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Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies

BEST UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLIESAn uninterruptible power supply, or UPS for short, is an electrical device used to store electrical energy. In the case of the mains power supply failing or the main power source shutting down, the uninterruptible power supply provides users with instantaneous emergency power to load when the main power supply fails.

It is an extremely important electrical device that comes to play a very crucial role in software houses and large industries where the sudden power failures could mean injuries, fatalities and even complete shut-down.

These devices are not to be used in lieu of standby generators or other alternative power sources as their sole function is to provide the load with backup power so some devices can be shut down without anomalous errors.

Since this device is a crucial and integral part of industries, homes and even software houses, it is important to know which the best uninterruptible power supply is.

We have provided you with a comprehensive comparison chart and product reviews to help you decide which the best uninterruptible power supply is.



NameNo. of socketsEnergy Star CertifiedRatingUses AVRPrice
CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS12Yes1500VA/900 WYes$
APC Back-UPS Pro-(BR1500G)10Yes1500 VA / 865 WYes$
APC Back-UPS-(BE600M1)8No600VA / 330WNo$
CyberPower CP350SLG6Yes350 VA/255 WNo$$
Tripp Lite (SMART 1500LCDT)10No1500 VA/ 900WYes$$$



One of the main features of the CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS, which make it the best power supply, is that it boasts an AVR technology. The Automatic Voltage Regulation technology, or AVR, helps to correct minor voltage fluctuations in the voltage without having to switch completely to battery power; this extends the life of the UPS.

It also consists of a multi-function LCD screen which displays detailed information about the battery and the uninterrupted power source as well; such as, battery estimation, load capacity, output voltage, output power etc.

The CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS also sports 12 NEMA 5-15R outlets, out of which, 6 are battery backup and surge protected outlets and the other 6 are dedicated surge protected outlets which safeguard computers, modems, workstations, networking devices and many more. PowerPanel Personal Edition software is also provided by CyberPower for all UPS with a USB or serial port.


  • CyberPower features an intelligent LCD screen for monitoring various essential parameters of the device.
  • Rated at 1500 VA /900 W.
  • It comes with its own power-management software which helps you manage a lot of functions.
  • Checked and qualified by Energy Star for its capabilities.
  • It provides co-axial surge protection
  • Comes with 12 sockets which are ample for a multitude of applications; all of which are surge-protected.


  • The durability and life of this product are not very long. Having an average life of 2 years.
  • There may be shut-downs of the UPS without any warning.
  • It is not compatible with Apple’s iMac computers.

Final verdict
The CyberPower UPS comes with a 3-year warranty and is fairly affordable for someone who wishes to have the amenities of a premium-priced UPS. The overall features and functions make this one of the best backup power supply.



Making it to the list of the best battery backup or computers is the APC Back-UPS Pro. This product is undoubtedly one of the best uninterruptible power supply available on the market as it uses a unique and modern system of AVR technology.

The Automatic Voltage Regulation or AVR Technology helps avoid critically dangerous situations where voltage fluctuations can be the cause of major failures and fatalities. It consists of 10 power outlets in total. 5 of these outlets provide UPS Power Backup and surge protection, while the other 5 provide only surge protection.

The LCD display has been installed for simple UPS management like battery status, input and output voltage, load voltage etc. It comes with PowerChute Software which prevents data loss due to sudden power breakdowns.


  • It is certified by Energy Star for its durability and safety.
  • This UPS has the ability to integrate a supplementary battery.
  • An above average rating of 1500VA / 865W.
  • It provides personal PowerChute Software to help you manage the power being used.
  • Equipped with a bright and clear LCD display for ease in power management and monitoring.


  • You might have some trouble with the UPS as it is not very quick in transition.
  • After a month of installation, you may notice some noise issues.

Final verdict
The APC Back-UPS Pro is an excellent UPS which has all the features and functions that are required for smooth functioning and power backup. It is relatively expensive but definitely worth the price.



APC is certainly a strong game player in the UPS market and has strengthened its hold through high-quality products. So here we have another review of the APC Back-UPS (BE600MI). The product provides with 8 special sockets, each with its own functionality. 5 of these sockets offer full battery backup with surge protection, while 2 of the remaining sockets provide with surge protection only.

There is also a uniquely placed USB charging port as well which a relief for all those who use their phones vigorously. The APC Back-UPS provides uninterrupted power for all your devices, which include (but are not limited to) your Personal computers, laptops, smartphones, modems and other IoT devices as well.

It provides with a rating of 600 VA/ 350 W which is ample for a small household with greater requirements or a large household with minimum requirements.


  • This UPS has been rated at 600 VA/ 350 W which is ample for all applications.
  • It provides up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted power.
  • It works with almost all kinds of electrical devices, electronic equipment, computers and even IoT devices.
  • S smart LED display which shows battery life, battery status, and other status of the UPS which are necessary for smooth functioning.
  • It provides a 1.5 V USB charging port for all those who are continuously using their phones and need recharging even during power outages.


  • It does not provide a proper LED screen with interactive interface.
  • There is no AVR technology used which might cause doubts and risks.

