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Best Electrician Cart

Electricians play a vital role in our life. Almost everything that initially human beings used to do manually is being automated with the help of electronics. To facilitate the electricians and make their jobs easier, new technologies and equipment are being invented. One such invention is electrician carts.

It is essential for the electricians to have the best electrician cart in order to minimize the burden of their work and save time and effort with the help of this cart facility.

There are numerous companies providing this product with various features to accommodate a variety of kits and tools. The products differ as per various user needs, usage requirements and in terms of quality, price, features, and design.

Today, we are going to find the electrician carts that are best for us.


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NameCapacityMaterialExpanded panelsPrice
Cosco Shifter Hand Truck and Dolly300 lbs.Metal1$$
Wen 73002 Service Cart500 lbs.Plastic2$
Rubbermaid Commercial Service/ Utility Cart 300 lbs.Foam2$$
Suncast Commercial PUCHD 1937 Utility Cart500 lbs.Structural foam2$$$
Goplus Plastic Service Cart Utility Storage Cart 55 lbs.PP plastic3$$


1.    Cosco Shifter Hand Truck and DollyBest Electrician Cart

The Cosco Shifter Hand truck and Dolly is a 15 pounds heavy cart. It is made up of a heavy-duty steel frame that is durable. It has one expanded panel to carry equipment weighing up to 300 pounds.

It can be positioned in multiple ways like upright position on two wheels or like a cart on four wheels. It can be folded and made into a flat and compressed shape.

This conversion does not require any pins or tools. Its dimensions are 16.62 inches by 13.75 inches by 49.25 inches and this compact size makes it easily adjustable in most vehicles’ trunks.


  • Made up of durable heavy-duty steel
  • Can be used as to transport heavy and large boxes on two-wheel hand truck position
  • Can be used to transport electrical essentials with greater width on four-wheel cart position
  • The exclusive feature of flat folding storage fits it in most vehicles easily in a compact way that makes it more portable
  • The price of the cart is reasonably less than other carts in the market


  • Small casters are less durable and come off soon if used roughly
  • No special separate compartments for tools rather only one panel for boxes
  • Needs extra care while folding the metal parts may give cuts or bruises on hands


The Cosco Shifter is suitable for transporting boxes of electrical equipment of weight 300 pounds or less for city sidewalks. It lacks separate compartments, but with the features it offers, the cost is quite reasonable.


2.    Wen 73002 Service CartBest Electrician Cart

This cart is made up of a polypropylene material which is durable and long-lasting. It contains two shelves each with the capacity to hold 250 pounds of weight of electrical equipment. It has five inches non-marring casters for maneuvering.

It has handles for moving the cart. Special small compartments and a cup holder are also embedded in the handle. The dimensions are 39.8 inches by 17 inches by 33.2 inches.


  • The material used in the making is industrial strength heavy duty polypropylene that makes it durable
  • Four non-marring wheels make it easy to move
  • It has the capacity to hold up to 500 pounds of weight of tools on two shelves
  • In-handle storage for small tools and a cup holder for better storage of essentials
  • There is a towel rack to hang when you are working
  • It has an easy to clean, corrosion and rust resistant and smooth surface


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not foldable and is large that makes it difficult to port in all vehicles trunks
  • Two of the four casters of the cart are static causing some difficulty in movement


The heavy-duty rolling cart is better when you have to use it in a specific place and do not have to move it a lot. It is good to keep tools up to 500 pounds of total weight and the price is not bad for two wide shelves and mini tool compartments.


3.    Rubbermaid Commercial Service/ Utility CartBest Electrician Cart

The Rubbermaid Commercial Service/Utility Cart is a heavy-duty service cart that has a capacity of containing up to 300 pounds of weight. Its dimensions are 9.14 inches by 48.0 inches by 34.85 inches. It has two shelves to carry electrical equipment.

For easy movement, there are five wheels and easy grip handle with top shelf. The handle has compartments molded fittings to store some tools.


  • Ergonomic design with two-lipped shelves to hold around 300 pounds weighing utensils
  • It is made up of waterproof foam
  • Moulded fittings have the capacity to adjust pipes and rods for stress-free rolled supply transport
  • Swivel Casters and handle make maneuvering easy


  • Narrow wheel base makes it tip over on surfaces that are less smooth
  • Difficult assembly


This cart is good for little movement on smooth surfaces as it has a narrow wheelbase. The cost is neither too high nor too less. It has good capacity and can accommodate numerous electrical tools in its two secure shelves.


4.    Suncast Commercial PUCHD 1937 Utility CartBest Electrician Cart

This amazing rolling work cart is made up of structural foam with plastic finishing on the exterior. It has four wheels having a heavy-duty polyurethane coating. It has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. It has two shelves. The upper one has side rail lines for additional storage.

