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Best Insoles for Work Boots

Best Insoles for Work BootsWorking men and women have a lot of things to keep in mind. If you want to work well for hours and hours, then you need to make sure you don’t get tired soon.

To save yourself fit and non-restlessness what matters most is a good pair of shoes, and what matters, even more, is the excellent insole of those boots.

There are times when people buy shoes by looking at them only. Once they start wearing them, they are not as comfortable as one thought to be.

Therefore, you need to look out for a good insole; then you can purchase the insole and use them in your new pair of shoes. Such insoles give you a comfort while you stand at work for more extended hours.If you are looking for the best insoles for work boots, then you have reached the right place.

Listed below are the comparisons of five best insoles;

NameMaterialShipping WeightPrice
Timberland PRO Unisex InsoleLeather2 pounds$$
Instant-Relief Orthotics Insoles Foam5 ounces$$$
Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Insoles
Gel7 ounces$$
Footminders COMFORT Insoles
Foam4 ounces$$
Jobsite Power Tuff Orthotic InsolesFoam7.8 ounces$$$

1.    Timberland PRO Unisex InsoleBest Insoles for Work Boots

These leather insoles are purely imported which are known to be synthetic soles. You can quickly remove them whenever needed. What they feature best is that they are anti-fatigue, you won’t get tired, and your heels won’t hurt badly even if you have been standing for a long time.

Maximum comfort is added by the inverted cone design which is very supportive and also light in weight. These insoles have a dynamic arch design which is suitable for all foot sizes and shapes. A shock absorption is used, and the energy returns giving you a smoother walk. The top cover is provided with temperature regulation such that odor is controlled.

These technology insoles are unique in their regard as they provide anatomically contoured for cradling the foot so that comfort is provided. The price of these timberland insoles is very nominal, and you won’t have to think for a second about it.


  • It absorbs shocking on every step you take and then return the energy to the sole.
  • The insole is quite durable and is used for a longer
  • The product is made with a suitable durable material.
  • Maximum comfort and support.
  • Waterproof insoles.
  • It reduces the maximum effect of fatigue and is best insoles for standing.


  • It might be a bit stiff at the start, so you need to use it twice and thrice before it sets best.


Timberland has the best insoles out there. They are not pricey at all and have latest technology used in them that gives you the comfort walk which you have been waiting for all those years.

2.    Instant-Relief Orthotics InsolesBest Insoles for Work Boots

Are you facing flat feet which is painful? If yes, then this item is for you. Most of the insoles are not made for the flat-footed people no one keeps that in mind. We have manufactured soles that are used by those people.

Optimization of different legs and feet functions to give you a smoother walk. They are designed by podiatrist which keeps in the head the foot conditions. The material of these insoles is very cushiony and will keep your feet at proper place avoiding any heel pain.

Fits all sizes and you don’t have to worry about which size shoe you buy, just buy them and replace the insole with this one. You will have a quick relief from the plantar fasciitis and the different heel pains. There is added a deep cushion under the sole which is not seen visibly but is of great help while you work. Samurai insoles are expensive for sure, but they are worth a buy as they are the best solution to your flat foot.


  • They fit comfortably; you don’t have to cut or trim them to fit in.
  • The product provides ample support and also bounces back and forth which gives you a comfortable pace.
  • These insoles are known to be instant pain relievers; you won’t have to worry much about your flat foot and the pain caused by ordinary
  • Flexible inside core is a great addition.


  • It is expensive.
  • Not necessarily used by the people who don’t have a flat


Samurai insoles are expensive, but they have so many advantages and will give you instant relief, so they are worth buying. If you have been facing various problems and are tired of the pain, then you can simply buy them.


3.    Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief InsolesBest Insoles for Work Boots

Dr. Scholl’s insoles are for the pain relief. They are used by all sort of workers which have to work for various hours and usually the develop pain in their lower back, foot, and leg. These insoles are designed primarily for men who weigh over 200 pounds and have a lot of fatigue on their feet.

An excellent new technology has been used which is known to be arch guard plus shock guard; it helps in distributing the weight over the whole foot in result reducing the impact.

Best insoles for work boots because it will relieve the back pain and the fatigue caused by legs and feet. It fits all the casual shoes and sneakers also. You can just trim them for setting them into your shoe size. They are mostly used for the work boots which help all men standing for a much longer time.

These are the best insoles for steel toe boots. They are not pricey at all, you can buy them at a low price, and they will provide you with best facilities.


  • Insoles are used for heavy-duty
  • They have shock guards installed in them.
  • Arch guard technology provides these insoles to be sturdy and also distributes the weight.
  • Human weight is felt lighter by using these insoles.
  • It reduces the back-muscle pains.
  • Scholl’s has offered a money back guarantee.


