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The best multimeter buying guide for electricians

Best MultimeterA multimeter is also known as a multitester, VOM, or volt-ohm meter. It is an instrument used specifically for the electronic measurements. A multimeter can be put into service in a wide array of domestic appliances, power supplies and motor control and other household devices.

It analyzes all the problems related to short circuit or broken circuits. The best voltmeter is expected to give you the accurate information about the resistance, voltage and current.

If you require a multimeter for the home or garage usage, then you can go for the simple model, but if you are a professional, then you should opt for a multimeter that has advanced and more progressive features. It will help you in finding out more accurate measurements.

Here are our topic picks;

NameStrengthBattery RequirementPrice
Fluke T5-1000 1000-Volt Continuity USA Electric Tester100AAA batTery$$$
Klein Tools CL800 Digital Clamp Meter600A2 AAA batteries$$
Amprobe AMP-210 Clamp Meter600AN/A$$$
IDEAL 61-744 600 Amp Meter600A2 AAA batteries$$
Milwaukee 2235-20 400 Amp Clamp Meter400A2 AAA batteries$
FLIR CM174 True RMS Clamp Meter600A4 AAA batteries$$$

1.Fluke T5-1000 1000-Volt Continuity USA Electric Tester Best Multimeter

The product is versatile and provides a sheer performance. It let you know about the voltage, and continuity of current with high precision.

All you need to do is to select either ohm, volt or current while this compact device performs the rest duty. The precise digital resolution enables it to measure all the AC and DC automatically. The capacity of open jaw current is 100A that will not even let the circuit to break out. The test lead can work with the additional accessories like clips or speciality probe.  The H5 holsters make it easy to clip your t5 onto your belt.

The fluke t5 is compact and leads you to all the tough test stow is neatly on its backside, making a far easy to tote your tester in the tool pouch.  The product is highly customized as SlimReach test probes will be able to adjust itself to different national electrical standards.


  • T5 has excellent potential as it can stay connected far more time than the typical solenoid testers.
  • The product has a rugged and robust design that can withstand even after dropping it into 10 feet high.
  • Open jaws are easy to use and give accurate information about the current measurements.
  • The product is built with auto off mode to conserve the battery life.


  • It is costly than its substitute products.


The fluke products always promise to provide the reliably accurate information in the demanding era, where there is no chance to compromise on even a minute wrong information. It is the best multimeter that is an excellent bang for the buck. It equipped with all necessary functions that a professional may require for his job.

2.Klein Tools CL800 Digital Clamp MeterBest Multimeter

Klien tool is a perfect digital clamp meter that measures all the current, frequency, test diodes, the alternating current and direct current voltage and capacitance through its test leads while the thermocouple is there to measure the temperature. The product is highly rated and is full of positive reviews. It is an essential tool for the professionals, or it can be easily used in your homes or garden.

The other best feature of the product is that it comes with the low impedance mode that can identify and eliminate the stray voltages or ghost rays. The product is a complete package of novelty, innovation and other time-saving features.  It was designed by the engineers after doing the years of field research and finally produced this masterpiece. Though it’s a cheap multimeter accompanied with all the features that make it a perfect multimeter.


  • The product is pre-built with automatically true meaning squared, e., TRMS for enhanced power and accuracy.
  • It is a cheap best test multimeter that also has the low impedance mode to detect the ghost or stray voltage.
  • Klien too provides the second insulation safety rating.
  • The product has an excellent design with the rugged, hard and durable body.


  • It has different adjustability problem while fitting the leads into the pouch.


The product is best in its range that will never disappoint you with its performance and features. It is best for the professional due to many advanced features, but a common man can also have benefited from it.

3.Amprobe AMP-210 Clamp MeterBest Multimeter

Amprobe is the best clamp meter that provides you with the complete variety of measuring the different electrical types of equipment. The large LCD will give a clear sight about the measurements; the RMS sensing is the best way to have quick and error-free measurements.

The product is the best multimeter for those that so often need it to find the current information from small and large wires as it has the AMP-TIP function.  It can measure the capacitance up to for the 2500 µF, AC  and voltage up to 600A, and 600V respectively. While the resistance up to 60.00 kΩ.

The product is perfect device accompanied with all the necessary features to enhance your experience and to let you know more about your electronic devices.


  • The product has low pass filter that allows it to measure the current and voltage in different frequency drives.
  • Amb tip function enables the more accurate measurement of current from the small and large wires.
  • An accurate RMS device that provides a complete range of electronic
  • It is safety rated as CAT III 600 V, while the data hold is relative zero in this device.


  • The product is not more natural to operate for a layperson; it is more suitable for the professionals.


A multimeter that has and sizeable Backlit display to make measurement easy to read, filter press, amp tip function with the rotation detection.  All these features are gettable in comparatively lower price.

4.IDEAL 61-744 600 Amp MeterBest Multimeter

The founder of the company started its operations in 1916 with the ideal commutator. It is the perfect product for manual/ auto ranging and another non-contact voltage indicator, hook tip, and the tampered jaws.

The experience of the company is 90 years and has successfully gained all the required skills for leadership and dynamic to produce the most challenging products to the market.  It is equipped with the tapered jaws for the safer clamps. The data hold is there to keep all your old data at your fingertips. The auto power function will save your multimeter from draining the battery.

The product is rated for CAT III -600 volts, and comes with two years warranty program. The design is reliable and rugged that make your product extra durable and classy. The product is cheap and worths your every penny.