The handle can be adjusted to three positions and has cord hooks to fit ropes and cords in an organized way. The casters are rotatable 360 degrees. Back legs of the cart can fix six additional bins for convenient and quick access to tools.


  • Made up of long-lasting structural foam and polyurethane
  • Has two broad shelves
  • Side rails have extra capacity for spray bottles and bins
  • For small accessories and tools, customizable bin system is available
  • The push handle is adjustable in three positions as per needs
  • Storage holes in vertical sections give more storage capacity with clear visibility


  • Noisy casters vibrating the whole cart that often becomes embarrassing to drag along at workplace


It is an excellent heavy duty rolling cart with great customizable storage options for clear visibility and easy organization of tools of various sizes and shapes. The cost is slightly high but with so many features it offers it is a good trade.


5.    Goplus Plastic Service Cart Utility Storage CartBest Electrician Cart

Goplus Plastic Service Cart is an all-purpose cart with three massive shelves. It is made up of premium PP plastic with a capacity of holding up to 550 pounds of weight.

For efficient movement of the cart, there is a practical handle and four wheels. It has three large lipped shelves with additional compartments in the handle for storage.


  • Durable PP plastic material used in making
  • Large storage is on three lipped shelves
  • Additional storage in the separate compartments in the handle
  • Easy maneuvering with the push handle and four wheels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to 550 pounds of weight of electrical tools


  • Only two of the four wheels swivel that makes it harder to move the heavy cart


This heavy construction cart is durable and suitable for heavy electrical tools and electricians that require larger storage area.


Buying Guide for Best Electrician Carts

Before we can buy the best electrician cart for us, few aspects that have to be looked for are explained for you in this following buying guide.

Flexible Storage

The electrician cart you buy must have flexible storage. By flexible storage, we mean that there should be dividers and/or drawers to store particular tools. There can be bankroller cabinets in the service tool cart. Additional accessories like side cabinets for customized tool storage can also be done easily on carts with flexible storage.


Different carts come with different capacity. The size of the too cart varies and so does the number of tools they can store and carry. If you need to work on a smaller scale, small carts would do. But if your electrical skills are to be used on a larger scale, bigger carts are needed. The counts of tools you need to assemble in the cart determine the capacity you need in an electrician cart.

The best electrician cart for you would be one that is able to easily store all the electrical equipment you carry with you at your workplace. Where buying the smaller cart than required can be disastrous, buying the larger than needed cart is also going to be problematic. Choose wisely what capacity you require.

Expanded panels

Electrical tools can be heavy and large. They can be large in number and even with dividers in the cart, there is a chance that they are not visible clearly. For better content visibility expanded metal panels can be a great help. These panels also contribute to weight savings.

It takes less effort to port the carts with heavyweight tools on them. You should look for expanded panels when choosing your electrician utility tool cart.


We have already talked about the size and capacity of the electric carts to be considered when buying them. These factors along with the wheels, handles, shape, and weight of the cart determine the portability of the electrician cart.

With maneuverable wheels and good grip handles the movement of the cart is easy and takes less energy ensuring the electrician doesn’t get tired of just moving the cart. The shape of the cart also matters as expanded panels ensure weight savings and even the material used in the making of cart reduces is the ability to be dragged along effortlessly.

The size of the carts should be such that you can carry them in your vehicles from place to place. Even if you have the fanciest and apparently the best electrician cart, it is useless to you if you cannot port it to the place you need it.


Whatever product you go shopping for, you always look for something that works well for you for a long period of time. Obviously, no one likes spending on the same thing again and again. Especially when buying the electrician cart, make sure you buy a durable one because this is your long-term partner and facilitator.

The heavy-duty carts are stronger than usual and will help you carry large weights without breaking or damaging.

The material can be durable plastic, industrial strength polypropylene, foam or aluminum construction. More durable carts will last longer and will give you a worry-free comfort of best electrician cart experience.

Water Proofing

Obviously, when you are dealing with electricity and wires, insulation is important. The material used in the making of your rolling work cart should be waterproof for safety as well as prevention of rust and corrosion.

Sometimes water-resistant coatings are also done on the carts if they are not made up of waterproof material. Durability is an add-on that comes with water-resistant electrician carts.

Bottom Line

With various, capacities, storage styles and shapes each of these five products are suitable for different users. From tiny storage requirements to large scale utility, these five are the best electrician carts. If you follow the buying guide given above and carefully read these product reviews you will be able to decide which one is the best electrician cart for your needs depending on where to use it.

For your convenience, each product reviews contains a link where you can read more about the cart you choose. Ease up your job with these carts and enjoy your work.