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Best Ethernet Crimping Tool

Best Ethernet Crimping ToolEthernet cables are present in almost every home. The first time you have issues with your cable, you might use the services of an electrician or some other professional who fixes network cables.

However, now if you need to change the interior of your home, or if you want to adjust the length of your cable, then you would have to call that electrician again. It can be difficult and expensive to get such minor services done from professionals again and again.

Let us tell you that you can do all adjustments on your own quite easily without any assistance. For this, you would need some high-quality tools, a crimping tool being the most important among them.

As the quality of your internet also depends on your cables and the way they are attached, high-quality cables with proper crimping can give reliable results.

We have collected a list of a few high-quality ethernet crimping tools, along with brief reviews and other specifications for the tools.

TRENDnet TC-CT68Crimp/cut/strip


11.2 ounces

Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp ToolCrimp tool
1.2 lbs
Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN CrimperConnect twisted pair/RJ45
11.4 ounces
Fluke Networks 11212530 Modular CrimperCrimp/cut/strip
12.8 ounces
Epsilon EPS2000CRC Crimping ToolCrimperVolatage
12 ounces
Gardner Bender Modular Plug CrimperCrimp/cut/strip5.2x12x1.2”12.8 ounces$$

1.      TRENDnet TC-CT68Best Ethernet Crimping Tool

This TRENDnet TC-CT68 tool can perform crimping, cutting, and stripping, as well. The body of this crimping tool is made up of steel to make it sturdy. It can be used while working with telephone or Ethernet cables. The most prominent feature of this crimping tool is its ratchet mechanism that keeps the tool closed when not in use.

The design of this tool is compact, which offers ease of use and great hand grip of the tool. With its perfect style, it provides a professional approach and can be used to cut, strip, and crimp cables for 8- and 6-position modular plugs. In short, with this small compact tool, you can do a variety of your network-related tasks.

It can also be used for 8P/RJ-45, RJ-11, and 6P/RJ. As far as the price range of this tool is concerned, it is very low. You can easily afford the tool. It can be listed among the least expensive tools on our list of ethernet crimping tools.


  • As it can offer multiple functions such as stripping, cutting, and crimping, it may reduce the need for purchasing additional tools.
  • With its compact size and user-friendly mechanism, it might be easy for newbies to work with this tool.
  • It may be convenient to use due to its ratchet mechanism.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • It may prove to be difficult releasing with its ratchet mechanism.
  • Because of the alignment of its blades, you may have difficulty cutting and stripping.


For all those people looking for a low-priced, high-quality crimping tool, this one should be their pick. It offers multiple functions, such as stripping, cutting, and crimping. Also, it is very easy to use and store, given its compact size.

2.      Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp ToolBest Ethernet Crimping Tool

The Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp Tool is made of a high-quality material to meet the demands of professionals. It is manufactured with the purpose of offering consistency, reliability, and repeated terminations. It is particularly suitable for crimping large, thick, heavy-duty wires.

This tool can be used on a wide variety of connectors. It is compatible with all EZ-RJ45 and EZ-RJ12/11 connectors, as well as with standard modular plugs. It can be operated on the mentioned connectors and plugs, however not on AMP. While crimping hard insulations and pairing separating splines, this tool offers terminations that fulfill FCC specifications.

This crimping tool comes with a ratcheted mechanism, steady platform, and high leverage to provide consistent and repeatable terminations. The 100054C tool also comes with a built-in cutter and stripper for round and flat cables. It also contains a laser marked with a wiring guide to help the user with appropriate wire succession.

On the extensive conductors of all types of EZ connectors, this tool provides a clean and flush trim with its “crimp and trim system.” With its tight zero-flex frame, it avoids losing torque. The die head assembly of this crimping tool provides connector support of 360 degrees. It ensures uniform crimping force through its complete surface-to-surface contact.

Aside from having amazing features, the price range of this crimping tool is quite high. It can be listed in the category of the most expensive tools in our collection of ethernet crimping tools.


