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The definitive band saw buying guide for contractors

Band Saw ReviewsFrom critical design to carving fine details, a band saw is a tool that can help you in achieving close to perfection results even if you are a beginner. Not only it can give improved results with little input, but it can also help in cutting a wide variety of materials.

These materials can be copper, glass, steel, plastics, wood and PVC pipes. You might consider band saw as a regular cutting saw. However, it can assist you in much better way.

Now, if you are going to buy a band saw for the very first time, then you might be very confused about factors to consider while purchasing one.

So here, we have presented out the band saw reviews to ease your difficulty.

In our reviews, we won’t only give reviews of few top-notch band saws, but would also give a brief guideline that will help you in buying a band saw according to your customized requirements.


Here is the list of top 5 band saw reviews:

DEWALT DWM120K Band Saw Kit 21"15 lbs.$$
Milwaukee 6232-21Band Saw21"21.9 lbs.$$$
DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw21"18 lbs.$$
Bosch GCB10-5 Band Saw 19.7"14.5 lbs.$$
Makita 2107FZK Portable Band Saw 20.6"22.4 lbs.$$$

1.    DEWALT DWM120K Band Saw KitBand Saw Reviews

This DWM120K Band Saw is a product of DEWALT manufacturer, which lies among the trustworthy brands for tools construction. This band saw comes with the motor of 10 amp power along with controlled power feature to help to work in any type of job site location.

The capacity of this band saw is 5 x 4-3/4 inches. It can offer a deep cut of 5 inches for both round and rectangular supply. It comes with operative steel shroud and rubber bumpers to keep band saw protected during rough and tough job conditions.

Another most beneficial feature of this band saw is its LED sight light. The purpose of this LED is to offer light on the cut line at dark working locations. It also comes with the feature of variable speed dial. That lets the user change the speed of saw according to material requirements. It can have various speeds from 100 to 350 spm. It also possesses integrated hang hook that helps in hanging the saw without harming its front handle.

The price range of this band saw is also normal. It won’t cost you a huge amount of money. It can be listed as pricey as other few products listed in our band saw reviews.


  • As this band saw comes with controlled power on its motor, it might be super convenient to use on different types of circumstances.
  • The presence of LED light can make cutting easier for those working in the dark or have poor vision.
  • With the help of its varying speed adjustment, it might be easy to cut each material according to its requirements.
  • Its integrated hang hook might ease the worker by offering a place to keep a band saw protected.


  • Though it comes with storage box, its case is not made up of high quality to store blades properly.


This band saw can offer you convenient cutting through its controlled power, varying speed, supporting light, hanging hook, and saw protection through different shields. Overall it is high performing product and available in the very average price range.

2.    Milwaukee 6232-21Band SawBand Saw Reviews

This 6232-21 Band Saw is a product of renowned Milwaukee brand. This brand is famous for its durable and powerful tools that meet industry standards. Therefore, you would also see these features in this band saw as well.

This band comes without a case, and it offers a nice deep cut. This band saw comes with 11 amp motor that works on 120V. This band saw comes with user-friendly features that let you use it precisely even if you are a beginner.

As far as the price range of this product is concerned, it is slightly higher as compared to other products listed in our band saw reviews list. People usually find it a little more expensive than other band saws. However, the fact is its renowned manufacturers, and their reputation of not letting their customers disappointed is the main thing that makes this band saw worthy of this amount.


  • You might feel highly pleased from this band saw, because of its ease of use.
  • It might be super convenient for its users because of its durability and high performance.
  • Because of its wonderful capacity, it might make cutting process super easy and quick


  • As this band saw doesn’t come with the case, you might feel difficulty in saw storage.
  • The weight of this band saw is 21.9 that might be heavy for few users.
  • This band saw is slightly expensive as compared to other products.


If you are able to spend some extra bucks on the band saw purchase, then this band saw from Milwaukee manufacturer should be your pick. With its durability, ease of use, and amazing capacity, it will compensate all your money spent on it.

3.    DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band SawBand Saw Reviews

This DWM120 Portable Band Saw is a product of DEWALT that is a big name in the world of tools manufacturing industries. This band saw comes with a strong motor of 10 amps with a specific design to withstand any job site situation. The cutting capacity of this band saw is 5-inches deep for the rectangular pile. For circular one, it is 5 by 4-3/4 inches.

This band saw comes with steel shroud and rubber bumpers to keep saw protected at the job site. It also contains LED light that falls on the cut line. Integrated hand hook ensures easy hanging of the saw without harming its handles. It also comes with the feature of adjustable speed.

The price range of this band saw lies in the middle among the list of our band saw reviews product.


  • It is a durable band saw.
  • Offers easy hanging with the help of its hanging hook.
  • It might make cutting more convenient for you with the help of its LED lights.
  • It might be easy to maintain this band saw because of its different protective shields.


  • It doesn’t come with storage casing.


This band saw offers durability, lightings during the dark, hanging hooks, and various speed with a strong battery. All these features are available in the normal price range.

