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Review of Best Electrician BooksBooks are an important part of electricians lives. They are packed with a lot of knowledge and substance. You can gain knowledge about anything under the sun if you have a habit of reading. There are millions of books available on engineering subjects for everyone to read.

There are electrician books for electricians to gain knowledge about their field. There are different fundamentals and tools which are applicable in the area of electronics. An expert electrician should grasp all the important knowledge to perform his task well.

If you are an electrician, the more you read electrical books, more you will enhance your knowledge. By increasing the required knowledge related to electronics, you will be able to perform your job well.

There are electrician books for beginners and there are electrician training books which help new electricians to know about the nitty-gritty of their field.


Our favorite Electrician’s Books on Amazon:


Book NameSafety InstructionsColored Illustration Best forPrice
Ugly’s Electrician ReferenceYesYesElectricians, engineers and maintenance workers$
NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 2017 YesYesElectrical contractors, engineers, electricians architects, safety officials $$
Mike Holt Electrical exam preparation textbook YesYesElectrical students, engineers and electricians, instructors$$
Dewalt Electrical licensing guide NoYesElectrical contractors, electricians and engineers.$
2017 Journeyman Electrician questions study guide YesNoBusiness manager, contractor, inspector and instructor.$$$
Mike Holt Understanding the NECNoYesEngineers, electricians and designers.$$


1.    Ugly’s Electrician ReferenceReview of Best Electrician Books

If you are an electrician you cannot afford to be a no-brainer. You have to have an important knowledge and the right tools to deal with the technical problems you have to deal while working on sites.

Ugly’s Electrician Reference is a book which covers a wide variety of topics which are important for electricians to understand. It offers the most persistent and obstinate information for electricians and engineers. The book has important features which are beneficial for the electricians to learn and use in their field.

The book explains the best wiring configurations. After reading this book, you will be able to understand how the electrical wiring is structured and formed. No electrician can be an expert without having the proper knowledge about the electrical wiring.

The book also explains different live-saving procedures which are important for the electricians to keep in mind.


  • A proper explanation of wiring configurations
  • Updated safety information
  • Colored tables and diagrams


  • There are some typing errors in the book


Ugly’s Electrician Reference has all the knowledge and information you require to be a good electrician. You will learn new techniques and skills to deal with the electrical problems in your career as an electrician or an engineer


2.      NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 2017Review of Best Electrician Books

NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 2017 1st Edition is used throughout the United States. It is popular among electricians all around the world.

This electrician’s study book features all the electrical standards and procedures which are relevant for the electricians to perform their job.

It is a handbook with all the necessary and important electrical codes. Electricians need to learn these codes to make sure that they use the correct and accurate codes while connecting the electrical wires.

For electrical safety in residential and commercial jobs, make sure that you read the book in detail and grasp the proper knowledge about electrical coding.

You always need to update your knowledge about electronics and make have a good grip on the information required to perform your job efficiently.

This book helps you to acquire the required expertise to be the best electrician in town.


  • Proper electrical codes are mentioned in the book
  • Relevant Tables and illustrations are included


  • The printing quality of the book is not very good


NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 2017 is a very handy and useful book to learn about the electrical coding which is a bit complicated. This book explains the coding in detail with colored illustrations. Engineers and electricians can have a huge benefit from reading it.


3.      Mike Hold’s Electrical Exam Preparation TextbookReview of Best Electrician Books

Mike Holt’s Electrical Exam Preparation textbook helps you to clear you electrician exam with good results. If you read the book in detail you will find out that it has covered all the topics you need to know as an electrician. The book also provides you with questions which are important for you to prepare for your exam.

The book covers all the areas you need to grasp knowledge about including a step-by-step guide of how to set up a problem and solve it thoroughly. To make you aware of the important concept of electronics, the book covers different topics of electrical essentials.

If you have an upcoming exam you are worried about, this book is recommended for you to grasp the knowledge you need to know to clear your exam.


  • Covers all the essential electrical topics
  • Comes with a step-by-step guide to solve an electrical problem
  • Also includes questions which test your understanding


  • There are some important calculations missing in the book


Mike Holt’s Electrical Exam Preparation textbook covers all the important electrical concepts and also helps you clear your exam. You are able to have a grip on the electrical knowledge by reading the step-by-step guide to solve the electrical problems.


4.      Dewalt Electrical Licensing GuideReview of Best Electrician Books

This book is very beneficial for you which helps you get the electrical licensing no matter where you are. If you want to enhance your knowledge and pursue a career as a qualified electrician, the knowledge you will gain by consulting this book will stay with you for a long time.

For years and years, students all over the world, use this book to get the electrical license they need to work as an electrician. It is an amazing guide for you to learn the technical terms of electrical knowledge.

The book comes with a helpful and useful study guide, important test-taking tips which make it easy for you to attempt the test, and also contains realistic sample exams which help you learn the difficult technicalities of the electrical world.


