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Guide to Buying the Best Outdoor Timer

Best outdoor timer You might have plenty of different appliances installed at your outdoor location. These may include pools pumps, celebrations lightings, security lightings, engine block heaters, and many others. These outdoor appliances are significantly hard to manage rather than the indoor ones. What is the major problem with these outdoor appliances?

The most common one is, you forget to switch them on/off at the right time. It then results in wastage of pretty good energy source. So, what could be the possible solution? Outdoor timers are the thing that can resolve this problem for you.

These outdoor timers are available in a variety of features. They allow you to set the timings of putting any gadget automatically on or off. In this way, you not only save the energy but can also stay tension free regarding operating them.

Are you willing to buy an outdoor timer switch? Then this article is going to assist you in this regard. Here we have collected a list of few best outdoor timers. Products’ reviews and brief buying guideline is also provided for your help.

Other Types of Timers:



Woods 50015WD Outdoor Plug-In Timer7-Day Timer
14.4 oz.

2” x 6.5” x 8”

Intermatic P1121 Outdoor Timer1 Outlet, 15 AMP

14.4 oz.
3.8” x 7” x 5.5”
Comforday Programmable Digital Timer7-Day Programmable
8 oz.
3.8” x 3.8” x 3.8”
Intermatic HB880R Outdoor Digital Timer7-Day
1 lbs.
5.2” x 1.8”x 4.5”
GE Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer 2-Outlet, 24 Hour programmable 15.2 oz.2.5”x 5.5”x 7.5” $$


1.    Woods 50015WD Outdoor Plug-In TimerBest outdoor timer

This Woods 50015WD Outdoor Timer is a Plug-In Timer that comes with versatile features. The most distinguished feature is its user-friendly digital outlet timer. It gives its users three different timing abilities that include digital, random setting, and countdown timer. It comes with three prongs outlet, and you can even do settings on the daily and weekly basis. Even you can set your weekends differently from weekdays.

It also comes with the ability to adjust the settings to the accuracy of an even single minute. This feature gives huge energy saving opportunity. This 7-day programmable timer comes with an amazing feature of withstanding heavy appliances. It is manufactured particularly to complement heavy-duty appliances like pool pumps, fountains and others.

Another worth mentioning feature is its smart self-charging backup. This feature maintains your setting even power failure happens, as it offers self-charging back up to the timer. It also possesses weatherproof features that are an important part of the outdoor timer. With its sturdy body, it keeps timer protected from any type of weather condition.

The price range of this timer is average. It can be categorized among the list of the average-priced timer in our list of best outdoor timers.


  • Because of its weather resistant features, you can use it easily in any condition.
  • Because of its adequate horsepower, it can operate heavy appliances easily.
  • With its self-charging backup option, it can restain your settings despite power supply.
  • It is the best outlet timer option for you because of its variety of settings.


  • You can’t control its two outlets independently.
  • You can only put a single plugin its bottom.


If you purchase this outdoor product, then you will get a huge variety of settings, waterproof features, battery backup, and suitability for heavy-duty appliances. Above all, the price range is also quite average.


2.    Intermatic P1121 Outdoor TimerBest outdoor timer

This P1121 Outdoor Timer is manufactured by Intermatic Company. It is one of the oldest brands and global leaders in offering solutions related to energy management. This P1121 timer is made by Intermatic and offers a solution for a variety of average as well as heavy-duty appliances. It supports different electrical devices like pool pumps, fountains, signs, fans, engine block heater, LED/CFL lighting and many others.

This outdoor timer is made perfectly suitable for external environments through its hard casing. It comes with the ability to withstand any type of weather varying from -40 degree Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This timer comes with the feature of offering 2 on/off settings per day. You can adjust the settings by putting a green pin on starting time, and red on on the ending time. This timer also comes with a long power cord of 13 inches along with a grounded plug to ensure safety. It has an amperage capacity of 15 amps and wattage capacity of 1800 watts. It requires the power of 120 volts AC and comes with CSA approval.

Besides having all these features, the price range of this outdoor timer is average. It can be listed among mid-priced products in our list of best outdoor timer.


  • Because of its weather resistant features, it can effectively withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • With its capacity of 15 AMP, it can work perfectly for heavy appliances.
  • With its 13-inch power cord and grounded plug, it can ensure additional safety for you.
  • It offers multiple settings because of its removable tripper.


  • You can’t attach this timer with wires of less than 110v.
  • You can add more than one thing on this timer without adding multiple plugs.


This outdoor timer beside being manufactured by trustworthy brands also gives multiple settings per day, durability, and support for heavy-duty appliances. The price range is also nominal. If you are looking for some good outdoor timer, then this product should be your pick.


3.    Comforday Programmable Digital TimerBest outdoor timer

This Comforday Programmable Digital Timer comes with many amazing features. The top of them is its multiple programmable settings. This timer offers up to 8 on/off programming ability per day. Furthermore, these settings are independent of each other and can be set in minutes, hours, days, and even weeks. Its settings can also be made randomly. In this way, the user can get higher convenience through this outdoor light timer.

It also comes with built-in battery backup feature that won’t let the time to lose your settings even on power failure. This outdoor timer also contains dual outlets and LCD display. In this way, two devices can be controlled at the same time. It also comes with multiple functioning. It can operate your lights, sprinklers, heat, hydroponics and other devices with various settings under this timer power plug.

As far as the price range of this timer is concerned, it is quite low. It can be listed among lowest priced timers in our list of best outdoor timers.


  • You feel greatly convenient through its multiple programmable settings.
  • Because of its built-in battery backup, it would not lose your settings even if power supply backs off.
  • It is proved as the best light timer because of its dual outlets that can operate two devices simultaneously.
  • It offer you multiple functioning because of its ability to control a wide variety of appliances with different settings.


