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Best Electrician Knives

We have put together the best reviews on all of the top Electrician Knives in the market. There are many different types of knives available and each has their pros and cons. We will be reviewing (4) different categories of knives for electricians:

  • Utility Knife

  • Hawkbill Knife

  • Pocket Knife

  • Folding Knife

Each type of knife has its pros and cons. Its our goal to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your new knife. We will start out review the basic utility knives for electricians.


Our Overall Top Pick :

SOG Electrician Knife


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Are you a homeowner, an electrician, a contractor or in any other occupation that requires stripping of wires? Then this folding knife is here to make things easy for you. The SOG EL01-CP with AUS-8 steel folding knife comes with many unique features that collaborate to provide excellent services to its users. Right from its multiple wire-stripping features, to its expertly designed blade, you will notice a significant difference between this accessory and other folding knives on the market.

What features make the SOG EL01-CP with AUS-8 steel folding knife exceptional?

  • Three distinct wire stripping mechanisms: This product features three excellent wire strippers. They include a hole stripper, a stripper bar, and spring-loaded stripper. These components aim at making your operations easy. With this knife, you no longer need to strain to skin your wires at work.
  • Stainless steel blade: This folding knife comes with a 3.4-inch AUS-8 steel blade with a straight razor sharp edge for easy cutting. Its blade has a clip point on its end that allows piercing through various materials effortlessly. The blade comes with a satin finish that adds some value and décor to this knife.
  • High-grade handle: This product comes with a black handle developed from a blend of glass and nylon. This handle has a schematic grip that prevents the knife from slipping through your hands. The handle is heavy-duty and doesn’t break even from high impact. The handle accommodates the blades when out of use thus preventing possible accidents.


 Pros and cons of this folding knife.


  • Durable: This folding knife is extremely durable. Its blade is designed from stee,l a sturdy material that is known to be corrosion resistant.  Also, its handle is hardened to withstand any impact. All these properties ensure that it serves you for many years without depreciating.
  • Razor sharp: The blade on this Folding Knife is very sharp. It allows you to cut through the hardest materials with ease. It stays sharp for a long time without requiring any sharpening. Again, it is easy to sharpen thanks to its steel material.
  • Safe: The folding mechanism of this knife ensures that it’s always secure and the blade well concealed. This prevents possible injuries that could result from open blades.


  • Over tightened blade: Some customers find it difficult to activate and deactivate the blade on this knife as it is a little too tight. However, this can be fixed by removing its center pin, lubing it up, cleaning it up and placing it back with your preferred amount of torque. This should make it easy to operate.

Overall this knife was our top pick for ever category. Its multi function makes it stand head and shoulders over its competition. Its easy to use and is a one stop shop for any type of wire stripping required.



Best Utility Knife:

In the electrical field a utility knife can also be referred to as a razor knife. These types of knifes come with razor blades that can be discarded after heavy use. The utility knife usually has a screw that when taken out gives you access to the razor blade. They also have a storage space built within the knife to house extra blades. These are great knives to have because the blades are pretty cheap (under a 75 cents each). Also you can pick up a large pack of blades for under $10. A great benefit is that it eliminates having to take your knife to get sharpened. Quickly change out your razor blade and BOOM your ready to go with a fresh sharp blade!




Dewalt KnifeFor the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

Dewalt Company’s motivation and top priority are providing their enthusiasts with high-performance accessories. They have always developed great products that are appreciated by millions of users across the globe. The Dewalt DWHT10035L Folding utility knife is an exceptional hand tool. It comes with excellent features that facilitate its incredible performance.  It finds its use in various sectors including construction, plumbing, and engineering to mention but a few. It features a sturdy metal body that facilitates its long, productive life.


What features make the Dewalt DWHT10035L utility knife outstanding?