  • These insoles are known to be a little squeaky, so one might get a bit irritated by using them.


These insoles are suited best if you have severe problems with your feet. Dr. Scholl’s has been kind enough to manufacture the best insoles for work boots. Men who have to carry out a lot of weight are safe enough to use these insoles as it will divide the impact.


4.    Footminders COMFORT InsolesBest Insoles for Work Boots

Foot minders have designed their insoles as soft and cushioning. It relieves the foot pain which is caused by flat foot and plantar fasciitis. They are comfortable to wear and take in all the pain by dividing the shock at different spots.

You can use these insoles in work boots and all other sports shoes as well. Such insoles are recommended by the chiropractors and podiatrists as it helps to relieve the foot pain and low arches as well.

It is ideal for the use for the people who are standing or walking for more extended periods. The company guarantees 100% money back guarantee as well. Insoles provide you the biochemical alignment for your lower body which is helpful to keep your back up straight. The price of these are nominal, and you don’t have to pay much for the worth they are of.


  • These soles correct over pronation which is caused by flat-footedness.
  • Cushioning on them provides a firm support for the arches.
  • They are used for lace-up shoes as well.


  • These insoles are black, and they might leave out some color imprints inside the shoes.


Soft and cushiony insoles are always every one need, so if you want to buy them go ahead. They are a little pricey and may be listed at 3rd for being best insoles for work boots.


5.    Jobsite Power Tuff Orthotic InsolesBest Insoles for Work Boots

Jobsite Orthotic insoles are made for the workers who have a tough job and have to stand for long hours. The deep heel cup is designed which fits best inside your shoes. They are stable and prevent heel shock so that your body stays in the right position.

Arch support is the plus point which helps in relieving the common foot pains and also enables you to work better.The top fabric of these insoles is made anti-bacterial and breathable so that you won’t feel sweaty and won’t have to bear any stink. It has quite a molded shell which gives firm support.

Sole helps best to reduce fatigue and gives you a boost for energizing your next steps. The price of these insoles is nominal, and they are definitely worth the price.


  • The breathable sole is a great way to avoid stinking feet.
  • The manufacturer guarantees 100% money back if the customer is not satisfied.
  • The footbed reduces the stress on the feet.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • These are the best insoles for work boots on concrete.


  • Arch support is a bit thin, and some people don’t like this fact.


If you want comfortable walking style, then these insoles are one of the best insoles for working boots. You can purchase them and live a good comfortable life. They are not even pricey at all so don’t have second thoughts while buying these pair of insoles for yourself.


Buying guide:

Does insole sizing matter?

Size of insole does matter in the case that you don’t buy the one that is too small. But if you buy an insole which is large then that is okay as they are for trimming. Many people just make the purchase and trim them according to their sizes. Make sure you buy one up a size if it’s one down then it will cause problems, and you will regret your purchase.

Should I need to keep in mind my foot arch type before buying an insole?

For sure you need to check out the arch type before you buy an insole. There are three different types of arches namely neutral, low and high arches. It is essential to know which arch is made for you. Every insole will be only based on one of the arch types.

If you purchase the one that is not your type, then that is your purchase wasted as it will not only worsen your feet situation but will also cause you many other problems. Identify your arch type and then purchase the item.

Is material of insole important?

No matter what you buy material is always relevant. It is actually what defines the quality and stability of a product. There are usually four most standard insoles either made up of gel, foam, leather or cork. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Gel insole is best for shock absorption; foam insole is good for cushioning. Leather works perfect for that unique feel and durability, whereas cork is for support and lightly cushion.

Which volume insole is perfect for working men?

The amount of volume an insole takes in your shoes is the vital thing that you need to look out for. Almost all insoles are designed to fit all shoe types. Still, there are three different volumes from which you can choose high, medium and low.

High volume is suited best for hiking purposes, medium volume insoles are for athletic footwear, and finally, the low volume is for working boots.

Which insole footbed type is perfect for use?

There are four different types of footbeds. It is important to see which one are you buying by noting the intensity of workload. You will find cushioned footbed or flat insole. It is highly recommended that you use the cushioned footbed if you are a flat-footed person or if you have any heels problem.

The flat insole in other words non-cushiony bed is used for people who don’t like the effect of cushion under their feet.

Overall conclusion:

Haven’t you made the decision so far, still wondering which is the best work boot insoles? Then trust our pick. The best insole for work boots is Timberland PRO Unisex Insole. Timberland is known to be the best company which manufactures the most comfortable insoles for working people. Its design is unique and gives a smooth walk or if you have to stand for a more extended span.

A newer technology used is shockproof which absorbs every step you take. These insoles are better than others as they are waterproof and are made up of leather which is a durable material.