4.     Bosch GCB10-5 Band SawBand Saw Reviews

This GCB10-5 Band Saw is manufactured from Bosch. This is one another tools manufacturing brand that makes sturdy tools. This band saw comes with durable 10 amp motor. This band saw can give you very fine cuts with the no requirement of additional refinement.

This band saw is quite safe to use as it doesn’t produce any spark during operation. Therefore, it offers safe job site environment. It has a capacity to give a cut of 4-3/4 inches depth on a solo pass.  Though it gives high performance, weight is still meager. It weighs only 14.5 pounds that is a perfect weight for tough materials.

You can adjust this band saw at varying speed according to the type and requirement of the material you are cutting. It offers versatile speed settings. If you purchase this product, you will get a band saw, band saw blade, and hanging hook.

The price range of this band saw is quite nominal. It lies in average priced products category among our collection of products in band saw the review.


  • It might be super easy for you to work with this band saw because of its lightweight.
  • With its varying speed settings, you might make your cutting easy through adjusting settings according to material
  • With its LED lights, you might feel easy to work at dark.
  • Its precise cuts might make cutting an easy and speedy task for you.
  • With the help of its saw hook, you can store it easily.


  • It comes with limited one year warranty.


If you purchase this bandsaw, you will get sturdy, easy to use, fine cutting band saw within a reasonable price range. Though Bosch is not as renowned as brands of previous products in our band saw reviews, it still worth a try.

5.      Makita 2107FZK Portable Band Saw

This 2107FZK Portable Band Saw is a product of Makita that is another competitive name in the world of tools manufacturers. You can read more about Makita here. It comes with 6.5 AMP motor. The cutting capacity of this band saw is 4-3/4 x 4-3/4 inches that assist in cutting tough materials.

This band saw also possesses varying speed feature that helps in adjusting speed according to material requirement. It speeds control dial varies from 200-350 ft. /min. This band saw doesn’t come with lock-on feature and it lets saw to turn off when its switch is released.

This band saw possesses adjustable from handle to provide comfort and offer easy maneuverability. It also contains the built-in fluorescent light that helps the worker to see the cut line easily while working at the dark side.

The price range of this band saw is slightly high. It can be listed among expensive products in our list of bans saw reviews.   


  • With the help of its built-in light, working at dark area might be an easy task for you.
  • As it comes with an adjustable handle, cutting through this band saw can be a comfortable task for you.
  • You might feel easy to store this band saw because of its tool case.
  • You might be able to cut different materials according to their specific requirements because of its varying speed adjustments.


  • It might be difficult to use this bandsaw because of its weight of 22.4 pounds.
  • It doesn’t come with a lock-on


This band saw will give you maneuverability, ease of use during the dark, large capacity, and easy storage. Though price range would be slightly high, it’s amazing features deserve this price.

Buying Guide

Here in this section, we will present few questions and their answers to make your clear concept about things to consider while purchasing a band saw.

1.      How much is motor power (horsepower) required for band saw?

For basic level work, the battery power requires is between 0.5 to 0.75 horsepower. In normal circumstances, you won’t need more than 0.7 horsepower. However, in case of heavy working, you should go for 1 horsepower at maximum.

2.      Which factors contribute while buying a band saw?

There are few things that you should consider before purchasing any band saw. The most important thing is your budget. Estimate the amount you are willing to spend on your tool, and then search for the appropriate tool in that budget.

  • The second factor is how frequently you are going to use your band saw. In case, you are going to use it more frequently, then search for a comfortable tool that can perform your work quickly.
  • The third factor is a material for which you are buying this band saw. There are varieties of band saws available in the market, and first seeing material can help you in purchasing a right tool.
  • The last thing to consider is band saw capacity that you are going to need. Capacity is how much it would cut in a single pass.

3.      What components should be considered while buying a band saw?

Different components that need to be considered while the purchase of a bandsaw involves depth of cut, throat, size of the motor, and other accessories.

  • The depth of cut: it is the size of material that is cut by band saw in a single pass. You can determine it by measuring a distance between upper blades guides to the table. Normally it ranges from 6 to 36 inches.
  • Throat: throat is the width of the cut.
  • Size of motor: size of the motor describes the power it would offer during your work. Small motors might not be able to perform heavy duty task. While large motors with varying speed can also be used to perform light work.
  • Accessories: it involves ripping fences and miter gauges.

4.      How teeth per inch matters in band saw?

Teeth per inch define how narrow (fine) cut it would make. For a narrow tooth, the cut is small or finer. Fewer teeth per inch would give a coarse cut.


Purchasing a right working tool is essential for everyone. If you become successful in getting a right tool, your work time reduces automatically. In the above band saw reviews, we have presented a list of best band saws along with their brief reviews. After reading them, you can get a clear idea about the requirements of the band saw.

Every product surpasses in one feature while lacks in other. However, if we are asked to choose the best portable band saw among our list, then our pick will be DEWALT DWM120K Band Saw Kit, and the reasons are many. This product belongs to renowned manufacturers, and it offers durability, ease of use and many versatile features at an affordable price.