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Best Rain Gear For Construction Work

Best Impact Driver Bit SetStaying active and smart in the workplace is necessary. And when it comes to considering your safety necessities at the job site, proper collection of clothing and gear is important. A good quality rain gear keeps you dry and comfortable all day long in harsh weather conditions.

Those waterproof jackets which are not too heavy and durable enough to protect you in the rain are important. A rain gear includes boots, pants, waterproof jackets and caps to help you remain productive during your job timings.

There is a whole new variety of construction rain gear available. There are a different fabric material, colors and other features that are on the market.

To let you choose the best one for you, we have collected some best rain gear for construction work. Their fabric material and other features are discussed. Also, we have mentioned some buying guides below for having the best rain gear.

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Frogg toggPolyesterYes$$$
TingleyPolyester and nylonYes$$
Helly HansenPolyesterNo (Snap)$$$
CarharttPolyvinyl chloride and polyesterNo (Snap)$
Carhartt shorelineNylonNo (Snap)$$$
StansportPolyvinyl chloride and polyesterYes$
Grunden NylonYes$$


1.  Frogg toggs men’s waterproof raincoatBest Impact Driver Bit Set

A two-tone rainproof jacket by Frogg togs, this is one of the best rain gears for the construction work. This jacket is constructed from 100% imported polyester material which is soft.

It is a waterproof jacket with a zipper and hood. Made of a breathable material fabric, this jacket is lightweight and durable. It has a parka cut for an easy movement. With adjustable hooks and two chest pockets, it offers you the convenience you want at your job site.

Not only this, it has its own unique hybrid toadskins fabric with a nonwoven inner layer which makes it comfortable to wear. Available in different sizes and colors, you can choose the one you want.


  • This jacket has expandable handwarmer pockets.
  • An elastic waist with a shock cord.
  • This is a really cost-effective jacket and protects you in the rain.
  • It has the neoprene cuffs.
  • The zipper has fold-over style with Velcro closures.


  • There is no pocket inside the jacket.
  • The jacket is too long even for small sizes.

Bottom Line

An affordable rain gear jacket with elastic waist for snug fit and neoprene cuffs. Its waterproof material will definitely save you from the rain.


2.  Tingley rubber bomber jacketBest Impact Driver Bit Set

Another amazing safety for your rainy job site tasks, Tingley waterproof jacket is made of polyester nylon fabric material. It is 100% imported quality jacket with ANSI/ISEA compliance.

Being 100% waterproof, it is a fluorescent jacket with high visibility designed for night time work.  Also, it has excellent daytime visibility by it’s 2’’ silver reflective tapes around shoulders, arms, and chest.

For your convenience, it has slash front pockets with closures and a radio pocket. Adding to its softness, it has a quilted lining which provides warmth too. Not only this, it has elasticized cuffs for a snug fit. This is certainly a good addition to your best rain gear for construction workers.


  • The fabric is breathable.
  • It is easy to move around after wearing this jacket and fits you perfectly.
  • This jacket is clearly visible at night time.
  • An affordable jacket for a complete protection.


  • The elastic of the waist and cuffs is very tight.
  • The inside pocket rips off easily.

Bottom Line

A nice jacket for anyone looking for a visible and nighttime safety. Available at a low price, this is definitely a good waterproof jacket.


3. Helly Hansen workwear men’s rain jacketBest Impact Driver Bit Set

One of the user entry for your best rain gear for construction work, Helly Hansen rain jacket is made of 100% pure polyester material. It guarantees its durability and ability to prevent water from its imported quality material.

Not only that it is waterproof but it can be hand washed easily. For an added convenience, it is a PVC coated jacket with a pocket and hood.

There are no shoulder seams so makes you wear comfortably. Also, it has two flap pockets at the front to keep your necessary things with you all the time. With adjustable snap cuffs, it lets you do your task comfortably.


  • There are different colors available in this jacket.
  • It has storm flaps for an extra protection and two hand pockets.
  • Seams are doubled for long-term
  • No smell of PVC.


  • The closure snaps don’t hold well.
  • It has too much plastic to wear against the skin.

Bottom Line

This is a really good jacket to wear on your job site for saving yourself from the rain. Its pockets, PVC coating, and high quality material make it a must purchase.


4.  Carhartt men’s waterproof surrey coatBest Impact Driver Bit Set

An ideal choice and one of the best heavy deuty rain gear for work, Carhartt raincoats are surely going to protect you from winds and rains. They are constructed from 80% polyvinyl chloride and 20% polyester material which makes them more resistive to rain and wind.

Made of highly durable and imported quality material, they can be machine washed easily.

With the double front pockets, they offer you the convenience you want at your workplace. Its seams are electronically welded thus making sure their extra strength. It has neoprene inner-sleeves cuffs and hook-loop closure which are adjustable. Not only this, its elbows are also reinforced for an added strength.


  • The coat is wind and rain resistant both.
  • It has neoprene inserts which wrap around your wrists so water does not come in your arms.
  • The quality of the fabric is great and it gets perfectly fit your body.


  • The size of the smaller one is even big enough.
  • The coat is a little heavy.

Bottom Line

An ideal purchase for anybody looking for a raincoat with a good quality fabric material. You can have it on your safety side for a good price.


