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Buyers guide to Hot Tub GFCIs

Review of Best Hot Tub GFCIElectrical safety should be the top priority for any place, whether it’s your home or office. In order to achieve electrical safety, you must always use the (GFCI) or the RCD. It is basically a circuit breaker that aims to greatly reduce the chances or risk of electrical shock.

It is an innovative device that helps prevent any electrical mishap. It breaks the circuit or turns it off once it detects that the current through the breaker is not passing in a way it should or if the current is being conducted through any third-party conductor such as a human body or water.

In some cases, it may also be helpful in preventing fires. These fires may erupt due to live wire or a naked wire touching the electrical conduit. Or a fire due to a short circuit may also be prevented.

Over the years various research has gone into HOT TUB GFCIs and they have improved the electrical safety of the  and home.

Here we discuss some of the best HOT TUB GFCIs out there on the market.


Important NOTE:

We HIGHLY recommend you consult with your local Electrician. They go through a rigorous apprenticeship and take a state exam to become license for electrical work. They will know how to safely install these types of breakers. Also the will be familiar with local codes and regulations.


Our Favorite GCFI breakers on Amazon:


  Siemens QF250A GFCIReview of Best Hot Tub GFCI

The Siemens QF250A GFCI boasts a double pole mechanism which is supposed to enhance the safety features of the GFCI. It effectively cuts off electric supply once it detects that suspicious current is being conducted through either of the two wires of the double pole and quickly breaks the circuit.

It works on a minimal current of even 50mA, which makes it highly usable. It has been rated to provide class A GFCI protection. This ensures the user that the HOT TUB GFCI has a lower break-off current. This means that the tolerance for anomalous current has been set to a lower value. In order to provide an even higher level of security, it provides an Ampere Interruption Capacity of 10,000.

This ensures that the device is capable of handling and interrupting oncoming current without damaging itself or causing harm to itself in the process of doing so. As an added safety feature, it also sports a self-test as required by the UL 943. The self-test feature has been added in order to ensure maximum security from electrical injuries or mishaps.


  • It provides an A-Class GFCI protection for all purposes.
  • Suitable for a variety of applications and can provide maximum security.
  • It is a double pole ground fault circuit interrupter.
  • It has a low trip current which means that it is more sensitive to anomalous current.
  • As an added feature, it has a self-test feature available for use.
  • The QF250A has a high ACI.


  • You might face issues while connecting the circuit breaker to the rest of the system.
  • It is not as durable as other products that Siemens has to offer.
  • The LED lights on the breaker may not be visible at times, causing a risk.

Final Verdict:

The Siemens QF250A is one of the more premium products on the market. We would highly recommend buying it as it provides the best kind of security against electrical risks and injuries. It is highly safe and easy to use as well.


  Square D – QO250GFIReview of Best Hot Tub GFCI

The Square D QO250FI is one of the most popular products on the market when compared to other products in the same price range. It is a highly reliable and efficient electrical equipment which helps provide the maximum security to the users using it.

The Square D QO250FI is a double pole GFCI. This means that it has two wires on which it works: the phase and, the neutral. In the case of any anomalous current passing through the circuit breaker, it immediately breaks either of the two trip wires.

In doing so, the other wires’ connections will also get broken. It has the ability to handle a current of maximum 20 Amperes. It can also control voltages up to 240 V. These attributes make this product best fit for American cities and households. It has an AIC rating of 10,000. This is a high rating which makes it easily reliable.


  • The Square D Q0250FI is a double pole ground fault circuit interrupter.
  • A high voltage and current rating, making t easily applicable.
  • The product has a high AIC rating of 10,000.
  • It provides A class GFCI protection to the users.
  • It also includes a self-test button as an added safety feature.


  • It has a high trip voltage.
  • It is not as durable as others.
  • The product seems to require a complex installation procedure.

Final verdict:

Since this product is not very expensive, we would recommend you to buy it as Square D has provided in this product, some of the best features on the market. It is not only reliable and safe, but also very easy to use.


 Square D HOM250GFICReview of Best Hot Tub GFCI

Square D has been one of the foremost pioneers of circuit breakers and other electrical equipment. The HOM250GFIC is one of the most reliable HOT TUB GFCIs out there. It consists of a two pole breaker. This is especially handy when you have to break the phase as well as the neutral wires in case of an anomalous current that gets conducted.

The circuit breaker breaks both the connections from the neutral wire as well as the phase wire wherein providing the best kind of security against electrical failures. It has been rated a high value of 10,000 AIC which ensures that it has the capacity to interrupt the current in case of any anomaly. It has the ability to work at Voltages up to 240V and current up to 50 Ampere maximum.

Since it provides B class GFCI protection, the trip current for these breakers is relatively low. It has a variety of applications; from home to workplace to basically any place which can handle a load of 100 Amperes and even more. As an added security benefit, Square D has also installed a self-check button.