  • Retractable blade: This product comes with a high-grade retractable blade that facilitates easy cutting. This blade is made to be 2.5-inch long to allow cutting through thick materials effortlessly.
  • Robust handle: This folding utility knife features a 6.25-inch long handle that provides a convenient storage of blades when out of use. This eliminates possible accidents that come with open blades. This handle also facilitates easy use of this knife.
  • Folding mechanism:The folding mechanism of this product reduces it to a small size when not in use. It’s, therefore, easy to move with this knife from place to place.
  • Rapid-load blade change: Shifting from the use of one blade to the other is quite fast with this product. You don’t waste your time while changing the blades. This ensures a smooth running of various operations and completion in time.

Pros and cons of this folding utility knife.


  • Durable: This utility knife comes with a rugged metal body. Its metallic material shields it from any impact and resists corrosion ensuring that this accessory serves you for a long time without depreciating in quality.
  • Lightweight: This product comes with a weight of only 0.399Lbs. It’s a lightweight product that is easy to carry around and handle at work. It’s hardly felt when placed in the pocket.
  • Affordable: In addition to its high-performance, this product comes at a reasonable price to suit those operating on small budgets. Cost should no longer hinder you from getting a quality product.


  • Strenuous blade activation: Some customers find it difficult to open up the blades. However, this is only experienced when this product is new. With proper oiling and regular use, the activation process should become comfortable.

Overall, this is one of our favorite Electricians Knife on the market. Dewalt has a great name in the business. This knife is a perfect addition to your tool belt. Check out more reviews and the lowest pricing for the Dewalt DWHT10035L on Amazon.


Runner Up: Milwaukee 48-22-1901

Milwaukee Utility KnifeFor the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

The Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Utility Knife is designed for use in the hard working construction field. It is perfect for making cuts on large gauged conductors. Among the many utility knives on the market, this model stands out as it comes with an excellent construction which facilitates its high-performance. Opening and closing this utility knife is quite easy. It comes with a deep finger notch and a contoured handle that provides maximum handling grip. This ensures maximum security and comfort when utilizing this accessory. Its spring, all-belt hook helps in the portability of this knife.


What features make this utility knife exceptional?

  • One hand blade activation: This product comes with a flip blade that integrates with its activation mechanism to open three times easier and faster than regular blades. You can, therefore, hold your wires in one hand and activate this knife with the other arm effortlessly.
  • Heavy-duty wire strippers: It features a robust wire stripper that comfortably strips wires of up to 10 gauges. You are therefore in a position to tackle tough wires confidently.
  • Gut hook: With the gut hook that comes integrated with this utility knife, you are free to cut wires without activating the blade. It spoils you for choice and you can choose not to use the blade.
  • Thin overall design: This product comes with a small body that facilitates easy storage in the pocket. It also contributes to its portability.

Pros and cons of the Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Utility Knife.


  • Flexible: Unlike other utility knives which come with large handles that make them unsuitable for people with small hands, this model comes with an all-round handle. The handle can be used by people of all hand sizes comfortably. This makes this product unlimited to the palm size and can be used by anyone.
  • Easy to use: This utility knife is quite easy to use, thanks to its one-handed blade activation mechanism, contoured handle, and the finger notch. Its thin body allows easy handling for smooth operations.
  • Affordable: You will never find any other utility knife model with the same quality as this one and comes at this price. This product is reasonably priced to ensure that people operating on small budgets are not left out.


  • Weight: The many exceptional features that come with the Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Utility Knife are responsible for its 8.8-ounce weight. However, as long as this product brings you a performance you won’t find elsewhere, it’s always good to appreciate and bear with its slightly bulky nature.

Overall Milwaukee makes great tools that are the some of the most highly coveted in the market. Their razor knife has great potential to be one of the best in the electrical field.


Best Hawk bill Knife

I typically see the Hawkbill style knife carried by seasoned electricians. It has the resemblance of a hawk’s talon. The curved edge of the blade is great for keeping wire from slipping off the blade when you are stripping toward you. This knife is probably the best at stripping large conductors. The tip of the blade is great for stripping romex.


