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Best Reciprocating Saw For Contractors

Best Reciprocating SawWhile working on different construction projects or craft-work, there are numerous tools which a good craftsman should carry in their toolbox. Great tools make for a great craftsman.

A reciprocating saw can cut through almost any kind of lumber, even if they have nails embedded in them. It is undoubtedly a great tool to have.

Where there is a great tool or a great product, there is speculation and doubt as to which product to buy and which one shall give you the most benefit.

For this purpose, we have compiled a list and reviewed our picks for the best reciprocating saws around the market.

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NameMotor RatingWeightPrice
DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw12 Amps 8.1 lbs.$$
Makita JR3050TZ Recipro Saw11 Amps 12.5 lbs.$
PORTER-CABLE Reciprocating Saw7.5 Amps 6.5 lbs.$
Milwaukee Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit12 Amps 9 lbs.$$
DEWALT DWE357 Compact Reciprocating Saw12 Amps 6.8 lbs.$$
SKIL Reciprocating Saw9 Amps 11 lbs.$$$

1.DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating SawBest Reciprocating Saw

Designed for heavy-duty work, the DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw sports a remarkable 12 Ampere motor which is bound to give you a durable solution to all your crafting problems. This reciprocating saw can perform at a rate of up to 2900 strokes per minute; so when you buy this product, you are ensured of an amazing work experience.

The DEWALT DWE305 possesses the capability to cut through the toughest of materials such as drywall, PVC piping, plywood and, a large variety of other tough materials. A general rule of Thumb regarding reciprocating saws, or any crafting tool for that matter, states that battery-powered tools are useless and provide no durability nor efficiency. The DEWALT DWE305 corded reciprocating saw is the best corded reciprocating saw on the market.

DEWALT has also provided a 3-year warranty for their product which is undoubtedly the best reciprocating saw on the market. The price range in which it is available enables it to be deemed an average-priced product.


  • A 3-year warranty is available
  • Boasts a powerful 12-Ampere motor which is bound to give the best experience.
  • Consists of a variable trigger for speed control.
  • Blazingly fast. Rates at a speed of 2900 strokes per minute.
  • With the corded mechanism, you can always work in full power.
  • Feels extremely sturdy to hold and provides a great grip for better work performance.


  • When you buy the product, blades are not included in the package.
  • If you’re working in an environment where it is impossible to operate a corded reciprocating saw, then this saw will be of no use.


We would highly recommend this product as it is one of the top-rated reciprocating saw which utilizes a 12 Ampere motor to operate. It is affordable and definitely worth every penny. Because of the super-fast speed and tight grip, you will feel like you are in full control of everything.


2.    Makita JR3050TZ Recipro SawBest Reciprocating Saw

The Makita JR3050TZ Recipro Saw is a remarkable tool by the Makita Company as it incorporates a hefty 11 Ampere motor.

Weighing in at 12.5 lbs. the Makita Recipro Saw has been designed carefully with operator fatigue in mind. The lightweight of the product not only prevents fatigue but also makes it a joy to use and operate. The Makita Recipro Saw boasts a “tool-less” blade change wherein making it easier and reliable to change a variety of blades.

Convenience and comfort are the hallmarks of this product; it provides a lightweight design and offers a two-finger triggered button for added convenience.


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Provides a firm and soft grip which makes it easier to hold
  • The lightweight of the product ensures minimum operator fatigue
  • It is easier to change blades.
  • Provides variable speed for different cutting surfaces
  • It is double-insulated.


  • It has higher chances of breaking as it is not as sturdy
  • Uses batteries instead of cords.
  • The batteries wear out with time and quickly discharge.


If you are a craftsman who wants his tools to be simple yet convenient and full of power, then the Makita JR3050TZ Recipro Saw is the tool best suited to you. It is an affordable reciprocating saw with a built-in dust blower and a tool-less blade change which make this product an immensely convenient tool to have.


3.    PORTER-CABLE Reciprocating SawBest Reciprocating Saw

PORTER-CABLE’s heavy-duty product is the best option for people who would usually opt for a cheaper alternative. Sporting a heavy-duty motor of 7.5 Amperes, this PORTER-CABLE reciprocating saw has all the makings of the best Sawzall top rated reciprocating saw.

On the job site, this powerful reciprocating saw provides a total of 3200 SPM; which is truly a remarkable feat in this price change. Sporting a 6-feet long PVC cord, this product takes another point by being one of the best corded Sawzall around the market. It is vastly light in weight, being 7.2 lbs. only which eradicates operator fatigue.

For multiple cutting tasks, this tool provides a state-of-the-art variable speed modifier built within the saw itself.


  • The pivoting shoe easily maneuvers while cutting around difficult or oddly-shaped objects.
  • Accompanied by a 1-1/8-Inch stroke that delivers 3,200 SPM for difficult places.
  • Possesses a 6-feet long PVC cord.
  • Provides full power to the operator no matter where it is being operated.
  • The lightweight design helps to eradicate operator fatigue.


  • The motor is not all that powerful
  • Makes it too difficult to use in smaller places.
  • It wears out earlier than expected.


This product is averagely priced and is definitely a great bargain in the price range in which it is available. Its longevity and durability are only matched by its 1-1/8-Inch stroke which promises a 3,200 SPM. The product’s light weight makes it the best reciprocating saw to have in your toolbox.


4.    Milwaukee Sawzall Reciprocating Saw KitBest Reciprocating Saw

Having a Herculean motor rated at 12 Amperes, the Milwaukee Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit is definitely one of the best reciprocating saw out there. It delivers the maximum cut control due to its outstanding 3/4-inch stroke length.

