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Best Safety Vest for Contractors

Best Safety VestWorking on sites like in construction industry can be dangerous to the workers as any sudden accident can occur in any case. In that scenario, the safety of oneself becomes a necessity, and every step should be taken to ensure that.

Some steps have been taken from such industries to protect its employees and workers on the site from any mishap. Among them, wearing of safety vests is also on the list.

Though it may seem to some workers as cumbersome to wear another piece of clothing in the sweltering heat at the construction site, companies cannot go against the safety standards imposed by the government for the protection of their servants.However, the best safety vests are of such material which is breathable and light weighted.

Here, we have discussed five different best safety vests from different companies to make you decide which one suits you the best.

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NameMaterialPocketsReflectivityCertified by ANSI/ISEAPrice
J.K NUOZHOU HIGH VISIBILITY SAFETY VEST100 % polyester93M ScotchliteYes$
SALZMANN 3M MULTI POCKET SAFETY VEST100 % polyester43M ScotchliteYes$$$
CARHARTT MEN’S CLASS 2 SAFETY VEST100 % polyester13M ScotchliteYes$
OREGON REFLECTIVE YELLOW SAFETY VEST100 % polyester83M ScotchliteYes$$
RADIANS SV55-2ZGD-L SV55SAFETY VEST100 % polyester43M ScotchliteYes$$


1.    J.K Nuozhou High visibility Safety VestBest Safety Vest

For a high nighttime visibility, this safety vest by J.K Nuozhou is one of the best safety vests. Made of 100% pure polyester, it is not bulky as you wear and its ventilating material makes it breathable and airy so, you don’t perspire after wearing it. It is neon colored so gives a high reflection at night and makes you easily visible to others from far.

It is a unique safety vest with nine pockets. With the nine multi-functional pockets with flap and inside zipper, large utility pocket with side insert pouch and a PVC transparent ID pocket on the front, it allows to keep different necessary things like cards conveniently, lights, pens and even small notebooks all the time with you on the site.

Its reflective material is certified by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 107 class 2 standard for its safety and durability. It consists of reflective strips in between which shine brightly at night.


  • This safety vest has many applications in different industries like sanitation, constructions, security, surveying, police, airports,
  • Its polyester material is washable.
  • It is available in every size from small to XX-large size.
  • It provides complete protection of 360° to highlight you even from the back.
  • Certified by ANSI, it is the reflective construction vest many engineers may need on their site.
  • It is perfect for both men and women


  • It should be in more colors of neon type and more long-lasting.
  • The pockets are not water resistant.

To get a safety vest with a plenty of pockets and good reflective material, this safety vest by Nuozhou is for you. You would be happy with its affordable purchase.


2.    Salzmann 3M Multi pocket safety vestBest Safety Vest

The Salzmann 3M reflective vest is coming with four pockets. It is a breathable safety vest available for your needs. This work safety vest has four large pockets including a PVC transparent pocket on the front side to keep many things like keys, cards or flashlights conveniently as you want.

Another feature of this reflective construction vest is that it has radio clips on each shoulder of high-quality fabric. It is not only available in neon green color but also in mesh yellow, navy blue, red, royal blue and orange-red.

Certified by ANSI standards, it is one of the best safety vests in the market suitable for different jobs and even for your evening dog walks. Its material is 3M Scotch lite which is heat reflective and breathable. Available in different sizes and colors, you can order any size you want. With its affordable price, this safety vest is worth the investment.


  • This safety vest has radio clips too.
  • It has multi-functional pockets and provides great ease.
  • Salzmann safety vest doesn’t lose reflectivity with the time.
  • The good thing is that it is available in different colors.
  • The left-sided pocket can hold a large cell phone easily.


  • Stitches sometimes get loose.
  • Velcro on pockets may start to come off early.

If you are looking for an affordable and different colored other than green neon safety vest, then this is an answer for you. With its large pockets, you can carry out your work easily on the site.


3.    Carhartt Men’s Class 2 safety vestBest Safety Vest

The safety vest by Carhartts for men is made from an imported and 100% pure polyester. Available in bright lime and bright orange color, this is a machine washable safety vest. A unique feature of this safety vest is its polyester mesh making it airier even in scorching heat outside.

It has a pocket on the left side with a pen stall. 100% made of polyester mesh for a comfortable and ventilated wear all day long. Carhartt vest has 3M reflective scotch lite material which is durable enough to be reflective after many washes.

Meeting the safety criteria of ANSI Safety standards, it is one of the affordable and the best safety vest you can have at your job site or even in your evening walks. You can close it by its easy on/off hook and loop front closure. It has triple-stitched main seams which won’t get loose with the time.


  • This safety vest is made up of polyester mesh making it cooler.
  • The Carhartt vest is longer than others.
  • It is cheap for its quality.
  • The fabric of this vest is light.
  • People can see you from far.
  • The color is perfect, and cleaning is easy.


  • There should be more pockets in it
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t fit perfectly, and sizing is a problem.

The safety vest by Carhartt is the best safety vest if you need more airy and ventilating vest because of its polyester mesh. Plus, it also makes it very light so is a good purchase for its price.


