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Best Heated Jackets

Best Heated JacketsWinter is coming and are you getting worried about a chilly weather? Now, you don’t need to worry about putting up layer after layer to keep yourself warm as heated jackets are here to keep you warm even in the coldest conditions.

Using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, these heated jackets keep you warm in harsh chill conditions whether you are just walking out, jogging, riding a bike or on job site.

Heated jackets are made of modern technology and the material used in their manufacturing can easily be washed. They can provide heat continuously up to many hours and their batteries can be recharged on the go.

Without getting heated up, you can wear these jackets while controlling the heat level of your desire and weather needs.

Here we have collected and discussed 6 of the best heated jackets. Their specs, pros, and cons are discussed to help you choose easily.


BoschBlack5 lbs.12V$$
MilwaukeeBlack3.1 lbs.12V$$$
OroroBlue3.6 lbs.7.4V$
MakitaBlack3.8 lbs.18V$
DeWaltBlack5.6 lbs.12V$$$


1.      Bosch Men’s Heated JacketBest Heated Jackets

A high quality heated jacket by Bosch which is the best heated jacket for men. Resistant to harsh weather, wind, and rain, this heated jacket is made of 100% polyester of imported high-quality material. Powered by 12-volt battery system and 3 different heating options. It has straightforward push-button settings for heat on high (red), medium (green) and low (blue) level warming up two chest zones and one back zone quickly.

With this 3 level temperature controller, you can have the maximum comfort and warmth in any harsh and cold conditions. Not only this, it has five pockets including two hand pockets easily for you to carry your necessary things like cell phone or any document on the go. The heated jacket by Bosch has 6 hours run time without any interruption so keeps you warm continuously.

Also, this jacket features USB charging options with a USB port which is comparable to the most of the devices. With its superior design especially for rough job conditions and adjustable sleeves, this is one of the best jackets affordably available in the market.


  • The length and arms are perfect even for a tall person.
  • The jacket is made of excellent quality material.
  • Polyester is of good material and no wind gets through it.
  • The jacket heats up quickly and lasts for 6-8 hours.
  • It has a convenient belt for power boost anywhere with a 12-volt battery.
  • The pockets are quite spacy and carry things around.


  • They should have heating zones on arms too.
  • Battery life should last a little longer.

If you want to keep yourself warm in winters and rough job site conditions, then this is the right heated jacket for you. Available in ideal black color, necessary specs and a good price, this is a sure purchase for your winters.


2.      Milwaukee Lithium-ion Heated JacketBest Heated Jackets

The all-new heated jacket by Milwaukee with adjustable heat technology. This jacket helps you to adjust its temperature according to the conditions and your need for just touching a button. Made of carbon fibers to evenly distribute the heat on the chest front and back, this is one of the best heated jackets you can have in your wardrobe.

A combination of durable cotton/polyester materials with waffle weaves trap the heat and increase the warmth even across core body areas. This feature improves the warmth and comfort as compared to other standard hoodies and jackets thereby providing you full cozy feeling. Its heat can last up to 6 hours of run time with lithium 2.0Ah compact battery pack.

It also has pockets to carry your phones and other things easily on the go. Available in grey and black color, you can choose between different sizes for an affordable price.


  • The jacket is washable and dryable easily.
  • Milwaukee jacket traps heat and the low option is good enough.
  • The jacket is really comfortable. It is even warm without turning the heat
  • The jacket looks great and has a good appearance when you wear it.
  • The outer material is of superior quality.


  • There should be a proper guide for choosing the right size. Otherwise, you may end up with buying the wrong jacket which does not fit you.

For anybody looking for a decent looking jacket yet providing enough warmth, this may be the right choice for him. It is available in two colors with an excellent material that outperforms the other traditional hoodies and jackets.


