 natural tan skull guard hard hat is the ideal option. We have kept it on the first number because of its top-notch quality. Of course, no one wants to get a product which does not maintain the quality.

It is to assure you that it proffers maximum protection and safety against the scorching heat. It allows you to make an easy adjustment by the help of the 4 pt. fast-Trac ratchet suspension. The company has tested its performance before placing it for selling. Thus it can hold the heat up to 350 F. For the provision of all round protection it consists of pressured laminated textiles.

Other than this, the unique full brim style can keep your neck dry while you are in the rain. In addition to this, it can give superior heat protection. The overall product dimensions are 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches whereas it weighs around 1.05 pounds. The price of this carbon fiber hard hat is affordable.


  • The material used in the manufacturing of extreme hard hats is phenolic. That makes it durable plus you can use it for a longer
  • It is ideal for people who work in the steel mills and other heavy industries because of its sturdy construction.
  • The MSA 475407 can give protection from dielectric up to 2200 volts.
  • Are you are creative and like to make the product attractive? Then it offers you the option of custom printing or editing on this natural tan skull guard hard hat.
  • The weight of the entire product is not Thus, you can carry it anywhere.


  • Undoubtedly, the skull guard hard hat is delicate. Therefore, its suspension can break if not tackle properly.
  • Due to the tan color of this carbon fiber hard hat, it gets warm from heat.


The Skullgard hard hat is of top shelf quality which comes under minimal price. It means against such top of the line features it worth the money



It is another model of the Skullgard brand, which is no more less than the MS 475407. Most of the people work in an environment where there is high temperature, and they need safety against it.

For fulfilling this need, the Skullgard comes up with the MSA 475395 hard cap. The particular carbon fiber hard hat is the ideal option for keeping you miles away from the hazardous environment. It features ANSI/CSI type 1 compliant for safeguarding against vertical impacts.

Similar to this, the ANSI/ISEA compliant renders dielectric shield up to 2200 volts. Another attribute which makes the brand famous is the different sizes of a hat, i.e. 61/2-8. The III ratchet style fast-track suspension for easy adjustment. The weight of this hard hat is approximately 1.12 pounds which indicate it is lightweight.

Like the previous carbon caps, its color is also natural tan plus the material is of fiberglass. The overall product dimension of this hard hat is 12x12x12 inches, and the cost of this MSA safety 475395 hard hat is quite reasonable.


  • You can quickly reverse the fast track with the help of the knob to shift the brim of the skull guard hard cap.
  • It fulfills all the requirement of the Type I helmet to give you better performance.
  • The material in the making of this skull guard hard cap is sturdy which in turns give longevity. Hence, you can use the hard hat in any weather.
  • If you work in places where there is a job of welding, then it is the perfect choice for attaching welding helmet to it.


  • It does not have any set up for the chin


If one wants heavy duty hard hat for different purposes, then it is not the bad idea. Furthermore, it might not ruin your budget.



Needless to say that Skullgard Company is not vigilant of the quality in each version of its carbon fiber hard cap. Hence, Skullgard is gaining more and more consumers each day because of its construction, pricing, and design. We present you another type of hard cap in our review of the best hard hat.

Again it has designed to proffer safeguard in the hot and harsh environment. The brand set the standard temperature for the use in industries, for instance, steel mill.

The material of the shell is phenolic to face the harsh conditions in any situation. To protect you from the vertical penetrations and impact it builds with the ANSI/CSI compliant. Concerning it, there is ANSI/ISEA compliant for minimising the effect of dielectric, i.e. around 2200 volts.

Unlike above two hard hats from Skullgard, it has equipped with the exclusive stat-on suspension system. It shows up in a standard size of 6 ½ to 8 inches. The price is a bit higher than other two above mentioned models of the Skullgard hats.



  • There are various colors available in the MSA 454664. It means you can select any color according to your requirement.
  • The custom stripping and imprinting choice are, therefore, if you want to add further attraction to it, then you have an option.
  • It has a smooth crown for comfortable use during the process of welding.
  • For the provision of semi-custom fit and superiority, it has stay-on suspension.



  • Within 2-3 months of use, the suspension might come off which is the indication of cheap quality.
  • It does not have a liner that might disappoint most of you.


Although, it is from the brand Skullgard the quality of this model is not that superior. Plus it is also pricey.