Our Top Pick: Klein Tools 44005


Klein Hawkbill Knife

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Klein makes the best electrical tools in the industry. That prestige does not stop with hand tools. It carries over to knives also. This high-performance lock-back knife is made with an aim to aid any electrician out there. An electricians knife will be used daily and you need something that can stand up to the harsh conditions. Right from its robust, sharp blade to its nylon resin handle, you will notice a significant difference from its competitors on the market. All its excellent features make this lock-back knife the no.1 choice for most professional tradesmen.



What features make the Klein Tools 44005 exceptional?

  • 2-5/8-Inch sheep foot heavy-duty blade: This knife comes with a sturdy blade developed from AUS 8 stainless-steel. The material alone speaks volumes as steel is known to be rust resistant and maintains its sharpness for a long time. The steel material is further hardened to about 59 RC to acquire maximum cutting strength. You are therefore free to cut through the toughest material with this lock-back knife without it bending or getting blunt.
  • A superior edge handle: This blade comes with an expertly designed nylon edge handle of about 4-1/8-inch. This handle is further fitted with a rubber insert. This holding design is set to facilitate easy handling at work. Also, this feature allows this blade to fit perfectly on your hands to prevent it from slipping through and causing accidents at work.
  • A reversible thumb stud: This feature is set to allow you open this blade by the use of only one hand. Also, closing it safely before storage is easy thanks to this vital feature.

What are the pros and cons of the Klein Tools 44005?


  • Sturdy and durable: Every component of this premium quality lock-back knife is carefully developed to facilitate its long life. This blade is meant to serve you for many years without any significant depreciation in quality thanks to its heavy-duty nature.
  • Flexible: This blade is made for use by everyone, regardless of their hand sizes. Unlike other models that come with large handles, this product’s handle is expertly designed to suit people with big or small hands.
  • Ease of use: No complicated user procedures are linked to this blade. Its sharpness facilitates running through hard materials with ease. However, one needs to be more careful to avoid injuries as this blade is very sharp.


  • There isn’t much to say about the dark side of this product. However, some buyers are occasionally disturbed about its price. Fortunately, with continuous use of this product after purchase, many are seen to appreciate its performance as it gives a proper account for their money.

Overall this is the best knife in the hawk bill class. You can never go wrong with a Klein knife. Find the best price and availability for the Klein Hawk bill Knife on Amazon.


Close Runner Up: Milwaukee 48-22-1985

Milwaukee Hawk Bill KnifeFor the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here 

Milwaukee Company has always been on the front line in the production of high-quality pocket knives. Their latest cutting accessory, the Milwaukee 48-22-1985 hawk bill folding knife, is carefully developed to make it your best companion at work. It’s not only easy to utilize but also easy to handle. Whether you want to cut boxes, wires, ropes or plastic, this pocket knife should be your best choice. Its blade remains sharp long after purchase and sharpening it is quite easy.

From its various exceptional features to its accompanying benefits, one can tell that this is a perfect pocket knife. It’s also durable, affordable, and creates a lifetime experience to it enthusiasts due to its excellent performance.

What are the features that make this hawk bill pocket knife outstanding?

  • Press and flip mechanism: With its press and flip operation, activating this folding knife with one hand is possible. You don’t need to struggle to get the blade at its working position.
  • Curved hawk blade: This folding knife features a sturdy stainless steel blade. It comes super sharp upon purchase and also sharpens up with ease. Its curved shape allows easy slicing and cutting of wires around the edge to eliminate the insulation.
  • Liner lock: The liner lock on this accessory is there to secure its blade when in the open position.
  • Reversible belt clip: The wire-form, reversible belt clip on this folding knife is there to ensure that it stays secure on your pants. It facilitates easy access and prevents fabric damage.

Pros and cons of the Milwaukee 48-22-1985 Hawk Bill Folding Knife.


  • Ease to use: This cutting accessory is designed to be easy to use. Its press and flip operation allow opening it with one hand. Also, its sharp blade facilitates easy cutting through the hardest materials effortlessly.
  • Lightweight: This folding knife comes with a weight of only 0.37lbs. This makes it extremely lightweight. You should be very comfortable with moving it from place to place and handling it at work.
  • Affordable: All across the markets, you will never find a high-quality folding knife with a low price as the Milwaukee 48-22-1985. It’s clear that the manufacturer’s main aim is providing you with the best product aside from making money.


