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The Best Linesman pliers for Electricians

BEST SAFETY GLASSES FOR CONSTRUCTIONIt is not a denying fact that no one has ever done electric work at home. There are times when the problem is not that significant to call an electrician or a service person. For that purpose, it is vital to possess toolbox which contains best quality pliers or hammers.

Unlike other tools lineman pliers are versatile, and you can use it for performing different maintenance work. You must be questioning what are linesman pliers is it not? If it so then you do not have to worry. As you will get to know, what are linesman pliers used for, in this write-up. It is a gripping or cutting tool for wires and cables.

On the other hand, if you like to do woodwork or jewelry work then it must be in your toolkit. However, for this, you have to ensure that you are using best cutting pliers. When you purchase best lineman pliers keep an eye on size, style, and type of pliers.

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Here are top 5 lineman pliers:


NameWeightDimension (inches)Price
Klein Tools D213-9NE High Leverage Side Cutting Pliers3.7 Ounces12 x 4 x 0.8 $$
Channellock 369 9-1/2-Inch High Leverage Linesman Plier1.08 Ounces11.5 x 2.9 x 0.8 $$
Knipex 09 02 240 SBA 9.5-Inch Ultra-High Leverage Plier1 Ounces9.5 x 1 x 1 $
Dewalt DWHT70797 9 in. Lineman Pliers1 Ounces3 x 11 x 1 $$



The IRWIN is the brand well-known for manufacturing high leverage pliers. As its name suggests, the IRWIN plier shows excellent performance when it comes to grabbing or gripping. The top of the line feature that makes it unique from other is induction hardened cutting edge cuts.

It also contains nails, ASCR along with piano wires. For keeping it safe from rust, the IRWIN brand coats this plier with rust resistance material. On the other hand, the handle of this lineman’s plier includes 3 component molded grasp.

Due to this attribute, you can quickly and efficiently cut any wire or cable. The IRWIN tool vise grip plier comprises hook and lanyard technology that makes it the best lineman pliers. In addition to it, you can find fish tape puller in this plier for performing a different task. The material for making this high leverage plier is of high quality to ensure toughness.


  • Because of its induction cutting technology, it helps you to reduce the tight cable within one go.
  • The IRWIN comes with a lifetime guarantee which means you can get this plier replaced anytime.
  • There are machine jaws in the vise-grip high leverage plier to maximize the gripping strength.
  • The locking system in this plier aids in slipping.


  • Its handle design is odd which might create issues for people who have large hands.
  • The quality of the blade power is not satisfactory and could break within several uses.


In short the way, IRWIN brand designs this high leverage plier is outstanding. Plus it is not pricey and meets all the standard of ANSI. Moreover, it can last for more extended purpose as well.


2.     Klein Tools D213-9NE High Leverage Side Cutting PliersBEST SAFETY GLASSES FOR CONSTRUCTION

The name that comes to mind when you think of best lineman pliers is Klein tools. Undoubtedly, Klein does not compromise on the quality of the products it manufactures. For this reason, it has such high rank among its other competitors.

Among other Klein lineman pliers, D213-9NEis a side cutting plier that features rivet closer. It is for the provision of 40% extra gripping and cutting. Other than this it also possesses crosshatches serrated jaws along with the plastic handles. You can also see the extra gripping zone just below the joint for high-class performance. There is also dual material handles for additional comfort to your hands.

The Klein tools D213-NE includes crimping die for superior leverage. This plier from Klein Company is light in weight since it weighs only 3.7 ounces. Other than this the product dimensions are 12 x 4 x 0.8 inches. The price of this best quality plier is affordable.


  • The Klein tool D213-NE will not let you complain about its quality and durability. It has made by using the top-notch quality material.
  • You can use this plier from Klein brand for multiple uses whether it is for stripping holes or
  • For providing you complete grasp over the plier, the handles have a coating of sturdy material.
  • Its design is elegant and straightforward which everyone can handle easily.


  • Unlike other brands, this plier does not offer a long-term
  • The size is slightly big, so it might create a problem if you have shorthands.


 Overall, no brand can ever beat the exceptional quality that Klein is proffering. Along with this, the price does full justice against the features.


3.     Channellock 369 9-1/2-Inch High Leverage Linesman PlierBEST SAFETY GLASSES FOR CONSTRUCTION

The Channellock is another top class brand for producing best pliers for electricians. Its purpose is to make pliers for professional use by providing durability and longevity. Like its previous pliers, the Channellock 369 is one of the best linesman pliers.

We are claiming this because it features knife and anvil style cutting edge technology. Because of this attribute, the plier makes sure to offer high cutting edge life. It is built in with high carbon which includes C1080 steel for better results. Similar to the Klein tools plier it also has a blue colored handle which makes the plier less hard.

Other than a conventional plier it contains extreme leverage technology. In addition to it, the crosshatch pattern on its jaws helps to make the grip tight. The weight of this plier is 1.08 pound. It indicates that the plier from Channellock is not hefty and you do not have to put extra efforts.


  • Because of the carbon steel and knife technology, the build of this plier is solid yet simple.
  • Like other pliers, you do not have to exert more pressure while cutting any wire.
  • It can cut any wire or cable with perfection and proper edge alignment.
  • The price of the Channellock plier is quite reasonable and will not ruin your budget.