We aim to help you in the selection of the best carbon fiber hat, so there is another brand HDPE for this purpose. Like any other lightweight hard hat, it can accompany you at any location. That says whether you are heading to steel mills or other heavy industries. The size of this cap is full that means a person of any height can wear it.

You might be thinking of how much is the weight of this hat? Therefore, you do not have to worry about its weight because it is around 1.2 pounds. The HDPE hydro dipped hard hat has ANSI Z89 for necessary protection. The package dimension is 13.2x 13.1x 7 inches. If we compare the price of this hard hat with all the versions of Skullgard, then it is quite cheap.


  • It has fresh air flow and full brim which purpose is to keep you protected from getting wet by the rain.
  • By using this lightweight cap, you can feel comfortable with the fact it builds with top-notch material.
  • The suspension system is fast track ratchet to let you adjust
  • It exceeds the requirement for a Type I helmet.


  • No choice in color.


If you are budget conscious and searching for a cheap hard cap, then it might fulfill your needs.





The first thing that comes in mind while buying the carbon fiber hard hat is the performance. The cap must perform well and provide full protection against head injuries. In this regard, various brands offer two types of hard hat.

Type 1 is for the aerial safety which is the impact and penetration on the crown. However, this type does not provide you protection from the side. Furthermore, it means that it surrounds the whole rim.

Type 2 is capable of protecting both aerial and lateral sides and it has an inner foam layer. In this case, the rim is on the front only.

Therefore, among both of the types, the type 2 is better as it provides a warm, generous and hard shield.


For the protection against impact, the type of the suspension plays a vital role. The suspension of the hard hat makes an inner frame which spread the impact. All in all, there are three forms of hard hats available in the market. Hard hats usually have different types of suspensions. It includes four, six and eight point suspension.

These points describe the connections between the cap and suspension. The carbon fiber Caps that contains more amount of points has more ability to spread the weight. Along with it the dispersion across the suspension lowers the amount of the shock on impact. In short, all these types of suspensions give you the same level of penetration and protection to meet CSI and ANSI regulations.


There is no doubt that several companies use different material in the manufacturing of caps. Therefore, it is important to choose the one of lightweight material. Most of you might select one- size fit hat material for the workers. However, the level of protection depends on the material the brand offers. Usually, you will see two kinds of material used by all of the brands. These include MSA skull guard and fiber metal. The purpose of such material is to cater needs of individuals who work in heavy industries.


As mentioned above that hard hat appears in two types, i.e. type 1 and type 2. On the other hand, ANSI differentiates in three classes with the electrical insulation rating.


Class E is for Electrical hard hats. The function of this class is to minimise the exposure of high voltage of up to 2200 volts. However, this protection might not be enough for the human body so one must wear PPE.


The class G includes general hard caps which constructs to lower exposure to low voltage conductors. However, it provides a shield against 2200 volts. Similar to the class E, a person has to wear PPE.


The hard hats of the class conductive differ from above mention classes. It is because it has not made for the protection of electrical conductors. The function of these hard hats saves the wearer from impacts.


It is again the vital feature that one should look for while purchasing the best carbon fiber hard hat. People working in industries have to wear the cap continuously to prevent themselves from heat. If you are experiencing the same situation, then you must be careful about the weight of the cap. Hence, we prefer the lightweight cap in that case. Moreover, in this article, all the product reviews are light in weight. So you can easily pick one from here.

  1. COLOR

The companies proffer several colors of the hard hats. It is to make sure that one can pick the color according to his choice. In addition to it, the variety of colors is helpful in distinguishing workers in industries. In this way, the first aiders and builders wear different colors. That in turns adds the benefit in emergencies.  In short, there will be no confusions plus everyone there can have the idea whom to contact.


Every hard hat making brand should pass the standard established by ANSI. Due to the advancement in the field of science, several materials are available. However, it is to take care that the material is safe for human. Thus, each brand must have to take the certification from ANSI for the approval.


All in all, the best carbon fiber hard hat among the awesome hard hats is the one which performs well while you work in hazardous conditions. It means it protects your head from injuries, electric shock, and rain. We presented you the reviews of top rated caps, and among them, the winner is the MS 475407 Skullgard hard hat. The selection is based on the type of material used, suspension, and cost of the hat. Furthermore, it contains top of the line features and comes at a reasonable price.