  • You may find it to be easier to work with this tool because it can be used for crimping a variety of connectors.
  • It may be comfortable to use for many workers because of its built-in cutter and stripper.
  • It may offer very clean and fine cutting through its full surface-to-surface contact.
  • It might be convenient to use because of its zero-flex frame that maintains torque, and its laser marked for appropriate wire sequence.


  • It is expensive.
  • You may have problems crimping the RJ-45 connector because it doesn’t release the connector on its own after crimping.


This crimping tool can crimp a large variety of connectors and plugs. While maintaining FCC specification, it can offer consistent, repeating, and neat terminations, along with the safe handling of the tool. The price range of this tool is also high, but its high quality and outstanding results are worth it.

3.      Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN CrimperBest Ethernet Crimping Tool

The VDV226-011-SEN Ratcheting Modular Crimper is manufactured by Klein Tools, which is one of the oldest tools manufacturing companies. If you are looking for more tools by Klein
Tools, you can visit the company here: Klein Tools. This crimper is made up of steel, along with a black oxide finishing, to make it sturdy. The color of this tool is black, with the addition of bright yellow to enable the user to find it easily.

This tool offers quick and reliable modular-crimp connector installation for all voice and data apps. Besides crimping, it can also serve as a cutter and stripper that is able to crimp paired-conductor cables. It can function properly on round STP/UTP and flat-satin phone cables.

This tool can crimp modular connectors of 4-, 6- and 8-position, which includes RJ22, RJ11/RJ12, and RJ45 connectors. It is intended for the Western Electric/Stewart Stamping type of modular connectors. It also comes with ratchet release and blade-guard to keep the user safe from injuries.

The price range of this crimping tool is average. It can be listed among the middle-priced tools in our list of ethernet crimping tools.


  • It may offer great safety during crimping, cutting, or stripping due to its blade guard.
  • Using due to its ratchet safety release may be easy.
  • It is a high-quality crimping tool because of its steel body with the black oxide finishing.
  • Because of its feature of getting locked, it may be easy to store this tool.


  • As it does not come with a cutter along with crimp, you may need to buy this separately.
  • It may become difficult to turn its releasing knob due to its small size and increased tension.


Manufactured from a trustworthy company, the VDV226-011-SEN crimper offers a durable body, along with high-quality crimping results and ease of use. It also offers safety to its users. If you are looking for a high quality, average-priced crimping tool, then go for this tool.

4.      Fluke Networks 11212530 Modular CrimperBest Ethernet Crimping Tool

The 11212530 Modular Crimper is a product of Fluke Networks. This company is renowned for manufacturing high-quality tools. This modular crimper comes with the ability to crimp the 8-position of the RJ-45 connector only and the 4- and 6- positions of RJ-11 and RJ-12 connectors.

Besides crimping, this tool also comes with the ability to cut and strip flat cables with its built-in stripper and cutter. It is made up of a steel material to increase its life and give it durability. It also contains a ratchet mechanism to offer ease of use to its users. The color of this crimper is black with a combination of bright yellow to make it stand out among other tools in a toolbox.

As far as the price range of this modular crimper is concerned, it is average. We can categorize this tool among the list of the middle-priced tools in our ethernet crimping tool collection.


  • Easy to use because if its ratchet mechanism.
  • It is easy for you to locate this tool due to its bright-yellow color.
  • You may feel easy to carry this single tool, as it can also serve the purposes of cutting and stripping.
  • It can be very durable due to its steel body.


  • You may feel the tool is problematic because of its inappropriate locking mechanism.


This modular crimper can offer you durability, ease-of-use, and it can serve multiple functions. The price range is also average. If you are looking for a crimping tool for your DIY projects, then you should go for this one.

5.      Epsilon EPS2000CRC Crimping ToolBest Ethernet Crimping Tool

The EPS2000CRC Crimping Tool is a product of Epsilon manufacturers. The most eminent characteristic of this tool is its multi-functioning feature. Aside from crimping, it can also serve the purpose of being a wire stripper, wire cutter, and network cable tester.