  • The wrong side of this plier is that it does not open too wide.
  • You might find it little stiff as a comparison with others.


 All in all, we recommend the Channellock 369 high leverage plier for the handyman. For a reason, they have to handle various cutting related tasks which can fulfill by using this plier.


4.     Knipex 09 02 240 SBA 9.5-Inch Ultra-High Leverage PlierBEST SAFETY GLASSES FOR CONSTRUCTION

Knipex is another name that makes one of the best lineman pliers. It is continuously struggling to build its brand on a high ranking. Knipex always shows up with a new product that contains improvement than the previous model.

Similarly, its ultra-high leverage plier includes some additional features than its other products. It features high transmission ratio so that there is no need of putting extra pressure. In Knipex 240 ultra-high leverage plier you can see the hardened steel to enhance the result for its customers. In addition to it, rivet reduces in size to get closer to the jaws.

On the back, there is a recess that yields a better result for different types of cables you have to cut. Its precise induction that is (64 HRC) hardens edges for smooth and soft cutting. The weight and product dimensions of this plier are 1 pound and 9.5 x 1 x 1 inches.


  • The grip of the Knipex 9.5 inch ultra plier is soft that does not make your hand sweat.
  • In comparison with other, it looks on the small Therefore, it deburrs conduit pipes.
  • This tool makes up for good quality material and can efficiently use by professionals
  • It improves 35% of the power for lever action which in turns make the gripping easy.


  • You might find the blades of poor quality that is the barrier to
  • The brand does not give an extended


In short, from design to the quality it gives an outstanding performance. On the top of it, this plier will not ruin your budget. So do not wait just buy it now.


5.     Dewalt DWHT70797 9 in. Lineman PliersBEST SAFETY GLASSES FOR CONSTRUCTION

The Dewalt is the famous brand that does not fail to surprise its users. Every time it comes to innovation in the product and focuses on the quality. It is a compound action diagonal plier which gives 70% more cutting power. The material Dewalt uses in DWHT707979 is rubber unlike other pliers of different brands. There is aggressive cross hatch design for providing you extra comfort and gripping.

In comparison with pliers mentioned above, the handles are quite narrower.  In addition to this, the body is of chrome vanadium steel for extra strength.

The weight of the best lineman plier is 1.19 pound and handle length is 5.5 inches. Whereas, the jaw capacity measures 1.75 inches and jaw tip size is 0.5. It also features dipped gears as to provide extra support and comfort.


  • For extending its life and durability, it has Cr-V Construction. In this way buy it if you are looking for the plier that last longer.
  • The Dewalt brand does not use material that can be harmful to its customers. Therefore, before supplying the pliers in the market it ensures to meet all standards of ANSI.
  • It provides a lifetime So in case, you feel any problem in the plier you can get it replaced.
  • The jaws can open wide


  • You might not find the latch design appropriate.
  • It is not resistant to corrosion


 Overall, its anti-tear material is the feature that compels you to buy this plier from Dewalt brand. Plus the plier is not pricey against the quality and performance.


Is It Necessary To Check Type Of Plier While Buying The Best Lineman Plier?

Yes, it is necessary to check the type of plier while buying the best lineman pliers. Undoubtedly, it is the first factor because it determines how long the plier will live. There are various kinds of pliers which serve different purposes.

One of the most common types of pliers is non-adjustable pliers which also contains three further types. Either perform DIY, or you are a professional electrician ensure to check the kind of plier you buy.

For Multiple Purpose Should I Buy More Than One Plier?

As mentioned above there are different types of pliers you can find in the market. However, each one is unique because of its use and application. Therefore, if you want to hold or reposition something, then there is a need to purchase long nose plier.

On the other side, for gripping, cutting or contorting the cables we recommend you to buy lineman plier. It is good to have more than one kind of plier for using it for multipurpose.

Why I Have To Check The Handles Of The Lineman Plier?

It is necessary to check the handles of the plier before you buy any lineman plier. Due to the reason either it could make your decision best or the worst one. The handle of plier also determines the performance of your plier.

For a secure grip and control, the handle must be of high-quality material. In this regard, a bright colored handle also assists and you can find it quickly in your toolbox.

Which Brand Is The Best And Affordable Plier?

In our list of the best lineman pliers, you can choose any of them without thinking any further. Due to the fact, every brand has some uniqueness in their lineman plier. Plus they do an excellent job without compromising on quality.

In addition to it, the price of each name mentioned above is quite affordable. So if you do not want to invest much on the plier then look for Dewalt or Knipex pliers.

How Can I Know The Appropriate Jaw Style And Length Of The Best Lineman Plier?

The lineman plier differs from each other because of the shape of jaw style and lengths. Several companies three varieties of jaw styles and the most purposeful is V-jaws. It has cuts on the both of the sides and these notches help in grasping round shapes objects.

The ideal length of the best lineman pliers is 10 inches along with a grip are 5 inches. In this way, it makes the control over the plier easy and quick. Although, keep in mind to buy the right size of lineman plier. Otherwise, it will not yield the best results.


All in all, we can say that now you can choose one of the best lineman pliers easily. Before you decide to purchase the lineman plier, do not forget to follow the right guideline. In our opinion, the winner of this round is IRWIN tool vise grip high leverage plier.

We are saying it because of the superior build and lifetime guarantee. Along with it, this is not pricey with the features it provides.