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Best Rolling Tool Box

Best Storage Tool BoxesIn daily routine, it is always really hard to keep your tools together if you don’t have a storage box. To keep all your things kept together then it is best for you to buy a best rolling tool box in which you can keep all your things set in one place and they won’t get lost either.

Some people find it hard to store their things individually in small bags, thanks to these boxes it is a discovery which helps all the people to find their tools easily. When you go out to buy them it is one of the most difficult tasks that is because you find it hard to see which one is best for you.

To keep your task easy, we have compiled for you the buying guide and the rolling tool chest reviews.


Our Favorite Rolling Tool Boxes on Amazon:

Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Plastic15 lbs.$$
Stanley STST18613 3-in-1 Rolling WorkShopPlastic10 lbs.$
BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box Plastic18.85 lbs.$$
Stalwart Mobile Workshop and Toolbox Plastic11.05 lbs.$
DeWalt DWST20880 Multi-Level Rolling Mobile Work Center Plastic27.8 lbs.$$
RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart High impact resinN/A$$



1. Keter Portable Rolling Tool boxBest Storage Tool Boxes

Keter Tool Box has a central locking system which is very efficient in providing security and stability to your items while traveling. This feature makes it the best rolling toolbox. Its interior is designed in such an organized manner that it can carry a large number of items easily, it has a large available space and also different portions made to distinct your tools.

It is designed in such a way that it allows the user to store the frequently used tool at the top as the topmost bins slide apart. Built-in ball-bearing based slider allows you to get your desired tools without taking away from top bins. It is the best rolling toolbox you can get in the market.

This toolbox is very durable, users need not worry about chemical spills as it is resistant to various chemical agents, bases, acids and as well as corrosive effects.


  • Sturdy frame helps in holding heavy tools easily.
  • Ball bearing allows full expanding access
  • Tool divider inside is efficient in categorizing tools.
  • Easily maintainable; just wipe it to clean.


  • Not suitable for airline shipping as it has a plastic body.


Keter Tool Box is the best rolling toolbox available in the market available at a very affordable price. It can be used as first aid box or a construction side tool box; depending on your need. This best rolling toolbox not only provides safety to your tools but also security by its locking mechanism.


2. Stanley STST18613 Rolling WorkShop

Best Storage Tool Boxes

This toolbox is one of the best rolling tool boxes. It has very fine quality and designed in such a way that it allows plenty of space for the user. It also has a smaller tray for small items moreover this tray is removable. It is pretty durable as it can survive some banging and beating without damaging your items.

Its lockable latch provides security to your items when needed. The dimension this best rolling tool box is 18.1 x 11.6 x 24.3 inches and weight is 10 pounds. Its body is designed with durable plastic which also makes it resistant to different chemical agents.

You can lock this tool box from top to bottom according to your desire. Stanley best rolling tool box is also water resistant and waterproof. Stanley is the best rolling tool chest in this price range. It cannot be beaten in quality and design.


  • Smaller removable tray to store small items and access easily.
  • Foolproof security from top to bottom.
  • Water Proof and Water Resistant.
  • Suitable for fragile stuff like lights.


  • Latches are weak, easily bendable with fingers.
  • Wheels are not much durable as the tilt inwards when loaded.


Stanley is the best rolling tool box at a very affordable price. It has an elegant design, provides a lot of space for storing items. Can be used for construction site as well as if you are an electrician or a mobile DJ. It is the best rolling tool box making your daily life routine easier and comfortable.


3. BOSTITCH Tool Box BTST19802Best Storage Tool Boxes

Bostitch is the best rolling tool box on the market with very affordable price. It is designed in a very organized way to store hundreds of your tools, providing good enough space for storage. It weighs around 18.85 pounds and its dimensions are 13.6 x 30.6 x 19.2 inches. 15 inches wide (side to side), 8 inches high (from top to bottom), and 13 inches deep (from front to back).

Nonetheless, it is the best tool chest for the money. It is designed in a very elegant manner as it can be divided into 2 different portions. One is the bottom bin and another one is a drawer, both come with slides.

Its 7-inch rubber wheels make it suitable for traveling, you can roll it along anywhere you want. It has sturdy slides with ball bearing allowing easy access to your desired items. Its loading capacity is 70 pounds and usable volume is 10 gallons.


  • 7-inch Rubber wheels can roll over any surface.
  • Duplicate handle the top tool box, easy to carry.
  • Suitable for 1000+ piece craftsmen tool set.


  • The bottom container swings out on a swivel instead of sliding.
  • The plastic body isn’t much durable.


Bostitch is one of the best rolling tool boxes in the market in the affordable price range. Doesn’t look durable but the quality is satisfactory. Has good enough space to store your items in an organized manner. The best thing is it can be divided into two containers. The product is worth buying in this price range.


4. Stalwart Mobile Workshop and ToolboxBest Storage Tool Boxes


Stalwart is the best rolling tool box at a cheap price. It has a very fine quality as the materials made in manufacture are Polypropylene and Metal. It is a sturdy portable tool box having two removable trays. It also has a fold-down handle with a comfortable grip which is suitable for the user to carry it along anywhere anytime.