4.    Oregon reflective Yellow safety vestBest Safety Vest

Oregon has its best safety vest for your construction sites jobs, surveying, traffic duties or night walks. Its HD polyester material makes it corrosion resistant and breathable. Available in fluorescent and soft texture, it’s 2’’ 3M Scotchlite reflective material gives a maximum reflection at night making you visible easily to others.

To keep your things easily with you during your work, it has 8 Velcro sealed pockets, and one cell/radio sealed pouch with two survey type dispenser grommets on the front pockets and a safe D ring slot. Also, it has large zip pockets on the entire back side. It consists of mesh underarm ventilation panels to make that area airier.

The safety vest by Oregon Company is certified and fully compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107-2004, Class 2, and Level 2 so is a safe choice.


  • Oregon’s safety vest has pockets on the back too.
  • Its strips are highly reflective.
  • Oregon has pockets and radio pouch in the same vest.
  • It is not bulky to others and light to wear.
  • The important thing is that it has D ring slot, unlike others.


  • It should be available in more other colors.
  • The underarm mesh may degrade with the passage of time.

All in all, this safety vest is a must buy for anyone looking for high-quality safety vest with pockets and most importantly a D ring slot. It is highly reflective at night and is worth the money.


5.    Radians SV55-2ZGD-L SV55safety vestBest Safety Vest

Heavy woven two-tone safety vest, this is the best safety vest by the Radians Company. It is in large green size with pockets on the front side. It is of two materials. On the front, t is 300D woven polyester and polyester mesh on the back.

Radians safety vest with pockets has front flap covered radio pouch; flap-covered flip pencil pouch, lower front cargo with flapping tape grommets, two water bottle and two large two layers inside open pockets convenient for you to carry anything. To make it highly reflective and easily visible to you, its reflective strips are of Silver 2 glass bead. Available in standard yellow color, this is a good choice for construction worker vest.

Meeting the safety standards of ANSI/ISEA 107-2010, it is a safe choice for your money and needs.


  • It has pockets separately made for each thing so you can keep any particular thing in that relevant pocket.
  • It is heavy woven two-tone safety vest, unlike others.
  • This safety vest has wider silver strips making it more reflective than many others.
  • It can be closed easily by its front zipper.


  • Price may be somewhat more than other safety vests.
  • It should be in more colors and especially sizes

This safety vest by Radians is an excellent purchase because it is durable. Anyone not worried about money but the quality and amazing features must go for this best safety vest.


Buying guides:

What Size Will Fit You? And Are Different Sizes Available?

There are many sizes available for some safety vests while only a limited sizes for others. Usually, try to buy one size bigger to fit it over your top, sweater or coat in winters. People are complaining about the size of winters. Measure your fitting first and then buy which suits you.

There are some sizes from which you can choose like small, medium, large, xl, XXL, but that doesn’t mean that they will perfectly fit you. So, you should always know your body dimensions before buying any safety vest.

Are The Pockets Of Your Construction Or Sanitation Safety Vest Waterproof?

If you need more spacious and convenient safety vest, try to buy one with more pockets. Pockets should be strong enough to hold your necessary things. There are most of the vests which offer pockets for your ease. There are different vest offering different no. Of pockets from 1 to 9 and more so choose accordingly.

Some pockets are waterproof helping you in rain or sanitation work, but not all of them are water-proof so better check features first.

Is There Any Zipper Or On/Off Hooks For Closure From The Front Side Of The Vest?

There is the type of closure the safety vests have. They have zippers or simple on/off loop/hook, and they should be strong enough to remain durable. Some have front zippers, and some may have side zippers.

Is The Reflective Material Of Good Quality And For How Long Will It Remain Reflective? What Is The Material Used In Its Making?

There are different materials of reflective strips. There are reflective materials of the safety vests made of 3M Scotchlite so that is usually of good quality plus they are durable enough to bear the heat.

From Where To Buy Construction Safety Vest Is Important.

You should always seek for that seller who sells certified safety vests compliant with ANSI/ISEA standards. This regulation is for safety and is a necessary demand required by your companies.

How To Choose The Width Of Reflective Panels On Your Safety Vest?

There are different width available to make your customized safety vests. There are also different options available for customized name/logo like 7’’ silver or black reflective, silk screening, digital die cutting, etc. every provider has its own reflective panels width size and types. So, choose accordingly if you want your customized safety vest.

How Much Ventilation Can The Material Of The Safety Vest Provide? What Are People Comments On This? And Are They Washable?

You should have a know-how of the material of which construction safety vests are made of. Check your specific product features while buying that how much ventilated and airy can it be. Also, check its care instructions that whether it is hand-wash or machine-wash because machine otherwise sometimes can degrade the life of the vest. Also, there are some safety vests which provide underarm polyester mesh facility.


Importance of safety vest cannot be ignored. And keeping the above safety vests in mind, we declare our 1st safety vest by J.K Nuozhou as the winner among all.

The reason for this is its nine pockets convenience of different types according to your needs, its known durability of the material, high 360° visibility and above all its affordable price gives you a complete package for your safety at the construction or job site.