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Best Portable Generators

Portable generators are a single unit that consists of an engine and an electric generator. Even though they have a ‘portable’ in their name, they are not light weighted.

They are commonly used around houses, small work places, and educational institutions as an emergency backup on a smaller scale.  Most of the generators are powered by fuel or gas. The best portable generator will be able to make the least noise and perform well using less petrol.

Large units also may have an electric starting unit which makes the generator more convenient. Otherwise, they are usually jump started through a string that needs to be pulled with pressure. A portable generator is the best generator for home. They are not very cheap, however; they are a good investment in case your area faces significant power shortage.

These machines near a closer look while buying them so that the buyer does not make the mistake of buying something low quality at a high price.



Product NameRunning WattsRunning Time on full sizePrice
Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator 3800 watts9 hrs on 3.4 gallons$
Honda Portable Generator 2000 watts8.1 hours on 1 gallon$$
Westinghouse Portable Generator 7500 watts10 hours, 50% load on 6.6 gallons $$$
Generac Gas Powered Portable Generator5500 watts10 hours, 50 % load on 7.2 gallons$$
Briggs & Stratton Portable Generator6000 watts12 hours, 50% load on 7 gallons$
Briggs and Stratton Power Smart Inverter Generator1700 watts8 hours, 25% load on 1 gallon$$


1.      Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator

Champion power is a company that has introduced one of the best portable generators for users. The fuel type of this generator is dual which means that users can run it on gas or propane, whatever is convenient to them. The battery comes with the machine and is used for electrically starting the generating with just a push of a button. This product includes a volt guard which allows you to protect your connected appliances from power surges. About 3800 running watts can be produced through this generator on fuel, and 3420 running watts can be generated on propane. A portable generator with many features like this one should be costly. However, this one is in the right price range.


  • Dual fuel option. Select any one that is convenient to you
  • It can run for up to 9 hours on a full tank
  • Electrical system for simple push start
  • Never flat wheels to drag it anywhere you like
  • Safety switch for fuel converter


  • Only up to 120v is supported whereas houses usually need the power to support 240v
  • Dual fueling system can sometimes be dangerous to the house


With a closer eye on the machine while it is running, extra safety, and a little compromise on appliances around the house, this generator may prove to be an excellent investment.


2.      Honda Portable Generator

The Honda portable generator is one of a kind and is the best portable generator that you will find. The primary quality of this machine is that it is claimed to be super quiet. It supports 2000 watts which roughly means that you will be able to watch TV, run your refrigerator, and a few small appliances. The product promises to bring stable power to computers and other sensitive devices that get affected by a power surge. The generator weighs about 46 lbs without fuel in it and can be carried easily with the handle. However, it does not have any wheels. Of course, Honda is a huge brand, and it would charge a few bucks extra for its name. You can be sure of the quality, but you still would find something of real quality at a price offered.


  • The machine is very quiet
  • It can protect your sensitive appliances from power surges and fluctuations
  • It is easy to carry and weighs lighter than others
  • It runs for about 8 hours on one gallon of gas


  • The product is unnecessarily expensive
  • It does not have efficient fueling options
  • It does not have an electric start


Honda always produces one of the top rated portable generators and this time it is no different. However, if you are ready to ignore its flaws, you can go for this product. In any case, you will be sure of its quality.


3.      Westinghouse Portable Generator

The Westinghouse portable generator produces about 7500 running watts. You can start it with its electric starter without any hassle, and top up to 6.6 gallons of fuel. One of the best things about this product is its ability to start with a remote making your work easier. The company provides about three years of warranty for its product. The run time of the device on about 50% load is about 10 hours. This time calculation does not make it the most fuel efficient machine. However, it still works well in emergency situations. The product includes a wheel in it to take it anywhere you like. This generator is not very extraordinary. However, the price is a little over budget.


  • Electric start featured for easy start
  • You can also choose to launch the machine with a remote control
  • Wheels are included to help you grab it anywhere you like
  • It produces about 7500 running watts which is a lot


  • To use the remote start, you will need to have the button in ignition all the time wasting battery
  • The generator is not very fuel efficient


If you are okay with burning a little extra fuel, then this generator will not be a problem for you. It does have great features. However, the price still is not justified.


