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Best Nut Driver Set for Electricians

Klein Tools 647M

Workmen are constantly in need of the best tools for their field of work, may it be for electrical, carpentry, industrial, or even for home use.

Among thousands of tools available in the market today, it’s really hard to distinguish which tool is which for every workman.

In addition to this, tool manufacturers of different forms constantly develop and produce more tools to help a lot of people with their given tasks.

One of the most common tools that you can find in every workman’s, especially an electrician’s, toolbar is the nut driver.

As we all know, hundreds or even thousands, of these tools are being distributed every month, serving important roles in nuts and bolts operations.



My Best Nut Driver Set List

This is the section of the article wherein I show you the top 5 picks for the best nut drivers.

NamePieces SizesPrice
Milwaukee Nut Drivers7¼ inch, 5/16 inch, 11/32 inch, 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch, ½ inch and 9/16 inch$$$
Greenlee Nut Drivers7 3/6 inch, ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, 11/32 inch, 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch and ½ inch$
Klein Tools 647M 7646-3/16M, 646-1/4M, 646-5/16M, 646-11/32M, 646-3/8M, 646-7/16M, and 646-1/2M$$$
Craftsman Nut Drivers12¼ inch, 5/16 inch, 11/32 inch, 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch, ½ inch, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm and 11 mm$$
Wera Nut Drivers75.0 x 70mm, 5.5 x 70mm, 6.0 x 70mm, 7.0 x 80mm, 8.0 x 80mm, 10.0 x 80mm, and 13.0 x 80mm $



Milwaukee 48-22-2507 Magnetic Hollow Core SAE Nut Drivers (7 Pieces)

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation manufactures and distributes a variety of tools, bringing convenient and user-friendly tools around the world. Milwaukee is one of the leading tool brands in the industry today and they continue their services with new innovations created under the company’s name.

One of the many high-quality tools made by Milwaukee is the Magnetic Hollow Core SAE Nut Drivers. This nut driver set of 7 pieces features a thread-thru design for unlimited depth in threaded rods and long bolt applications.

The universal drivers have magnetic heads that can fit 4 times more fasteners, including square, hex, 12-point, and spline drives. The Wrench-ready hex steel shanks are forged and chrome plated, providing maximum durability for guaranteed long lasting usage. The Milwaukee Electronic Company has a lifetime warranty for each of its nut drivers.


  • The Milwaukee nut driver set model’s Hollow Core unlimited depth can be used on longer bolts or rod applications.
  • The drivers’ magnetic heads provide secure fitment when in fitment applications or operations.
  • The universal driver’s heads have the ability to fit 4 times more fasteners.
  • This product features easy removal of rusted and stripped bolts.
  • Each nut driver has color coded ID markings that allow the user to quickly identify the needed tool when on the job site.
  • The nut drivers’ forged and chrome plated shanks are corrosion resistant, providing optimum durability and longer life.
  • The Wrench-ready hex shanks allows additional leverage
  • The 7 piece set of nut drivers consist of: ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, 11/32 inch, 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch, ½ inch and 9/16 inch Magnetic Hollow Core nut drivers.


  • The nut drivers’ are too long for the magnets to hold a screw, while smaller sizes do not grip very well.
  • The universal drivers tend to slip.


Greenlee 0253-01C Heavy Duty Nut Driver Set with 3 inch Shank and Soft Ergo Grip (7 Pieces)

Greenlee Textron is a US based industrial and tool company that has been manufacturing tools that are distributed among tool industries around the world.

With strong competitions, Greenlee makes sure that they are right on track by producing high-quality tools for every workman’s needs.

Hand tools and accessories under Greenlee are specifically designed by professional electricians for them to produce tools that are more convenient to use and have evident optimum performance among its users.

One of Greenlee Textron’s competitive products is the 0253-01C Heavy Duty Nut Driver Set with 3 inch Shank and Soft Ergo Grip.

The nut driver set consists of 3/6 inch, ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, 11/32 inch, 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch and ½ inch 6 point nut drivers.

The drivers are made of high grade, rust resistant and chrome plated finish that provides rust protection and durability, which results in long lasting usage.

The drivers’ 6 point sockets have precise and accurate fastener fit. For better handling, every driver has cushion grips, providing extra comfort and better torque.


  • The product has rugged hollow shafts for screw clearance.
  • The handle and shaft are marked for easier identification of the right nut driver and its size.
  • It exceeds the ASME / ANSI specifications.
  • Each driver from the set is heavily constructed with high grade, rust resistant , and chrome plated finish, providing durability among users.



  • There are no note-worthy cons regarding this product.


Klein Tools 647M Magnetic Nut Driver Set with 6 inch Shafts (7 Pieces)

As what we all know, Klein Tools is one of the leading brands in the tool industry up until now. The company is very popular around the globe because of its production of the world’s finest tools, specifically designed for workmen who handle various fields.

The 647M Magnetic Nut Driver Set with 6-inch Shafts is one among the best tools that Klein Tools is offering in the market.

Each driver in the set (except for the 3/16 inch nut driver) has full hollow shafts that facilitate work on long bolt applications. The driver set consists of the following Cat No. : 646-3/16M, 646-1/4M, 646-5/16M, 646-11/32M, 646-3/8M, 646-7/16M, and 646-1/2M.

True to its product name, every nut driver in this set has magnetic tips that help the users to securely fit the fasteners on the drivers’ heads when in fitment applications. The handles are also cushioned to provide greater torque and comfort.

The drivers are made of chrome plated shafts for the prevention of corrosion.

Indeed, Klein once again created a hand tool that was specifically designed with the electricians in mind.


