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Best Torpedo Level for Electricians

A torpedo level is one of many sorts of levels that are intended to make it simple for electricians to work in tight spaces by having both of their hands-free.

Its also and essential electrical tool in every electrician’s arsenal.

Named for its long and thin body, which looks like a real torpedo, this level is more advantageous than an ordinary level as its body size and features allow an electrician to measure up to four angles at one try!

There is an assortment of torpedo levels from various manufacturers in the market. If you are an electrician and you are looking for a torpedo level, you may feel overwhelmed  with the choices you have to pick from.

For your convenience, I have done the hard part i.e. research the market and review the top products. In the below sections, I am going to discuss some of the best torpedo levels available.

How I Made My Selection

Obviously, with such a variety of torpedo levels in the market, selecting only a couple can be difficult. Torpedo levels come in various designs and with different sets of features, yet they are comprised of some key components.

To guarantee that my list is unprejudiced, I recorded these key properties and shortlisted just those items that gave the best blend of those properties:


  • Leveling Function: Most torpedo levels utilize vials to demonstrate whether the surface is level. Most levels have no less than three vials, including one to demonstrate that something is on a flat plane level, one to show that it is vertically level, or one to demonstrate that it is adjusted to forty-five degrees. A level with four vials may likewise have a vial to demonstrate thirty degrees measurement. Also, some torpedo levels may have a laser leveling capacity incorporated with them.


  • Glow Material: Since torpedo levels are frequently utilized as in tight and dark places, many are outfitted with an element that lights up the vials. A battery is usually used to fuel the light, which is mostly a set of LEDs. There are also glow in the dark vials that allow you to take readings without using a torch or putting a battery in your level.


  • Working Edge: A working edge is the side of the level that is frequently put to a surface to help level it. Many torpedo levels may have a V-molded notch along the working edge that adjusts the instrument against the pipe and keeps it stable. Furthermore, torpedo levels frequently utilize a magnetic edge also, which is good if you are working with metals.


  • Level Construction: While picking a torpedo level, electricians ought to consider the material used to make its body. Plastic, specifically ABS plastic, is an effortlessly reasonable choice, yet if you are an involved in heavy-duty jobs, a metallic body should be a better option.


Numerous producers now offer computerized torpedo levels. These models utilize a digital interface to demonstrate exact edge estimations and are a good choice if you need perfect measurements.

These are the properties that I have used to rank the torpedo levels and eventually used that to come up with my list of the best choices.

After making my ranking, I also checked what the previous buyers’ experience regarding the use of a particular product was like and how was the customer support they got from the manufacturer.

I eliminated the products with poor feedback from the customers and narrowed down my list. For the final round of elimination, I requested several vendors and professional electricians in my area to test out the products and give me their feedback. Since the professionals have a great knowledge of tools, they were able to tell me exactly if there was any shortcoming in any of the products I picked and this allowed me to remove them.

After all the surveying and elimination, I was left with four quality torpedo levels and I am going to review them in detail below.

Top Torpedo Levels 2017

NamePriceVialsIlluminationV Groove + MagneticRating
Greenlee L107 LevelExpensive4Glow4.0/5.0
Klein ToolsLevelModerate4LED + Glow4.7/5.0
Empire LevelModerate4(3 + VARI-pitch)Glow4.1/5.0
Swanson LevelCheap4LED + Glow4.3/5.0


Greenlee L107 Level

Greenlee has been a reputed brand amongst the electricians since its inception in 1950. It’s L107 torpedo level is a professional grade device, produced under state of the art facilities and passed through a strict quality test.

Leveling Function:

The GreenLee L107 is a tool for professional electricians. It comes with a set of four vials: plumb, level, 30 and 45 degrees. The vials have been built to high manufacturing standards, while the design allows you to view them from the top as well as other angles, without breaking your position while doing a job.

Glow Material:

The liquid inside the torpedo level vial glows in the dark and hence you can work with it in low light conditions. However, it is not recommended to be used in complete darkness as it does not have a light in it.

Working Edge:

This comes with a V groove edge that allows you to put it on curved surfaces and the placement of the V groove on top means that you can also view your vials easily. There are four rare earth magnets on the edge that will let you put the level on any ferrous surface and continue doing your job, without finding yourself a hand short.

Level Construction:

This device is super rugged and will last you for a long time. The body is made from aircraft classified aluminum, which can easily take some beating without breaking. The level is also water resistant and will allow you to work in wet conditions.


  • Built Like A Tank
  • Strong Magnets
  • 4 Vials
  • V Groove
  • Compact


  • Size Of The Actual Bubbles Smaller Than Alternatives
  • Half Moon Cut Design Disturbs Stability

Klein Tools 935RB

Klein Tools is very popular amongst electricians because of its high quality and innovative products. While the

manufacturer isn’t the first one to produce a torpedo billet level, but its product is definitely one of the best in the market at the moment. The 935RB is a very precise and accurate device that will save you a lot of time and from making errors.

Leveling Function:

There are four vials included in this torpedo level, each for plumb, level, 30 and 45 degrees angles. The vials are pretty easy to read, with large prints, allowing even people with poor eye sight to work with the level pleasantly. All vials work perfectly and are deadly accurate. The top view windows are pretty nice and will make you more efficient during your job.

