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Best Impact Driver Bit Set

Best Impact Driver Bit Set If you are in search of the best impact driver bit set for your impact driver to carry out your fastening tasks without much hassle, we have reviewed for you the best impact driver bit sets to choose from.

These impact driver bits are constructed of high-quality metal and steel to absorb the shocks and wear of an impact driver.

You can perform your fastening and drilling tasks in your house or at work, without much worry by using the best bit sets for your impact driver.

The best impact driver bit sets are designed incredibly to suit your requirements and reduce stripping and wobbling while you are doing your job.

The impact driver bit sets are durable and you don’t even have to worry about their wear and tear much. They are available in the market at highly affordable prices. You will not regret investing your money on an impact driver bit set.

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NameNo. of piecesWeightPrice
Dewalt screw driving set 401.2 lbs.$$$
Makita Contractor Grade bit set701.96 lbs.$$
IRWIN tools fastener driver bit 331.2 lbs.$
Milwaukee driver bit set 1002.38 lbs.$
Hitachi driver bit set 451.38 lbs.$$


1.    DEWALT SCREW DRIVING SETBest Impact Driver Bit Set

Dewalt screw driving set is designed to be a very handy set for all the do-it-yourself and professional enthusiasts. It is one of the best bit set for impact driver which is one of a kind. The set comprises 40 pieces which are perfectly designed to fulfill even the toughest jobs of drilling and screwing.

The impact driver bits are constructed from high-speed steel which makes it easy for you to even drill on rough and hard surfaces smoothly and conveniently. The impact driver is durable and has a long life. You can use it for years to come and you won’t be disappointed.

The shank type of these bits is hex which means that you can use them with your hex shank impact driver. Hex shanks are less likely to slip and work really well for hard materials. You can easily drill holes on tough surfaces without any breakage.

The set gives you a warranty of one year. You can replace it within a year if you accidentally break any of the bits.


  • Extremely durable and long-lasting, they have a very long lifespan.
  • Lightweight and portable and can be easily carried wherever you want
  • You can easily drill or drive them on steel, wood or metal.
  • They are exceptionally built to deal with the wear and shocks of the process of drilling
  • They make drilling very easy and convenient for you


  • If you use them on very high torque applications, they might break
  • It is difficult to fit the impact driver bits with the impact driver if the shank is not compatible


Dewalt screw driving set is innovatively designed for your drilling and fastening tasks. You can rely on the instruments of the set for you most difficult drilling tasks. You don’t have to use much of your energy while doing the job. Dewalt screw driving makes things easy and convenient for you.


2.    Makita Contractor-Grade bit setBest Impact Driver Bit Set

While choosing to buy the best impact driver bit set, you have to keep in mind to choose the one which is constructed to do even the toughest drilling jobs. This impact bit set is specially designed for use in wood and plastic materials. You can also use the best impact bits on a metal surface.

You can easily change the impact driver bits and do your job at a face pace. You can change the bits according to your needs. They are of different sizes and dimensions. They are built to provide maximum efficiency and performance. You can do your drilling work at a fast pace with the help of Makita Contractor Grade bit set.

The bit set is durable and heat-treated. It has a long lifespan. You can use it all your life. Because they are heat treated, they are long-lasting. They don’t rust and corrode easily. The bit set comes with 70 different pieces with a bit holder. They are compatible with impact drivers which are ¼ and drills and drivers which are 3/8 or 1/2.


  • The bit set is portable and can easily be moved from one place to another. You don’t have to worry about moving it around
  • Makita makes your drilling job very easy and convenient. You can do the drilling in minutes without much effort and force.
  • The bits are covered with a black oxide which resists them from corroding.


  • The bits can break easily.
  • The bits don’t work well on tough and hard surfaces. They cannot be used for hard fastening and screwing jobs.


If you want to invest your money in buying the best impact driver bit set, then Makita Contractor-Grade bit set is ideal for you. The bit set has a large number of high-quality bits which are useful for different drilling applications.


3.    IRWIN Tools Fastener Driver BitBest Impact Driver Bit Set

If you are an electrician or a technician, your job requires certain tools and equipment. Without having the proper tools, you will not be able to do your job well. Having the best impact bits with an ideal impact driver is something you cannot compromise.

IRWIN tools fastener driver bit set is one of the best impact driver bit set which every electrician and technician should have. The best impact driver bits are constructed with heavy duty and high-grade steel.

Using the bits with the best impact driver will make your fastening and drilling requirements very convenient.

The bits are covered with a black oxide which prevents it from rusting and corroding and increases the lifespan of the bits. The set comprises of 33 impact pieces which are of different sizes and dimensions. You can use them according to your requirement.

The set comes with a case which makes it easy for you to store the bits and use them later. The set is very reasonable and affordable


  • The bits are specifically designed to stay for a longer lifespan. They are highly durable and you can use them for so many years ahead.
  • Irwin tool bits are coated with black oxide and do not get rusty
  • They are very easy to use and they make your drilling experience very exciting.


  • The set has some shapes which are not very useful, the most useful bit shape is hex, the set does not have much of them
  • The bits can break easily if used on hard surfaces

4.    Milwaukee driver bit setBest Impact Driver Bit Set

We cannot deny the fact the when it comes to buying the best impact bits, you want to buy the best impact driver bit set. Milwaukee driver bit set is one of the finest impact bits set available in the market.