The Milwaukee Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit delivers an astounding SPM of 0-3000. This ensures that the cutting process of a few upper-tier materials is done in a high-performance fashion.

Using enormous or heavy tools is a difficult task on its own for some people, therefore this Sawzall has been carefully manufactured to keep its weight lesser and to eradicate all vibration which leads to better performance of the operator.


  • It eradicates all vibrations thereby adding to the performance of the operator
  • Its reduced weight helps in combating operator’s fatigue
  • Extends motor life by absorbing forces with a great impact.
  • Extends gear life by using a smart Gear Control System.
  • Suitable for high-performance cutting


  • There are chances that this product will start to burn up and even trip your circuit breaker
  • It does not include blade kits; they must be bought separately.


Milwaukee has provided with yet another top-of-the-line product that does not fail to make it to the list of the best reciprocating saw. It is designed to be convenient by providing an efficient mechanism to combat forces with great impact and also defends against vibrations. This product is, to an extent, expensive but it provides all the luxuries that come with that price.


5.   DEWALT DWE357 Compact Reciprocating SawBest Reciprocating Saw

With a sleek and compact design, the DEWALT DWE357 Reciprocating Saw is only 14 inches in length which assist to reach those places which the average reciprocating saws cannot reach. It also consists of a mighty 12-Ampere motor which makes it a sturdy and durable product to buy.

Weighing in at only 6.8 lbs. the DEWALT DWE357 boasts a keyless lever-action blade clamp with 4-positions which were introduced to enhance the versatility of the product. It has a 1-1/8-Inch stroke length for cutting different and difficult material. This adds to the speed and versatility of the reciprocating saw.

Being light in weight, the operators using this product will hopefully feel no problem in operating this reciprocating saw. The pivoting shoe adds leverage to perfectly cut through materials.


  • A powerful machine and is durable for a long period of time.
  • An immensely versatile reciprocating saw.
  • It is light in weight which eradicates fatigue and other risks.
  • With this, you can place your blade in different configurations.
  • The blades can be fitted with either a vertical or a horizontal position.
  • It can efficiently cut through metal, drywall, wood, plastic, fiberglass.


  • The shaft which connects the blade carriage to the saw has been reported to break.
  • The dispatching service is sometimes faulty as you might receive a 10-Ampere reciprocating saw.


This product has all the makings of being one of the best reciprocating saw out there in the market. Being a relatively pricey product, it is an astounding product that offers so much to the user. It will be the most convenient and comfortable tool you have ever used.


6.   SKIL Reciprocating SawBest Reciprocating Saw

Assembled and manufactured in China, this SKIL Reciprocating Saw is in the running to be listed on this list of the best reciprocating saw.

This product brags a powerful 9-Ampere motor which is perfect for heavy-duty job site applications. It adds to the comfort and convenience to the user by being manufactured immensely light in weight. For different jobs, you need to operate this reciprocating saw at a different speed, which this product caters to as well.

With this saw, you will never have trouble changing the blades as this product provides the easiest mechanism out there to change blades.


  • It has been designed to provide comfort and ease.
  • Immensely light in weight which makes it easy for the operator to use.
  • It provides the option to change the speed at which it operates.
  • It can cut through a lot of different material.


  • To change the speed, you must stop the saw altogether and then change the speed manually.
  • Not durable for a long time.


This is an extremely affordable reciprocating saw which provides all the luxuries that are provided by the saws in the upper range of the price scale. This reciprocating saw has all the makings of being the best reciprocating saws out there.

Buying Guide

When going out to buy the perfect reciprocating saw for yourself, it is imperative to know a few things and factors that affect the entire working of the saw itself. These factors are listed below:

Do the speed and stroke matter?

Yes, they do matter, in fact, the speed determines how efficient and durable the sawzall will be. Stroke length is the length the blade covers in the first forward or backward movement. It is another important factor to keep in mind, a high stroke speed and a variable speed is the kind of combination that makes up for the best reciprocating saw.

What should I get, the corded or the uncorded variant?

Without any doubt, a corded reciprocating saw is the best one out there. Unless you will be using it in an environment where an outlet is not available, then go for the variant with the batteries. However, those do not last a long time and you’ll need to recharge soon.

Does motor rating affect performance?

Yes, definitely it does. While buying a reciprocating saw, it is important to keep in mind that the motor rating should be maximum as it provides an overall powerful sawing action. Search for a reciprocating saw which has a rating of minimum 9 Amperes.

How does the weight of a reciprocating saw matter?

The weight determines whether or not you will start to feel tired out after using it. It also determines how much vibration will be produced; this has a direct impact on your muscles and nerves and can potentially cause health risks. The weight of the saw also makes it easier for people who are not physically strong to use it as well.

How to ensure stability?

To ensure stability, always keep in mind to get a reciprocating saw which produces the least vibration, in this way, you can keep your hands steady and always keep your head straight. You should also look out for reciprocating saws with a pivoted foot. The “foot” here refers to the end of the saw which is used as a brace to be put on the surface. The pivoted foot provides a more stable and easier approach.


After a thorough and careful evaluation of all the reciprocating saw reviews, we have decided on the best reciprocating saw out there on the markets. It is clear from these all reviews that the DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw as the best one out there.

Having its powerful motor and amazingly convenient design, it truly stands out as a game-changer in the world of electronic tools. It is the only affordable reciprocating saw out there which also provides a 3-year warranty.