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Complete guide to RV electrical panels

Review of Best RV electrical panelsEvery RV has an electrical panel that is made to provide electricity to the trailer for temporary purposes. They have various features like the box and the inner system that combine to make them a great panel that is suitable to do the job without any complications or without having to involve a professional.

We understand that it is not easy to go for the right RV electrical panel since there are so many to choose from, so we have made the effort of compiling this buying guide to help you through the process.

Our buying guide holds different features and considerations that you will have to make to ensure that the one that you have meets all your needs and suits. With the help of this, you can make a checklist to follow when you go to purchase the one that is according to your preference.


Our Recommended RV Panels:

ProductsWaterproof boxLockMaterialMountingPrice
Siemens Talon Temporary Power Outlet YesYesGalvanizedWall or pole$$
Connecticut Electric RV PanelYesYesStainless SteelWall or pole$
GE electrical boxNoNoGalvanizedWall or pole$$
Siemens TL17US YesNoGalvanizedPole or even surface$
GE Power Panel YesNoZinc Coated SteelEven surface$$$
Eaton RV Power Outlet PanelYesNo-On a pedestal or Even surface$$$


1.    Siemens RV Electrical PanelReview of Best RV electrical panels

The Siemens Talon power outlet panel is an RV electrical panel has a number of features that make it a great system, especially for temporary power. An elevated cover that with a locking system with a simple padlock that allows more security and prevents usage by unauthorized people. It can easily be attached to a surface or even a pole mount without any troubles.

Siemens circuit breakers are used which protect the receptacles. The receptacles are additionally made pre-wired for more ease. The body of this RV breaker panel is made of galvanized steel along with polyester powder coat finish for a durable body. The panel allows you to have a number of receptacle configuration options which create convenience.

This panel is perfect for temporary powers with metered and unmetered options available. This panel is not very cheap, but it offers features that make it a great panel to opt.


  • The body is made of galvanized steel along with a polyester powder coated surface to provide with durability
  • To prevent power theft and for added security, you can use a padlock to simply lock the box and remove any unauthorized access from it
  • The receptacles are made prewired and they are protected by Siemens circuit breakers
  • There are different configuration settings that make more convenient for the users


  • The body is not rainproof, you need to make sure it at a shaded spot
  • The box is not deep enough for 50 amp plugs


Siemens is a reliable and internationally recognized brand that allows you to install the panel anywhere on a surface or even a pole. The configuration variety makes it a great option for temporary power lines.


2.    Connecticut Electric RV PanelReview of Best RV electrical panels

The Connecticut RV power panel is perfect for anyone who wants a small power set up for camping, for their trailers, or for anyone that is not looking for something permanent. The body is made rainproof with a latch that allows you to lock it so that theft is prevented and security is enhanced.

The design is made for much comfort which is why the cord can be used even if the box is locked. The heavy duty powder coated steel make it secure and long-lasting. The power outlet is pre-assembled so that you do not have to make much effort in assembling it.

The Hub provision is provided so that you can use this with the Siemens HR style hubs. You can use the lugs with copper or even aluminum wires with ease. You will not find this to be extremely over the budget which makes it worthwhile even more.


  • The body is made of heavy-duty powder coated stainless steel to make it secure, durable, and even rainproof
  • You can lock the box to prevent theft; however, you can still use the cord with its convenient design
  • The NEMA receptacle is of 4 wires each of which is rated at 50 amperes and is GFCI protected
  • The lugs can be used with aluminum and copper wire both


  • There are not many different configuration settings
  • The wires from the plugs to the neutral bases are not long enough


The Connecticut RV electrical panel is a great and friendly to the pocket option for you to set up your panel anywhere. With features such as the heavy-duty body and pre-assembled outlet make it very easy for the users.

3.    GE 70-amp RV Electrical PanelReview of Best RV electrical panels

The GE RV electrical distribution panel is perfect for recreational parking trailer panels. They can provide electricity for a short time without a complicated system. The power outlet has two different panels with 30 and 20 amperes receptacles respectively.

Each one has a specified circuit breaker with space for an additional one. The galvanized steel body makes the unit durable and protected. The design allows you to connect it to a pole or even to a simple surface without any problems. The door of the box is made with a rolled edge so that the cords are protected at all times without any problems. The outdoor UL is also listed in this panel.

The construction is single type so that the factory assured terminations are intact. The price for this box is pretty standard and it makes for a great RV electrical panel for people that are on a budget.


  • The galvanized steel box ensures that the panel is safe and reduced from any electrical hazards
  • The door of the box is made with rolled edges so that it can protect the cords and make them more durable
  • The power outlet has different panels with different amperes along with circuit breakers
  • The design of this panel is made so that you can attach it to practically any kind of surface including on pole which makes it the perfect temporary box


  • The box is not waterproof or rainproof
  • The box does not have a locking space


The GE RV panel has small features which makes it a great design for parking trailers and other temporary places. The tough box with delicate features to protect the cord makes it a great option.


4.    Siemens RV Electrical PanelReview of Best RV electrical panels

Siemens is a reliable brand that makes great electric gadgets. This camper breaker box is an example of one of the finest products. The box has a meter provision along with having the ability to be bound to any surface and even a pole. This is one of the features that make it a great RV panel.

The cover is elevated and comes with a padlock that ensures that the panel is safe from theft and insecurities. The Siemens circuit breakers protect the receptacles and provide perfect power. The panel is UL listed and outdoor rated. The galvanized steel and powder coated finish allows the box to be durable and supportive of the inner panel.