Glow Material:

Klein Tools has made sure that as an electrician you face no difficulty in working with this tool, even when you are in a tight and dark spot. The body of this level is made from anodized aluminum, which allows the orange color to be seen easily in low light. The vials have a lighting capacity and a unique shut down feature. The lightening quality is more than sufficient for you to execute any job, without requiring a pair of torch or headlamp. The auto shutdown feature helps save the battery and is activated after 3 minutes of no use. This helps to preserve the battery, especially if the device’s lights get switched on by mistake.

Working Edge:

The level comes with a V edge for an easy fit when working on pipes and an excellent alignment. Moreover, it has rare-earth magnets laid out on its edge which prevents it from falling out and holds a secure grip even on small metallic surfaces. The rare-earth magnets are remarkably strong and hold securely with a metal strip on the bottom of the level.

Level Construction:

The body is made from aluminum and is slightly larger than an average torpedo level. Nonetheless, the quality of the construction is remarkable and the level is not going to fail on you even after suffering some falls. Moreover, the whole body is entirely water resistant so you can even work with it in humid and rainy condition.


  • Large And Bright LED
  • Locking Track
  • Easy To Read
  • Professional Grade Billet Aluminum Body
  • 3 Minute Auto Shut Down
  • V-Groove
  • Water And Impact Resistant


  • Larger size
  • Heavy
  • LED life reported being short


Empire EM71.8

Empire Level, the leading maker of levels and other hardware tools in the United States, has improved its famous

True Blue product lineup. The Empire Level 8-Inch Magnetic Billet Level takes care of troublesome issues and allows you to make precise slopes.  The company gives a lifetime warranty for the EM71.8’s exactness, durability, and readability.

Leveling Function:

This torpedo level comes with three acrylic vials for your usual plumb, level, and 45 degrees requirement. However, in addition to these, there is another vial called VARI-PITCH (patented technology), which has markings for 0.125, 0.2, 0.375 and 0.5 inches. The level offers an easy reading of the vials due to the top windows and the unique e-Band contrast system used by Empire Level. The windows offer a 300 degrees viewing angle, which means you can get the reading from any position without being in an awkward position.

Glow Material:

There is no lighting system embedded in this level. However, the anodized aluminum body makes the device easy to spot in the dark. The acrylic blue color in the vials has a glow which helps in taking the reading off at night or in the dark. However, this tool is not recommended for regular work in the dark.

Working Edge:

Like all good torpedo levels, this one also comes with a V groove. Along with this, there is also a magnetic layer comprised of three neodymium magnets which allow the device to stick in one place while you are taking the measurements.

Level Construction:

The Empire Level aluminum billet level is assembled utilizing an exceedingly sturdy aluminum (aircraft quality) with tapered closures to permit easy handling in/out of the pocket. There is also a 6-inch ruler embedded in the device for added convenience. The body is break, leak and fog-screen resistant. The vials are made from a special material and are 400 percent stronger than the vials found in average levels.


  • Multiple Measurement Modes
  • Easy To Read With The E-Band
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets
  • V-Groove
  • 6-Inch Ruler
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


  • Not recommended for usage in low light
  • Discrepancies about country of origin (USA/Taiwan)
  • Some quality control issues reported by customers


Swanson Tool TL041M

The TL041M torpedo levels from Swanson Tool Company is exceptionally great. It isn’t the least expensive level you

can discover, however, the quality it conveys makes it certainly justifies its premium price. The billet development and laser-etching make this level convenient for any circuit repairman to have in his or her arsenal.

Leveling Function:

The Swanson torpedo level has four vials at 30, 45, plumb, and level degrees. These vials, alongside the Tri-loc connection, enables you to impeccably twist pipe above, close to, or beneath impediments without over bending the pipe. I tested it and it worked splendidly and effortlessly. The gadget also incorporates a laser scratched 5″ and 13 cm scale on either side.

Glow Material:

The bright orange anodized body and the glow-in-the-dark vial liquid allows you to use this level in low light conditions. There is a low powered LED light present as well, however, you might need a flash light, especially if you have eye problems, to take the readings off without straining your eyes or stressing.

Working Edge:

We found the V section on the edge to be flawlessly formed for tolerating round stock and the levels could be used for measurement of different pipes easily. The level likewise has four rare-earth magnets which are convenient in executing a two handed job. The level will stick to anything ferrous. The only bad thing regarding the edge is that the Tri-loc is on the side of the V groove, making it almost useless unless you remove the brass fastener.

Level Construction:

The level is made from billet aluminum, which means that the aluminum slap has been cut in a single go to achieve the shape of the body. The aluminum is very durable and get easily resist the impacts of a fall or stepping.


  • Durable
  • 4 Vials
  • Illuminated Readings
  • V Groove
  • Tri-loc
  • 2 Laser Etched Scales


  • Heavy
  • Lack Of Angles
  • Short Sized


Torpedo levels are fundamental instruments for electricians and one must be kept in your tool box. The products mentioned in this list are quite exceptional and have proven to work as the manufacturer states, with consistent positive feedback. I hope after reading this review you are clear about which level to purchase, according to your requirements.

Tip: Every couple of months, it’s great to check the precision of your level. To do this, simply put it on a level surface, ensure the air bubble is centered and then flip the level upside down and again check that the bubble is centrally aligned.