  • The product has data hold to keep a record of all your previous data.
  • The ideal.6.1 has the non-contact voltage indicator of the power equivalent to 70V-600-VoltAC
  • Low battery indicators will let you know about the remaining battery.
  • It comes with a two years warranty
  • This voltmeter has excellent aesthetics and attainable at a lower price.


  • The functionality and the color of the product fade away with time.


It is the best multimeter you can have in this price range. The product is capable of doing all the high tech and ordinary functions with the high degree of perfection.

5.Milwaukee 2235-20 400 Amp Clamp MeterBest Multimeter

A product that is manufactured in Taiwan and has always provided many successful products in the past.  It is durable, compact and performs all your required tasks effortlessly with zero complaints.

It is the best multimeter that has pre-built with many of the features like built-in LED work light, LED flashlight, rugged body, and with the thin jaw profile that provides the accurate measurements for the smaller values.

The elegant red and black design include many of things like 2 AAA alkaline batteries, one electrical test lead set, and the 2235-20 Clamp Meter as well. The product is available at an affordable price and will be a great addition to your home or office tools for testing the correctness of electronic equipment.  It can measure the AC, DC  up to 600V and the resistance up to 4000 ohms. 


  • It has an elegant and sturdy design with beautiful red and black colors.
  • It is incorporated with TRMS for providing your multimeter more power and accuracy.
  • The product is light, and its thin jaws are there for measuring the smaller wires with the highest
  • The manufacturers offer a one-year limited warranty.


  • It has limited features.


The product is highly rated and got the maximum positive words of mouth. The product is attainable at a lower price and will do everything you need may require.

6.FLIR CM174 True RMS Clamp Meterbest multimeter

The product is compelling and designed for the professional of the electronic world. It has many advanced and latest features that might stun you for once. The product will have access to all hard to reach places and capable of providing the advanced troubleshooting problems.

The narrow jaws are there for measuring the smaller wires, and high power LED and commercial clamps give the aid in working nights or dim lights.  It has the Infrared Guided Measurement for detecting the area where the potential threat exists.  It provides the centre point reading with other features like True RMS, LoZ, VFD Mode.

Though the product seems to be a bit pricey when you perform a comprehensive cost per value analysis, you will know that it worths your every spent penny.


  • The product is equipped with many high tech features like True RMS, LoZ, VFD Mode.
  • It has the IGM technology for locating the threat area.
  • The commercial clamp meter will allow you to work at night.
  • It has an elegant and beautiful design.
  • The product has two years manufacturing warranty.


  • It is difficult to operate if you are not professional.


It is the best cheap multimeter, with many latest features. The product provides a comprehension features to the users with the high level of accuracy.

Buying guide:

Are you looking for the best multimeter, then you must be at least aware some of its standard features that can be useful in finding the perfect partner for your work.

How handheld multimeter differs from the bench mounted multimeters?

A handheld multimeter is convenient to use and takes less space. It identifies the underlying faults in all your electronic equipment and is available at low prices. The bench mounted units are designed for professionals that demand more accuracy in their measurements. The bench multimeter always gives more precise value than the typical handheld multimeter.

What are the key functions of multimeter?

A best electrical multimeter allows you to do three kinds of test in an electric circuit.

Measurement of potential difference:

it helps in doing the most common and convenient test in electric circuits; it gives the value of potential difference or volts between two points or difference into points when the circuit is kept closed.

Measurement of resistance:

Being an ohm meter,  it measures the resistance in any element of the circuit. To pursue the measuring process that part should be separated to go through the testing process.

Measurement of current:

Being an ammeter,  it measures the current as well nut in a closed circuit. To perform the process the multimeter itself has to incorporate with the circuit so that the current can pass through it.

Which are the two broad categories of a multimeter?

A multimeter is divided into two major types analog multimeter and digital multimeter; these two are further classified in various forms to provide the buyer with a great diversity in its product range.

Digital Multimeter:

A best digital multimeter is an advanced form of the old multimeter that offers more sturdiness, accuracy, and extra features. It displays the measurements in number to avoid the paradox errors. The digital multimeter is somehow an embedded computer.

Analog multimeter:

Analog multimeters are conventional, affordable and cheap but they do not provide the same accuracy as digital multimeters do.  The Analog multimeter is more useful when you are more concerned with the trend of measurement and least interested in the accuracy.

Which are the essential parts of a multimeter?

  • Dial: it indicates the different values.
  • Needle: present on the dial and indicate the true value on the dial.
  • Selector knob: it allows you to select different options related to scale or its functions. Each option will have further settings.
  • It will have a battery and fuse department that can be located anywhere either on the front side or back area.
  • The multimeter consists of two leads; black and red, and one jack. It is for opening and to insert the required leads for testing purpose.

What are the ways to use multimeter safely?

To ensure your safety, you need to identify that in which class your digital meter falls. It has main four categories the 1st category suggest that use the equipment that does not have any contact to the main. A 2nd class can be used in single-phase mains and final sub-circuits as well. The 3rd category can be utilized on the fixed installed loads while the last type is used as a multimeter primarily in those locations where the false current rate is very high.


Multimeters are the devices that are being used everywhere in our homes, offices, buildings, gardens, or in the even department to check the accuracy of the electronic instruments. The best multimeter for a person could be one that makes all of its jobs done and even would exceed its satisfaction level.

So far we did top six multimeter reviews in the article. We have provided the reader complete coverage regarding all the essential aspects of the multimeter, its features, parts, types, and safety.

Choosing the best multimeter might be difficult for you, but we made it easy for you by revealing the best multimeter for the money. The fluke t5-1000 is the top choice for us as a best electrical test meter multimeter. It is affordable, rugged versatile that provides you with all information with 100% accuracy.