3.      Ororo men’s heated jacketBest Heated Jackets

Made of 100% pure polyester material of superior quality, heated jacket from Ororo is a blessing in your winters. Its temperature setting options of high, medium and low allow you to perfectly fit temperature by just a push of a button. The Ororo soft shell jacket is made of carbon fibers which trap the heat and distribute it all across your body including chests (both left and right) and mid of back.

With 7.4 V battery which works up to 8 hours continuously, this is one of the best heated jacket available for you to challenge the harsh climate. Having a lightweight, it does not feel bulky when you wear it. Its DWR coating makes it water and wind resistant keeping you fully warm in chilly conditions.

Easily washable in the machine without any need for instructions, it also provides ultimate protection from any short circuits. Available with a 1-year warranty and blue color, this is a must buy for your protection.


  • The style of the jacket is fit and the quality is great.
  • You can wear it even without turning the power on it still feels warm.
  • The battery is easily rechargeable.
  • Battery pocket does not interfere with the movement and is ideally located.
  • It is easily washable due to its outer material and dries quickly


  • Battery replacement is not so cheap.
  • Choosing size is important which fits perfectly.

To protect yourself against cold weather, the heated jacket by Ororo made of high-quality carbon fibers and the washable material is the right choice for you. With the specs worth the money, it would be a good addition to your winter’s wearing.

4.      Duran 5V/2a Heated HoodieBest Heated Jackets

A cheaper full zipped hoodie by Duran. Specifically designed to cover your body and keep it warm in chilly situations. It provides up to 8 hours of radiant heat keeping your body to stand against harsh winds. With a 5V consistent power delivery, this heated jacket can provide heat no matter what the weather condition is. You give your power bank and Duran heat gear handles the rest.

The power bank perfectly gets fit in a pocket near the hip and does not feel bulky. With a sophisticated grey color and contrasting drawstrings, this is one of the best heated jackets you can have to be ready all the time. It consists of two pockets so you can handle your necessary items on the go.

Made of carbon fibers responsible for the supreme heat performance at three different levels. This heated jacket by Duran comes with a one-year warranty. For an affordable price, it can provide you warmth for years.


  • The heated jacket of Duran is machine washable.
  • The hoodie is still warm and cozy even without turning the heater
  • Its heating elements are much better and warm up in a couple of seconds.
  • The hoodie by Duran is well built and seems durable enough to last for a long time.
  • USB port comes out of the pocket which is nice.


  • The wires that connect to the battery may get broken earlier than expected.
  • The sweatshirt is cheaply made but still fashionable.

For anybody looking for a heated jacket with having own power bank and at a good price, then the heated jacket by Duran may be one of the best heated jacket available for you.


5.      Makita Lithium-ion cordless heated jacketBest Heated Jackets

Makita heated jacket available for you to stay warm and toasty in harsh weather conditions. Its 18V LXT cordless feature can provide hat up to 28 hours continuously. Not only this, keep all your devices charged on the go by onboard USB power port. Adjust your hoodie temperature by a simple on/off heat controller with L.E.D indicator lights.

  • Makita hoodie supplies heat to three core areas of your body including chests and back. Another additional feature is that it can become a vest anytime you want due to its zip-off With having 4 pockets one chest, two sides and a sleeve pocket, it can carry your things easily. The soft-fleece collar adds extra comfort and knitted cuffs provide a better fit.

Available with a one-year warranty, this heated jacket comes in black color and a camo design for all your fashion needs. It is a good purchase for having the warmth in your winters for a good price.


  • The jacket by Makita fits perfectly to your body and is not loose.
  • You will love its separated sleeves feature.
  • The jackets are quite attractive.
  • The two outer pockets are nicely positioned so that the heating elements warm them up.
  • The L.E.D light indicates easily which level of heat you have selected.
  • It can last on low settings for up to 12 hours and has large warming pads.


  • The battery pouch is at the back corner and sometimes feel bulky when you insert a battery.

For anyone looking for a jacket cum vest with enough warmth for a long time, this will be one of the best heated jackets you can have in your cold weather gear.