Final Verdict
This product is somewhat pricey and something which offers ample functions in the price range in which you can purchase this product.

Overall, this product provides all that one needs in a budget UPS while still not comprising on safety and durability. It deserves to be on the list of surge protector battery backup reviews.



Churning out yet another product which is definitely one of the best UPS for computer, CyberPower introduces the CyberPower CP350SLG provides the users with 6 NEMA 5-15R outlets. 3 of these outlets provide battery backup facility and are also conveniently surge protected. While the other 3 outlets are surge protected outlets.

With the ability to cater to a computer, network devices, workstations and other electrical equipment, the CyberPower CP350SLG provides LED lights which indicate power on or off and also indicate wiring faults and, overload. It has been rated at 350VA/255W.

It also boasts a warning alarm which helps you guard yourself against abnormal functioning inside the uninterrupted power supply such as spikes or short circuits.


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty which includes the UPS and also the equipment which is shipped with it.
  • Provides LED lights which help in keeping track of vital functions of the UPS rather than fancier functions which might be confusing.
  • This machine has been qualified and certified by Energy Star for its durability and safety.
  • There are alarms within the internal circuitry to warn you against any abnormal activity within our outside the UPS.
  • It has been rated at 350VA/255W which is understandable as this is a budget uninterrupted power supply.
  • This UPS can provide uninterrupted power for more than about 15 minutes which should be enough to shut down all devices.


  • It provides no LCD display which may be a cumbersome aspect for some people.
  • It provides no software to manage power and energy.

Final verdict
The CyberPower CP350SLG is definitely one of the best uninterrupted power supply available on the market as it provides a lot of amenities despite being a budget UPS. It has a 3-year warranty and provides all necessary functions.



Being one of the best uninterruptible power supply available out there, the Tripp Lite (SMART 1500LCDT) provides an array of 10 outlets in total. Out of which, 5 of these are dedicated to battery backup and surge protection and the rest of these outlets are dedicated to surge protection only.

The first 5 sockets are ideal for all kinds of devices; whether it is a keyboard, LCD monitor, CPU, networking workstation, cell phone or any kind of IoT device. While the other 5 are ideal for those devices which are not critical and are to be shut down during a power blackout. It effectively uses AVR which essentially evens out any abnormal voltages and prevents short circuits and overload breakdowns.

It also provides free energy management software that enables you to monitor runtime energy systems and other management tasks. The built-in LCD gives access to essential monitoring functions.


  • It has been rated at 1500 VA/900 W which is more than enough for all your electrical needs.
  • It provides data line protection which is an essential feature for data centers where information and data are crucial.
  • The AVR system helps prevent and cure power lags which could potentially harm the devices and appliances.
  • It does not create any noise at all and you can barely hear it in the house.


  • The software has a horrible interface which makes it very difficult to use and monitor.
  • It will stink a lot when you turn these devices on. So place them in an open area.

Final verdict
This product is undoubtedly one of the best uninterruptible power supply on the market with a high power rating and an array of facilities and functions provided by it. The price of it is relatively high however, it certainly lives up to those expectations.


Buying Guide

We know that some battery backup reviews may not be enough to convince you and you will still need a buying guide to buy the best uninterruptible power supply.

Does the LED or LCD display matter?
In most cases, yes. Look for a UPS that offers a prompt LED or LCD display. The best uninterruptible power supply provides an LED display which shows various processes going on inside the UPS.

The screen may display helpful data which might be helpful in diagnosing dangerous situations before they happen.

How important is AVR and surge protection?
Where there are chronic voltage problems, there are bound to be complications with your power supply. The AVR or the Automatic Voltage Regulation helps to combat this situation as it stops the UPS from going to battery power and tries to smooth out the abnormal voltage conditions.

The surge protection helps to reduce the risk of your devices getting blown up due to voltage irregularities.

How much backup runtime is enough?
For heavy equipment and devices, you need at least a 30-minute runtime for smooth functioning and transition. For devices which do not require a lot of maintenance, the best uninterruptible power supply will provide you with 45 minutes of runtime which is enough for charging and shutting down various equipment.

Are management options to be considered while buying a UPS?
LED displays and management software are an integral part of power and energy management in a UPS. Some of the best uninterruptible power supply provided with an LED or LCD interface which consists of all necessary functions and options required for smooth functioning. Most of the products provide an inbuilt USB port which allows the UPS to be connected to a computer and then monitored and managed via USB cable.

Various factors such as battery level, load output and, the input voltage can be successfully monitored and abnormal situations can be prevented in the long run.

How many outlets should the UPS have?
In order for your UPS to be the best uninterruptible power supply, make sure to purchase a UPS which offers more outlets than you need. This is because, in the future, you may need to use more outlets than you currently do.


Overall conclusion

Considering the uninterrupted power supply reviews we have composed together, we have decided to name the CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS as the best uninterrupted power supply out there on the market. While the other battery backup surge protector reviews were tremendous and all the products are worthy of being given the title.

We feel as if the CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS stands above all due its superior functions and facilities, its safety measures, the number of outlets it provides, the cost of the product and the overall look and feel of the product is out of this world.