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Best Rotary Hammer Drill

Best Rotary Hammer DrillDIY is becoming a trend nowadays. With this dominating practice, many people have now started doing their small tasks on their own. They have started performing their home small tasks without taking the help of professionals.

It is indeed a good practice. Nothing feels better than becoming an independent and active individual. But, wait! This independence also asks for dependence on something. What’s that? These are your quality tools.

A common man might only need few simple tools in their home for doing small work. But, where the passion of doing more and more complex projects in involved, one should have more powerful tools.

One such powerful tool we are going to talk about here is rotary hammer drill tool.

As it is a heavy-duty item that gives the benefits of different tools, its performance is also based on different factors. Therefore, it is important to check for different aspects before purchasing the right rotary hammer for you.

Here, in order to help you out in getting a right tool, we are going to provide a review of few best rotary hammer drill along with their brief review.

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NamePower SourceStyleWeightPrice
Bosch RH328VC Corded-electricSDS Rotary Hammer13.6 lbs. $$
DEWALT D25263K ACSDS Rotary Hammer 1-1/8”12.2 lbs. $$$
Makita HR2475 Corded-electricSDS Plus Rotary Hammer10.7 lbs. $
Hitachi DH38YE2 Corded-electricSpline14.1 lbs. $$$
Hilti 22806Corded-electricRotary Hammer Drill12.7 lbs. $
Milwaukee (5268-21)ACSDS Plus Rotary Hammer13.1 lbs. $$


1.    Bosch RH328VCBest Rotary Hammer Drill

Anyone involved in purchasing tool would definitely be aware of Bosch reputation in manufacturing quality tools. This RH328VC Rotary Hammer is also one of the best SDS rotary hammer drill manufactured by this brand.

It comes with the battery power of 8.0 Amps that make it able to do medium to heavy natured tasks easily. This RH328VC delivers Impact Energy of 2.6 ft/lbs. and weighs about 7.7 pounds. All these technical details make it one of the best rotary hammer drills to perform a huge variety of tasks.

It further comes with vibration control mechanism. It uses rubber dampening elements and makes its operation comfortable for the user. It is further made comfortable for users with its integral clutch that decreases the reaction of torque.

It also contains multi-function selector that gives three modes of operation. These three modes are a rotary hammer, hammer-only, and a rotation mode. It also gives the benefit of variable speed three-finger trigger feature. It offers a variation of RPM from 0 to 900, BPM from 0-4000.

With all these amazing features that price range of this tool is average. It won’t feel heavy on your pocket.


  • Its carrying case makes its storage easier.
  • Because of its different operation modes, you can perform a variety of jobs by this tool.
  • Its high battery power allows you to perform heavy duty tasks.
  • It makes operating procedure easier with its vibration control mechanism.


  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • You can’t drill wood with it.


If you purchase this best price SDS hammer drill, you will not only get quality tool but can also get benefit from numerous features. Versatility, ease of operating, durability, and safety measures is what you can get from this Bosch product.


2.    DEWALT D25263KBest Rotary Hammer Drill

This product again is by Dewalt manufacturers making it one of the best rotary hammer drills. With adequate technical details, it can give high performance for the longer time period. That’s why it comes with the limited warranty of three years.

This rotary hammer delivers impact energy of 3 Joules. Also, its motor comes 8.5 Amps. It means it is able to perform on a variety of medium to heavy-duty tasks. Moreover, in order to make your work easier, it comes with a variety of features.

Its active vibration control decreases the impact of vibrations on your hand. Also, its integral clutch decreases the reaction of sudden torque. With its 360 degrees handle, it offers you more control on your tool. Its rotating brush delivers torque in both forward and reverses direction with equally high speed.

As far as the price range of this tool is concerned, it is very nominal. You can enjoy its versatile features for quite a low price. We can list it among low-priced best rotary hammer drills.


  • It can perform a variety of medium to heavy-duty
  • Comes with 3 years limited warranty.
  • Absorbs shock and makes its operation easier.
  • It provides high-speed torque in both directions.


  • Doesn’t come with bits.
  • It might produce a lot of noise while operating.


