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Electrical Wire Cart

Electrical Wire CartElectrical carts are very useful when it comes to accommodating many wires all in one place. With an easy to move capability, they can hold many spools of wires and of different sizes.

Built with ranging bars to compartments for storage and trays, these are the most helpful and needy item especially required by electricians all over the world.

Here, in this article, we have collected some electrical wire carts to help you find and choose the best among them.

Let’s dig right into the reviews.


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Northern Industrial tool10Red$$$
Little Giant4Grey$$$
Greenlee 9116Green$
Rack-A-Tiers 116556Yellow$$$
Greenlee 95054Green$$



1.      Northern Industrial tools Wire reel caddyElectrical Wire Cart

Among some of the best electrical wire cart in the market, this reel caddy by Northern Industrial is perfect for working with wires of varying sizes. It has 8 axles/rods of ¾ inches in diameter and 2 axles of 1/8 inches in diameter for spools adjustment which pays out the wire quickly without any interruption in between.

With the welded tubular steel frame, it is one of the strongest reel caddies for your daily electrical needs. Easy to put the wheels on, it can be moved easily wherever you go. It has a red powder coat finish all over its welded steel frame. Having a moderate price, this can accommodate your daily wire needs all in one place.


  • The item is very durable for the quality of its steel is tough and long-lasting.
  • It conveniently gives out the wires by its smooth axles whenever you need it.
  • The pins of the pipes are a good design with easy on/off ability.
  • This reel caddy works fantastic for small spools.


  • When needed to pull back, it is a bit difficult as there is no handle.

For anybody looking for a number of axles to put spools on with a much lower price, this is the best option for everyday usage.


2.      Little Giant RT4-8S Bulk handling wire reel caddyElectrical Wire Cart

A good looking and handling different sized spools, this wire handling reel caddy is another electrical wire cart for your help. It has a heavy duty angle iron frame with wheels that are off the ground. So, it won’t go anywhere whenever you pull a wire. It has four wire rods each with 16 inches width for multiple wire handling.

Not only this, it has also a tray for convenient placement of any other tool which you may need while working. With the solid and cushioned rubber wheels, it is portable and does not produce any screeching sounds while movement. A decent furnish of grey color is given with a full-width handle for easy movement.


  • Cushioned rubber tires are easier to roll even under heavy loads.
  • The wheels are capable of bearing rough surface and puncture proof.
  • This reel caddy is very well-built.
  • The tires require no air pressure to fill.


  • The item is a little expensive.
  • There should have been more rods.

With having a decent look along with a tray for placing other tools, this is a must buy for you.


3.      Rack-A-Tiers Wire RackElectrical Wire Cart

With a much larger wire rack than any other electrical wire cart in the market, rack-a-tire wire cart is suitable for a long wire folds. With a rigid steel construction, it is known for its long lasting strength and durability. It can hold a long strand of a wire easily.

Having two compact spools for an easy placement of the needed wire, it can hold up to 32”. It has two rubber covered tires and a handle a rod for handling easy for pulling and pushing the cart anywhere anytime. With two side yellow rods which act as a stand, this reel caddy will not move from its place due to its heavy duty structure. A lesser priced purchase can fulfill your needs of having a wire conveniently at one place.


  • It has a solid and rigid steel structure.
  • Its steel does not corrode with time.
  • Wire comes out smoothly.
  • Tires at the bottom run smooth and it is easy to move it around.
  • The stand is an awesome thing to keep it standing in one place.


  • This is not a much larger cart.
  • It is not easy to move around with heavy coils on it.

To place a heavy coil all in one go with a stand that has a strong grip, this would be a good purchase for a decent price.


4.      Greenlee 911 Large capacity wire cart

Electrical Wire Cart

Made of strong material yet easy to move around, this electrical wire cart by Greenlee Company is a must buy for a good professional electrician. It has a large capacity with 5 reel axles with retainers along with two positions for storage of axles. With a weight capacity of 550 pounds, it can carry many wires easily.

You can place the wires as you want by its built-in horizontal dispensing. Also, you can store vertically or horizontally so saving up much space. Easy to pass through a 28 inches opening, it is made of tubular steel welded construction. Having rugged wheels, you can move it over any surface without hearing any screeching noises.


  • The material of this cart is very lightweight.
  • It has a handle with a stand on the front bottom.
  • It can carry up to 15 spools.
  • Transporting is easy because of smooth wires.


  • The price of the item is very high.

To have a wire caddy cart with more capacity, horizontal and vertical adjustments and easily portable, this one is the perfect choice for you.


5.    Rack-A-Tiers 11655 X-DispenserElectrical Wire Cart

A unique designed yet spacy enough to hold your wires together at one place, this cart has a folding up capability. It can easily fit in your vehicles or small places as it is just 1” thick after folding. Much demanding item in the market for a relatively low price, it has maximum spool quantity of 6-500’.