  • There isn’t much to say about the dark side of this folding knife. However, some people complain about its belt clip as it tends to bend and hung up after some time. Fortunately, you need not fret as it can be eliminated or replaced.


Runner Up: Greenlee 0652-28

Greenlee Hawkbill Knife

For the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

Whether you are an electrician, a HVAC Tech, a plumber, or in any other profession that demands the cutting of some materials from time to time, purchasing a heavy-duty hawkbill knife is inevitable. With a high-grade knife, your operations should always run smoothly. In the quest to ease the work of millions of workers across the globe, the Greenlee Company has come up with the Greenlee 0652-28 pocket knife.

This product comes with exemplary components. Among them are a heavy-duty cutting blade, a convenient handle, and an added belt clip. All these features are geared towards ensuring that you get the best from this priceless pocket knife.

What features make this pocket knife outstanding?

  • A heavy-duty stainless steel blade: The manufacturer aims at making this product’s edge corrosion resistant and therefore very durable. Its blade is developed from a premium quality high carbon 440c stainless steel alloy, a material known for its strength and hardness. It stays sharp for a significant time after purchase. Sharpening this pocket knife is also easy. Its material ensures maximum corrosion resistance ensuring that it lasts long without depreciating in quality.
  • Sturdy handle: This pocket knife comes with a robust rosewood handle of a reasonable size to ease handling. The handle is hardened to ensure it doesn’t break even after falling from high grounds. The handle comes with an excellent finish that spices up the look of this pocket knife.
  • A steady belt clip: This product comes with a stainless steel belt clip that facilitates smooth movement with it. All you need is attaching it to your belt and you are free to move around with this accessory with ease.
  • Lock-back mechanism: The Greenlee 0652-28 pocket knife features a lock-back design that conveniently conceals the blade when out of use. This ensures maximum safety from cuts while it hangs from your belt.

Pros& cons of the Greenlee 0652-28 pocket knife.


  • Lightweight: This accessory weighs only 4 ounces. Its lightweight design makes it ideal to move with from place to place. Handling this pocket knife at work is also easy thanks to this property.
  • Durable: With the sturdy materials used to make the blade and handle of this pocket knife, this accessory is set to serve you for many years without depreciating in quality. Its blade is thick to ensure it doesn’t bend even when cutting through hard materials. It, therefore, creates a great experience with no disappointments throughout its life.
  • Safe: This product ensures maximum safety to its users. Its lock-back design ensures that the cutting edge is fully concealed to prevent injuries. Its belt clip is there to prevent the knife from slipping through and causing injuries. This belt clip also ensures its maximum security from theft as it’s always attached to your belt when out of use.


  • Wiggling of the blade: It’s important to mention that the blade of this product wiggles a little right from the box. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from using this pocket knife as it works perfectly even under this condition.


Best Pocket Knife:

Most electricians don’t typically  carry pocket knives for their day to day work. Its most handy during the trim out phase of a project. During the trim out phase, electricians don’t tend to carry all of their tools but only handle specific ones for trimming out plugs and switches. A pocket knife is handy because it can easily remove romex sheathing and greatly reduce the amount of weight of your tool belt. Its easily stored in your pocket!


Our Top Pick: Klein 1550-6 

klein-pocket-knifeFor the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

Developed right after the release of the Klein Tools 1550-2 pocket knife, the Klein Tools 1550-6 pocket knife comes with an enhanced quality and better performance than its predecessor. It comes with extra features that make it ideal for use in a variety of professions and adventures that demand a cutting accessory. It comes with a spear-point blade, a screwdriver blade and a sheep foot blade that collaborate to ease various operations in your line of work.

What are the features that make this pocketknife outstanding?