4.      Generac Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Generac portable generator is one of the products in the market that offer gas generators. It has different models, but this particular one provides up to 5500 running watts. About 7.2 gallons of fuel can provide you up to 10 hours on 50% load. A steel tube cradle is added for additional strength and durability. For portability, you will find never flattening wheel attached. The generator is designed to give you alerts of maintenance so that your machine works in the finest conditions. It provides around 120v of electricity, and you get your first oil included with the product. The price of this product is a little over the budget. Nevertheless, it is suitable for a machine like this.


  • An additional steel tube cradle is added for extra safety
  • A pair of never flattening wheels and a foldable handle is attached for portability
  • You will get alerts of maintenance so that you can run it in the finest conditions
  • The generator is gas powered


  • The generator does not have any other option for fuel system
  • The machine is a manual start


A little overboard on the pocket, this generator wows people with its small yet efficient qualities. It is certainly the best generator for the money and is recommended by us.


5.      Briggs & Stratton Portable Generator

Briggs and Stratton is a known name to produce the best emergency generator for home. This particular machine is filled with attractive features that you will not be able to resist. The device provides you with about 6000 running watts and a durable and quality ensured engine. It provides up to 12 hours of running at 50% load on a full tank of about 7 gallons of gas.  This quality makes the machine pretty fuel efficient. The company gives a two-year warranty to satisfy its customers. The stylish design and the unique 10 inch wide wheels allow you to carry it anywhere with comfort and style intact. The product is a little towards expensive, yet it is worth the money.


  • Fuel efficient with 7 gallons of gas allows 10 hours of constant supply on half load
  • 6000 running watts with a durable engine
  • Portability through wheels with additional style
  • Two years warranty by the host company


  • A little high maintenance
  • There is no inverter to stabilize power surges


If you are willing to spend a little extra without compromising on quality, this generator will work wonders for you. It certainly deserves to be on the list of the best portable generator.


6.      Briggs and Stratton Power Smart Inverter Generator

Another one of Briggs and Stratton’s generators are on this list because of its unique design and high-quality features. This generator is a small generator and used for the more trivial purposes. It gives around 1700 running watts. It is an inverter generator which makes it efficient through power surges, and it protects your small electric appliances. It is easy to transport and is run quietly. A unique feature allows you to increase its generation by connecting two of a kind generators. For a small and straightforward machine, this product is not worth the offered money.


  • A small and sleek design easy to carry to camps
  • Quiet technology is used to ensure no disturbance
  • 1 gallon of fuel runs for about 8 hours at 25% load
  • Can double power by connecting the same kind generator


  • It does not have a fuel gauge or an hour meter
  • Does not provide much power


This small machine is perfect for outdoors, and camping trips since it can run short for houses. However, it still does not seem to be priced fairly.

Buyers’ Guide:

After the portable generator reviews of the best portable generators that we have chosen, this buyers’ guide is compiled to reduce any confusion and answer the most asked questions.

1.      What kind of generator should I buy?

This question will be one of the first questions after you decide to purchase a portable generator. You need to select if you want gas, propane, or two in one. Next, you will need to decide whether you want an electric starting one or not. Another choice you will have to make is of its running watts and tank size. All these questions are further detailed to help you make the right decision.

2.      How much should the running watts be?

Ideally about 3000 running watts are enough to provide essential power to your house. However, if you are more into running additional appliances, heaters, and air conditioners, you will need a generator that gives you more power. The price will vary, but you can pick the right one by calculating what appliances you want to run.

3.      Do I need a transfer switch?

A transfer switch in the generator allows you to connect your machine to the electrical system of your house. This feature is available in some generators that are a little costly. However, you may find this feature very important to help you in securing your house from any mishap while running the machine.

4.      Do I need an electric start?

This option is completely up to you. An electric start may cause a few extra bucks. However, it is more convenient rather than the manual start which is a string that you have to pull with all your might and force.

5.      Do I need gauges?

Many generators come with a fuel gauge that indicates the level of remaining fuel; an hour gauge that helps you in calculating for how many hours the machine has been running; oil maintenance dial that indicates when the oil needs to be changed, and other dials. All these will help you in the maintenance and are preferred.

 Overall Conclusion:

Keeping in mind all the factors and product reviews, for us the Champion Power equipment portable generator is the winner. The reason behind it is its affordability and its many qualities out of which the dual fuel trumps. This is one of the best portable generators that you will ever find at a competitive price.