It can carry a spool with a maximum diameter of 8’’ and maximum spool width of 9”. Due to its folding-up quality, it is compact with a durable structure that does not break and lasts longer. With a lightweight of only 8 pounds, this is an awesome purchase for your wire handling needs at the job site or anywhere.


  • The item looks unique and different from other regular wire spool holder.
  • This product fits into any place easily without taking up any space.
  • It is an easy to carry item as has a very lightweight.
  • The material of the cart does not corrode.


  • It has no tires so can’t be rolled over.

For anybody looking for a unique yet easy to place anywhere wire spool rack, this is the definite choice for your ease.


6.    SouthWire WW-538 Electrical cartElectrical Wire Cart

Southwire’s sleek designed portable wire spool rack is all you need for your wire handing needs. It has a large capacity to hold many spools with the ability to get folded up in case of easy placement anywhere. It can hold up to 12 – 500’ spools of 12 AWG and 14 AWG. This item is constructed of 5/8” steel bar which is solid enough to support multiple combinations of wires spools for your convenience.

It easily brings out the wire without getting displaced from its place because of its stand. Also, with its quality of folding up, it can be placed anywhere easily and won’t take much space. Easy to move around the job site because of the tires and a lightweight material.


  • The product is made in the USA.
  • This electrical caddy is very light to move easily here and there.
  • It can be folded or moved easily while being opened.
  • The tires sun smooth.


  • Its size should have been bigger.

Anybody looking for a sleek and minimalist reel caddy with a suitable price, this is the best option for having at your job site.


7.      Greenlee 9505 hand truck wire caddyElectrical Wire Cart

With a much-needed capacity along with the offer of a collection of tools and accessories, this wire caddy by Greenlee is all you need for your convenience. Made of durable steel structure, it will last longer than your expectations. It has a pin-less design which for axles which eliminates the worry of loose parts.

This wire caddy can hold up to 12 spools of 12 AWG or 8 spools of 10 AWG wire. Not only this, it has strong rugged tires that can move smoothly against any surface. You can lay cart flat when using wires as well. It has four ½ inch spindles of solid steel for further ease.


  • The tires of this wire spool holders are of 10 inches and of good rubber quality.
  • It has a large capacity of holding two different AWG type wire.
  • It runs smoothly and is portable.
  • The pinless design is a big plus.


  • It should have a proper stand.

If you are looking for a wire spool rack which has the big capacity with a solid structure, then this electrical wire cart by Greenlee may be a good option for you.


Before going to buy any product in the market or online, it is better to have some guidance. Buying an electrical wire cart may not be as easy as you think and there are some factors which need to be considered when buying.

We have listed some queries about wire spool holders to help you know about them.

Q1. What is the best material for having a wire cart?

Mostly, electrical wire carts are made of the solid steel structure. This is because this material has the strength of withstanding the weight of the wire against any surface. Also, they don’t get displaced from their place when dispensing wires. So, it is preferred to buy a cart made of durable and solid steel material.

Q2. What should be the load capacity?

This is a question which many people ask before buying. Usually, there is feature described for each of the carts that how much it can hold or how many spools of what AWG it can carry. So, by that, you can estimate its capacity level as how much weight it would be able to bear.

Q3. What are the basic things to keep in mind while buying any reel caddy?

There are some points which need to be checked like:

  1. Holding capacity: if you need more than one type of spools at your job site or work, you may need a caddy which can hold up to 5-6 types of wire spools. There is some cart which doesn’t have the option to hold different types of spools. But, there are some which have the ability to carry different spools with wires of different diameters.
  2. Stand: if you are looking for more convenience, it is better to buy a cart which has a stand for an easy dispensing of the wire.
  3. Portability: some electrical wire carts are so heavy that it becomes impossible to move them around. If your job demands continuous movement, you should buy a cart which is light to move yet portable enough to move around easily.
  4. Placement: Not all, but some of the wire reel caddies available in the market can be folded easily for an easy placement in a small place. So, these caddies don’t take much space and can be kept in your car easily.
  5. Price: try to buy that cart which is a value for money. It should have an odd capacity level, with a solid material for structuring along with a price that does justice to its convenience.

Q4. Should the wire rack be lightweight?

Lightweight sometimes but not always means that material is less strong. Having a lightweight cart which is also built of metal/steel material is a plus as it would be easy to move for you. It would be quite a tedious task to have the most solid and heavy structure which requires a lot of effort to move around. So, an electrical cart should be lightweight for portability.


Electrical wire carts are a much convenient invention for an easy dispensing of wires and keeping them in one place. They are used by electricians and other users frequently at their job site. We mentioned and discussed some wire carts above and after consideration, we declare Northern Industrial tool wire reel caddy to be the number 1 of all.

A much larger spools holding capacity, its portability, strong steel structure along with a minimum price makes it stand at the top of others.