It is made up of a durable design and high-quality materials to produce a product that will offer a lifetime of adequate functioning. Its steel body, along with its black oxide finishing, offers a sturdy, rust-free tool. This crimping tool can terminate 4-wire RJ11, 6-wire RJ12, and 8-wire RJ45 Modular Plugs.

It offers convenience and fine results through its sharp blades. Its tester can test the cables of RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45. With the help of its ratchet mechanism and plastic sturdy handles, it offers great control on tension and ease of use. It can be operated easily without using extra force.

Despite having outstanding features, the price range of this crimping tool is very average. You can afford it without putting an extra burden on your finances. It can be listed among the average-priced tools in our list of ethernet crimping tools.


  • It will give you very neat cuts due to its sharp blades.
  • Highly convenient for you because of its all-in-one features.
  • With this crimping tool, you would not need to buy a cable tester separately.
  • It has the ability to resist rusting with its black oxide finishing.


  • As it does not come with batteries, so you would need to insert batteries on your own.
  • The absence of a switch on its tester might make testing cables slightly difficult for you.


In an average price range, this crimping tool can give you four-in-one functioning, along with a sturdy body and ease of use. It also possesses a ratchet mechanism and handles to ensure easy operation for the user.

6.      Gardner Bender Modular Plug CrimperBest Ethernet Crimping Tool

The Gardner Bender Modular Plug Crimper is used to crimp RJ11 and RJ45 connectors. This tool is made in China. With the help of its heat-treated steel frame, it offers durability.

This tool comes with comfortable handles, which offer great grip and ease of use. It can be used to crimp, cut, and strip patch and handset wires.

The price range of this tool is average. It can be listed among the average-priced tools in our ethernet crimping tool category.


  • It is a durable tool for you because of its heat-treated steel body frame.
  • Using due to its comfortable handle may be easy.
  • Besides crimping, it can also assist you in cutting and stripping wires.
  • Its bright red color may assist you in finding this tool easily among other tools.


  • As it offers crimping for limited connectors, you may need to buy another tool for other connectors.


This tool can offer reliable results and ease of use. Though it can be used on limited connectors, in this price range, it can be a good purchase.

Buying Guide

In this section, we will provide a few questions along with their answers to make the concept clear regarding points to consider while purchasing an ethernet crimping tool.

What are the basic attributes of a good crimping tool?

While purchasing a crimping tool, keep in mind that your tool should be consistent, repeatable, and reliable. These features mean that your tool should have an ability to perform its functions everytime it is used or required. If your tool is lacking consistency, your cable connections will be faulty, which will result in a poor signal. Repeatability means you should be able to perform terminations repeatedly before undergoing permanent change.

What should be the size of your crimping tool?

The size of your crimping tool should be such that it is able to crimp connectors of various sizes.  Most importantly, your crimper should have the ability to crimp 4-, 6- and 8-position modular connectors.

What other features should be considered while purchasing a crimping tool?

Besides basic attributes mentioned in the previous answer, your crimping tool should offer you ease of use. It should have a ratchet mechanism to control the tension of its knob. Its handles should offer great grip. It should have guards to protect any accidents or injuries. Above all, it needs to be affordable.

How do you keep your crimping tool maintained?

Like all other things, your crimping tool also needs maintenance and care. Still, it doesn’t require extensive care. You simply need to keep it in a safe place where its functioning parts never get deformed. You should also refrain from using your tool where it is not capable of performing a function. Use your tool according to its capability. This can not only increase the life of your tool but can also save you from many accidents.


We have discussed several crimping tools and other related things. If you were not familiar with crimping tools before, then after reading this article, you hopefully now have a clearer idea about crimping and ethernet crimping tools.

We have provided a list of a few ethernet crimping tools, along with their details. Each tool is suitable for the features that it offers. However, still, if we are asked to choose the best among all of these tools, then our pick would be the Epsilon EPS2000CRC Crimping Tool. The reasons for this choice are many. The main reason for our choice is due to its attribute of offering 4-in-one functioning, as well as the fact that it is in the average price range. Its other features include durability, reliability, and consistency.