You will not have to worry about assembling or wiring the receptacles since they are prewired. There are additional branch breaker provisions easily available for this box. With so many different qualities, the price is very cheap.


  • The body is galvanized steel and made with tough coating along with a lock against protection
  • The Siemens circuit breakers are used which help in protecting the receptacles and provide the recommended power
  • The receptacles and breakers are prewired to ensure that you do not have to go through heavy efforts
  • The box contains a meter provision and can be bound to a pole or any even surface


  • The box is not rain or weatherproof
  • The cords cannot be used when the box is locked


Siemens is a trusted brand and you really do not need a reason to use it. However, if you still are looking for one, then you can see the features which provide support and perfect power for a short time.


5.    GE 100amp RV Electrical PanelReview of Best RV electrical panels

The GE power panel RV breaker box is an unmetered RV outlet box that helps provide power for a small period of time anywhere. The zinc coated steel with electrodeposition finish has the ability to resist corrosion and fading making it highly durable and safe unlike many other boxes on the market.

The NEMA 3r rainproof system provides protection against weather, theft, and nuisance tripping. The electrical panel is pre-wired and pre-assembled for a more easy approach to the use. The construction is made with the all in one style so that it has assured terminations from the factory. Aluminum or copper wire can be used for installation convenience.

You will also find the box to have rolled edges to ensure that the cord is not hurt when it is closed. Even though this RV electrical panel is a little pricey, it still has features that make it highly competitive in the market.


  • The box is made from zinc coated steel with electrodeposition which makes it resistant to corrosion and fading making it strong and durable
  • The system is made of rainproof and vandalism proof
  • This panel comes prewired and pre-assembled so that you do not have to go through the trouble
  • The rolled edges ensure that the cord is safe and sound


  • The box does not have a locking system
  • It is not suitable for poles and needs a solid surface


This GE panel is a great RV electrical panel that has one of the strongest bodies to protect the system from inside. The Preassembled system gives comfort and confidence to the user to use it with ease.


6.    Eaton RV Power Outlet PanelReview of Best RV electrical panels

The Eaton RV circuit breaker panel has been made for versatile surfaces to easily fit outdoor and be protected from the rain too. The upper front cover is made removable so that you can keep it according to your needs. The lower dead frontal cover has the power to rotate 90 degrees for the easy routing of the wire that is incoming.

There is 1 BR style single pole breaker and a 30 ampere, 125 volts receptacle in this panel. The panel is made NEMA rated and UL listed which makes it a much more convenient and trusted electrical panels for outdoors and for temporary supplies. The durable and strong body gives the interior system to rely on the body of the panel for protection.

With features like these, the panel seems to be a bit overpriced; it may not be a hard task to find another with much more features at a lower price.


  • The upper frontal cover of the panel is made removable so that you can use it as per your preference
  • BR style single pole breaker provides perfect power for a small RV or space temporarily
  • The strong durable body makes it safer for the inner system
  • The down frontal cover can rotate up to 90 degrees with ease


  • The body does not have a lock to protect theft
  • The box is not resistant to the weather


Even when being overpriced, the Eaton RV distribution panel has some great features like the removable upper panel which adds to the ease of the user. Features like these make it a great purchase.


Buying guide:

We have compiled this guide to help you through the considerations of getting the RV electrical panel that will suit your needs the best.


1.      What features should the body have?

The body of an RV electrical panel is one of the most important parts of it.  You need to make sure that the body is good so that the inner system is well protected. Make sure you choose a high quality galvanized steel at least for the best support. A powdered finish will allow a more durable and presentable aspect for a longer life.

The box additionally needs to be versatile and needs to be sited on every surface including pole. Since the panel is installed outside, make sure you prevent theft by ensures that your box has a lock system or place to have a padded lock.


2.      Should you get the 30 amp or the 50 amp?

All RVs come with a power cord to plug into an electrical pedestal. These are either 30 amps or 50 amps. A 30 amp hookup will allow you to use three prongs while the other will allow you to use four. This means that you can use more electricity on the 50 amps if you need it. To calculate your needs, multiply the amps with the volts and you will get the watts.

These watts will actually determine how much power you will need. These adapters do not make a huge price difference, but they do make a slight difference. Keep in mind all these factors.


3.      What is the importance of good circuit breakers?

One of the most important things that you need to have is great quality circuit breakers in your panel. The circuit breakers work as guards of the whole system. They literally break the circuit if they are overworked and the temperature rises. This, in turn, reduces chances for fires and short circuits. A bad circuit can be very dangerous as it can fail to do the job and cause fires and electrical hazards very easily.

You can choose the single pole breakers for RVs as they are the best for 120 volts with ratings of 15 amps to up to 50 amps. You do not want to choose something higher as these breakers can also overwork and eventually cause accidents.


4.      What is the alternative?

The alternative to the RV electrical panel is the RV solar panel. Solar panels are a little more complicated to install and they are also a little more expensive. However, in the long run, they save a lot of money and provide safer energy that you can use in your electrical appliances in the RV.

Solar panels are also a bit more different and generally, they do not have locks that make them more secure. Yet, if you are looking for temporary options but still a long-term, they are great for you.



Out of all the different RV electrical panels mentioned in our reviews, the one that stood out for us is the Siemens Talon Temporary Power Outlet Panel. It has features like having a durable body, being prewired, and having a lock that ensures ease for the user. It may have its cons; however, they can be overlooked because of the pros.


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