5.  Carhartt’s men shoreline waterproof jacketBest Impact Driver Bit Set

Made of 100% nylon material, Carhartt’s waterproof jacket is a relief on your rainy days at the job site. It is made of a high quality material which is imported and carefully constructed to give you with the best results.

With the snap closures, it provides you much convenience. Not only this, the Carhartt jacket can be machine washed easily.

According to your styling needs, it has slanted front pockets and a removable hood. Its high quality fabric is perfectly breathable to let the air in and keep the sweat out.

The interior body of the jacket is 100% polyester mesh. Available in two decent colors of black and olive, you can get the one you want.


  • This hood features an adjustable drawcord.
  • This is a stylish looking jacket, unlike
  • The arm length is just perfect and outside pockets are a great relief.
  • The zipper is well made and seems durable.


  • It is not completely breathable.
  • It should have more colors.

Bottom Line

This rainproof jacket by Carhartt is a nice purchase for anyone looking for an affordable yet a good quality protection.


6.  Stansport commercial rain suitBest Impact Driver Bit Set

A combo of 70% polyvinyl and 30% polyester, this is the best raingear for construction work you can have. Not only that it is made of imported quality material but it offers large cargo pockets and storm flaps.

It is constructed from a heavy-duty polyester lamination of 0.42mm thickness. It has a full cut shoulders, full bib overalls, and J-hook suspenders.

Ideal for your job site needs, camping or traveling, Stansport rain gear is the ultimate answer for you. Its high quality water and windproof fabric will keep you safe in harsh conditions. So, grab one now to update your rain gear.


  • A heavy duty with snaps and zippers good enough.
  • It has a suitable weight which makes it dry.
  • The material of the suit is of thick quality and sturdy.


  • The size of the suit is too large.
  • The legs are to cut shorter to get fit.

Bottom Line

An amazingly whole rain suit for a good price, Stansport rain suit is an awesome purchase for your rain protection.


7.  Grunden’s men’s gage certified jacketBest Impact Driver Bit Set

Grunden’s men’s jacket is another addition to your best rain gear for work. In compliance with ANSI standard class 3, this is one of the best rainproof jackets. It is constructed of 100% nylon material which is of imported quality.

With the top tail adjustable hem, it offers you much convenience on a rainy day.

The jacket is waterproof and breathable enough to let the sweat out. Not only this, it can be rolled up and placed neatly anywhere. With two large zippered pockets and a storm flap, it is a sure purchase for your next rain protection.


  • This is a high quality jacket with a perfect weight and excellent visibility.
  • This jacket provides excellent protection against rain and wind.
  • The jackets seem are so soft and well made.


  • The reflective strips come off after some time.

Bottom Line

This is a great jacket by Grunden for anyone looking for a complete protection against rain especially at night as well.




Q1. What are the basic characteristics of a good rain gear?

A good rain gear possess the following characteristics;

Waterproof: the material of which your jacket is made is waterproof. It should be able to pass down the water from its surface while not dissolving it.

Heavy duty: a good rain gear is made of heavy duty material. This means it is good to have a coating of PVC or something to move it more resilient.

Lightweight: also, a good jacket takes care of your comfort as you wear it. This means it should be easy and comfortable to wear it and should not feel bulky.


Q2. What are the materials for a rain gear?

There are rain gears made of materials like;

PVC: It is the polyvinyl chloride. This is the most versatile and waterproof material. It is the third most widely used polymer used around the world. Also, it is rigid and flexible.

Cotton: cotton, when not treated and is 100% natural, is waterproof. Cotton made jackets can be very light in weight and breathable as well.

Fleece: fleece has its own insulating warmth. It is ideal for use in collars and cuffs.


Q3. Is neoprene good for the use of the breathable work rain gear?

Neoprene is actually a synthetic rubber and it is able to maintain its flexibility and durability even at high temperatures. It has been an excellent choice for making collars and cuffs in a rain gear. So, it is always advised to choose a rain gear which has a content of neoprene in it.


Q4. What are the things to check while buying a rain gear jacket or coat?

These are;

Seam taping: seam taping in every nook and corner of the jacket is very important. This will make it more durable and waterproof. So, check seam taping of every jacket you are intending to buy.

Pockets: pockets in a coat/jacket adds to your convenience in the workplace. Though they will add to the price of the jackets it would be worth it. Many jackets have radio pockets and pocket with a cord to help you listen to your calls more conveniently.

Zippers: zippers are also for your ease. Most of the raincoats and jackets are now zippered. Zippers that have turned inside out will prevent water from entering inside.

Breathable: a good raincoat has a breathable fabric which keeps you sweat free at your construction place even in scorching heat.


Q5. What is the size of selecting the best rain gear for working in rain?

Obviously, it depends on your dimensions. But, most of the rain jackets are reported to be bigger in size. So, it is always advised to check the dimensions of shoulders, length of the arms and width and then buy.



There are many different types of the rain gear available in the market which are suitable for many purposes. Above are the items of some of the best rain gear for construction work. From among them, we declare Frogg togg’s men’s waterproof raincoat to be the number 1. The reason for this is its perfect fitting, color availability, more water resistant and better price.