  • Each driver has Rare Earth magnetic tip.
  • Its cushion-grip handles allow users to attain greater torque and more comfort while working with the tool.
  • The product comes with internal flange that provides solid and twist-resistant shaft anchor.
  • Durability is guaranteed with the set’s chrome plated shafts for rust prevention.
  • The drivers have color coded handles for easy identification.


  • The holes in the hollow shafts are a bit small for the corresponding nut sizes.
  • The magnetic tips shatter or rip off after a year or two.


Craftsman Nut Driver Set Multi-Size Multi-Bit Drivers with Pouch (12 Pieces)

The craftsman tools are manufactured by various companies under certain contracts and are sold in Sears, Kmart (a sister retailer) and several other retailers. The Craftsman scored the highest for both “Brand Expectations” and “Trust” categories in a Harris Interactive poll.

Craftsman was also named as a favorite hand tool brand by the readers of Popular Mechanics in their Reader’s Choice Awards. Craftsman was also made an official tool brand of NASCAR and the DIY Network. These things prove that Craftsman has a good reputation to keep, therefore maintaining their good name through developing and optimizing their products to be sold by leading retailers.

The Craftsman hand tools are also backed up by an unlimited lifetime warranty. The program doesn’t require any receipt or dated proof of purchase. The customer may take the item to the local retail store and the item may be replaced or repaired for free.

The Craftsman Nut Driver Set is recommended for certain operations and for reaching fasteners in limited clearance applications. The nut driver set comes with folding zippered case to allow the users to easily organize the nut drivers in the set; store the tools properly to avoid misplacing them or worse, destroying them due to improper storage; and to have access in the portability of the set. They can travel anywhere with the set for emergency purposes or other circumstances that may need the help of the nut drivers.

Convenience is guaranteed with the nut drivers’ color coded handles with sizes stamped clearly at the end of it.

The set includes ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, 11/32 inch, 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch, ½ inch and 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm and 11 mm drivers.


  • The set has 6 inch and 6 metric nut drivers in the most common sizes.
  • Each side is stamped on the end of every color coded handle for easy identification.
  • The nut driver’s narrow shaft construction allows for easy access to fasteners with limited clearance.
  • The set comes with a folding zipper case for organization, storage and portability.


  • There are no note-worthy cons for this product.


Wera Hollow Shaft Nut Driver Set Metric, 395 Ho/7 Sm – 5029510002

Wera Tools is the popular screen name for the tool manufacturer, Wera Werk Hermann Werner Gmbh & Co. KG, based in Germany. Wera Tools is particularly well-known because of their screwdriver line. They specialize in the manufacturing of other hand tools, and that’s what make them even more famous.

One of their best nut driver sets is the Wera Hollow Nut Driver Set Metric, 395 Ho/7 Sm – 5029510002. The set consists of: 5.0 x 70mm, 5.5 x 70mm, 6.0 x 70mm, 7.0 x 80mm, 8.0 x 80mm, 10.0 x 80mm, and 13.0 x 80mm nut drivers.

The nut driver’s hollow shaft allows farther access to nuts on long thread rods.

Each driver comes with a Kraftform multi-component handle with hard and soft zones, fitting its shape to the hand for more comfort and greater torque.

There’s an anti-roll protection at the base of handle stops the drivers from rolling away at the workplace.

The handle markings of every driver in the set have screw symbols and size of tip so that the user can easily identify the right driver he’s going to use.


  • The hollow shaft allows much farther access to the nuts on long threaded rods.
  • The product has an anti-roll protection at the base of the handle to prevent the drivers from rolling away.
  • The Kraftform design fits the shape of the drivers to the users’ hands to give off extra comfort and improved torque.
  • The handle has markings including the screw symbol and the size of the tip for the users to be able to identify it easily.


  • There are no note-worthy cons for this product.



Electricians use a nut driver for tightening nuts, bolts and other fasteners. It is used to secure and undo a nut, which is a hexagonal fastener used in conjunction with a bolt. Screwdrivers and nut drivers look really identical at first glance as they both have a cylindrical handle. The only thing that differs the nut driver from the screwdriver is the end or tip that has a hexagonal opening that slips over the nut and uses the force of torsion to tighten or loosen nuts, when twisted by hand. Nut drivers have a socket on the head of the tool and a hollow shaft to make room for a shank where a nut is threaded. These tools are made out of high strength tempered steel and plastic. Expensive models, however, tend to have a rubber grip handle for more convenience.

These tools also have different types and sizes that are suited to work well on the given tasks. Nut drivers are classified as either the standard hand-held type or the steel drill bits that can be used with an electric drill.

These drivers are also available in a range of standard sizes to fit different sized nuts. In addition, metric and imperial sizing systems are both used.

Nut drivers are used for lower torque applications and are frequently used in appliance repairs, and electronic industries.



Before completing my list of the best nut drivers, I considered some important things to keep in my mind to avoid buying something that won’t work for me on a long term basis.

First, check the quality of the nut driver. You will never ever go wrong with a tool that’s made of high-quality materials. This saves you the time when going back the local shop to buy another nut driver because yours broke easily. Also, high quality means high durability.

Second, how durable is your tool? Durability dictates the lasting time of your nut driver. Of course, proper handling helps, but it’s still different when you buy something that has an outstanding durability. Make sure that the nut driver you’re looking to purchase has a chrome plated shaft to prevent corrosion from building up.

Third and last, know your sizes. Pick the right size and nut driver style for your task. It should be able to suit your work to make things smoother on your end. Make things extra convenient for you by knowing these things.



I have reached the end of this nut driver set review article. Hopefully, this gave you new knowledge about these drivers and ideas on what possible items are reaching out to you for your own good. See you around!