  • A sturdy screwdriver blade: This pocket knife comes with a screwdriver blade that is designed from carbon steel, a material known for its strength. This blade has a length of about 2.5- inches; long enough to reach out for tightly fitted screws. You no longer need to carry heavy screwdrivers as this screwdriver blade has got it all covered for you.
  • A 2-3/8-inch sheep foot blade: This blade is expertly designed to facilitate drilling through different materials effortlessly. It comes with a well-sharpened end that pierces even the hardest materials smoothly. This blade is made from carbon steel so that you can be sure about its strength.
  • Spear-pointed blade: Among the best features of this pocket knife is its sharp 2.5-inch spear-pointed blade. With this blade, you are free to cut through the hardest materials effortlessly. It stays sharp for a long duration after purchase. Sharpening this blade is quite easy thanks to its carbon steel material.
  • Heavy-duty plastic handle: The Klein Tools 1550-6 pocket knife comes with a robust handle. It’s fitted with a lock that safely stores the blades when out of use. This handle prevents possible accidents in addition to facilitating easy use of its components.

Pros and cons of the Klein Tools 1550-6 pocket knife.


  • Lightweight: This product comes with a weight of only 0.4 pounds, making it a lightweight pocket knife. Carrying it with you throughout the day should be easy as its weight is insignificant.
  • Durable: The materials used to make its blades and handle are carefully selected to ensure that this product lasts long. It, therefore, serves you for many years without depreciating in quality. You are therefore sure of a great experience with this accessory.
  • Flexible: This pocket knife is made to suit all hand sizes. Unlike other brands that come with large handles that make them unsuitable for people with small hands, this product’s handle is all-around. It works with all individuals irrespective of their palm sizes.


  • Laborious to unlock the blades: Though very sharp and durable, opening up the blades of the Klein Tools 1550-6 pocket knife, is quite strenuous. It requires a little more effort. However, with proper oiling and regular use of this great pocket knife, the blades will eventually loosen up.


Best Folding Knife:

Our Top Pick: Klein 44201


For the Best Pricing and Availability: Click Here

A wise electrician looking forward to saving time, money and avoiding stress at work knows that getting a quality pocket knife is a sure bet for the smooth running of their daily operations. The Klein Company understands the consequences of getting into the line of work with an inferior quality pocket knife. That’s why they have taken their time to develop the Klein Tools 44201 pocket knife. This is a one of a kind pocket knife that comes with a durable steel blade and a well-fitted aluminum handle to ease your various operations out there. It lasts long and never disappoints thanks to its excellent design. In addition to its quality, this product comes at a reasonable price to suit people operating on small budgets.

 What features make the Klein Tools 44201 pocket knife exceptional?

  • A sturdy-razor sharp blade with wire stripping notches: This pocket knife comes with a satin 440A, stainless steel blade. Its material speaks volumes about its durability as steel is known to be corrosion proof and durable. The blade is super sharp to facilitate easy cutting and stripping of wires. The notches on its edge facilitate quick stripping of wires with minimal effort.
  • High-grade aluminum handle: The handle on this pocket knife is designed from anodized aluminum; a robust and corrosion resistant material. This handle facilitates easy handling of this pocket knife.
  • Other features: Other features on this pocket knife include dual thumb well-gripped studs that facilitate one-hand operation.  Also, this pocket knife is fitted with a pocket clip that maintains this accessory within range for easy accessibility.

Pros& cons of the Klein Tools 44201 pocket knife.


  • Razor sharp: Cutting through the toughest wires and other materials with this pocket knife is very easy thanks to its super sharp blade. Minimal effort is required, facilitating a smooth and a stress-free running of daily operations.
  • Durable: Judging from the material used in making the blade and handle of this pocket knife, one can automatically tell that this product will last for years without depreciating in quality. The corrosion resistance nature of this product is among the factors that ensure its long life.
  • Lightweight: This accessory comes with a weight of only 3.2 ounces. Its lightweight property ensures easy handling at work and also a hustle free transit from place to place.


  • Unreliable pocket clip: Relying on the pocket clip fitted on the Klein Tools 44201 pocket knife could be a big mistake. It’s a little loose and may result in you losing your precious pocket knife. However, you are free to tighten it or replace it as it won’t cost you a coin.