This Dewalt product offers durability, good motor power, ease-of-use, and torque in both directions. With all these features, the price range is also very nominal. So, if you are looking for some good rotate hammer drills, don’t forget this product.


3.    Makita HR2475Best Rotary Hammer Drill

This item again is a product of renowned brand Makita. This HR2475 Rotary Hammer comes with the motor of 7 Amp. Also, it gives the RPM of 0-1,100, and BPM of 0-4,500. In this way, it is able to perform all of your medium level tasks.

This tool comes with the option to operate in three different modes. These modes are rotation only, hammering only and hammering with rotation. It means you can use it for a variety of your projects. It further comes with dual ball bearing armature field core interlocking steel laminations, and copper commutator bars. All these features give longer life to the tool and give efficient energy transfer.

It also contains Dhandle comfort grip. This rubberized handle offers great balancing and ease of operating this tool. Moreover, its one-touch sliding chuck allows easy bit changes. It also comes with an option to set a bit at 40 different positions with its multiple chisel positioning.

The price range of this tool is also low. We can list it among low-priced best rotary hammer drill tools.


  • It gives no vibration effects under a no-load
  • Due to its D-handle, it gives comfort to the operator.
  • It offers great convenience with 40-bit angle settings.
  • With its three operating modes, you can work on versatile applications.


  • It cannot perform the heavy-duty task with its 7 Amps motor.


Purchasing this tool can give you great power output along with good energy. Durability and easy handling are its other boons. With its low price range, this item can be a suitable option for you.


4.    Hitachi DH38YE2Best Rotary Hammer Drill

This DH38YE2 Rotary Hammer is manufactured by Hitachi. It comes with the battery of 8.4 Amp that delivers 950 watts of input power. Also, this rotary hammer is able to deliver impact energy of 5.9 ft/lbs. In this way, we can consider this tool as one of the best drills for concrete.

It comes with two modes operation. One of them is hammer only, and the other one is hammer drilling. You can control these operations simply by turning a knob. It gives off the vibration levels of 18.8 m/s2 only. This low vibration makes its operation easier.

Moreover, it gives the noise levels of 95.2 dB on full load. In order to ensure operator safety, it comes with safety clutch. In case of a bound bit, this clutch shuts down the rotation. Also, it comes with soft elastomer handle that absorbs vibration and provides a strong grip. Its handle is adjustable at 360 degrees for improved control and easy removal.

For ensuring the long working of this tool, it comes with dust resistant cover and sealed grease system. Both serve the purpose of this tool’s maintenance.

The price range of this tool is slightly higher. However, all its amazing features worth it completely.


  • Its powerful motor can serve you to perform heavy-duty tasks.
  • You can change its modes easily due to its knob.
  • With its low vibration levels, you can perform your work comfortably.
  • It is less noisy.


  • It is slightly heavier.


This tool comes with high performing motor. Moreover, its versatile features offer durability, easy handling, operator safety, and different operating modes. Although the price range of this tool is higher, if you can afford it, must go for it.


5.    Hilti 22806Best Rotary Hammer Drill

This 22806 Rotary Hammer is manufactured by Hilti. It comes with the motor of 6.26 Amps that gives an adequate impact power. It can give RPM of 740 and BPM up to 4200. It means this tool is suitable for performing tasks with the mild nature.

This tool is suitable for performing corrective chiseling and minor channel openings projects in concrete. It comes with D-grip design that offers ergonomic features to the user. It makes using this tool comfortable for the longer time period.

It further comes with robust manufacturing and great engineered design that increases its life. The price range of this tool is high. We can list it among high-priced best rotary hammer drill tools.


  • Its D-grip design offers great comfort.
  • With its adequate motor power, you can perform a variety of tasks.
  • With its robust style, it can serve you for years.
  • Its case box helps in storing it safely.


  • It doesn’t come with reverse function.


This tool by Hilti can offer you good performance, durability, and comfortable operating. If you are looking for some long lasting tool, then go for it.


6.    Milwaukee (5268-21)Best Rotary Hammer Drill

Here again, we have a product of renowned manufacturer, Milwaukee. We can see plenty of tools from this brand around us on daily basis.