  • It is a two-pole HOT TUB GFCI making it more safe and efficient.
  • Square D has provided an extra security feature: that is, the self-test button.
  • A high value of AIC. Rated at 10,000 AIC.
  • The product provides B class GFCI protection.
  • The after-sales services provided by Square D are top-notch.
  • It can work at a maximum voltage of 240 V and a current of 50 Ampere.


  • Not a very durable product and will quit working after about four weeks of use, generally.
  • It has the tendency to not detect low anomalous current.
  • It is quite pricey in the price range.

Final Verdict:

We would definitely not recommend anyone to purchase this product as it is not worth the price in which it is available. It is extremely pricey and does not live up to the standards which it should have. It is simply not worth all that cash.


Eaton CH250GFReview of Best Hot Tub GFCI

Eaton is also of one of the leading companies when it comes to manufacturing electrical equipment such as circuit breakers and ground circuit fault interrupters. It has been designed with the ability to control and withstand a maximum voltage of 120 Volts. This makes it especially useful in places like the North American plains where the average voltage in the switchboards is around 120 Volts.

Eaton CH250GF has a high AIC value of 10,000 making it able to withstand and interrupt high-value current without breaking the circuit. The product is a single pole HOT TUB GFCI which may not be convenient for some people as it will break easily when an anomalous current passes through it.

Eaton is known for its sleek looking circuit breakers which make your electrical panel look less rustic and basic. The Eaton CH250GF has a sleek and stylish Almond finishing on it which adds to the beauty of the circuit breaker.


  • The Eaton CH250GF provides B class circuit ground fault interrupter security.
  • The product provides optimum current and voltage control.
  • A low trip voltage to make sure the circuit breaks properly.
  • A high AIC value of 10,000.
  • It has a sleek and stylish look to it.


  • It has a trip voltage which might not detect even lower anomalous voltages.
  • Eaton’s customer services are not up to the mark.

Final Verdict:

If you wish to have a premium product, then we would definitely suggest you buy this product as it is in the premium range. However, we would suggest you to properly consider its features first as well.


Buying Guide

For some of you, the idea of going out and buying the best kind of HOT TUB GFCI may be a cumbersome and feared task. So to ease your work, we have compiled a buying guide on HOT TUB GFCIs for you.

Amp Rating

All circuit breakers have a rating on them called the Amp Rating, which basically defines the amount of current that can pass through the GFCI without it breaking. It is generally advisable for you to calculate the amount of current flowing through your circuit in order to determine the Amp Rating of the GFCI which you will need.

Not all GFCIs can work at the Amp Rating of your circuit. A GFCI should be able to handle at least 80% of the Amp Rating on it. Therefore, it is advisable to calculate the Amp Rating prior to purchasing the GFCI itself.


Number of poles

The number of poles determines what the quality of the GFCI will be and what kind of security and protection the spa circuit breaker will provide the user overall. There are three kinds of ground fault circuit interrupters at the moment. The 1-pole circuit breaker usually consists of a single tripwire which breaks the circuit once the anomalous current passes through it. These are not very reliable and tend to break easily.

The second kind is the 2-pole breakers which comprise of 2 wires being used in the GFCI. One is used for the neutral and one is used for the phase current. It is generally reliable to use the 2-pole GFCI in order to ensure maximum reliability and security. The 3-pole GFCIs use 3 wires instead of 2 or 1. They are obviously much more reliable in terms of tripping and security.


Mounting Style

There are basically 2 types of mounting styles: the fixed mount and the movable fixed mount. The kind of spa GFCI breaker you will buy will be greatly determined by the mounting style of the GFCI. As you will most probably have a frame, you will need to match the mounting style of the frame with the hot tub ground fault which you will be buying.

The fixed mount is hardwired into the frame and cannot be removed later. It is slightly less convenient, however much more sturdy. The movable fixed mount is one in which the base is hardwired into the frame, however, the actual GFCI is plugged into it, which can be easily removed later on. If you tend to have GFCIs stop working frequently, it is advisable for you to use the movable fixed mount instead of the fixed mount as it will be more reliable for you.


Voltage Regulation

There are three main voltage regulation categories namely: the low voltage regulator, a medium, and a high voltage regulator. The kind of GFCI you will buy will also be determined by its voltage regulation rating. The low voltage ratings are usually best suited for residential areas. The medium voltage regulators are used mostly in buildings and office settings.

The high-voltage kind is best suited for industrial and other commercial purposes where the requirement of voltage is extremely high to run the enormous machines and tools.



The ground fault circuit interrupter is some of the most convenient and best safety equipment. They are indeed necessary for the entire circuit to work correctly and accordingly. The hot tub GFCI will determine how much secure your house, office or place is. We hope that the product reviews provided and the buying guide will serve you well in picking out the best kind of GFCI for your needs.