  • Comes with important electrical fundamentals
  • Comes with test-taking tips
  • Helps you deal with the realistic electrical problems


  • It covers more practice exam questions and less knowledge.


Dewalt Electrical licensing guide is being used by students all over the world to get the electrical license they need to work as an official electrician. It is very informative and knowledgeable and explains the concepts related to electricity in great detail.


5.      2017 Journeyman Electrician Questions Study GuideReview of Best Electrician Books

Journeyman electrician questions study guide helps you to clear your electrical test with a good grade. This book covers questions related to conductor sizing, voltage drop, and most of the important topics which are needed to know to clear the electricians licensing test.

The book contains the important formulas and calculations used by electricians worldwide. It is an amazing study guide for young electricians to gain knowledge and expertise in the electrical field.

As an electrician, it is important for you to know the about the electrical fundamentals and tools you will require to use in the practical world. You should have the right knowledge about the voltage drop and phase down issues. This book helps you gain the knowledge you need to know to excel as an electrician.


  • It is an ultimate study guide for the electricians
  • Coves most of the electrical topics
  • Comes with various formulas and calculations


  • It comes with less knowledge and more questions


Journeyman electrician questions study guide is one of the best study guides for electricians to clear their electrical concepts and problems.

6.      Mike Holt Understanding the National Electrical CodeReview of Best Electrician Books

For today’s engineers and electricians knowing about the National Electrical Codes is a major cause of concern. It is important for you as an experienced electrician to know about the electrical codes and formulas to meet the requirements of your job on the field.

It is important to understand and accurately grasp the electrical coding for all the electricians because electrical work is very risky and dangerous. You have to be sure about what you are doing, otherwise, you will be risking your own life.

The electrical codes are accurate and consistent. It is very crucial and important for you to have the right knowledge about them. Mike Holt understanding the national electrical code emphasizes on providing you the right understanding of the electrical coding.

The book is very detail-oriented and the writing style of the author of the book is very interesting and engaging.


  • Thorough understanding of electrical coding
  • Colored illustrations with diagrams
  • Detail-oriented


  • The book has too much information to grasp


Mike Holt understanding the national electrical code accurately explains the electrical coding in detail. This information provided in this book by the author is very helpful for existing and future electricians.

Buying Guide

Why are electrician books important?

Electricians maintain the electrical power of our homes and offices. The job of an electrician is very risky because he has to risk his life to deal with the problem we face regarding our electronics. They get in touch with dangerous electrical wirings every day.

It is important for them to have the specific knowledge about what they do. They should have proper knowledge which they can only gain from electricians study books.


What is the purpose of electrician books?

The main purpose of the best books for electricians is to enhance the knowledge of the electricians. We live in a world of technology which is changing every day. With the changes in technology, the world of electronics has also witnessed technical advancements.

It is not easy for electricians to deal with these advancements without reading books for an electrical apprentice.


Are electrical books helpful for the electricians?

Yes, electrical books are very helpful for electricians. They are especially very useful for electricians who are new in the field. Dealing with electricity all day is very dangerous. You need to have a fundamental knowledge of the electrical wiring and other components involved in the process.


Why should you read electrician books?

As an expert electrician, you need to have a proper knowledge when it comes to performing your job. You will only be confident to do your job well if you are well aware of it. You should read electrician books to understand the terms and languages of electricity.

You will also gain knowledge of how electrical operation system works. You will also be able to detect the electrical problem with ease if you read electrician books. Not only will you be able to solve the problem, but you will also be able to understand the various causes of the problem.


Does electrician books come with relevant electrical fundamentals?

Yes, electrician books come with important and relevant electrical fundamentals every electrician, engineer or a constructor needs to know.

If you are working on the site, and you get stuck while solving a problem, the best electrician books have all the information you need to know. They explain each and every concept in detail with proper diagrams and maps. They are easy for you to grasp and understand.


Why is it important to understand the electrical strategies for electricians from reading electrical books?

If there were no electricians in the world, there would be no electricity and no electronics. It is, therefore, important for an electrician to know the electrical strategies which are relevant to the electronics they are dealing with every day.

Every electrical problem involves a different and technical strategy to solve the problem. It is important for the electrician to have the exact know-how about providing a solution to the problem. They can only gain this knowledge by consulting the best electrician books available.



Dealing with electricity is a dangerous job. It is a job in which you risk your life. Therefore, it is important for you to have the right knowledge about the field before getting into it.

If you are interested in being an outstanding electrician, it is important for you the read the best electrician books to enhance your knowledge.

The books mentioned above are a rich source of information for you to increase your knowledge and vocabulary as an electrician. They provide accurate and reliable information which will help you succeed in your career. You can carry them with you in your tool bag or anywhere you go. They are your greatest companions.