This Rotary Hammer Kit (5268-21) comes with 8 Amps motor power. This tool gives impact energy of 3.6 ft./lbs. moreover, its RPM varies from 0-1500, and BPM from 0-5,500. So, in short, this one of the best rotary hammer drills is able to perform heavy duty tasks.

The eminent feature of this tool is its ACS Anti-Vibration System. This feature reduces it’s the tool vibration to 10.6 m/s2. It means despite giving a heavy-duty performance, this product is going to keep vibrations at their low levels.

It also comes with a mechanical clutch that protects the motor from bit binds up. Moreover, its variable position chisel stop keeps material properly adjusted. This tool comes with all metal gear case that enhances its life and gives it huge protection.

The price range of this tool is average. You can afford it easily.


  • It can perform heavy-duty projects.
  • With its low-level vibrations, it offers great comfort.
  • Its metal case keeps this tool protected and safe
  • With its variable position chisel stop, it helps materials in adjusting properly.


  • As it is corded, it lacks portability.


If you purchase this tool, you can get high performing motor for performing heavy-duty tasks. Along with this, you can also get reduced vibrations, variable positions chisel, and protective metal case.


Rotary Hammer Drill Buying Guide:


What factors should I consider while buying?

There are different features that decide the performance of this tool. You should first identify the purpose for which you are purchasing this tool.

Here are some important factors to consider

Motor Power

It is one of the most important factors that are going to decide the functioning of your tool. Usually, rotary hammer drills come with heavy motors. However, if you are looking for a tool to perform a medium level task, then select the motor power of 7 Amps or more.

All those motors that come with motor powers up to 10 Amps are going to work at heavy-duty applications. So basically, look for a motor whose power is around 7 to 10 Amps.

Impact Energy

It is another factor, on the basis of which you can evaluate your tool. You need to check this factor when the tool is drilling inside any material.

If your selected hammer drill has an impact energy of 2-4 ft./lbs. or Joules, then go for it. It is able to perform all types of projects from medium to heavy-duty.


This factor decides the twisting power of your tool. It means how much twisting activity your tool can give. More the value of torque, greater twisting action it can produce.


The speed of hammer drill is generally indicated by RPM (rotations per minute). The higher RPM means the greater speed. Here again, if you are looking for a tool to perform medium to heavy-duty tasks, then go for the RPM in the range of 1200-1500.

You can also get tools with more than 2000 RPMs. Such tools are manufactured to perform the heavy-duty project.

There is one more thing you should look for. It is the BPM of your tool that depicts the amount of blow your tool can make in a minute. This factor is directly proportional to the strength of your tool.


This factor is important, particularly for cordless hammer drills. The voltage value of your battery is directly proportional to the power of your device. If your tool has a voltage around 20, it is going to perform medium-heavy-duty tasks.

However, you shouldn’t forget the fact that high voltage battery means more weight. You can select the one option between them according to your preference.

Regarding cordless tool, it is also important to consider the type of battery. Among the different types, Lithium-ion batteries are better. The reasons behind are their ability to recharge quickly along with being environment-friendly.


In hammer drills, you also need to check for chuck. It is a point of your product that grasps the drill or bit. Normally, you should go for the tool where you can replace these bits without seeking the help of any tool.

Other convenient features

Besides these basic features, you should also look for other features that can make operating this tool easier and safe. It is very important to see while purchasing rotary hammer tool. As it is a heavy tool, any mishandling can cause serious problems.

You should check for handle grip, anti-vibration feature, trigger control, and others.


Getting a right tool is a first step in getting any project done perfectly. This thing becomes more important when it comes to heavy-duty tools like a rotary hammer drill.

As heavy tools come with complex features, therefore, selecting a right item could be a bit challenging. Here, to help you out we have discussed all related to best rotary hammer drills. We have provided different best SDS drill reviews along with few heavy duty hammer drill reviews as well.

All products offer different important features. Which tool is best for all? It is difficult to decide. However, if we are asked to pick anyone, we will choose Hitachi DH38YE2 Rotary Hammer.

The reasons behind are its heavy-duty motor with a sturdy structure, safety features, and other versatile modes of operating.