  • Though it comes with dual outlet, you can’t control the one independently from the other outlet.


If you are looking for some low priced outdoor timers, then this product can serve you well. With this low price range, it gives multiple settings per day, battery backup, dual outlets, and multiple functioning.

4.    Intermatic HB880R Outdoor Digital TimerBest outdoor timer

This HB880R Outdoor Digital Timer is again a product of Intermatic from our collected few outdoor timers’ list. The most distinguished feature of this digital timer is its ability to set its programming for the whole week. It offers 14 different event adjustments for the time period of seven days. It also comes with Astronomic settings. This feature let timer to turn devices on or off depending on the sunrise or sunset timings.

This outdoor timer also comes with an ability to get plugged directly into the wall through its power cord of 24 inches. Its grounded receptacles ensure maximum safety and protection from any mishap. It can be used to adjust the timings of LED and CFL lights along with irrigation pumps, aerator, engine block heaters and other devices.

As far as the price range of this product is concerned, it is slightly higher as compared to other items. But its all distinguished features deserve this much payment.


  • It is one of the best timers for outdoor lights because of its Astronomic feature.
  • It might prove as highly safe and secure outdoor timer because of its ability to switch on/off lights on a slight time variation.
  • With its ability 7-day full programming options, it can offer great ease-of-use to its users.
  • With its battery backup and 14 events settings per week.


  • It is slightly expensive
  • It might be hard to program this outdoor timer for an inexperienced


Purchasing this outdoor timer can give you astronomic feature, whole week 14 events settings, safety, and grounded power cord. Though price range is slightly high, if you can afford it then it will serve you well.

5.    GE Heavy Duty Mechanical TimerBest outdoor timer

This GE Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer comes with an ability to let you turn your light on or off at whatever time want on a daily basis. This outdoor timer can work well for security, patio, landscape and other seasonal lightings.

This mechanical timer also possesses the feature of 24-Hour programmable setting. You can set its timings to functions at the event on required time throughout the day. The minimum interval that can be set on this timer is 30 minutes.

As it comes with dual outlets, you can easily operate two lights or other devices on it simultaneously. The outer body of this timer is also made highly durable to withstand all types of rough and tough weather conditions. The price range of this mechanical timer is quite nominal. It can be listed among low-priced timers in our list.


  • It can serve you as the best outside light timer because of its programming of the 24-hour
  • It can allow you to handle two devices with its dual outlets.
  • Its sturdy construction might make it able to perform perfectly both at outdoor and indoor locations.
  • It comes with simple and easy settings.


  • It doesn’t come with a manual on/off options.


Purchasing this timer can give you durability, 24-hour programmable feature, and dual outlet. You can get all these features in a quite low price range too.

Buying Guide

What points do you look for while purchasing any product? It is the very important thing to know before going to actually purchase any item. Therefore, here you will get to know about basic features and attributes that you should consider while purchasing an outdoor timer.


As your timer is going to serve you for your outdoor appliances majority, it is very important for your timer to have weather-resistant features. The reason behind is the fact that it is going to be mounted on any outdoor location. Weather depicts a variety of weathers, and sometimes they are completely unpredictable. Therefore, these attributes will let your timer to withstand any type of external weather.

The weather resistance should not be only related to being resistant to rain and snow only. Rather, it should work perfectly even during extremely hot weathers.

Number of programs

It is another important attribute that decides the worth of your timer. The number of programs you adjust on different appliances varies with one another. Also, how you want your appliances to function also varies greatly. Therefore, it is crucial to check for the number of programs.

Few timers may come with single program settings. But there are also those timers available in the market that offers multiple programs. This attribute makes setting easy for you. That’s why try to prefer the second type of timers.

Number of outlets

This feature refers to how many devices your timer is going to control. You will see plenty of timers to have a single outlet, and they can control single device at one time. However, there are few types of timers that contain dual-outlets as well. This feature helps you in connecting two different devices with the timer while making their time adjustments simultaneously.

Backup battery or memory

If you live in such area where unpredictable power failure incidents are quite common, then this feature would help you a lot. Two different features can contribute to resolving this issue. First one is to possess backup battery. This battery comes with the timer. On facing power failure, this backup battery takes the seat and continues supplying energy in order to retain your settings.

On the other hand memory feature can also help in this regard. Though it won’t stop the timer from getting closed, it can help you by restoring your settings in its memory. You can’t get long lasting memory in these timers usually, but volatile memory can also serve this purpose quite well.

Other features

Besides looking for these basic features, it is also important to look for other features like amperage capacity, wattage capacity, power cord length, input method, body construction, and other minor details. All these features collectively can assist you in increasing the lifespan of your timer and appliances as well while saving your energy usage.

The power cord should be long enough to access the nearest switch outlet. Also, it should have proper shielding as it could be exposed to rain or storms. The turning on/off the option of timer should be easy to operate. The outer body of the timer should be made up of sturdy material to ensure the safety of your timer. Furthermore, the receptacles of your timer should be grounded properly.


Outdoor timers can not only save your extra energy but also gives you relaxation from worrying about your devices turning on or off timings. It is very important to purchase those timers that are manufactured according to your requirements as there are huge varieties of these timers.

In this article, we have discussed few best outdoor timers along with their reviews. Basic buying guideline of the outdoor timer is also provided. As far as the best product on the list is concerned, it is quite difficult to select any one.

However, according to us, the best product on our list is Woods 50015WD Outdoor Plug-In Timer. The reasons behind are its huge versatility in its settings, along with durability, great horsepower, and battery backup as its additional attributes.