There are three small parts storage boxes and 24 compartments in total. The top storage is removable and there are cable hooks which keep extensions cords organized. The length of the top storage compartment is 17.5 inches, width is 7 inches and depth is 9 inches.

The length of the bottom storage compartment is 9 inches, width is 16.25 inches and depth is 12.5 inches. It weighs around 11.05 pounds. The price is very affordable, in fact, it is one of the cheapest portable tool box on the market


  • Top and the lower portion are separated by the tray.
  • Very suitable for lighter and small items.
  • Rolling tires make the mobility easy.


  • It is quite fragile, as it breaks quickly.
  • Cannot bind the two boxes together without using the tray in the middle.


It is the best rolling chest at a very low cost. As it is made up of plastic so it is not very durable. Though it is handy for storing lighter and smaller items. This product isn’t worth buying if you are looking for a very fine quality product.


5. DeWalt Rolling Tool Box DWST20880Best Storage Tool Boxes

DeWalt is the best rolling tool box as it is designed in such an organized way that anybody can use it easily. There is a single pull-up latch which allows quick and easy opening. Most women feel quite uncomfortable using the ordinary tool box as they are difficult to open.

No matter if you are a girl, just buy one of the best tool chests and make your life much easier. Now organizing your tools has become easy, place your items in this box in an ordered way and use them anywhere anytime.

This box also contains a metal pulling handle for easy maneuvering and comfortable grip. It weighs around 27.8 pounds and dimensions of the box are 21.5 x 16.2 x 28.8 inches. It comes with sturdy wheels which are suitable for construction sites, uneven surfaces, and job sites. This best rolling tool box is super sturdy, efficient and also pro looking.


  • The handle is much more solid, doesn’t squeak.
  • Inside height of the bottom, the box is 14″ which is good enough.
  • Very easy to use
  • Contains a molded hole for padlock


  • It’s not waterproof
  • It no longer comes with the Tray


DeWalt the best rolling tool box offers a very fine quality to its users. The best feature of it is its easy use as anybody can use it easily due to its simple design. Though it’s not waterproof yet it is a very fine product to buy in this price range.


6. RIDGID Professional Tool Storage CartBest Storage Tool Boxes

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart is the best rolling tool box in the market as long as design, quality and durability are concerned. This storage cart is super sturdy, waterproof and water resistant. Now you can protect your items stored in this box even traveling in thunder.

Also, this box will protect your items in extreme weather conditions as it is weather resistant. It is manufactured with high impact resin, it is the best tool chest for the money as it is amazingly lightweight and its rigidity and strength are not compromised. This box doesn’t only provide safety to your items but also security with its modern locking mechanism.

All terrain wheels make allow this cart to roll easily on stairs and uneven surfaces. The top box has removable compartments for smaller items like nails, pins, screws etc. It is the most durable and perfect portable tool storage box.

The unique design of this box also allows easy cleaning. These features collectively make this storage cart the best rolling tool box.


  • Access to the second and third box is difficult as you have to remove the upper box.


  • Water-resistant and waterproof
  • Weather resistant
  • Airtight packing, no smoke damage to the items stored in the cart.


Though the price is quite high if you are looking for a durable storage cart then it is the best cart you can get. Its strength and rigidity are amazing.


Buyers guide:

Which material’s storage box is better for usage?

The material needs to be seen properly as you have to see if it will be kept for a long run or not. You need to choose the one which you need. You can find wooden storage boxes as well as steel and aluminum ones. Plastic boxes are good for the use as they are not heavier in weight and they can be carried away anywhere. Steel boxes always have a drawback of being carried at in different places. They can easily lose their life if exposed to rain.


How much storage items does it carry?

The main purpose of the storage box is to store the items, so you always need to see which items it can keep in easily. There are some items that are quite big and may not fit in all the boxes. For purchasing the box first, you need to look at the size of drawers it carries and also the little compartments it has.

Some tools are quite small which require very small compartments with a lid so you don’t lose them easily.


How mobile is this particular box?

The mobility of a box is important in regard as if your storage box won’t move properly and you can’t take it to different places then there is no point of having it anyway. Storage boxes are not to be kept in one place, you need to use them anywhere anytime they must be up for that.


Does it have deep storage boxes or not?

Sometimes, you have different tools which need to be placed in depth and they don’t get fixed in various compartments. Make sure to look out for the deep storage boxes which can carry your material properly.


Does the weight of storage box matter?

As these are rolling tool boxes, therefore, their weight doesn’t matter much as you won’t have to carry them anywhere. Still, make sure your box is not too heavy which makes it hard to move it anywhere. Boxes should be light in weight as the tools itself are a lot to weigh.



Among all the different products the best one is Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer. It has a locking mechanism which will keep your tools safe and you are the only one who is able to access it. The partitions are made so you can keep your little things in different compartments.

Make sure you are ready to spend the money for buying it as you will not be disappointed and won’t have to make a purchase again and again as this box is durable and long-lasting. It is better than others as it is one of the best tool boxes for this money range.