6.      Dewalt Max black heated jacketBest Heated Jackets

Providing a complete warmth and coziness in a chill weather, Dewalt is great for all your outdoor protection against the chill. This heated jacket has a 20 V Max battery which can provide heat up to 7.5 hours of runtime. Featuring four heating zones, Left and right chest, one mid back and one collar, this is one of the best heated jacket available for you.

It also incorporates three heating settings with an additional pre-heat function. The battery can be stored in an efficient battery pocket easily. Also, the USB cable can reach easily to your chest for a convenient charging of any of your device. Having a total of 5 pockets, this heated jacket by Dewalt is spacious enough to carry your things on the go.

The Dewalt kit includes a jacket, 20V power source, 20V battery and a 20V/12V charger. With a water-resistant outer layer, this is the best jacket kit for its price.


  • The kit contains a jacket which has 5 pockets.
  • It has routing ports for an easy cell phone charging.
  • The outer material is tightly woven.
  • You can zip or unzip zippers even with the gloves on.
  • It is water and dirt resistant and shed them fairly well.
  • You can wear your battery on front pockets or lower back.


  • It should be little warmer.
  • It mainly warms up your back only.

For anyone looking for a complete heated jacket kit from a good company, this may be the right choice for you. For its good price, this will be a nice purchase for your upcoming chill climate.


Purchasing the right type of heated jacket is necessary to save you from spending your money on an uninviting thing. Some people are new to buy these types of products. So here, we have listed some buying guides for you to keep in mind before going to buy any heated jacket.

Q1. What size will fit you? And are different sizes available?

There are many sizes available for some heated jackets while only a limited sizes for others. Usually, try to buy one size bigger to fit it over your top, sweater or coat in winters. People are complaining about the size of winters. Measure your fitting first and then buy which suits you. There are some sizes from which you can choose like small, medium, large, xl, XXL, but that doesn’t mean that they will perfectly fit you. So, you should always know your body dimensions before buying any heated jacket and asses charts available on the heated jackets sites.

Q2. What is the best material for any heated jacket?

The type of the material used in the construction of a heated jacket is largely responsible for heating. There are polymer elements, carbon fibers, and wire-like elements. By far the most reliable ones are carbon fibers as they are more durable and provides warmth sufficiently.

Q3. Are all types of heated jackets machine washable? Also, can they be dried in the machine?

There are some heated jackets which can be machine washed but not all. So, you should always read specs before buying if you are intended to buy a machine washable heated hoodie.

Mostly, heated jackets are dried in sun or air. The machine can damage the material of the jacket or make it lose.

Q4. What gives power to a heated jacket and is it safe to buy a heated jacket?

Heated jackets come with rechargeable lithium-ion battery along with a charger. These items are responsible for delivering the power to your jacket thereby keeping you warm. All heated jackets are made through approved technology and there is no danger in using them. In fact, people have been using them now for a long time.

Q5. How heavy is the battery which comes along with the heated jacket?

Mostly, batteries are not heavy or cumbersome. Also, they can be placed in the pockets of the jacket so does not feel bulky when you wear your hoodie.

Q6. What thing protects from any mishap as these heated jackets have batteries?

Many heated jackets available on the market come with built-in circuit breaker. These stops the flow of current if any excess of current is detected. But, not all of the heated jackets may have this option. So, you need to check its features and specs thoroughly before buying.

Q7. How long can the heater last?

It depends on which level you select for heating. If it is a low option, it may last up to 8-12 hours depending on battery power of your jacket. As you increase the temperature, the heating time keeps on decreasing.


Heated jackets are undoubtedly a blessing when you feel cold in chilly weather thereby giving you a complete comfort. They maintain your active lifestyle despite any circumstances and looks good as well. From the above mentioned heated jackets, Bosch Men’s heated jacket stands on the top of others. With its overall good performance and 100% pure material, this is the best heated jacket for you.