Milwaukee driver bit set has so many good features which cannot be overlooked. They work well even on the toughest surfaces and you can carry out your most difficult fastening jobs with them.

They are heat treated bits and made from steel which makes them highly durable and long lasting. They can deal with the shocks and stresses an impact driver gives them.

The bit set has 100 pieces which are of different sizes and shapes. You can use them according to your drilling requirements. The set is available at a very affordable price and if you are looking for an ideal driver bit set, you should buy it without giving a second thought.


  • The bits are heat treated which maximizes their power to deal with the shocks and wear
  • The bits fit very precisely with the machine which prevents wobbling and stripping and you are able to carry out the task very easily
  • The set has 30 times longer life compared to standard bit sets and it can absorb 3-time torque compared to an ordinary bit set.


  • The bits of the impact driver set is easily breakable
  • The black oxide coating makes the bits a bit oily and slippery


The Milwaukee driver bit set is engineered to fulfill your drilling needs very efficiently and effectively. If you are planning to buy a driver bit set this is the best impact driver bit set for you.


5.    Hitachi driver bit setBest Impact Driver Bit Set

Extremely tough bits by Hitachi which is one of the leading companies of impact driver bits set. They are designed to deal with the tough job site cases which are difficult to handle.

They fit really well with the shank of the impact driver. The bits are designed in such a way that there is no wobbling and slipping while performing the fastening task.

The driver bit set comes with 45 pieces which are of different designs and sizes. The bit set is durable and lasts for a long time. It is a one- time investment which every technician should make. The price is very reasonable and worth the money.

The bits are able to absorb maximum shocks and bear the stresses of an impact driver which makes them one of the most preferred bits in the market.


  • The bit set comes with an incredible case which makes it easy for you to store the bits and save them for later use
  • The bit set is durable and long lasting


  • The set is not very durable as compared to other sets available in the market
  • The bits are easily breakable.


Hitachi driver bit set is one of a kind which has all the quality the best impact driver bit set should have. It is affordable and not too pricey. The bit set makes your drilling job easier and convenient and you are able to perform the most daunting tasks with the help of it

Buying Guide:

What are impact driver bit sets?

If you have to do a tough job of fastening nuts, that requires a lot of screws, like building a deck or putting up a fence in your garden or making a hole on the wall to hang a photograph in your house, you will require an impact driver to do the fastening job quickly and efficiently.

With the impact driver, you will need the necessary bits and screws to get the job done. These impact driver bits come in different shapes and sizes. They come with different dimensions. Each impact bit set has a different number of bits in it. You can choose the one according to your requirement.

Are impact driver bit sets durable?

Impact driver bit sets or impact drill bit sets are constructed with maximum durability. They have a very long life with the impact drivers. They are known to handle the abuse of impact drivers. They are specially designed with ultra-strong metal or steel to be highly durable.

They let you do your work more efficiently with your impact driver without worrying about causing any damage to them.  You can carry out the most demanding activities using impact driver bit tools with your drill machines or impact drivers

Is impact driver sets easy to use?

Impact driver bit sets are very easy for you to use. They come in different sizes and shapes. You can choose the ones which best fit your impact driver head.

If you want to do some drilling or screwing in your house or you are an electrician and your job requires a lot of biting and fastening, you should buy impact driver sets for yourself to make your life easier.

They make it very convenient for you to do the drilling and screwing without much hassle. They can handle heavy-duty metal drilling even though very hard materials.

Does the size of impact driver bits matter?

Impact driver bit sets come in different sizes and dimensions. They are constructed in different shapes and styles. They have different lengths. You have to choose the right impact driver bits according to your needs. You can drill several sizes of holes with these bits.

While choosing the best impact driver bit set you should keep in mind that the bits and the shank of your impact driver have the same diameter. You can drill extremely larger holes the deeper you drill the bit with the driver.

Are impact driver bits strong enough?

Impact driver bits are made of strong steel and metals. They are very strong and does not snap quickly. The best impact bits are innovatively designed and are heat treated to control hardness and rigidity.

You can drill holes with the use of impact bits on very tough surfaces as well. They have a longer lifespan and you don’t have to worry about the bits being brittle and fragile.

Are impact driver bits worth the money?

Impact driver bits are innovatively designed for all your drilling needs. No matter what profession you are in, you will need an impact driver for yourself. An impact driver without the impact driver bits is useless.  You will have to buy impact driver bits set with it.

Although impact driver bit is not something you will use on daily basis, if you are not a technician or an electrician, you will need to buy one for your household chores. Impact driver bit sets are one-time investment. If you purchase a good quality set, it will last forever if used properly. It is definitely worth the money you spend on it.


The best impact driver bit set is the one which is engineered with high-quality steel which has the best absorption. A bit set which has the ability to deal with the shocks of an impact driver is the most efficient and effective bit set for you.

Gone are the days of having bulky and heavy power tools to handle your drilling and fastening jobs Dewalt screw driving set is the best impact driver bit set which has all the qualities a bit set should have. It is long-lasting and can be used for years to come. It is portable and is designed to complete a variety of different tasks that are unattainable with other impact driver bit sets.